Empty shops galore across the UK as tough times get tougher

22 August 2011

Market-drayton-empty-shop More metaphorical tumbleweed than ever before is rolling down the high streets of Britain, with more than one in ten town and city centre shops vacant, according to figures from the end of May.

The average vacancy stat is 11.2%, with Northern Island experiencing a shocking 17.1% stat, easily topping the shop-emptiness charts. Wales comes in second place with 13.4% and the north of England has 13.1%.

The British Retail Consortium have published the figures and they’re also saying that there’s been a drop in footfall over the past year, by an average of one percent. But once again, things are tough in Wales, with a footfall fall of 9.2%. The West Midlands posts a slightly-less-grim 6.6%. Lucky old London has seen an increase of footfall by 1.6%, while Scotland has had a rise of 0.2%.
Some numbers there.

But what does it all mean? If you ask us, we’re looking at a new global society by the end of 2012, with money replaced by a system of credits awarded for handsomeness and gymnastic ability. Here at Bitterwallet, we’re pretty much screwed.


  • Gary
    Where is thid Northern Island, is it near Northern Ireland?
  • Gary
    Where is this Northern Island, is it near Northern Ireland?
  • Gary
    And that typo was on purpose, honest.
  • Zleet
    We should freak out people by reverse looting and get in and fill the shops with stock then storm down the street causing noise but tidying up as we go.
  • The B.
    There's one shop near me I wish would shut down, it's the one where they shoot Phone Shop, that's right, the sit com which fails at every level of comedy and everyone wonders how the hell it got a second series.
  • Bazinga
    Every time someone opens a coffee shop, they should be forced to fund another type of shop.
  • Kevin
    If other shops were good enough then they should either do well enough or if closing have an uproar of support. But most shops I see closing are shitty 'fashion' shops or jewellery shops, or things that do not sell what I need. So why should I care about those? I'm more bothered by the loss of the newsagents etc that were knocked down to build the crappy shopping 'centres' that we have now. They need to get their money back too much to actually have rent at a level real businesses can survive on.
  • Grumpy
    WTF Is dis real?
  • klingelton
    reality is, petrol is on its way up, parking costs a fortune. therefore, it's easier to shop online. plus that, these shops base their business models on some silly assumption that they will sell 9 million units of flourescent green hair ties in a one minute sale window. and then wonder why nobody buys buys them. so in short, it's a culmination of things that gang up on the small time shop keep. usually idiocracy.

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