Everything under one roof. Well, nearly everything

This is the future of the high street, as the credit crunch takes a tighter grip and more retail outlets go out of business – diversification.


Visit this American store and you can get your tan topped up while your having indeterminate viruses sorted out, a website designed for you and your old VHS tapes transferred to DVD.

It’s a surefire hit waiting to happen and once they expand, we reckon they’ll add dog grooming, cupcakes and while-u-wait vasectomies to their list of services. Remember where you saw it first.



  • Brad
    My favourite one is one of them Hairdressers that also have row after row and wigs, African DVD's and internet access with a nice money transfer scheme on one premisses. They also sell Wu Tang Clan, Ecko and Sean John T-Shirts. Tesco must be shitting it.
  • christopher
    there's a hair and beauty salon in Chelmsford that also does mobile phone repairs.
  • Faz
    There's a place in Perth called "Video Drive-In", which is basically a video (or, now, DVD) rental shop that has stand and tan booths in it. Strange thing about the name of it too is that you can't actually drive in.
  • Mike
    I worked in a post office which offered; ink catridges being filled, graphic design, poster/banner printing, laptop repair and sold loads of toys, cards and stationary. Oh, and the diverse post office range of banking, bill payment, stamps and post. I got sacked after one day.
  • Tom
    Mike - You got sucked after one day
  • Susan
    When I lived in Melbourne there was a shop in Chapel Street (Windsor end) called Handbags and Hungarian Books. Now that's what I call one-stop shopping.

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