DSGi staff denied free will, customers denied discounts and care-free shopping experience

The staff of PC World are this week beginning to learn whether their fate lies with DSGi, or whether they'll lose their jobs; around 400 staff are expected to be made redundant - half of that number is are likely to be Business Centre staff, half assistant managers.

For the survivors and those working at Currys and Currys.digital, they had the pleasure of a team briefing over the weekend, the "most important briefing" they had ever been involved in, and one that saw them forced to sign up to new, non-optional working practises.

For the staff, it meant unconditionally agreeing to new universal sales targets, 100% staff searches and flexible working hours. For the consumer, it'll mean more infuriating unprompted conversations as staff try and sell additional products and services, and that discounts will be as rare as hen's teeth.

A member of staff at DSGi who has remained anonymous passed on the briefing document to Bitterwallet. Throughout, DSGi called for support and buy-in from the staff concerning new aims and objectives, and encouraged participation throughout the briefing:

Except the briefing notes already told the store managers exactly what that input was, before the staff had been given the chance to provide it:

Much of the briefing highlighted the importance of the FIVES selling technique adopted by DSGi, so don't expect to be left to browse at your own leisure; the document quotes Group Retail Director Keith Jones on the matter:

The point is pushed time and again because the document also includes agreed group KPIs, or sales targets that must be adhered to - the percentages relate to the proportion of customers that staff must sell additional products to, in order to meet their targets:

Finally, before having to electronically sign up to these new working conditions, staff were threatened should they resort to providing "unnecessary discounts":

So if you're visiting a DSGi store over the coming days and weeks, you know what to expect, and you know that the staff don't always have a say in their conduct and choices when dealing with you.


  • -=Mike H.
  • Ross
    The theft reduction hasn't changed since I was there nearly 10 years ago.. Staff searches have always been compulsory.
  • Top T.
    Ok, i have just been ‘one of those managers’ that’s lost their jobs. So here are my top ten ‘revenge’ tactics 1 - Run an audit on Eclipse and zero out all the stock. 2 - Place a huge stationary order for soap, toilet roll and coffee. 3 - Book out Diary Management for the next year. 4 - Change everyones security levels on Eclipse so they can do nothing, not even change it back. 5 - Book 5 (got to get fives in there) empty boxes to go via DHL (on the company account of course) to America, Australia, Kuala Lumpa, Shetland Islands and one to Keith Jones for good prosperity. 6 - Setup an email forwarder so every email that comes into the duty account goes to your GM’s home email account. 7 - Book STARS out with holiday for every CA 8- If you have access to peoplesoft give every CA a pay rise to at least £10 or more - they deserve it. 9 - Change all the PC and Laptop desktop screen savers to have porn on them. 10 - Appeal against my decision. Well, this is just for a bit of fun, but I do wish everyone who was successful with their new role, as I am sure you will need it,
  • Matt
    Wow, really looks like they are putting the customer first their... 45% Norton - Some crap software that you can get much better versions of for Free on the internet 30% Premium Leads - I'd like to find the 'standard' home user that could tell the different between a system connected with gold plated and standard leads! Idiots!
  • Jakg
    100% staff searches is not new - this has always been the case, it's just some stores are slipping and have crazily high stock loss. Flexible working conditions only really applies to Managers - Busiest at the weekend when some managers are too lazy to come in... Unnecessary discount means just that - a lot of time money is given away for no real reason and properly checking everything could save a huge amount of money.
  • Joe S.
    Boy am I glad I got out before this came in! I'm still friends with lots of people at the store, so seems like more bad news for them. I do however know that at least one of the managers in my old store who *deserved* to stay is staying, so it doesn't seem like that they were chopping simply the highest paid ones... RE the top 10 - many CA's in my store had access to the user security page on eclipse, so you don't even need to be an outgoing manager to implement point 4... that would certainly be interesting for a customer: "I want to buy this". "Sorry, none of us are able to operate our till points at the moment..."
  • Mark
    Meh, I had no reason to visit a DSG store before this, I have even less of a reason now... I don't understand why DSG are even trading still...
  • Unseenangelwings
    I visited Currys yesterday to purchase a Tumble Dryer and was approached by a very nice and informative man who wasn't actually a teenager (for a change). I asked him to price match another store that had it on offer and after consulting a manager, kindly agreed - £60.00 discount! I would much prefer to buy from Currys that the other lot (comet). I checked in Comet for a price comparison and was in there at least 20 mins and not one member of staff even bothered to approach me. As for the compulsory 'do you want fries with that' speech, if it helps them keep there jobs, I can deal with it. Just politely say no thank you.
  • The B.
    "DSGi staff denied free will," Oh come on you make them sound like zombies, who as we all know are unthinking, shambling, rotting, monosyllabic cadavers, hmmmm.... yes, point taken.
  • Amazed
    This site needs to give DSGi a break. So the company issues a call to arms by all its colleagues to help it get through the most difficult trading conditions in recent history and you slate it? Getting bored of the obvious witch hunt of dsgi guys, its getting boring now.
  • Rofflecopters
    I think we all get the picture, one of you does/has worked for PC world and doesnt like it very much, every third article on this place is you telling us of their ultimate downfall. Change the record.
  • TurdBurglars
    Its safe to say you have something against PC World and won't be happy until you feel you have done your part to make them go under. Just the headline of this thing alone makes you look pathetic and desperate tbh 'DSGi staff denied free will' get a grip. Its called business and survival. What another piece of shit.
  • IWorkForAndHateDsgi
    The whole thing is pathetic! Keith Jones has gone in to store and susspended people on the spot for not wearing their 5ives band and .. wait for it .. not having polished shoes! Even if your socks are not viasable they have to be business-like as if a manager asks to see them and disaproves you can be sent home. Bonus is cut you have to work off the 'dream team' approach meaning sell every customer as much pointless shit as you can! or get screamed at threatened to get the sack. Does any1 else work for dsgi and hate it?! im not quiting thought! .. i think this is their way of geting people to quit so they dont have to pay redundancies!
  • IWorkForAndHateDsgi
    ... And yes we are being denied free will, there is now a VERY structered way of working and selling and we have been told individualy that if we dont like it to fuck off
  • Amazed
    Then why don't you Fuck off???!!!
  • Brian
    customers are not being denied anything other than the company price matching internet only companies. if a customer is greeted and says they're just browsing, we'll leave them to it. simple as. we'll remind them that if they do require any help, to just come and find one of us. even in a sales conversation, everything is optional. we can give you the merits of better quality cables, using an Internet Security software etc etc, but in the end, if you don't want it, you don't have to buy it. whats the best way of getting repeat business? being polite and acknowledging the people entering your store and offerring to help them. and if they are buying, making sure you've gone over everything so they've got all the info before their money goes in the till. whats wrong with attempting to make sure customers are actually happy with their purchases, advice offerred etc? as for the being denied discount, its unnecessary discounts. meaning that all price tickets should be up to date & sales people shouldn't just offer discount for no reason. the company does genuinely match other high street retailers except on services that we don't offer. we don't offer a free limited 3 year warranty like argos does, so we can't discount our WEH service down to nothing just to close the sale. perhaps the customer should actually ASK at Argos to see what their free cover does indeed cover. just about every store will have sales targets. you think Best Buy is gonna come here and work DIFFERENTLY to this?
  • Amazed
    Well done Brian, best post I have read on this website to date.
  • Jakg
    Brian wait - if DSGi REALLY wanted to succeed they'd match internet prices, give 5 years of free warranty (inc. accidental damage and freephone helpline) AND give a discount for cash (WTF!) :P
  • A B.
    "Retail is a contact sport." Sports have winners or losers. Selling should aim for a Win:Win. Then maybe the group could go forward.
  • New E.
    Being a relatively new (3 weeks) Currys employee i've had this briefing. I haven't had to sign anything, as of yet but am aware of the negativity surrounding the briefing. Just echoing what others have said saying that Bitter Wallet really do have an axe to grind with DSGi. Where's the positive things that they're trying to do? Currys are trying to nip any problems in the bud. This is the kick up the arse the company needs.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I'd like all the holier than thou DSGi staff to explain why taking a new laptop home, opening the box, finding out the wireless is crippled, going back to the shop straight away and calmly showing them the problem does not merit an immediate replacement, but rather merits an hour of 'Aww you'll have to contact the manufacturer... we'll have to take it in and have a look at it, be a few weeks.' Sure you have the people who try to rip the staff off but I find DSGi as a retailer will do anything to weasel out of their legal obligations and give you the most frustrating after-sales experience possible. I'd like to see one of them try to explain to me why a gold-plated HDMI lead could possibly be better... lol digital signal = no loss.
  • Jakg
    @ New Currys Employee - You have to do a sign-off on the Edge (or at least PCW do), which just is you saying you attended basically... @ Compactwhatever - I'm not going to defend that - because it's wrong. I'm also not going to argue that a gold-plated HDMI cable is any better - it's not in any way, shape or form...
  • Andy L.
    The best thing about DSGi? The wheelchair races. Eh Brian?
  • IWorkForAndHateDsgi
    I dont know why people hate the employes so much when we are only doing what we have to! If you take a tv by its self or if u take it with w.e.h and leads and a stand .. my wage packet is no diff, we are not fighting to get bonus, we are fighting to keep our jobs cos they are a money hungry company. and Amazed .. I dont want to fuck off, but i dont think that i job i have been doing for 3 years should suddenly change and i get told to love it or lump it, so untill you know the position we have been put in as employees why dont u fuck off and stop gaining your knowledge and opinions from forums?
  • aGM
    What amazes me is that this website actually believes that the company is doing something other than trying tp protect itself in the economic downturn. Why dont we leave things as they are and then not ask people to agree new targets (which are actually lower than the old ones). Why dont we ask them to be as lazy as they want and to underperform in their role without consequence. Why dont we just keep giving payrises without justification. Why dont we keep allowing staff to fill their boots before they walk out at the end of their shifts. Why dont we just let staff work whenever they want to and never on a weekend. Why dont we just ask people to sell products without attachments so that we make no margin whatsoever. Why dont we not point out the difference between an expensive TV cable and a cheap one and let the customer have a less than perfect picture. ..........and then when the company goes tits up we can all wish we had done something about it. Come on bitterwallet stop knocking and start supporting a business, which is not perfect (name one that is, and start supporting our fight for survival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and note to CompactDstrxion - not label us all the same, I can guarantee if you had come to my shop you would have received an immediate replacement or refund as is your right. Good job you were not a Nazi then all the Jews would have really been lying dirty filthy animals who all deserve to die. o and note to IWorkForAndHateDsgi stop bitching and go find a job were scruffy dirty lazy unpresentable twats are allowed to wonder around the shop floor looking disinterested and moaning about life being a bitch
  • reply m.
    if you are looking for an idiot look in the mirror old son
  • IWorkForAndHateDsgi
    aGM let me guess youre on about £36,000 a year? when every other fucker who does your dirty work is on as little as possible i work my arse off in the place and iv never taken home more than £750 for doing full time hours. Good God you have deluded yourself into thinking all these add ons are worth something when they are not! its people like you who make us look like money grabbers, cos if you dont spend £60 on a scart lead your tv wont work, bullshit. If i got offered another job id be out of there like a shot but i have a family to support which is hardly managable on minimum wage, so if you want the colleuges to be abit more enthuiastic .. cut loose some of your bundle you take home and give us the money we deserve for the hard work and near enough impossible targets we are set! Wouldnt shock me if the company stopped staff discount as they did on clearence iteams and dixons and currys.co.uk
  • CompactDstrxion
    aGM I don't think I said all of you are the same so comparing me with Nazi Germany might be a tad premature. Some people have experiences like mine more than once so they are going to get a negative image of the group. That is the point I was trying to make. The member of staff dealing with me was the senior member of staff in the store that day, so I hope when it comes to redundancies he gets it over more deserving staff.
  • CompactDstrxion
    By more deserving I of course mean more deserving of keeping their jobs!
  • Currys R.
    CompactDstrxion When we dont exchange something in store its not for a good old giggle, there are rules set that we have to follow. For example Kodak dont think we are capable of confirming a fault on their products so demand it gets sent to them. We do as much as we can but sometimes our hands are tied.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Currys Region30, whatever yours or your suppliers policies are they do not override law.
  • Amazed
    IWorkForAndHateDsgi: I am an employee!
  • Currys R.
    Oh come on of course its not a legal obligation to exchange it .. we are under a legal obligation to sort out the problem, and if that means sending it off, that we do! If it was illegal we would of been busted about it. Instead of people bangin on about consumers rights, get on trading standards and read the FACTS and dont assume you have rights.
  • CompactDstrxion
    is this how poor DSGi training is? You don't think you're legally obligated to replace a faulty product on the DAY it was purchased?!
  • who c.
    to ALL of ABOVE, and below. This post from bitterwallet was about dsgi staff losing their ability to be flexible and understanding to customers. AND a number of assistant managers losing their jobs and livelihoods (mortgages etc). Have some understanding. Think, those managers losing their jobs may not be the weak links or dead wood as you may say, some have failed on purpose to get the best deal they can and then get a better or much less pressurised job (its about job satisfaction and I know many managers arent happy with the new way the company has operated recently, fives, keith jones, etc.. put all staff on ipi, fact find a poor mystery shop, fact find a stock discrepency, one mistake and give a final written or let them be fired). they may the ones that decided that all the hard work they have put in amounts to nothing. I know that a number of managers who have succeeded are earmarked to be managed out of the business due to the pressure the SGMs are under. Some mgrs may well deserve to go, but they will be the ones that stay as the tests and interviews, new job roles, are designed to keep those that will consistently put pressure on the staff to deliver (which in business makes sense) but creates a poor working environment and very very extremely low morale amongst the ground staff. Yet the company doesnt care about them as there are now so many jobseekeers available. Sundays briefing made me laugh when keith jones said that the higher paid staff were worth their salt due to their expertise. Point 2 of the business plan was to put the best people in at the right time, most stores have 2 or 3 decent people (full timers) the rest dont care and cant deliver any decent kpi results. Where does KJ think he his?. (mars). Furthermore, in fridays GM meeting.. all GMs knew which AM's were staying and going. They were told to LIE to them when asked about the meeting's priorities. It was all about compliance and delivering to staff the 5 company priorities for the business. But we were briefed about this and told to deliver to our colleagues by email over a week before. The meeting was about the AM decisions and also to tell the staff to deliver & follow 5's by the letter, or (fuck) off. To those that complain about DSGi staff, get real, I reckon 2% of the staff dont care. The rest try their best within the limited company directives they are allowed to operate within really do try their best. Its not their fault the prices may be high in certain product areas. Anyway, I wish those that are now made 'redundant' sue the company for all its worth as the KJ and JB have gone about it the wrong way, they have made decisions before the 18th march date and not fulfilled the normal 90 day consultancy period. Please existing employees note.. this wont affect current employees but may get a decent redundancy package for those that have worked really hard for the number of years they have put in, . The company is paying statutory redundancy which is the minimum and they are trying to keep it quiet as not to scare the market. But this wont be the last lot of cuttings as KJ says in his part 4 of the brief is to combine Currys with PC world to create the best customer experience possible - in other words the company will merge Currys and PCworlds with further job cuts. Wish you all Well.
  • Currys R.
    Have a little look into it then mate, we are obligated to do it. as it needs to be confirmed that it wasnt a user fault, youd be suprised how many people come in a few hours after buyin a laptop sayin its not working. Turns out they havnt a clue what they are talkin about and its in working order.
  • CompactDstrxion
    I am not assuming anything by the way. When a product becomes faulty so quickly it is my right not to accept a repair or credit note.
  • CompactDstrxion
    And when I clearly demonstrate the problem in store do you still think I don't know what I'm doing?
  • Currys R.
    Saying that in a store wont get you very far, Rules are rules! Even when a member of staff buys somthing we have to follow the rules and not just exchange it
  • CompactDstrxion
    Your flagrant disregard of consumer law, company policy or not, is one of the main reasons DSGi have such a poor standing among many people.
  • TechGuy
    to aGM - This is a FANTASTIC attitude to have!! I wonder just how many of your staff you tell this?? What store are you and lets see if you do give such an amazing experience and lets see if your staff are as interested as you make out!! Be brave! Name your store!
  • Currys R.
    So you think that we would be aloud to over-ride the law with a company policy? cumon think about what you are saying, if it was illegal to do it we would of been taken to court .. but have we? No? because you are wrong.
  • CompactDstrxion
    Your company always settles out of court at the last possible chance if it gets that far, because your company knows it's wrong.
  • Mr.DIxons
    Nice on techGuy i agree, tell us your store and ill pop in without me uniform and use a secret shopper technique!
  • Currys R.
    Or.. Maybe its YOU thats wrong and not the multimillion international company? Is that a possibility...
  • CompactDstrxion
    This stuff's gold. By all means carry on.
  • Currys R.
    Dont need to carry on mate you seem to have came to a realisation that you were wrong and have stopped repeating yourself like a angry customer who thinks the world owes them something and that they are holding the company up. I bet youre the kind who starts their complaint with .. "Over ther years iv bought all kinds from this company..."
  • Lol
    "Turns out they havnt a clue what they are talkin about...." Like DSGi employees then.... Currys and PC world only exist to feed the morons of the world, staffed by monkeys, fed peanuts and as now shown, no fucking balls to say no.
  • LittleOldMe
    Heres an idea Lol .. Dont shop there if its staffed by monkeys.
  • A w.
    Just a quick reminder to all the guys and girls on here (me included) that have today learned they are redundant, and subsequently are on garden leave, remember we are all still employed by the company, until at least March 18th, so lets all behave ourselves, keep our mouths relatively shut, as the last thing we need is to give the company any excuse to dismiss us before we get our redundancy pennies. Just my two pennies worth anyway. To all the staff who have lost their jobs, I wish you all the best for the future!
  • Former T.
    Reply to Currys Region 30: Sales of goods act as ammended: Contract is with shop not with maker of equipment. (if the shop wants to send it the maker that's up to them after they have replaced it or refunded it not instead of.) If the fault is within a few days of purchase it's upto the retailer to prove the goods are/where not faulty at time of puchase but still does not mean they can sent it away for testing. recorse is by refund, replacement. repair if after period of time (dsgi 28days) *** if problems getting a refund or replacement*** always pay for goods above £100 by credit card, if any problem with a purchase, return goods, recind contract and get the credit card company to revoke the payment as allowed by the consumer credit act which applies to credit cards. for new or almost new goods, To tell a customer it has to be sent away to the manufacturer is breaking every rule in the book and is illegal, as it telling them they have to contact the manufacturer direcxt. unless it can be proved that the customer has misused, damaged or bought knowing the fault. Also who are the stores going to get to test and repair them anyway.. can't be the techguys they made them redunant remember. I used to get lots of calls to repair products for dsgi staff members who bought stuff knowing it had a fault, take out WEH and then make a call to us, I always had great delight in telling them "not covered" the product is as you bought it "faulty" revenge was sweet.
  • Ian P.
    I agree that this column clearly hates DSGi. However running the company for short term profit will kill it in the end... once you get a reputation its hard to move away from it... DSGi will only survive by offering good customer service => people will want to come back not slag you off to all and sundry.... somehow hey need to find products that offer a greater profit margin that will allow them to offer the service they need to survive for more than 18 months... Their refusal to change business model and stay with the same techniques is partly why people hate them... other retailers try new things ; not all successful but they strive .. DSGi seems firmly stuck in the past to me......... It sounds like it is very hard for staff to offer a genuine service within DSGi…..
  • Klauss
    I've been working for the company just over 2 years now. At first it was all fun and games, the people were great, targets were pretty easy and the selling model used was simple and not too forward. I then became one of the top sales advisors in the store and the company for finance/rental agreements, after working in the business centre and on the shop floor. Since the introduction of the FIVEs selling technique, even though I have a proven sales record and have failed to adapt the company want to put me on "ipi" because I'm "choosing" not to use FIVEs on customers and refusing to talk to them in such a dumb way. I have spent many hours at my computer searching for different jobs as more money is always a positive but the situation outside is getting worse and worse. I have a family to look after and bills to pay aplenty. They reckon this recession could take well up to 10 years at most and by next year over 3 million unemployed in the UK. Whilst I cannot afford to be one of them I still have to go to work each day for a company that cares not for a single employee, abuses shoppers rights and has one of the worst high street reputations in the current market. At the end of the day it is just a job, nothing more nothing less. Fact of the matter is jobs are getting scarce which isnt good news for alot of my friends who find out this week where their fate lies with the assistant manager/business centre staff results coming out. I'm tired of working hard everyday and getting no reward, I am hoping to find a better job soon (however hard that may be in its own right) and I hope other people the best of luck if they do get some bad news this week. I don't wish it upon anybody. I think they should raise the pay for the employees and lower the managers wage. Why do people get more to stand around with a clipboard avoiding sales and customer contact whilst we run around doing everything and as soon as something is missed out get lined up in a shooting gallery?... With regards to people price-matching internet prices its not just electrical hardware stores that are at it, I went into HMV the other day to buy a DVD which was price at £4 on the website but turned out to be £14 in store and the shop staff had no idea why but couldnt match the price. Same thing happened in River Island with a shirt which was £5 online but the manager just laughed and told me "No chance of getting that price in here!" Roll on my holidays next month (if were still here...)
  • Anon
    Looks exactly the same type of targets and practices as other retail outlets like GAME, etc.
  • do s.
    all staff in all stores should get together and form their own plan of action. namely work out what customers actually want and sell it to them. sod the KPI's give advice based on what the dude wants. if i go into a store and say that i will be doing photography i want a decent printer with software like adobe photoshop as well as the machine to drive it. give the power back to the sales staff to make the decisions based on what the CUSTOMER needs.
  • Hmmmm
    Can somebody explain why it is such a big issue? Every single company in the entire world has sales targets of somekind, where do you think they would be if they didn't? The big boss coming out and asking his guys and girls on the frontline to do all they can to support the business whilst being totally open and honest is surley something any boss would do? There are companies throughout the world fighting for their very exsistance every single day right now and im sure their bosses are doing everything they believe to be right for their business. Retail is a contact sport, if you go into a shop, you will be approached by a member of staff, if you dont want help, then politley decline. If you dont want to buy the additional extras we offer you because the guys n gals believe they would be of value you to you, Just say no, were not hypnotists, If you dont want to buy something, then dont, its simple. Whilst i am horrified to hear some of the stories of customer service on this page with regards to returns etc i am confident this does not happen in my store, and every reasonable request is dealt with as the team/management see fit. The idea is to always create a Win/Win not a we win you lose, whats the point in that? If you dont want Norton 360, then dont buy it, we offer it to you because its half price When you buy it with a PC, and independant tests show its an excellent product and you save £30, if you dont want it, then say no... We have many others available in store. PS The ones that are Free, are free for a reason, Example, AVG actually sell the proper version, we even sell it!! But again, if you dont want it, then just say no, were only recommending something. Fives is a selling model, how did you learn to drive? You were taught (i hope) All fives does is teaches people a structure to selling, its not meant to be robotic, everybody can put their own personnality into it, it simply adds consistency, which is different to being a robot. Can somebody tell me whats wrong with this conversation Hi, So whats brought you in today sir? (identifies why they are here) Looking for a laptop i saw on TV OK, so are you a PCP customer? (identifes if they have shopped with us B4) No im not So are you looking to pay cash, monthly or get one for free? (identifies payment method) Im not looking to buy today actually Then its a case of matching a product to a customers needs (unless they want to be left alone) and recommending any add ons we think would be of value based on what they tell us, which they can say no to! Well Dam PC World for finding out what i wanted and trying to match a product to suit my needs, thats terrible.. is it??? Thats the first part of 5s and in about 10 seconds you can find out, why the customer is here, if they have shopped with us before and how they would like to pay for it, or not if not buying today. What is soooooo sneaky and nasty about that?? Anyway, Whilst there does seem to be alot of ill feeling towards PCW im confident my store is not like that and whilst we cannot get it right 100% of the time, i have a team of people who will damn well try too despite many customers talking to them like absolute shite just because they work in a shop. So if thats still not good enough, then you simply expect too much. Nobody gets it right 100% of the time., we can only try to. Best Buy, See you in 2010 then.. So much for that great big battering ram....
  • bitter l.
    Such a shame about Best Buys not coming in now, it would have given the Morons at Bitter Wallett someone else to moan, bitch, complain and offer 1 sided arguements about.
  • Ben
    do we not think that other retailers will be having similar briefings? how about we all work together as a team (managers + collegues) to keep our jobs, offer a good service and make DSG into the only electrical retailer to weather the storm? Those who have been cut already obviously added little value, that is their look out, just don't be in the same boat.
  • AbsDevine
    > Instead of people bangin on about consumers rights, > get on trading standards and read the FACTS > and dont assume you have rights. May I respectfully suggest that - as your interpretation of what consumer rights people have is extraordinarily skewered for someone who works in retail - you would appear to need to follow that advice yourself, instead of giving it out.
  • Ian
    To Mike the Cock (never a truer name said in jest) and others Old Chinese proverb says : Be careful for what you wish - you may get it If you think Best Buy is going to come charging into the UK with the intention of being the saviour of the consumer, you will be sorely disappointed. To prove this, just set up a Google alert with the Search Term BEST BUY and see the returns you get showing crap service. Today’s alert alone (received 11.5am) lists three examples: 1. I bought a computer from Best Buy and was surprised to find a sticker on the box saying opening this box subjects you to a 15 percent open-box surcharge. I opened the box and found it did not have what I wanted. I had asked the salesperson if it had a TV tuner in it and the salesperson said that it did. And, the shift key was not operating correctly. They accepted the return but insisted on charging the open-box 15 percent surcharge. Why am I paying $105 for a deficient product? 2. Best Buy charged Nicole $99 to backup her data but then replaced her hard drive without backing up a single byte. Nicole’s service contract clearly stated that Best Buy would perform the backup before any other service. Now Best Buy is claiming that her old hard drive is their property and that she has no right to the data that they failed to backup or restore. 3. Best Buy employees sold a used, broken camera as new, then attempted to claim that it was not their fault. However, the incriminating pictures OF THE EMPLOYEES that the purchaser recovered from the camera beg to differ. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE WITH YOUR BEST BUY PURCHASE!!!
  • Ex e.
    As an ex employee (Currys) that wasted 5 valuable years of my life on minimum wages to the benefit of my Manager, I would like to point out that this is nothing new. The absolute derision that I was faced with when trying to show new products or services in a meaningful manner was quite shocking. I used to take the time to set up products properly and even show other memebers of staff how to demo them properly to maximise interest in them. All met with questions of why I was wasting my time to set them up/find out about them when the shelves needed filling with blank CDs/printer cartridges etc. Of course, it never crossed their (small) minds that this would generate interest in the brand/shop/sales person and products. The thing that annoyed me the most was that as I was the only person in the shop with any interest or technical knowledge of the products that we were selling, I was expected to keep my knowledge topped up in my own time at home on the internet instead of being stood in front of the actual product on the shop floor. When I started to pretend I didn't have a clue, they could see they were in trouble and offered me a pay rise of 40p per hour (It was the VERY most that the regional manager would allow)..... I feel sorry for the AMs that are going to suffer from this and the fact that they are in the impossible situation of having to motivate staff that increasingly have less technical knowledge than their customers, but are expected to sell the items that people did not expect to buy at the shop in the first place. A good example would be that I would not expect to buy a set of luggage from Thomas Cook... I have been employed elsewhere for the last 7-8 years, partly in a buying/pricing position for a similar consumer electronics company and I can tell you that the margin that DSGi makes IS the best in the industry by at least 20% on most products - even over the very lowest priced internet retailer for the product. I can't see them lasting much longer. Oh and why don't DSGi pay a bonus on warranties like every other electrical retailer in the world and tell your employees that it is illegal to pay bonus on warranties when it is blatantly untrue?
  • SimbaK2K
    The soner DSGi die the better. Maybe people will actually wake up and look at what their buying then instead of wasting money on overpriced crap. I've had the shoddy laptop deal before, yes, we know the laptop is faulty but we have to send it to France at your expense. If it comes back that I "broke" the broken laptop then I'll pay for the repairs. Get lost! PC World especially deserves to die and its one shop I won't miss. And yes, shame about best buy. It would have been nice to have something fresh and offer some competition for DSGi, who instead tend to just pull hairs out of peoples balls until they get fed up!
  • SimbaK2K
    Oh. P.S after months of complaining I eventually got voucher for the broken laptop that needs to get sent to France, but it took months and head office to eventually sort out. P.P.S The store in question is PC world Peterborough, and must have the wankiest load of managers ever that don't understand the laws and regulations. errr... Consumer goods act perhaps!? P.P.S my last laptop was a dell and they fixed that at my house, ha! France!!!
  • SimbaK2K
    P.P.P.S I do feel sorry for the little guys that have to lose their jobs, but they will become a better person the sooner they get the hell away from DSGi corp!
  • Hush
    I have been reading with intrest some of the comments on here. The only person on here that has made any sense so far was the user who posted as Klauss. I can't beleieve some of the ridiculous statements made by others. It is obvious to everyone in my store that fives doesn't work and privately the store managers all agree as do several S.G.M's however you will not here them talking about it around senior staff. I have been to G.M's meeting while filling in for my stores G.M. All the G.M's are concerned that they will lose there jobs in the near future and are doing there best to deflect the inevitable collapse of the company in the U.K to the staff instore. All the G.M's agree that fives doesn't work and has been a disaster for staff morale and the communication between staff and our customers has suffered as a result. It has become more and more obvious over the last few months that the people at the top end of the business don't really have a clue what they are doing. There answer to everything is to cut costs and get back to Dsgi basics (thats ripping people of on extended warranty) for newer staff members. I have also been surprised reading through some of the posts on here how easily lead some people are. The use of fives buzz words like added value etc. justs shows how mindless some of the management team are as they are so scared for there own jobs they will follow Keith Jones like lemmings over the side of the nearest cliff. The truth is: -Fives doesn't work and will be a huge failure on an epic scale one which may well sink the company in the U.K for good. Keith Jones knows it will not work but he is out of ideas as is his cronies. -By peak 2009 all General Managers in the business will be made redundant and have to apply for a new role as General Manager of P.C World and there closest Currys. This will eventually lead to the closure of the P.C World brand post peak 2009. -Post peak 2009 all C.A grades will be made redundant and go through the process of applying to work within there local Currys store. - Dsgi as a group is finished and anyone that thinks otherwise is deluding themselves. There last great hope was that Best Buy would come in with a rescue package. However Best Buy being that more savvy have decided to watch Dsgi clapse before they snap all the Dsgi holdings out from under them. I have worked for the company for a number of years and I have made contacts throughout the business in that time. I have had conversations with S.G.M's, G.M'S, and senior staff in head office on a regular basis over the last few months and I have gained a reasonable amount of inside knowledge. The company is broke and they are to afraid to make the changes neccesary to save it so they are reverting back to methods that have saved them in the past, unfortunately this time it isn't going to be enough. Be aware folks the changes are going to be implemented a.s.a.p I heard a few days ago that N.Ireland is going to be the first to go with the new format on a large scale nearly everything is in place. They have already seperated the N. Irish P.C World stores from the herd and have appointed an S.G.M to cover both Currys and P.C World. The next step will be to make the G.M's in N.Ireland redundant and have them apply to run both a Currys store and a P.C World store, this will happen within a couple of months. After a bedding in period of merely 3 months all the staff in P.C World and Currys in Northern Ireland will be made reduandant and have to appply to work in one of the new format stores. These guys I feel sorry for as I have had dealing with plenty of the guys over there over the years and they are generally good people who work hard for the company. The A.M's especially will find it tough as they would have gone through the current process only to be presented with this a few short months later. When this hapens everyone else should take this as a warning as the same process will be happening to us soon after. Now is the time to find alternative employment before its too late. Also be carefull what you post on here this site is being closely monitored by senior people in head office, if they identify you as posting on here you will be dismissed immeadiately. Would it surprise you to know that Keith Jones has been looking at the articles on here? He isn't a happy bunny. If you are watching tonight Keith I have a message for you. I have worked for Dsgi in its various forms for over 15 years and you have destroyed a company that I was once extremely proud to work for. I have not unlike some of my colleagues been made redunadant as yet but I am looking at options outside of the company mainly down to the inept way you have run our company into the ground. Just for you Keith, GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  • Tech C.
    JOINT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CAPITA AND DSGi plc DSGi TO BRING CONTACT CENTRES IN-HOUSE AS PART OF ITS RENEWAL AND TRANSFORMATION PLAN As you may be aware our Sheffield contract was originally due to terminate in April 2009. Subsequently we agreed to extend the contract on a rolling six months basis while DSGi reviewed its business strategy. DSGi has notified Capita that in order to support its renewal and transformation plan, it has decided to take the service back in-house. One of the key points in DSGi’s five point plan for the transformation of its business is to increase its focus on the customer. This decision is founded in a belief that the relationship DSGi has with its customers through the contact centre should form part of its core proposition. With effect from Wednesday 2 September both the Sheffield and Nottingham contact centres will transfer back to DSGi. In taking this decision DSGi is grateful to Capita for managing its contact centres professionally and well. Over the last five years Capita has transformed the manner in which the contact centres have been managed culminating in Capita’s success in winning a number of industry awards including recognition as the CCF European Contact Centre of the Year in 2008. DSGi and Capita are working together to plan the transfer and ensure that this is undertaken as smoothly as possible for colleagues and customers alike. Further details in relation to the transfer and how it affects you will follow as soon as possible. At this stage we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work and commitment during the time that Capita has been managing the contract. We know that you will maintain your high levels of support and service to DSGi and its customers during the next six months and thereafter.
  • TechGuy
    I can honestly say this site does have a Axe to grind with DSGi. I too was in the Sunday brief where they told us what was going on. To be honest I don't care about Dixons Group. They sell overpriced cables, but sell laptops within the price range. If you want a Tesco's Experiance go for them. Walk in, pick your laptop and walk out again. Dixons group is the opposite, we stock our stores with people who (Gasp wait for it) know about the products your buying. I know some people have never had a decent shopping experiance in your life but dont bash PcWorld if you've only been into one store. I hate the fact that we have to send items away to the manufacturs after 28 days. Which is why I do everything in my power to make up "Creative Paperwork" which turns that 4 month old Kodak that no longer prints black (and EVERY one we've sold came back with the same issue) into a Kodak printer under 28 days. Sure, sometime my hands are tied and i can't do anything for the customer. But i try my best to make sure the customer knows i've tried everything first. Like i said, I don't care for DSGi, but I do care for the people that work there. The people (at least in my store) take care of the customers and their needs.
  • Fred C.
    Shouldn't DSGi get rent free for all their retail premises during the current recession. Come one , property landlord let them have free rent. Then DSGi will be financially more healthy.
    I find it amazing that some people have the ordassity to tar several thousand people with the same brush when the only common denominator is the employer. It really makes me laugh when someone comes out with "my laptop took 3 weeks to fix, therefore DSGi is a terrible company". (maybe 100 others came back fine within 2 or 3 days that week and yours was an unfortunate case, it happens when humans are involved) Or how about "I asked a spotty employee about ram and he got the answer wrong, therefore all PCW staff are morons/idiots". I just chuckle to myself looking at some of these adolescent posts!! By the way I am a CA for PCW and have been for over 10 years - and I know my stuff and also am reasonably intelligent - explain that!!
  • do s.
  • lies
    I work instore, have done for years, fives is just the latest selling fad, like milestones and many others, the company spent too much money implementing it to stop using it, truth be told though, its complete bollocks, your expected to talk to a customer, (yes i said customer not guest, its not a fucking hotel), like a complete twat, which straight away puts them on edge, while in the back of your mind is the image of a happy fucking yeti thanks to their fucking mind games, (staff will know what i'm on about), if you follow fives to the letter your customer walks, if you use your own sales method , honed over the years, you know what the customer wants how they are going to pay whether they will fail the credit check and the kids names within the first 5 mins. But we the shopfloor guys and girls can't say shit, because we will lose our jobs, yes its a shit job but it pays the bills, and 12 months ago it was kinda fun at times, but now its all based on fear and scaremongering, ipi's and suspensions, we just want to do our jobs and go home, but they have made it as hard as they can for us, and we are under constant pressure to perform, truth be told i would rather be cleaning toilets now, but there are no jobs going in my area, so i'm stuck. Fives will be changing soon, they have revised it expect retraining soon, also they have cut about 30% off last years targets for this year so it looks like we are performing really well, when we are really 40% down on last year, i thought that was manipulating share values and was a big no no, but what do i know. the company is going to the dogs, and its all the directors fault if they did'nt operate in such a fear induced way the managers would be able to truthly say what needs to change from a shopfloor perspective, but they are too scared to critize head office, they are just yes men, so of course head office think everything they do is great, and if its not working its because we are not implementing it, not because it sucks. Keith Jones, FIVES does not work as a compulsory sales method. bottom line, its just stupid. but no one would tell you that to your face. demonstrate it to a close friend or family member and ask for an honest opinion, i beg you.
  • The B.
    Cor dear, no regulars just a load of DSGi staff venting, in the words of Mr Saville "how's about that then?". Most of you work for DSGi and are actually squabbling with each other, does this not tell you something about the management process?
  • InterestingAC
    aGM and currys region 30 have just talked me out of spending £2k at currys this morning. Congratulations guys
  • Another e.
    A business built on false promises "Whatever Happens" and overpriced accessories is as sound as building on sand. Get out I saw past all the brain washing there are no jobs out there you have transferable skills and other employers will snap you up. Lets be honest if you can rip people off with WEH you can sell sand to arabs.
  • margin
    I recently left the company because of their focus on margin over customer service. I admit when I do not know a given topic and seek advice from management who should be very product knowledgeable. I was asking about printers and which one would be the best for a given use, the group of managers I approached with this specific question gave the response "the one that gives us the most margin" This indicated to me where the focus of the company was. This along with other conversations pertaining to products like Norton where the argument and reasoning was very much the same and margin based not customer based led me to leaving the company. I believe that this atmosphere is very heavy in the air and the customers can easily perceive it and will ultimately be the end of the company. Granted a company must make a profit, but to do so at the expense of the customer trust in the long run is just very poor business plan.
  • customer
    As a customer this is the way I see it; If I want to know something I will ask. I really don't want someone approaching me, I just want to look around, find what I want and buy it. If I do however have a question its hard to find someone to ask because the staff are all busy having to interview every customer on the way in. Just have people on the floor, standing near the section they are competent with, give me good service if I have a problem and I'll come back and shop again. Simple hey, I really hate all this sales and policy BS, as I am sure 99% of other customers do
  • Well.flippingheckletsallworkfornothing
    Dear Customer, having worked in retail, not just PC World, for many many years, I beg to differ. The vast majority of customers do want to be approached, and in fact can become very annoyed if not spoken to, or acknowledged by members of staff, which is why our colleagues are always busy talking to customers. In reply to Margin, of course we need to sell margin rich products, we are after all a business, and businesses do need to make money, If it were your business, would you be happy to pay your staff to give free advice, and sell the products that make the least amount of money? I doubt very much that would make you, or your stakeholders very happy. Ultimately, we need to give great advice and excellent customer service, what is wrong with selling a profitable item, if it meets your customers needs. If you were working on commission I doubt you would think twice about it! I think some of the people on here need to get real!! If we want to keep our jobs, we have to make a profit, and targets form part of that, they give us a goal to achieve, without knowing your ultimate destination, how can you complete your journey? All businesses have targets, and business plans, other wise how could you possibly measure success (or failure) if you have nothing to measure against? I am tired of people, particularly those who work for the company, compaining about it, quite honestly, if you don't like it, then leave, I am sure you could find a job that would not challange you, or measure your performance, or be target driven, I am not sure where you would start looking though, even my paper boy has targets, how long his round takes, and how many papers he delivers correctly, if he misses one or delivers the wrong paper, he is in trouble, and so he should be! Why are you not defending your company, you have made a choice to work for it, why bite the hand that feeds you?
  • shock
    Shock horror a PLC company wants to make a profit!
  • Moo
    Do what they did with the Banks, fire the guy in charge who caused the downfall of the company(S) Sorry keith
  • customer
    I am sure some people do like to be approached, just as a lot also don't. I am a bit of a impulse buyer, I like to walk round places having a good look what deals are around and if I see something I like I'll go for it. If I know I am going to get hassled then I won't go in that shop, simple as, I'll go somewhere else. Take John Lewis for example, lots of knowledgeable staff on hand to assist IF you require it. They seem funily enough to have a great reputation for customer service. I suppose what I am getting at is you put off as many as you delight by actively pursuing the customer. JL seem to have the balance just right in that they will approach someone only when its obvious thats what they want, not just because they are there. Also any post sale probs and they'l resolve them to the customers satisfaction, thats why I'll go back. They also wont be undersold, everyones a winner?
  • Straightforward
    customer, could you give us some examples of when it is obvious a customer wants to be aproached please?
  • InterestingAC
    I agree with customer. If I walk into a store then I have walked in for a reason. I know what i'm walking in for and I will ask for help if I need it. If I don't ask for help then I don't need it. Have the people at currys/pcworld never heard of eye contact? Make eye contact with a customer, maybe even say a polite hello if they're close enough and then leave us to look around. If I want your assistance then while we're making eye contact or saying a polite hello I will say excuse me and you can then help. It's not rocket science. As for the point of when is it obvious that a customer wants to be approached well if you don't know that you're not fit to work in retail. It's obvious a customer wants to be approached when they look up from what they're doing and make eye contact with a member of staff. At that point you are fine to walk over and say politely 'can I help you sir/madam?' feck me sideways I can't believe theyre still in business treating everyone that walks through the door as a retard that needs to be interviewed before being allowed near a product. By the way I paid an extra £75 this morning and bought the £2k worth of products from another store that didn't try to sell me a ford focus to go with my new tv.
  • customer
    InterestingAC amen brother! I don't think theres anything else I could add
  • elsie
    Every retail company has targets, but not every company sets targets that mean ripping the customer off to achieve them. The targets that are set require the CA to hard sell all add-ons inc WEH regardless of the customers needs. If for what ever reason the customer doesn't need these items it more % lost of the target and the CA's fault, according to DSGI. With the pressure heaped on the CAs to get every penny out of the customer, how the hell can they provide good customer service. By all means offer the the customer every possible add on, but don't pressure the customer to buy what they don't need/want. I know the company needs to make a profit but its got to be by repeat sales, unhappy customers will shop elsewhere. Just reading the posts here and on other sites, customers are not happy. Bullying the CAs to hard sell is not helping.
  • Moo
    AC is it realy that bad that someone ask if you would like help? You sound like one of those customer who no one would want to help. I hate it when I walk into a store and no one asks to help me, I would never ever need it but its just plain polite. Maybe next time you walk into a store you should wear a sign on your head that says "Dont ask me if I need help" p.s. Good for you, you payed an extra £75 thats real smart, cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  • Moo
    Oh yes I forgot to mention that 99% of people that go into a store like currys and pcworld do not have a clue what they are looking for. Does it make sence not to ask them if they need a the cable that they might need?
  • InterestingAC
    No Moo I didn't cut off my nose to spite my face, I went to a company that offers better after sales than currys do. £75 on a £2k purchase for the peace of mind of knowing that should they fail for whatever reason I can take them back and have them swapped for new products rather than have currys take away MY goods, send them off to be repared and then give them me back when theyre done leaving me with a repaired item. £75 to get my £2k purchase replaced for NEW in the same day it goes wrong with no hassle? It was a no brainer. And Im pretty sure that I said I don't mind a polite smile, eye contact or an hello or even a 'if you need any help just ask a member of staff' as I walk in the door but there's no need for a full on interrogation like currys and pc world have given me in the past. Would you expect tesco staff to jump on you when you walk through their doors? No of course not so why is it different just because what you are buying has a plug on it? It's not like electricity is a new thing.
  • InterestingAC
    "Oh yes I forgot to mention that 99% of people that go into a store like currys and pcworld do not have a clue what they are looking for" Really? Do 99% of the people that walk into currys get in there and think "fucking hell what are all these strange things with pictures on? Where are the fruit and vegetables?" Of course they don't! They may not be sure of the exact product that they want but they certainly know what they've gone into the store for.
  • Jakg
    I think what he meant was that they may want a new laptop, or a PC, or a cable to get their PC on the internet etc - but have no clue what product they actually need is.
  • InterestingAC
    But say I want to buy a new laptop, I'll walk into pc world and thankfully they have all of their products on display for me to look at along with information POS next to the display explaining its features. what is so wrong with letting me look at these displays and then if i'm unable to make a decision asking a member of staff who has already said hello to me to assist me? Why is there a need for them to jump on me before I even get to the laptops?
  • Currys_region30
    You guys seem to think that the stuff the sales people say/do is what they want, its not. 90% of us dont agree with the 5ives technique but we are forced to do it, because if we dont we would be sacked. We dont do it cos we think you are too stupid to browse alone, we dont do it cos we want you to spend £50 on essentials, we do it cos we have managers watching us like hawkes prepered to sack who ever doesnt comply.
  • InterestingAC
    There is a difference though between acknowledging i'm there and offering to help me if I need it and forcefully practically interviewing me
  • Ohfortheloveofgod
    What is wrong with you people. For goodness sake, what is the problem with a friendly hello, what brings you into store today?? we do not tie you to a chair, or shine a light in your face!! We just speak to you, thats all, its not a hanging offence, are people so unused to talking to anyone these days, what do you recommend should take the place of conversation, should we not interact with customers at all, maybe we could text you!! or should we just ignore you? next time I'm merchandising and a customer approaches me, should I say, "I don't talk to customers, read the POS" For crying out loud, give it a rest!
  • InterestingAC
    a friendly "hello, what brings you into store today?" makes you sound like a robot to be honest and that isn't good customer service. I've worked in retail for near enough 10 years in a store that takes around £20m a year and I NEVER feel the need to randomly walk up to a customer and ask why they're in the store. I will walk past them and if they look up from what they're doing I will say hello, hiya, 'alright?' or something similar. Just a nice simple friendly greeting that lets them know i'm there and opens them up to speak to me if THEY want to. If they're looking at something and reading the back of the product then I can see that they are obviously trying to find information and will approach them and ask if they need any help with anything. forget all of this open ended questions, interrogate every customer thing that you get told to say and act like a human. Interestingly I worked at currys 10 years ago for a short period and I used the same technique there as well. Don't pressure the customer, let them know you're there and available to help. I don't blame the shop floor staff who are only following orders (though some DO follow them a little too strictly ie aGM) but the people running the company need to have a massive rethink or they'll be following woolies pretty shortly.
  • Brian
    just out of Curiosity, InterestingAC, what store gives you full cover and like for like INSTANT replacement on £2ks worth of items? nothing to do with DSG, I'd just like to shop there myself. sounds like theres bargains to be had. cos I've not heard of anyone just doing an instant replacement on large ticket items. normally once a fault is verified, its usually determined whether its economically viable to repair it or just actually replace it. plus you havent actually specified what you bought. I think a lot of people are letting this whole thing get out of hand. All DSG want to do is improve their customer service, theres so many bad reports about the old Dixons Currys days and it seems to be the most complained about thing associated with the company as a whole. So the 5s structure is supposed to help a sales person identify if a potential customer does need help. it doesnt have to be "whats brought you into the store today?" it could be another open question that doesnt end with a yes or no answer. if the customer has been approached or acknowledged and says they're just browsing. WE GO AWAY, it states in the training clearly that if they want to be left alone, you leave them alone but ask if they need any help will they come and find you. thats all if you end up in a conversation with a customer once you've asked your opening question, the best way to keep them happy is to ask them relevant questions whats are they looking for in a new product? is it for themselves or a present? have they had one before, if so, what features did that have that the new one should have or improve on? ask if they've considered such things as the fact that MS Office is only a 60 day trial on PCs now running Vista and that if they want to be able to carry on using it after the trial, they'll need a liscence number to unlock the product again. move on to other things like needing a carry case for a laptop etc. offer them everything don't PUSH them into anything. just make them aware of whats included in the 'straight out of the box' experience and ask them if thats enough for them. some people aren't aware that certain makes of Blu-Ray players don't come with an HDMI lead. if the customer goes away armed with all the information, they can make a much more informed decision. they may have to re-think their budget, they may choose to shop elsewhere. We can only give the customer the best advice from the answers they give. if they choose to use sales people to milk them for info and then buy the products online, thats down to them. Sales floor people have no control over prices. Again just out of curiosity, I've never been in a John Lewis store in my life. not one within my 'travel to' area. What makes them so great?
  • Moo
    Ok AC you dont like Currys or PCWorld then dont go...... Also if you spoke to me like that in real life I would have broken both your legs.
  • Rubisco
    Ooh hark at the internet hard man everybody! No Moo, if you get that wound-up about something so petty then you don't have it in you to be a good fighter...
  • Ian P.
    DSGi Management ; do a survey of how many people prefer to shop in JL rather than in one of your stores ? That's the target..... otherwise looks like a cracking stock to short.....
  • Moo
    Rubisco Yes I do get wound up easy, I am one of those people who does not put up with getting taken the piss out of.... Also I would like to ask why the only comment you have made reguarding this article is about my comment? Looks to me like you want to wind me up, if you aim to wind people up then you would deserve the same fate.
  • Rubisco
    Like you suggested, I don't like Currys or PC World so I don't go anymore. I do have some ideas for them but I'd be wasting my time, they seem to be determined to follow a self-destructive course. Current business model is slowly failing so lets follow the same model but on steroids whilst treating staff like shit, that'll work yeah, aren't we clever bonuses all round. The only people who deserve violence are those who use violence or the threat of violence to make up for whatever skills they're lacking in their pathetic life. They also deserve to be wound up whenever possible :-p Especially on the internet where such threats are laughably impotent...
  • Oh d.
    To all the people arguing Arguing on the internet is like winning a race at the special olympics, you might win, but in the end, your still a retard....
  • RC30
    I work for Currys and have done for the past 18 months; I started as an Admin Assistant counting stock but am now a Sales Person, infact one of the Top Sales person in store and have been Top on the Region in certain areas for months on end. I won't pretend to be somebody I'm not and jump on a band wagon - I do actually love my job. I love passing knowledge on to others. I love helping people and I love working with some of my best friends everyday. Millions of people would kill to have a job and I'm lucky enough to say I go into work, most days, with a smile on my face because it is a job I decided to do. Nobody put a shot gun to my head and forced me to work there; I made the decision and it's a decision I will stand by. I am trained on all aspects of my job and if I feel unsure about something I'll ask one of my managers; people who have SUPPORTED me since I first started there. I'm lucky to have a fantastic AM who helps me with everything which probably helps when I say I enjoy going to work. On my initial FIVEs training, I, like everybody else there was sceptical. It isn't the greatest of tools but if it's something that's going to save my job. It's now a case of no FIVEs, no job - so I'm going to adhere to it. Work, at the moment, isn't as enjoyable as it was when I once started, but I'm counting myself lucky I have a job. Sorry if it offends you that I'm trying to save myself from being homeless but it's what I have to do. No job + No Money = No life. It's pretty evident that there is some sort of hatred towards DSGi on this group, and each to their own; everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But it's the manner inwhich you suggest all its employees are stupid, good-for-nothing low-lives who cannot get anything else; which I STRONGLY disagree with. I work with a few people who are only there to get their beer money of a weekend and to fund their social lives - but hey, we were all young once and not everybody is their to support themselves. But that is not everybody. I'm a fairly intelligent girl, with a copious amount of GCSEs and 4 A-Grade A levels intact, I am not stupid; I just work for a company with a bad reputation. But hey, I guess one bad apple spoils the barrel, no? I'll be working with Keith Jones' 5 Point Plan to the letter. I'm just striving to survive in the current economic environment. I will not force anything onto my customers; I'll merely give them the impartial advice I always give and hopefully I'll reep the benefits and give the customer, or 'Guest' the Experience they deserve. They're not buying from Currys, or PC World - They are buying from me. I know this may seem I am a jobsworth - I'm not. I'm a loud, out-spoken character who will always stand up when there is an injustice, be it against me or anybody else, which has put me in trouble in the past. I'm not a 'brown-noser' and do have my fair amount of disagreements with people higher up than me; but at the end of the day I can justify my opinions and I can do my job. It's such a shame that so many people are losing their jobs and I believe it could have been done better. I can't say anything that will justify redundancies so I won't. There are people losing their jobs who have been with the company for decades - It's not just a job for them; it's a life style. Some of them have given blood, sweat and tears to the company and at the end of the day it just seems like they were merely a number; which is sad and I hope I never get to that position. But if it happens, it happens. It's going to be tough and who knows whether we'll still be here in a week, month, year, decade or century? But I'm not losing the fight just yet guys. Remember all the fun times you've had there; you can see it through and they'll return. I've met some great people working here, some not-so-great, but definately some inspirations and role models; ones that I believe shouldn't be tarred with the brush you're using with anything DSGi related.
  • RC30
    Sorry, that should read *Not everybody is there to support themselves. I don't want to add fuel to your 'DSGi employees know nothing' Fire.
  • MWS
    For Gods Sake! Will somebody please turn the ventilator off.....
  • Moo
    @rubisco Ooh hark at the internet blog troll Funny thing is, i bet you wouldn’t have the guts to say that to me in real life, where there is no internet anonymity, so why would you contradict yourself? Since you are directly insulting me now why dont you give me your address and we can settle this like real men not some fancy trumped up fart who thinks winding people up is a smart thing to do. “Like you suggested, I don’t like Currys or PC World so I don’t go anymore.” I did not say anything to you about currys or pcworld. This comment was to InterestingAC. This would indicate that you have changed your name from InterestingAC to Rubisco to make it look like more than one person against many in an attempt to shame, wind me up or whatever your pathetically trying to do. This is also backed up by the fact on several occations you have not read the context like it should have been read…. “Oh yes I forgot to mention that 99% of people that go into a store like currys and pcworld do not have a clue what they are looking for” For example, would you know if a 4870×2 fits into a computer that you may be looking to purchase because the customer wants to play crysis at 1920×1080? 99% of the people who shop in these stores do not, and as a former employee of both PC world and Currys, I do, and dealt with people asking things like this on a daily basis. There is no problem with the DSGI returns policy, I am sorry but if you are stupid enough to screw up the drivers on a laptop because you installed XP software on a Vista computer thats your problem not PCWorlds or Currys. This again was another problem I faced on a daily basis, don’t get angry at me or the company because you dont know how to use a computer. I have never seen an instance when they have not replaced a TV etc in the first 28 days because of a faultly product on purchase. So no you are wrong to spend more thinking you will get better service. Its also funny becuase this started by me saying “Also if you spoke to me like that in real life I would have broken both your legs.” would it have been more affective for me to say “I would have been angry?” No so please stfu. So as intellectually as I can say this go and fcuk yourself. have a nice day. P.S. I was serious about us meeting up
  • Specialist
    I am lost for words at some of the comments that have come from the mouths of some DSG staff on here. Thats real business protection folks, well done.:0(
  • Brian
    DSG fight club?
  • Moo v.
    Hello all. I am Moo v2. The upgrade to the Moo software installed by DSGi management. I am preprogrammed to threaten all on the internet who voice words i do not agree with. I do not care for the anonymity of the internet. Gimme your address and i'll bring the fire. Yeah - im that tough. Anyone speaking back without respect shall have both legs and arms broken, and shall then be forced to watch cctv footage of a whole day in currys. Only then will they understand.
  • customer
    RC30 Good post, I agree with you. I have no problem with the DSGi staff and agree with you entirely. I am sure many of you work very hard and I hope you continue to be happy and employed. My issue is with the policy the company directors have enforced on you guys. It puts me off so I shop elsewhere. Moo, You really are a cock
  • Moo
    @The person with multiple logins........ Actually I only said that to you because you are person who needs educating on how to speak to other people.... So now that I have thrown a valid argument at you, you resort to sarcasm, the lowest form of wit. There are some simple logics in life you seem to miss out on. DSGi is a company like any other, they exist to make money. If you hate them for that then go shop at a shop that does not want to make money (good luck trying!) I don't agree with DSGi's views in many areas, especially the new rules, but the stores I have worked in have some really knowledgable people who can help you more than you would ever know. So grow up a bit and realise that most of the people in any store really do want to help you, but at the same time, have targets to meet just like any other company. As for the "voice words I do not agree with" comment, resepct is somthing you need to have when you speak to other people, or you will end up with a broken nose! That's not me threatening you, that's a simple fact of life... @Customer Yes, I am a cock, mainly due to that fact I spent the last 4 years dealing with people like some of the examples above and have a very, very short fuse because of it. I am not employed by DSGi so I can say what I like, if you dont like it that, I could not give a crap.
    Hi All, It seems theres plenty of tempers a little raw with DSG particularly for those who have recently lost their jobs, and quite rightly so. I've worked for them for 13years as a Manager and on Monday was made redundant, and at my age of 40, its worrying as to whats next. Anyway, Im free now and no longer have to wear a wristband and a USB key around my neck, match plus one every customer or harp on about connections, connections, connections in EVERY morning brief. My opinion is this, DSG lost their way and I blame John Browett to be honest. If cloning were possible he WOULD have a copy of himself in every role. He comes from a business where (no dis-respect)the main duties for the day are stacking shelfs ( I actually DO like Tescos by the way). Staff at DSG are good people, they are funny, clever and many of which are my friends and they REALLY cant be blamed for the policies, the stock levels, the prices, the staffing levels or their attitudes. They get a raw deal and threatened most days by the loss of their jobs. It IS the truth that if they dont sell what they are told and how they are told and even use a John Browett script, they can be suspended.. and all that whilst earning £6.00 an hour. Wouldnt you be p*ssed off. I may be getting old, but in the days of Clare and Kalms, we had freedom to BE managers and our staff were rewarded for their efforts and trainned, not brainwashed. I wish all those who have remained the very best.
  • thank o.
    i think all the ams should set a site and put our heads together on asite that is not just about knocking dsgi although they deserve it
  • EX W.
    Is Keith Jones trying to run the company down for a cheap buy out? All levels of management from him down are forced to act as puppets. The staff are told, you will use FIVES, you can't use your own brain. They must hit many targets. True, if a customer doesn't want Norton or a cable, fine, they're not forced to have it, but the CA will then start to worry and his focus will shift from customer service to targets. They also mention 100% searches, this was the rule anyway, if not always carried out. they introduced warehouse lock down, that failed too. Make staff feel wanted, not threatened. Hunt down the very few thieving bastards who are employed by the company. Sort out the stock, too many laptops out of stock just for starters. And let managers manage their store. They know their store and it's area, the strong and the weak areas. You can't run a shop with a slide rule in Hemel Hempstead.
  • Fed U.
    Customers denied discounts? Shame. Buy online with no guarantee the product works and then spend a good few weeks getting it sorted out. Sod OFF. Staff got no free will? No, they don't. You signed a contract which clearly states what your job is. You accepted the wage. You accepted the hours. If you don't like it, resign and fuck off. Moaning customers, fuck off. You are not entitled to discounts, why do you think you are? Do you buy hundreds of units which would be worthy of a trade discount? No = No Discount. Fuck me.
  • RC30
    I agree 100%, Fed Up.
  • YouDontWantToKnow
    Rubisco and Moo Ladies, if you were BOTH in my store, I would carry you both out by the scruff of the neck and you would fall over repeatedly against the skip, accidentally of course, several times. Hard. and I'M not joking either. Grow up.
  • Fed U.
    Thanks RC30. Glad someone agrees. and YouDontWantToKnow, nicely said mate.
  • Grrr
    Just went back to work at PCWorld after a little holiday to find who I consider to be our best manager is facing redundancy come next week. He has been at DSGi for 20 years and in terms of operation of our store is the most reliable of people. Of course there must have been a reason for him to lose his job over somebody else, I don't have access to that information however :(. As for this briefing, "Use fives or be fired" was rather nice. FUN FUN FUN. :-[
  • mikemorris
    Ha HA If they think that using a derren brown technique to sell mors stuff is gonna save this badly managed company then the senior management are sadly wrong - especially Keith Jones ( who used to be a delivery driver - go figure ) Its really really sad to see such a large company managed by such a total idiot Pathetic
  • EX W.
    Well fed up, while I agree with what you're saying about customers wanting discount, and I've heard it all too... "Come on, I am spending £300... " and "what's your best price for cash?" and so on, I used to laugh at the bad ones. What's pissing the staff off is that the company has moved the goal posts. What would happen if Rooney was told on Saturday "You're playing in goal."? He took the job at man utd so that's ok is it? Most of the people involved never took the job with this FIVES crap involved. The company has told its staff do it "this" way or go. Oh, and by the way, as well as having to learn a new questionable technique you'll also have to hit your targets, or else, and we'll also get rid of a load of your managers, even if they are good. And all this comes from an ex delivery driver, possibly becoming a wealthy retired man in Spain quite soon after he's brought the company down to a cheap enough price & sold it.
  • cash
    Why should there not be a discount for paying with cash? The credit cards charge a fee for the use of the cards and this fee is accounted for in the price of the goods. So those wishing to cut costs in todays environment why should they not receive part of the money that is inflated into each transaction to account for those credit card fees?
  • anon
    I work for currys which is part of DSGi and in our store we do the best for the customer. we tell the customer (Guest) that the printer doesnt have a usb cable so that they have the option to buy one. same with dvd palyers they dont have a scart or hdmi so we show them all the different options to get one and tell the advanteges of the more expensive hdmi's. i am defending the store but there are some things that i dont agree with is that over christmas we had a new manager who decided to under staff the store so we were running around all day and then he would f*** us over with our pay not paying for overtime that we deserved. he is gone now but what a way of demoralizing the staff not paying us correctly.
  • Brian
    Cash, there is no discount for cash cos the price of merchant banking fees for cash deposits is higher than that for the use of credit cards. the more cash your store banks at the end of each day, the more you'll get charged. discount for cash only goes on at independent shops who may still pay for their goods at cash & carry places and may still pay their employees in wage packets. or if they're trying to 'cook the books' as it were and hide something from the Tax men. as far as the majority of large chain stores are concernced, the less cash transactions, the better. Am sure some places if they take over certain amounts per day, have to employ someone like Securicor to transport the wads of cash away. Also, why should someone choosing to pay one way over another get discount? you came in wanting to spend, lets say £2.5K on goods and my sales people have to stand there counting the wad of cash you're paying with, then re-count it again on closing, then bank it. more hassle. you come in, pay on your card. done no hassle at all. plus you take your own risk walking the UK streets with wads of cash on your person.
  • LittleOldMe
    Its actually illegal to discount for the sole reason that the customer is paying cash as it is discrimintation against those who have to pay finance or credit card. Also we get more profit from people payin finance so why would we favour cash customers? I often get asked "how much discount am i getin if i take this today and pay cash" .. "ermm none, cos its difficult to count all that cash then i have to go carry this 50" down the stairs and try and fit it in your hatchback.. id very much rather u pay on card and get it deliverd mate, then we will talk!"
  • Jakg
    If they pay in cash then it has to be counted (twice if over £250), then they have to be given the right change (if they are over-charged they always come back for whats theres, if they are under-charged they ignore it and walk off - net result means store looses a little bit), then the cash has to be re-counted when put in the safe (which we wouldn't need if we didn't have any cash...) and then we have to have security companies take the cash away for us. In short - A 1-3% fee for a nice instant credit card payment is the much easier way tbh. I have NO idea why people seem to think they can haggle down in some shops because they are paying in cash / paying stupidly low amounts (i.e. £280 cheap-o laptop) - you wouldn't ask in Tesco's! Also - Why are people so rubbish at haggling? "Can you give me a deal on that?" "No" "oh ok then..." - Wheres the incentive for the store to give you money?!
  • Brian
    i've not been able to find any evidence that a shop agreeing to discount for one form of payment over another is against the law. anyone post a link? Also to any would-be hagglers out there try being nice to us rather than arrogantly EXPECTING some discount. In the same way as you don't have to spend your hard earned in our store, we don't have to allow you to have something lower than ticket price. I've heard them all: "if I buy two can I have it cheaper?" "Whats your best price on this?" "if that Dom bloke off the telly came in he'd have you all on your knees" "Do it cheaper or I'll walk out" "What price if I'm paying cash?" "if I buy it cash, can you chuck the stand/printer/bag/software in for free?" 'that Dom' and Martin Lewis have a f**k of a lot to answer for as far as the decline of the high street retail sales go. Dom is a shady second hand car salesman and tars everyone in retail with the same brush as himself. Martin Lewis used to be a one-man Watchdog and campaign for consumer rights. now he's a 'Money Saving Expert' and says on his own website that you can save 'hundreds' by haggling in big stores. yep cos the whole point of big stores is to rip people off so the message spreads and then there is no new or repeat customers. listen up...a ticket price is there for a reason. its not an invitation to try to bargain with the store sales people or manager. not a single one of the 'big' electrical stores marks their tickets with "or nearest offer" but just about all of them offer savings through package deals that have been agreed to with the manufacturers. if you want to create your own package deal, then you shouldn't expect the same kind of savings. why do you think there IS a ticket price? any business that wants to stay in business, prices their goods according to profitability and keeping up with the competition. for the likes of PCW and Currys, the competition is high street retailers. John Lewis, Comet, Argos, Supermarkets and so on. not Amazon, play.com, Cdiscount or anywhere else that doesn't operate from a store. if you want to shop at a store that does the same product the same price, or say £50 more but gives you a limited set term guarantee, thats fine. just don't expect us to price match on services we don't offer. IE free 5 year warranties. the likes of John Lewis offer a free limited warranty aswell as a premium paid for coverplan agreement.
  • DF
    'I work for currys which is part of DSGi and in our store we do the best for the customer. we tell the customer (Guest) that the printer doesnt have a usb cable so that they have the option to buy one. ' So you send them to Poundland to get one for a quid then?
  • Fed U.
    Yep you're right, they have moved the goal posts. Just check out the 2nd version of the Dream Team bonus bollocks in which TechGuys are going to earn absolutely nothing for relying on the shop floor to hopefully get a 20% strike rate on tech services. This will never happen. Most we will get now is the odd fiver for an online backup. Which admittedly is a pretty good service I might add, but it doesn't exactly line my pocket. Problem is, I accepted the job, including the bit in the contract and the terms and conditions that states that bonus are at the company discretion and can be removed at any time. My hard luck, and yours I suppose. Of course i want bonus, of course I want a pay rise, but at the end of the day, if the money isn't there cos tight fisted customers want everything for nothing, then we get nothing too. So I do agree with you mate, it does make it harder but the frustration is also there with staff beliefs that they get paid to walk around store on their mobile phones ignoring everyone. Beautiful.
  • ComeOnBetterBuy
    I blame Dominic Littlewood. You can tell when he's shows be on during the day, you always get some numpty asking "...is that the best price you can do?" with a big grin on their face like Dominic has given them some super secet method of getting a discount. That man has single handidly wiped out the need for marketing, tickets, POS department, PLA, buyers, merchandisers, the lot...just stick it on a shelf and make um an offer. Ok, so this forum is for DSG (sorry I was rambling). Yes, it has been said already, but offering a discount for cash CAN leave you opening to a field day from trading standards.
  • Rubisco
    @ LittleOldMe No of course it's not illegal to offer discount for cash. You can't discriminate on grounds of Race, Sex, Religion, Sexuality, but everything else is fine. Charging different people different prices is perhaps a little unethical, but totally lawful or else haggling would be illegal. You can even discriminate on age grounds as evidenced by B&Q's 10% off day for pensioners.
  • Both C.
    Dominic Littlewood has done nothing to damage any store or company. He has merely given people the idea that money can be discounted for nothing. I work for DSGi and have done so for 4 years now. I watched the briefing from a different perspective though; through the eyes of someone who knows something about business and the economy. Some of you guys really need to get off your computers and your myspace accounts, and read a book! particularly commercial and consumer law. THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHO COME IN TO STORE, PREACHING ABOUT SOMETHING THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! They should think about what and who they are talking to when discussing something as serious as the law. DO NOT ASSUME we don't know what we are talking about! I studied consumer and commercial law as part of my degree, so I won't be pushed around by someone who thinks hes right when hes completely wrong! I admit that sometimes it may seem we do not do enough, but our hands are tied when it comes to manufacturers warranties. That is what they are, with the MANUFACTURER! But of course, you know that anyway, dont you? We offered you WhateverHappens, and you didnt want it!!! In terms of Keith Jones wanting us to follow the 5 Point Plan, he just wants us to do our jobs. In fairness, during an economic downturn such as the one we are in now, a company needs to focus on surviving, not on even making a profit! The majority of these steps are basic common sense; Looking the part, taking pride in what we do, merchandising, its all basic business sense. However, the FIVES model REALLY bugs me because it does leave you working from a script which, contary to popular belief is not that easy to modify. If we do, we get scored down on the Power Up surveys. I don't agree with FIVES. As long as we offer everything to a customer, I cannot see as the need for it! All the guys at DSGi are wanting to do, from my view, is to remove any dead-wood by the cheapest means possible; sacking them if they do not follow the FIVES way. Perfectly adequate salespeople are being rooted out, to make way for a team DSGi can manipulate. To set targets on performances such as Norton, WeH etc, is ridiculous! The sole reason the company scrapped commission pay was so we gave impartial advice and gave the customer WHAT THEY WANTED and inform them of what they MAY need!!! Why would I want to sell anyone Norton? Its bloody awful! Why would I want to get someone to spend £100 on a lead when one for half the price will do the same job??!! DSGi are wanting to survive. Yes, people need targets, every role in life needs targets, otherwise what would be the goal? However, if they want us to do this, pay us for it! Lining the pockets of investors is the way in life, but it won't happen if you don't give people rewards. We should do our requirements of the job, but then be rewarded for exceeding this. At the minute, we get nothing. Incentives they put on are unrealistic!! Of course, they wont admit it, but anyone with half a brain cell can see what they do, make everything slightly out of reach, not just on the limit! I joined DSGi to provide world class customer service, and I always have. With these new rules, the company is running a serious risk of alienating itself from its customers. Yes, you need to look after yourself during times like these, but if we get things wrong, if we dont treat customers right, we will never get the revenues and numbers to come through the doors for now, or in the future. Getting the balance wrong will spell disaster for the group. Best Buy will mop up the mess DSGi leave behind, so the best way for DSG to deal with that is simple; don't let the mess happen. Look after the customer, the numbers will look after themselves, provided they're managed effectively
  • Joe S.
    The can't offer discount for cash discrimination thing is actually as follows: If you have some guy come in, you cannot offer them a credit/finance agreement, have that decline, and THEN offer a discount for cash / other method of payment - that would be classed as a hidden charge for credit. They can however come back the next day and then haggle for a discount etc... However, there is absolutely nothing against discounting for cash, card, or whatever the hell you want - as long as there wasn't a failed/declined credit application beforehand! As someone else explained, cash is far more hassle and costs far more (in terms of staff costs + loss risk + insurance) to handle than card.
  • Why n.
    LOL I've seen a few posts slagging Norton off and the sales bods that sell it... Why is that? Why do you guys think Norton products are so bad? I mean, they 'were' bad, back in 2006 and they did admit it too... but since then their stuff has been completely revamped. I work for PC World as a technician and I have personally ghosted hard drives that were full of virus, malware and spyware infections. I've used ALL of the products that are currently available in store. After attaching the ghosted drive to a clean system and running scans from each engine, Norton pipped the top over Kaspersky, McAfee and any others sold on the bottom shelf. THAT is why you're offered Norton. Sorry guys, but all my tests show that the only thing you are doing is creating a bias on a new product, based on an admittedly resource hungry older program. Also, a few years ago, not many people had an inkling that you had to completely 'remove' not 'uninstall' an antivirus program when you changed over. Too many people just over installed and wondered why their systems were slower than a dead snail. Oh well, ignorance is bliss I suppose. As for BestBuy, look at their track records, so what, they bought Carphone Warehouse. Why? Cos Carphone Warehouse are crap and BestBuy took them over as an organic growth to their own ends. Remember what happened to The Link? Yep, DSGI took them over and made it online only. It's only a matter of time in my mind. Curry's is being revamped as an answer to BestBuy coming over here. They are NOTHING to worry about. Also, as a TechGuy, I do have inklings about what is happening in the business, i'm old and wise enough to know when things are happening in the background. Curry's don't currently have in-store TechGuys access except referal to the warranty repair service (TechGuys over the phone for booking repairs!), but i'm betting within 6 to 12 months they do, either that or the warranty service for their computers and laptops will go through PC World. Also, with all the shifting, there WILL be reductions in the number of useless staff members, (sorry guys, but if you make your living wandering aimlessly around the store pointing all your customers to us techies, you're gone!) and unqualified/inexperienced TechGuys, all customers will see is an improvement. Customers need to accept that the time for expecting discounts just cos you asked is over. You see the price ticket, that's what you pay unless we're good enough to match the instore price of a local store. I say good enough because actually, we don't have to! and I say local cos you're not likely to travel to Scotland from London just cos there's a £20 saving at Scotlands branch of "2nd hand pc's r' us". Have yourself a good evening.
  • garybarlow
    "Cos Carphone Warehouse are crap and BestBuy took them over as an organic growth to their own ends. Remember what happened to The Link? Yep, DSGI took them over and made it online only. It’s only a matter of time in my mind." DSGi created The Link in conjuction with 02. 02 then brought the remaining 60% share, with DSGi retaining the brand which they moved online only. Its an example of DSGi moving with the times, jump on high profit mobile phone bandwagon, and when its not so good sell out and move on. Thats called progress and whatever you think of DSGi and their plans - it is progress.
  • Brianisatool
    BRIAN There is no such thing as merchant banking fees for cash. Do you actually understand the term merchant banker, its nothing to do with retail. Did you read it in the news one day and thought " im gonna quote that to try to look intelligent" ALSO I own my own business, if i take a cheque in for 20k and cash for 20k, I DONT GET CHARGED - WAKE UP!!!! Also securicor do not charge on the amount they transfer, they charge on the number of pickups If i take a million pounds into the bank _ I WILL NOT GET CHARGED AT ALL !!!! I TAKE A MILLION AND GUESS WHAT THEY CREDIT ME FOR - YES YOUR RIGHT - THE ANSWER IS A MILLION - ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE You obvoiusly are one of the uneducated managers still working at PCW, your messages are so funny, misinformed and uneducated - let me guess are you a gm who has worked his way up the pcw tree????? well done!!! Wait till youve managed your own business in future before making such stupid comments You make me laugh, really!!!!!!
  • asasas
    Ha Ha Yeah i agree, you dont get charged for taking cash into a bank, has brian ever deposited anything other than his crap salary into his bank account. Getting charged a merchant banker fee!!!!!!!!! I think he is confused with merchant fees which are usually 0.5 - 2.5% of tender, only charged on credit cards - not cash brian Some of the opinions on this site are so wrong in so many ways
  • mywifeismoresuccessfulthanme
    i knew a brian at pcw world when i worked there, also a bit dim, but writes just like you does your surname begin with a W, if it does, youve obviously not got any more intelligent since i saw you a few years ago Not the sharpest tool in the box are we brian??????????????? And never will be
  • hahaha
    Yeah i agree, there sems to be a lot of crap talked about on this forum by idiot pcw employees. Get a better job, get your own business, stop living in the PCW world, its pathetic If people want to ask for discount for cash, whats the problem. I have a very successful business, a large house and a few cars, the reason why, I DONT BELITTLE PEOPLE WANTING TO PAY CASH YOU GUYS ARE ALL SAT THERE WONDERING WHY PCW IS GOING BUST - IS COS YOU IDIOTS ARE ALLOWED TO MANAGE IT - DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT WHEN YOU TURN SOMEONE AWAY WANTING A BIT OF DISCOUNT THAT YOUR DOING A GOOD JOB - GET REAL - YOULL NEVER SURVIVE OUTSIDE PCW PATHETIC
  • Ian
    Briansatool and asasas What a pair of supercilious MISINFORMED tits you are. Firstly, banks do charge many retail businesses for cash receipt handling!!!!! As for you Briansatool, your opening sentence was unnecessarily demeaning, and you were trying to show how clever you are - unfortunately, it's you who 'gonna quote that to try to look intelligent' and you've just shown what a dick you are. Brian, ignore this pair of WAN***S - Good post mate.
  • Brian
    I don't work for DSG nor am I a PCW manager. I'm just a c**t who thinks he knows it all.
  • pcw u.
    hmmmmm It seems some bitter ex employee at stockport is posting crap, oh dear.......
  • chiefjones
    pcw stockport employee's unite against naomi, mosh and ashcroft
  • chiefjones
    or are you gonna lick theirs and claires ass to further yourself
  • chiefjones
    come on you know you hate those w*nkers
  • chiefjones
    its all out now brian should of read and kept to that memo sent out about keeping your gob shut about the company oh know what are the shareholders and press think? "I don’t work for DSG nor am I a PCW manager. I’m just a c**t who thinks he knows it all." what kind of infantile tactic is that go ask your fat wife for some advice
  • kayjay
    "pcw stockport employee's unite" close but no cigar its actually bolton but sounds like those monsters are at stockport now! be careful stay under their radar! a run in with them is a possible career ender! i heard that they actually run cluster 3 and 4 not the sgm's.
  • PHD
    its actually regions now you numpty or your an ex employee
  • Why N.
    Why worry about a memo to keep your gob shut. Any guess of who is who on here is pure here say, so say what you like. An opinion, however deluded is always better expressed than held in. Some of things said here show an astonishing lack of insight as to what is going on but as this is the only form of debate that seems to exist, keep going!
  • Brian
    as I haven't worked for DSG since April 2008 I stand by what I said. I don't work for them. I also havent EVER worked for PCW let alone managed one of their stores.
  • Joe S.
    @ That Norton guy on the Link... "Dixons also hatched a new member of the retail family in 1994, launching The Link stores, specializing in retail communications services and products. By the end of 1995, this new chain boasted 48 outlets throughout the United Kingdom." "O2 buys out DSG On June 21 2006, DSG sold their 60% share of The Link to O2 for £30 Million. The Deal included all of The Link's stores.[3] O2's purchase of The Link has meant that some stores have been rebranded as O2, and others were sold to competitors. Of the 295 Link stores, a small percentage were closed or sold to non-mobile phone related companies including Costa Coffee. Around half of the stores were rebranded as O2 with the majority of the remainder being sold to competitors such as Orange, T-Mobile, Phones 4U, and 3. The majority of Link staff in these stores remained employed by the new store owners, under Transfer of Undertakings (2006) UK regulations." It's funny now that PCW (and Currys) are pushing connects (mobile broadband) so hard. If they had held onto TheLink for a couple more years, they could have truely dominated mobile broadband - instead of having networks threatening to withdraw products from them for failing to meet the targets and volume agreed. Instead, short term profit appealed to them rather than looking forward where it was obvious people are wanting more and more while out and about and not at home/office. It was not some smart move by DSGI corporate as your post implies. In terms of cash, yes, banks do bloomin charge you for cash deposits as a business. You will normally be charged per cheque, and in terms of cash, it's usually a fee of x per £100/1000 and sometimes with a transaction fee on top. Securicor do charge per pickup *but* there is a limit to how much can be picked up at one time (depending on your level of service with securicor). If we had more cash than the pickup would allow, we had to schedule another - which shock horror - would cost the company more! So, to summarise on cash charges: If £200-250+, two staff require to count it (time spent) Each till needs reconciled + cash moved from till into safe (time spent) Must be counted in the safe at the end of the night (two staff members, takes longer with more cash!) Pickup must be arranged (and more cash = more pickups). Insurance of cash (it's one of the only things DSGi insure) Why do you think supermarkets etc.. introduced cashback? It means less cash in branch, less admin, less work, less bank charges.
  • observer
    Comments removed at author's request.
  • Sheepykins
    why should customers get discounts? do you go to tesco and barter down the price of vegetables? no. same difference, prices are set. as a salesman it pisses me off when people ask for discount, when i say no they get all arsey and rude. back in the day they may have done discounts, but thats because machines were like £600-1k + fives sucks though. keith jones too
  • Sheepykins
    Also, there may be a card handling fee so people ask for discounts if its cash, but now stores also have to pay for the Securicor van to come pick the money up.... so it costs roughly about the same.
  • to ".
    To "brianisatool": learn some basic literacy skills. It'll help when 'running your own business' :)
  • PHD L.
    If you still work at pcw, dont call yourself PHD Its insulting to those in the real world with a PHD maybe go to uni and get one so you can get a better job and be happy with your life, instead of living it out on some looser forum. Ps why not call yourself " GCSE" next time. Or is that a bit above you on the old educational front Its really pathetic hahahahahahahahaha
  • Joe S.
    "maybe go to uni and get one so you can get a better job and be happy with your life, instead of living it out on some looser forum. Ps why not call yourself ” GCSE” next time. Or is that a bit above you on the old educational front" There are plenty of people in my store who have degrees or are working towards them. We even had someone who'd spent 4 years at university learning about physics!! For some people, DSG was that "better job" so that they could be happy with their life. Since Kalms left, the company has slowly been going downhill and unfortunately it's nearing rock bottom. Suggesting everyone who works at DSGI is stupid is down right insulting. I bet - even if you had a PHD - you wouldn't last more than a month working for the company, either now or 5 years ago.
  • Elsie
    Well said Joe Smith. I agree with every word you have written.
  • hatepcw
    I'm a bitter ex employee of that motherfucker Brian Wilkinson. That guys a fucking prick. He bullies his staff and when they fight back he tells them their in the wrong job. They know hes in the wrong job and if he stepped out of his wifes rather large shadow for more than a second he'd be out on his arse. In fact he should've been out when he bullied that poor lad in Blackpool but he obviously sucked enough dicks to keep his job. hes thick and aggressive and the sooner he loses his job the better. good riddance to bald rubbish. ps leeds rhino's are wank!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • RC30
    What's hilarious is that 'PHD LOOSER' should really be spelt 'LOSER.' So, yes, you may have a PHD; but you're an illiterate fuck. So why not try some English lessons, eh, son?
  • joe s.
    Yes i agree as well, we are not all thick, we just cant get better jobs Some people are destined to have sub 20k jobs, its just the way of the world The world needs people to stack shelves
  • RespectYourColleagues=HappyCustomers
    We will all have to wait and see what happens in the next chapter of DSGI. It seems a lot of this forum is about PCW, I know little about these stores but have a 10 year experience of Currys. I know that the whole strategy DSGI are currently rolling out (like attacking all its colleagues with a rolling pin!!!) is based on a few things that WILL NOT WORK in electrical retail. I am not the worlds best business person I just know that the basic rule of business is to make more that you spend, give the customers what they want/need and most importantly your biggest assets are your employees. They are real people with real feelings. They have the right to choose mo matter what any memo says and they will!!! Keith Jones and his crew of fawning RMs will not be taken seriously as soon as the coffee pot has gone cold at the end of the meetings to discuss consequences. DSGI you pay people peanuts and expect them to be as NLP savvy as Derren Brown or Paul Mckenna, GET REAL you did not need to spend sooooo much money on the BSC, dump it then buy the fives stuff, all you had to do was make sure you trainied your staff from day one, instead of allowing these now bulied colleagues to start a job them throw them straight onto the shop floor telling them to "just aproach a few customers and see how you get on" ignore them for 6 months then conduct a otom with them telling them "your not hitting your kpis get it sorted youve been here for nearly half a year youve got 6 weeks to sort it" ignoring that for 6 months then starting an IPI for non performance with the sole intention of sacking the poor blighter only to be told by HR that you can't sack him (AS THEY ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE COLLEAGUES LEGAL RIGHTS) there are 2 issues here (Sir) Keith, Sacking people will only enable you to replace them and start this cycle again and People under fire DUCK!!!!
  • DF
    'We're all in it together?' Funny, I've never seen Keith Jones or John Browett being pushed to personally sell a laptop along with a mobile contract, PC performance, Norton, TechFriend and copy of Microsoft Office. The company simply does not give a monkeys about their staff, as should be patently obvious to anyone working inside the company.
  • Ex A.
    there seems to be a lot of issues regarding the management team at Stockport, I worked there a few years ago and have just been made redundent, come on people and speak your part, If you are nor happy with your management team stand up and be counted, if you dont speak up how will I change?
  • To A.
    HI Asif or is it Sasi...
  • ComeOnBetterBuy
    Im guessing this discussion is running old now, but I'm curious if any AM's who lost their job (Like Myself) seem to be missing a few weeks wages in the companies generous (Yer Right) pay packets today? Before I go tearing into HR, I just wanted to know if anyone else appears to have been stitched?
  • notherexam
    Just curious, does anyone know how many AMs were made redundant?
  • Why N.
    460 made redundant in total
  • To C.
    Glad ur gone and glad ur pay is not what u wanted with ur shit attitude, it stinks, sick of wasters in dsgi, alot of crap gone. Thank god. We can do some good at last.
  • notherexam
    Wow, I didn't realise that many were made redundant, daft though it sounds, I feel a bit better knowing so many have gone through the same thing. I do miss PC World though, I have another job, but its not the same,
  • Free w.
    Free speech in Dsgi... don't think so some how. Not only are we forced to sell through 5s (which personally I think is pointless and has turned a lot of customers away) and not only are we made to sell Norton and shite accessories with every sale "you want Norton with your batteries?" but our store manager recently brought about new "rules" which leave the store looking like a facist dictatorship. No-one can leave the shop floor for any reason without first asking permission from the manager (who sits on his arse drinking tea in the office all day) or deputy Manager (usually stalking around the shop floor ignoring as many people as he can) or the SFM (an annoying little person who uses the position to do as little as possible)... this includes if you need the loo, or have to get stock for a customer. Fair enough, not that bad. We are also banned from having any conversation in work other than about the business and if caught on 3 occasions will be faced with higher action... what the hell!! and to top it off, the warehouse is now locked at all times unless someone is inside working and only the manager and DM have a key... a blatent fire and health and safety violation. so... in summary... no dsgi staff do not have any rights, nor are they allowed free will or any kind of freedom... God forbid you could actually enjoy your job!
  • To w.
    Curry's sounds shit if it is like that, which im sure you have made worse than it actually is. Come over to PCW im sure u'll get sacked for being shit and having a crap attitude.
  • wereallinthesameboat
    Nationwide strike on sat 11 april.... who is up for it??? calling all dsgi employees. why? show the fuckers at the top that we dont like fives and want it banished to realms where it cant return. to state that we are people not robots or slaves and although we do our best to sell the kpi's, we cant be held responsible for a customers declining. doubt it will happen, but they are crushing us more and more each week with new shit, this in turn is chipping away at morale which has a negative effect. someone new at the top is needed,
  • replytoabove
    If only we dare.......
  • ComeOnBetterBuy
    Not sure who posted a verbal attack at me a few messages up, but Im not sure how my message about wages had a bad attitude and suggested I was shit (as you put it). Fair enough though, I respect your freedom of speech. Im just off out into the sunshine now to tan over the braclet patch left by my pink fives band...enjoying your day who ever it was that posted?
  • Okay..... Having read all the above quite thoroughly it is very simple. If you don't WANT to play the game, fuck off somewhere else and try working there. All the guys anti-fives... Do it or go away. Simple. And more importantly to the small minority of customers who come into our stores to cause issues, piss us about just to get info or ask for discount. The same to you. The only people I and we should give a toss about are the loyal people of every town who are in the majority and treat us with respect and decency hard working people deserve.
  • To m.
    HERE HERE!!!!
  • concerned e.
    to all on this site having worked for the company for almost 14years i can empathise with most of you. adjusting to fives is not an easy process and the old 6 major generals - which who have feature spend and pay and not forgetting top loop which worked so well that the key word phrases stuck with you to make the selling process easier and you could blend it in with out it sounding like an interrogation of the customer. however (we dont use the word but anymore) i will give fives my best shot as i have committments. if we are to be the best in the industry again i feel its not just the sales process that keith and john need to look at they also need to bring back the hands on product training both instore and roadshows these were valuable and fun and you felt more confident serving your customers. instead most of us are quoting knowledge that has to be at least 6mths to 2yrs or more out of date and the only tool we have is the edge and get connected. training time set aside used to be complusory as it was felt that knowledge would give the company its specialist edge it is product knowledge mixed with fives that will put dsgi back at the top again but until our mds realise that , we are going to be what we dreaded a version of wal mart/tesco! re staff moral yes its a domino effect from the top down and we tend to forget that managers are people too majority of which are decent fair and have excellent rapour with their staff those that dont are those who tell their staff to f off elsewhere or make degrading comments to make themselves feel important i hope that fives will weed out those that treat their staff like dirt dont get me wrong there are also staff who abuse trust and good will pull sickies who do not belong in the company either. re my latter comment it - staff that pull sickes are the ones who have cost those of us that are genuine, the loss of immediate sick pay policy. i have worked hard over the years yes i miss commission who knows they may bring it back. i stil get customer loyalty over the years they have learnt they can trust in me to be true and honest. i have never sold anything just for a cab! i sell with integrity and so do many of my colleagues we are becoming a dying breed under magic number. dear mds yes profit keeps us all in jobs and thats what we all want. however to be profitable it takes not just a script but also knowledge (&stock!) and happy staff this in turn will equal happy customers because customers dont wish to shop where product knowledge is limited and conversation obviously scripted and staff miserable dsg used to be fun place both for staff andcustomer- these days laughs are few and far between help your staff to feel proud of where they work give them the correct tools and you will see the custom youv lost come back.
  • To e.
    I agree with most of what you are saying. I think he board are trying new things to beat the downturn etc, yes they may get things wrong, but they are human. both JB's and KJ can make this happen, its going to take time. DSG will be the best and we will start to see this in the coming months, im sure there will be lots of comments about this but hey, tore this message and eat some humble pie when it happens. Also, you can come and work for me at PCW!!!!!!!!
  • A E.
    Amazing isnt it, people complain that they dont get served properly and our staff arent knowledgeable enough, so DSGI takes this on board and actually does something about it.... AND YOU STILL MOAN! FIVES is a great way to assist all customers, especially for newcomers to the business and retail. Yes we all have targets, just like any other business!! And to all people that work for the company and dont like it..... Do yourself a favour and leave, if you cant embrace change you cant be much of a person. And to all people wanting discount, the common sentence within currys is... "If you walked into Tecso and bought 2 bunches of bananas, would you ask for discount?" NO YOU WOULDNT. Thankyou to all people that understand all of the above and thankyou to the decent people that come into our stores and make our jobs worthwhile, theres nothing better than having a customer that actually talks back to you in a civilized manner. Long live Currys and DSGI, you all know we couldnt live without them ;)
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Yes, I was also part of the store management team, have loads of management experience prior to joining the DSGi group, other managers I worked with at PCWorld got made redundant recentlyalso as part of the new remodeling of the company. Middle management tasks within PCWorld are now being shared out amoung those that remain. So its more work, more preasure, higher targets and less pay for everyone left at the various DSGi stores of various names! Some of my friends who were in the store management teams at differnt stores have left already (left or forced out), they were the good guys who still beleieved like me we should try to give the customer what they are really looking for and so build a bond of trust not just sell them over priced cables and memory card and cover they dont need as they already have a manufactures warrenty that is most cases is enough anyway! Some junior managers were made redundant last month. Funnily enough most of the bad guys are still there, the ones that dont care about customer service and only do what DSGi says they must do! DSGis new idea - DSGi reinventing itself means an army of "Fives robots", the DSGi dones that will all talk and think in the same way for one reason... to rip you off!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    I have also heard from a Deputy Manager I know well at curries that to reach the new targets preasure is now being applied to part time staff to sign up for Sky, Tisalli, or other things they need to sell to keep the boses happy, and if they dont want to sign up then make it clear that if they are not an asset to the compnay and dont want to help their store then there are millions of other students ready to do their job who would be more loyal! This is a dishonest fix and can only work on a few and for a short time, another dishonest short term fix to help bad managers keep their jobs!
  • wanttoknowmore
    If there is anyone out there still reading these blogs, do you know anything about the Tesco office package they sell for £19.97, or £9.99 wbw. I lost a sale yesterday because my customer didn't believe me when I said it may not be compatable with Microsoft products. Quite frankly I am getting rather fed up with Tesco.
  • pete
    you're fed up with Tesco? then you have DSGI boss John Browett to blame. he made them into the company they are before jumping ship.
  • reply p.
    That wasn't particularly helpful.
  • employee_of_the_month
    the fives selling model is pathetic. a yeti in a room as a metaphor really sucks. they spent millions of pounds pushing this "great new idea" when you actually think about it, it's terrible. my colleague knows some one who earns millions of pounds a year working for a top staff training company, he showed his boss the fives idea, and he just laughed, branding it "childish".
  • Nick
    idiots! 5's is fun, it was great to learn and it works, fuck off. my comany is just trying to survive so get a life you probably all work in call centres selling thingsm people don't actually want so you're jealouis people stuff. as fo robots , that rubbish! everyone is awesome the regional managers and directors are also nice people, we have a decent bonus scheme abnd the chief executive of dsgi has stood nin my warehouse and shook my hand on a job well done. (suck my balls)
  • tsha
    well i work at PcWorld at first i thought these targets are hard to meet and why people would take Pc performance(after sales product support)but wait a minute i was proved wrong not by anyone but buy my own self .I have been meeting my targets since i joined (touch wood)and not by forcing any customer but just talkin to them about services and products.Its amazing how people really need all these things that i only mention and they take it.So i dont do any force selling,so to all the people coming to Currys and Pcworld plz feel relaxed while shopping with us as we dont force we just recommend and if you say no we not gonna force you everyone has a free will.No means No to us also. Cheers!
    Hi all, I have been an employee for the last 5 years. I'm a Sales Assistant. I worked my arse off this month and got £50 for it. I made the company A LOT of money, pure profit. I earn minimum wage, so at the moment I'm not very happy. This 5ives thing..... Does not work. For the first 5 months i used 5ives religiously first off because of these test shops (I don't want to lose my job) and secondly i thought it would work. Now every sale i start with 5ives and then revert back to the old way I sold things. What ever happened to taking peoples money and giving great customer service? Now i HAVE to sell people Norton 360, A product that is crap, I'm doing a degree in computer security. 55% is the target now. Also the target for What Ever Happens is 55%. Most people have home insurance. I call this poor customer service forcing people to take this they don't need. Don't get me started on premium cables. Can't wait to get my degree and move on.
  • TheMaster
    Hi, I'm currently a STL for Currys in a branch thats doing very well, I like Edward have worked my ass off all over Peak and have only seen a return of £85! Yet over the last 4 weeks I have sold well over 150 laptops each week with S/R's of, 85% on WEH, 80+% Norton, 60+% Office, 90+% Bags, 2.5% Tech Services and 45% MBB, Needless to say doing this kind of performance for 4 weeks solid is something I am proud of as I am confident my customers have received the best service possible and the best products for their money, as for the products, harsh facts are that W.e.H isn't for everyone however it does bring value for money in it's services [ones that I have experienced], Norton is something I personally use so I am confident in selling this, I am aware as are my customers of AVG Free along with other free securities available but I give them the choice of what they buy, Their main concern is that AVG may be free but it's only the chargeable versions [£35] which contains ID protection... Hello which crime has risen most year on year?! ID theft and ID Fraud! Office well alot of my customers required office and all enjoy the look and feel of the new office layout so I can't comment on that one. Bags well this is something we are targeted on which is pointless however if a customer wants a bag they want it, if not well they simply don't want it. Yes the whole FIVES technique is abit brash however why should a company as large as DSGi settle for having their business run into the ground by selling unprofitable, simply put would you sell me a ten pound note for a fiver?! You wouldn't simple as. Any company that is going to survive will require to turn a profit, it's simple facts of economics and business. However I do believe that colleagues should be able to sell in a way that is comfortable for themselves not what suits the company, I challenged my Regional Manager to do a full week in any store and complete a test shop knowing full well that your first three comments to a customer are "What brings you in today". "Are you a Whatever Happens customer"? "Are you thinking Cash, Monthly or Free?" he later declined this challenge and voided my discaplinary hearing for a "poor service based on failure to adhear to the Fives selling technique". As for the selling technique don't Comet operate the same way... Comet use a "DCJ" - Deliberate Customer Journey, And Comet get paid out a CAB payment for sales of Monster cables?! Who's getting a better deal now?! The discount situation though in order to protect the company in troubled times why shouldn't they demand that discount is kept to a minimum?! Someone made a comment on here stating "DSG should match online prices and provide a free five year warranty including accidental damage and free phone call lines",... Yeh and I think the company would close within 10 days simple as... But ask yourself this when it comes to discount, would you go to Tesco or ASDA, Morrisons, The Co-Op etc and buy two bottles of milk and ask for a discount... no you wouldn't! In summary the company is moving forward, rightly or wrongly all colleagues need to provide a service to customers and Fives may help to prompt colleagues to provide the right products and service. My message to all my colleagues who don't like this situation - there is the door simply put if you don't enjoy what you do why you still doing it?!
  • TheMaster
    Re: Brian Post "listen up…a ticket price is there for a reason. its not an invitation to try to bargain with the store sales people or manager." Actually mate, a ticket is purely an invite to purchase and not a legal contract, If a ticket is wrong then the sale doesn't have to go through - "I see you have this 42" Panasonic G10 at £200"... "No I'm sorry thats the wrong ticket for that product",... You see as the trader just like we have discresion on all prices [within reason] we also have the right which is reserved should we decide to refuse a sale. The amount of people who have moved, swapped, removed tickets just to try and get a better deal is crazy I caught one man taking a ticket away from the sale showing a £300 saving,... I thought nothing of it and reprinted the ticket, he returned a few days later and placed the ticket over the item, the day I changed the ticket back to normal price... this doesn't work guys! As for the people on this forum who rant about PHD's and GCSE's, National Deploma's, Uni Degree's so on and so forth - You might get paid more a year,... thats amazing guys but tell me how much debt are you in just to be in your position? I mean uni isn't free?! Also if your all-so upper class and decent then why are you even making contact with us biggots down at the bottom of the chain? Why not swan off to Harrods or some posh departmental store where you will get skinned alive by the ruthless sales colleagues who really want nothing more than your money... Yes they provide a service in a calm and luxorious environment but hey that ticket price just went up 30%. Yes I am aware my spelling is terrable btw! But going back to the point of why do you bother with DSGi if your so successful in your own rights leaves me with two possible reasons, either; 1) Your not as rich, powerful, successful etc as you claim and this is mainly a psuedo aproach to life, your mapping out what you wish to be fabric knowing full well it's all virtual - after all in the great realms of the internet you can be who ever you want - remind me to come back to that, for all you know I could be Keith Jones himself! 2) Your a very unhappy man,... failures in the bedroom, lack of sexual contact, premature ejaculation, errection disfunction etc,... explains why your wife has started cheating on you, this is your only release since all porn sites declaired instead of ".com" they would become ".xxx" so when your wife now checks your computer that "perfect10.com" looks more like "perfect10.xxx" meaning shes on to your five knuckle suffles, but are you on to her five minute shuffles? I'll leave you to ponder that - btw is it okay if I come back to you?! So whats more important to you guys?... For the DSGi guys - Working in a job that you enjoy?! - If not then leave seriously! You wouldn't work in McDonalds as a chef if you were a vegaterian would you?! So thats my message to DSGi colleagues - If you don't like what you do, then do something about it. For the poor shmuck who believes he is better than everyone on this forum purely down to his PHD and successful business in blow up doll repairs, if you don't like DSGi thats fine mate, we don't expect to win everyone over in every town, Yes our peak message was to "Win every customer, Every minute,In every store" but all that means is to approach and offer our services to any customer who walks through our doors, after all they are our doors,... simply put you wouldn't have a random person walk into your store or company or bedroom etc without asking simple questions like, Why they are there?! [What brings you in today], What they are looking for?! [So you can help them find the products quickly and easily... cutting down wasted time!], for a company to spend £500,000 on a new selling product is bold but it's working, we made a profit last financial year of £45M,... Not huge but when you think of our financial situation close of 2007/08 was a minus £250m figure I'd say a profit from a minus of that size is pretty damn good so Fives and CPR clearly work, just look at Comet - Lost for a second year running of over £100m. But one last thing for the PHD boys,... are you simple jealous of DSGi?! knowing that your tiny company could never rival DSGi?! All this talk about belittleing customers for a cash sale and how were all idiots... I bet if a customer came into your store saw an advertised price of £100 and offered you the sale for £30 cash you'd say no!... You know why?! Because it's business your income is X your outgoings are Y you need to make the difference and you don't want that difference to be a minus do you?!,... Learn your economics... FFS For someone with a PHD you are thick aren't you! Peace out
  • Matt
    @ TheMaster Fantastic, agree 100% Discussion Closed
  • Me
    If they keep going like that, putting pressure on customers, poor quality managers, etc . They are going to be slourted by some on the new compertition opening up. Competitors could make an advertising campane, "Why go to our competitors, come to use and get what you need, minus the pressure and the requirement to by extras from use, plus all our staff actuall no what they are talking about". Got to be a winner. lol.
  • ozobo
    Here we go again boys and girls, are you ready?
  • GPU F.
    I have recently passed an interview with PC World, I love IT but I have no sales experience. I have my 5ives training in the next few weeks which must be completed before I start my new job at PC world. I have been told this training is also an assessment and the job offer could be withdrawn if I do not meet their 5ives requirments - not good when I have already given my notice in my current job! I was told this after I had been offered the job. I must admit that I do not want to be a 5ives robot, I will try to complete the training with an open mind but I want to sell products to customers in a more humane way. I want to offer the customers everything that is available to them in a friendly way and offer advice as necessary and I want the customer to leave the store with everything they need without overselling. I think every customer needs to be greeted and treated in a different way depending on their appearance and technical knowledge. If someone is not IT literate then I would explain things in an easy to understand way, but if I could see someone was a techie freek then I would use techie jargon and interact the level they are most comfortable with. I am not comfortable using this one size fits all 5ives technique and I must admit to date that no PC World sales advisor has ever tried this on me as I would have run a mile! I want to find out if this technique really is forced upon staff instore or as long as your hitting good figures do they leave you alone to get on with your job. Being a sales advisor at PC world could be my ideal job but I cant say this forum fills me with optimism!
  • David M.
    As a retired employee-Dixons as it was then was a fab company to work for-well paid good conditions and good pension-could it be that some folk have no heart for the job-if thats the case GET OUTor do the work you are paid to do.
  • bulliedandfired
    Am an unlucky ex employ of Currys got fired for being unwell for 3 days during my first 3 months. During my first 2 months i was bullied my line manager coz i was nt able to sell WEH like his existing employees. And in third month i fell sick i cudnt work for 3 days and the third day i picked a kal (when i was still sick and on bed) from the BIG BULLY sayn am fired. This so called manger never even bother to ask me if am feeling better or alive. All he was worried was my first 2 months Performance was below 2-3 of his top sellers. Currys isnt a place to work if you have any sort of work ethics or moral values. These days you can see a lot of 'CURRY KIDS' in DSG, my advise is if you cant find any other sales person jus walk away. They can tell you a bunch of lies and sell the completely wrong products for you jus for the sake of getting few quids in their pocket.
  • absolutelyshattered
    Ok 'for the sake of getting a few quids in their pocket' we get NOTHING bonuswise. NOTHING. There is a bonus scheme. Is it managable? Bull. Who get the bonus? The GM.
  • Customerservicegirl
    I know this is late but thought I would add for anyone else just finding this. I am horrified by the lack of knowledge by our staff on our returns policy! Under 28 days we provide an immediate exchange or full refund on any product proven to be faulty by ourselves instore! After 28 days we either repair or replace dependent on the manufacturer guidelines. If the product is unwanted then return it within 7 days unopened with the reciept for a full refund. Perhaps some people need to read our receipt wallets? And do some training on the edge???
  • salerep
    As an employee of currys I see the sense of 5's selling techniques, see the reason for lack of commision based selling, and over all think the training for those willing to spend the time taking it all in beneficial, informative and useful. Ok thats the good news out of the way. on a more personal note I love the concept of selling, and in an ideal world Currys, like Comet, would be my ideal job. The fact is though that the target related pay and the managements inability to even consider that a customer who wants to buy a tv/pc etc requires nothing more than what they asked to buy make the job as infuriating as humanly possible. Sales are infuriating enough for the salesman when they can not get a lead sold with a product they know will improve the customers enjoyment of the product, or they cannot sell Microsoft Office to someone who has explained they want to use Excel/Powerpoint etc and have no software already, but to then have management reprimand you too for failing to sell something the customer for reasons of their own (sensible or otherwise) refuses to accept they need buy it is just making a pissed off salesman more pissed off. Add to this previously mentioned bonuses that are achievable at xmas peek but virtually impossable outside of that period, an almost regimental attitude to staff breaks, (30 mins durring a 9 and half hour shift saturdays, one hour weekdays durring a 10-11 hour shift), and the expectation that staff can happily walk around the store non stop without sitting down for any reason, not to mention the constant shift changes without warning, never knowing more than a week in advance what days they are working (and when they do give 3-4 weeks rotas in advance changing them without telling you they changed and giving your only 2 days off 2-3 days apart with a late shift before the day off and an early shift the day after so that God forbid you actually have time to relax on your days off) and you have a fairly unhappy employee regardless how much they want to enjoy the job. I must admit i still enjoy working in sales personally, but would I recommend working for DSGI? Well no, if I liked the person in the slightest, I would not recomend it at all. The only reason I stay (apart from the lack of employment opportunities in my area ) is that occasionally I get away with selling how it should be, to the satisfaction of the customer, with the items they need to make their purchase a happy and complete one without feeling pressured, with a token discount above the asking price without losing the store money in the process if required, and the satisfaction of knowing that if the customer ever thought of buying electricals again they would happily come to our store and even possibly ask for me again because they got what they needed and helpful advice (rare feeling since generally I have to ask stupid questions in a non natural way to comply with the managers opinion of how 5's selling should sound - like a 1001 questionnaire as he stands behind me taking notes of what I asked and how, but worth it for the occasions I get to sell what they expect us to, because the customer trusts my advice and buys them rather than says 'no thanks' without listening to me because I am meeting his low expectations of a salesman when I try to push goods on him/her as they were anticipating me to. For anyone thinking of applying part time with the hope of becoming full time, do not expect it to be easy.... part time staff, like the full time ones, will be expected to clean the shelves, put out stock etc etc for hours on end without the sales target being lowered to take into consideration the time you were unable to sell - will likely have their decent sales passed onto a more experienced salesman making it hard to prove you can be a good salesman within your trial period, and will generally be treated as someone unlikely to be around 6 months down the line by regular staff and therefore not be treated as an equal by them. (If I can get away with not doing as much cleaning as told to do without getting in trouble, manage to get regular sales out of sight of management/regular staff and can do so that I include alot of the extras they expect you to sell like leads, services and Know How cover, while at the same time outwardly appearing happy with your minimum wage, extra chores and blisters from doing more walking in a day than you ever dreamed you would have to, then like me you too may become full time pissed off with your lot rather than part time pissed off.)
  • Freddieboy
    Good grief, your managers are far more generous than mine, we get half hour breaks regardless of how long the shift is, no breaks at all for anything less than six hours!! Consider yourself lucky!!!
  • incredulous
    you are all like a bunch of fish wives, moaning and gossiping... be grateful you are employed, do your job to the best of your abilities and for gods sake...stop complaining that your managers set targets and issue clear directives as to how they expect their business to be conducted, what else do you think managers are for? i work for DSGI, was glad of the opportunity to be employed instead of unemployed, I think that i am able to sell to my customers in an ethical, friendly way while at the same time being able to offer them all the products and services they might need and usually end up needing at some point during the lifetime of their product. For DSGI to expect us to do anything else would be ridiculous.Not looking to remain profitable to the extent that is needed for any business to keep its shareholders and directors happy, would be foolish and would soon result in the contributors to this forum that remain in DSGI's employment catching the bus to go and sign on.
  • UrbanKhoja
    I too am happily employed by the group; and I've observed numerous changes whilst I've been there through various positions. Currently I'm management for a large store, and have worked up from the very bottom. You'll find that on the whole the advisors enjoy what they do; they have a passion for new tech, and it's really nice to see a customer leave happy knowing the service you gave is the reason why they've left happy. Directly the group employs in excess of 33,000 people, and many thousands more indirectly (agency workers, couriers, IT, contact centres, HR etc). But not all of them will be serving you when you buy a new toaster, yet it's that toaster that keeps all those people employed. It's all too easy for people to have a rant but often it's either their person and unfounded opinion or totally biased, and sometimes both. This website is doing more harm to the retail sector than the recession ever will! When your son or daughter loses their job because of cuts after dwindling sales performance, it'll be down to sites like this. DSG are another company, and despite all the negative PR you may hear, the vast majority of employees genuinely care and enjoy what they do.
  • Cheap S.
    There is no good reason for umps to get paid if they cannot call balls and strikes as defined in the rule book. It is not hard to monitor their performance.
  • Annoyimous
    This is a load of bullcrap. I work for DSGi.... This is just a windup
  • jonathan e.
    i've heard that workers are being asked to have they hours cut? How is that going to help them get a mortgage while they only work 20 hours a week and the rest is overtime?
  • dsgi e.
    I work for DSGI, we are here to help the customer, whether we hit our targets or not at the end of the day by giving you, the customer a 'WOW' experiance means more than a sale as we know by us giving you fact it will always bring you back to rather than other rip off's. We want you to have the best shopping experiance ever whether you purchase a product or not, not only this but you are walking into a learning center as all of our employees know their stuff! you'll always walk out of our store happier than when you walked in. ;)
  • ....
    I also work for Dsgi .. think its a great comapny to work I get lots of training to do my job right.. ther is targets with every comapny like this you would want to be a fool to think otherwise.. the lads i know most of them really do take care of the costumer when they come in and they are never harped on straight away they get a hello or maybe a wink even ;) if u can get away with it some people dont lol .. my mangers are fairly fair and like that remember managers jobs are on the line too if a store isnt doing well.. all this crap about getting discounts would you walk into tesco,dunnes,lidl or even you local shop and ask how much will you give me that pack of toilet roll for!!! that one thing i cant understand and i think i will never is why people think they can ask for discounts at pc world theres a price promise too in place so if you can get stuff somehwere else get proof and there is no prob getting the same product at pc world same price simple way to do that and if u are going to be like that anyway why didnt you just buy the bloddy thing where u seen it for cheaper! anyway just wanted to say that if any typos sorry im running to work now where im in great form to do so .. btw im in warehouse so i have no targats to meet as such so its not like im backing myslef up here i honestly do like working there so thats all i av to say really! hope u all av a good day cause Im defo going to have one!
  • lazyfish
    ive only recently been employed by the company and at first i found it tough to approach customers (i had never been in sales before) but after practice and encouragement from my store manager and assistant managers its become natural to me to greet a customer as they enter the store, ask if they require any help and so on and so forth. its part of our job and something we have to do.
  • Currys E.
    Sorry for the spelling, no spell check and Im not a dictionary! I have won customer service awards and have a great track record but I think the comments above sound like Mr currys and his children have wrote what makes them feel better about where they work. I have worked for currys for the past 4 and a half years and it maybe dependent on the managers, but there is a lot more responsibility left with the salesman than the manager. We have to know all the tech, in every department. We have to process financial agreements and business sales for which most managers haven't done since they started. The pay is bad, and I have been promised pay rises thoughout my years of hard work, and I got one, of 30p. Many excuses along the way, and now things have changed to a training based pay rise system which still is very complexed when you cant book your next workshop (funny that) and you may pass the tests, but I feel you should be recognised by the way you are on the floor, not by how much you can write down on a training video, and do a test! Some staff have a stupidly low amount of contracted hours with overtime only when it suit the company. I work from 11-8 with a half hour break which is not enough to eat my lunch without burping it up to a customer when im brought back to the shop floor by the manager who is clock watching by the second, and now they have implemented a clocking in/out program so they can track it. When we shut at 8, we can be with customers untill half 8/9 with no extra pay and every night's extra 10-15 miniutes add up, yet still a 30 min break on the dot.... We can be asked to drop products to a customers house, or to pick up products from other branches in our own time with no incentive except being on the good side of the manager and "helping" the store. I have had 5-6 managers and untold amout of "Deputys" and its so frustrating to have to build up a reputation again without being labled as another number. Some have been good, but most are bad. There a FAR to many chiefs and not enough indians as the saying goes and comunication with a "in stone" policy lacks amongst the senior members. Managers should lead by example, and from my PERSONAL experience, THEY could not deliver what they expect US to. If someone gave me the chance which i have been asking for, I could be doing their job delegating and standing around, leaving early and not knowing hardly any product knowledge with better pay. The company is all about taking, with staff and customers. I feel if they concentrated with the personal service, not so much the attachments (A little like apple) the staff would be able to build such a better repor and return business would be increased as the customers would come for the advice knowing they would be buying what they NEED, rather than what MIGHT "benifit" them. I feel this is a little biased, but everyone is saying how great currys is, it just another retailer with a quick turn over of staff, so things are not built for progression, staff or customer.
  • craig j.
    I have worked for currys for 3 years and have pretty much hit my sales targets and other kpi's. yet the moment I miss one even by the smallest amount, the managers are breathing down my neck about performance. they have reduced my contract from 24 hours to 6 yet still want me to be flexible and work every hour god sends. worse still they didn't have the courtesy to even tell me they were reducing my contract. they bang on about giving the customer a great service yet I work for them and they cant even look after me. there product support may sound good on paper and we are all targeted to hit a high percentage with it but its not worth the paper its printed on. I feel like i'm lying to the customer when trying to sell it to them. its supposed to be a 7 day fix and a loan product if yours breaks down. more often than not there is no loan available and its usually well over 7 days before its returned. sometimes not even fixed or even the wrong product. the whole company doesn't care about the customer or the employees just profit. there are several individuals such as my self that will always try to help the customer but what good is that if the after sale service is bad. I hate working for dsgi and if I could find another job I would leave. im not alone in this either. 70% of my colleagues feel the same way.

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