Eating horses - now by Royal Appointment!

horse head Like it or not, you've probably eaten horse meat in the last 12 months. While the thought of it made wimps want to vomit, Princess Anne has stopped worrying about Emlyn Hughes for long enough to say that more of us should consider getting stuck into Mister Ed come teatime.

She reckons it'll save us money and help horses too.

Princess Anne thinks all this will force horse owners to take better care of their animals if they knew they were going to get a better price when they sell them.

Talking to the World Horse Welfare charity, she said: "Our attitudes to the horse meat trade and the value of horse meat may have to change." So did people feel misled, rather than disgusted that they'd eaten horse? She continued: "If you had put the correct label on it and put it back on the shelves, that would have been the correct answer for everybody."

And if horse meat costs a fifth of beef, and is healthier, then it could be good news for us too. It seems that it is only tradition that is making us puke at the idea, so should we listen to a Royal and start eating loads of horses?


  • Dick
    If I eat horse meat, I want decent horse meat and to know where it came from. If gypsies are cruel to their horses, letting people eat them isn't going to help. Who wants to eat a gypo's horse?
  • morgansinkc
    Princess Anne has not done her homework, because horse meat is oftentimes poisonous. Who would want to take that risk? Not many. U.S. horses are poisonous due to the drugs. Not only are there over 100 drugs we give our horses that are labeled "not for use in horses intended for food," horses from any country can have disease which kills people. Just look what happened to these people after eating toxic horse meat.­/eid/article/17/7/10­-1642_article.htm Read more:
  • Mike O.
    I think a gallop poll is needed. I canter be bothered myself. I cant eat horse meat because it's high in shergar.

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