Exclusive - TechGuys boss leaves DSGI

Plenty of you have commented on the current situation at PC World and Currys, specifically the recent treatment of the TechGuys technical support workers and the company's customer services. Even DSGI management themselves have recognised problems with the newly introduced plan to improve the company's woes.

Last night a Bitterwallet reader posted a comment to the effect that Tom Barry, managing director of the TechGuys and group financial services, was no longer in that position. Bitterwallet asked DSGI to confirm the story, which turns out to be true:

John Browett has outlined a new structure which is better aligned to the company's Renewal and Transformation plan, with more clearly defined accountability that delivers better service to our customers. Unfortunately, Tom Barry will leave the Group as a result of the restructure and we wish him well. Sebastian James who has been appointed as Services Director, will assume management of the TechGuys.

As the trial of the new plan was recently extended until 30th January, it means one of the key figures in delivering improved customer services at both PC World and Currys has left the organisation before the trial has ended.


  • Bob
  • Mr I.
    Exclusive - Bitterwallet sucks. Maybe you should post that.
  • Ant
    Mr Internet - are you forced to be here, reading this? is it part of your job description or your parole requirements? or are you just a twat with nothing constructive to say?.
  • andy y.
    Pretty incisive critique.You demolished the site and everything it stands for in the devastating analysis that "bitterwallet sucks" Forgive the inherent weakness of my reply to inform and rebalance the situation "Are you a troll,tosspot or retard?"
  • shaun s.
    He's right though, this is a piss poor attempt at a blog.
  • Jim
    My two year old nice could do a better job.
  • Jim
  • Big D.
    Sebastian James is the man behind the 12 or so trial stores that, since last summer, have been between 10% and 40% up year-on-year. With this man driving DSGI's customer services, the company will definately survive the economic downturn in the UK and Europe.
  • andy y.
    If you have a company with barely manageable debts and a customer base that just cannot afford your products you'll need more than Superman. For years DSGI has made any profit purely from the sake of extended warranties It's a tenuous path t survival.I,m not saying they are doomed but I wouldn't do business with them on the basis of total confidence that they will survive
  • Abu K.
    Well what can i say its the way of hte world i guess things have got very stagnet at DSGi and its too late for change.. Although it will take a few years of change but would it work will the staff on the shop floor serve customers its the main questsion ... Only the next 23 months will tell really and then you have to measure up the results and plan for the next 23 months thereafter.
  • Sales M.
    Hello, "andy of yarm" >> "If you have a company with barely manageable debts and a customer base that just cannot afford your products you’ll need more than Superman." Barely manageable debts? DSGi has a facility for a £400m loan in place of which it currently only has £100m outstanding from. Much of the store stock at the present time has been paid for in advance too. The customer base may not be able to stump up a lot of cash right now, but I promise you that credit & mobile broadband sales (i.e. very profitable contract sales) are going through the roof. Looking at my store and others, I've rarely seen margins anything like this high, even if sales volume is a little down YOY.
  • Real B.
    Tech Guys? Fucking rip-off merchants more like
  • Mike H.
    Not really an exclusie is it if someone else told you. They probably got the info from a news site, (Pushes tongue into bottom lip and makes mmmmmnnnnn sound)
  • Jakg
    Not surprising seeing as they've been advertising his job on the "DSGi Careers" website for ages (i.e. "Head of Tech Guys products"). As it is he "only" earns £60k a year, so they haven't saved much...
  • Mike H.
    I bet the job spec reads, "Must be able to talk shit, demonstrate you know fuck all about computers, must not laugh when asked where the 'any key' is on the keyboard, posess the ability to rip people of without flinching - We can offer £60,000 per anumm and your very own bottom of the range BMW/Audi so you can show everyone, 'you've made it!"
  • confused.com
    I don't really see why people think this blog is shit...I'm enjoying following the DSG story
  • Unemployed T.
    Well it hasn't surprised me in the least. 400 Techguy staff were made redundant early December. It was all the experienced workshop and field guys doing plasma , lcd and TV repairs. They offered us 8 till 8 working days incl. Sunday, a reduction of wages of around 6K and removal of our enhanced redundancy if we stayed. As I was there 24 years it didn't take long to think about. Now of course they can't find many people to work for them. virtually nothing is being fixed on the road like they planned and the structure has gone into meltdown. Now it seems they may have to make more changes to their 'plans'. I am not on the PC side of things but I know how bad the service was for that and it's jusy got a whole lot worse. The descision to get rid of all workshops will kill the Techguys off for good. They are so desperate they are using temp staff from agencies that have no experience in repairs and giving them a few days training apparently. Wish I had known then I could have forgone my 5 year apprenticeship and jumped straight in. As usual lets fire the idiot with the last plan a employ another idiot that hasn't a clue about the business.
  • computerweekly
    When the biggest industry IT magazine reports a problem, you tend to believe them http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2009/01/14/234228/pc-world-parent-company-faces-increased-financial-pressure.htm Currys MD has gone as well today.
  • employed G.
    loosing lots of staff was always going to be an issue for any company, but to get in-experienced temps in to fix tv and pc is just crazy, giving them 12 jobs per day and them making them travel 300 miles in that day, this is the mess we are in, we have such a work load they cancelled the training we were due to have ! so im out fixing tv's i know shit all about, trying to fix PC's with invisible part, and the moral is poor and the days are long but at least im still getting paid, i just dont know how long for, the alternative was £330 for every year i had worked, my guess is the ship is sinking fast, and Tescos already have one of their own at the top so they'll probably buy some part of the buisness
  • Glad D.
    Ahh. Tom Barry - the man who put together a strategy review to come up with a better model for the business then decided to go with the option that Comet had (Tom, is ex-comet). The man had about as much vision as Stevie Wonder. The TechGuys are better without him and if it's not too late should quickly reverse some of the decisons made in the last few months and start talking to PCW about store space, IMHO
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    I must say I was shocked to hear in December that DSGi were sacking the tech guys, some were not so good, but others were excellent and really were working at lower rate than their real value... the best tended to accept the writting on the wall and go and some I heard quickly found better jobs, obviously the ones who did not feel they could find another job accepted the new terms of lower pay and more work and reduced redundancy WHEN they are sacked/made redundant! Its dreadfull to hear just how bad DSGi treats the people who decided to stay with the company no matter what, but that is their choice! A jobs a job no matter how bad it is I guess, but the jobs that DSGi offers are fast becomming the bottom of the barrel in this bad job market!
  • BIG H.
  • Ex G.
    Well tom barry's plan seem to be dead on its feet. after 7 months 'strange how we experienced engineers told them it wouldn't work thats why we left last december. not it looks as those that stayed are going to be in the doo dah again
  • D M.
    I have come across a lot of rig's people have had into the techguy's ,I am a retired ex senior tech from a major company, I was asked to have look at a pal's PC ,first the cpu cooler half fell out that's why the cpu was 80,c i7 950 refitted it, nice new paste, same with the gpu,no more crashes, the techguy,s charged the guy £370 for the job WHAT it crashed the day after it came back ,this is one of many ,people think because it's a big company they are getting professional engineer's !!! I have sacked better.
  • No F.
    Tom Barry is a joke. No wonder he had to employ himself in the end, no one else would.

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