(Falling over) In a shop now!

Morning all! Sorry we're a bit late in getting going today. While we sort out what's what, here's a ten-minute video of a long-hair off his tits on drink and/or meds in an American shop...


  • Gunn
    Like how people just watch him. He needs help.
  • Lumoruk
    Looks like he's out of his head on meth
  • Christopher
    I wonder if he got what he went in for?
  • Lol
    1:30 - anyone ever seen a tortoise on its back? This is what I imagine it to look like..
  • Mike U.
    Fucking waster
  • pooooooooooo
    can you imagine a room full of people all on that drug !?!? immense !!!! i want to see it !!!!! think its ketamin by the way, they call it the 'k' walk cos everything looks like it is in 2 dimension or ' flat' so moving forward or moving through perspective, screws the balance totally hence the edging forward all the time only to fall back. also the reason why is its only for horses loooooooooool
  • Ten B.
    [...] drunk man falling down a lot in a shop. It’s not all Ibsen round here you [...]

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