Facebook get into money and videos

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Facebook, like someone who can't stop picking a scab, are messing around with their social network yet again. Seriously. Leave it alone for a bit, you meddling lunatics.

Anyway, what are they up to now? Well, they're making moves into e-commerce (or, if you prefer, prising money out of your pockets), where you'll be able to shop, through them. Basically, this means that Facebook will have a new type of advert, where you'll be able to shop directly through the site.

"We’re looking to give people an easier way to find products that will be interesting to them on mobile, make shopping easier and help businesses drive sales,” said Emma Rodgers, Facebook’s head of product marketing for commerce.

Not only that, businesses on Facebook will also be allowed to display their wares, and make them available for immediate purchase. You have to assume that Facebook will be taking a cut, and Amazon will be annoyed at this news. Facebook could make a lot of money if they decide to tackle eBay head-on, too.

Not only that, Facebook are now letting you make 20 second videos, where you can wish people happy birthday. Is it better than the people who leave you a comment saying solely "HBx"? Of course it is. The people who do that should be rounded up, and whupped with a leather belt.

Already, there's a number of users who can see this new feature. If you want to look for it, it is on the mobile app and it looks like a little film camera icon, and you can work the rest out. You're bright enough, we're sure.

A Facebook spokesperson said: "We're testing a way for people to make their birthday wishes more personal by giving them the option to record a video for friends' birthdays that can be posted directly to their Timelines."

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