EU tackle retail websites that mislead consumers

Some money you may have spent on a retail website in the EU and will lose due to their failure to follow appropriate guidelines, yesterday

Oh dear. The EU has been sneaking about behind the backs of nearly 400 retail websites selling electronic goods, and hasn't liked what it's found. More than half are breaking rules put in place to protect consumers, by failing to inform customers they can return a product bought on the internet within seven days; a third were missing relevant contact information.

The sites investigated all sold mobiles, DVD players and games consoles across the European Union. Except for Slovakia, and we all know why that is, don't we? No? Of the 369 sites that trading standards groups across the continent picked at, 200 were chosen because they were the biggest in the EU and another 100 were checked because they had received previous consumer complaints.

Every website checked in Cyprus and Hungary was found to require further investigation. Only 14 websites in the UK were inspected, and six of them will receive strongly worded letters that'll no doubt be placed in the floor level filing depositary for safe keeping. The good news is that any of the websites that fail to rectify the problems will face fines and prosecutions. Probably. The list of websites remains private so far, although three countries have made their lists public.


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