DSGi - save the customer, save the company?

Since DSGi stopped turning over their own businesses, closed their staff blog to prying eyes and waving goodbye to senior members of staff, we haven't had much cause to mention your least-favourite retail park conglomerate.

But behind the scenes, there's still all sorts of baloney going down, but this time it could really be a good deal for the customer. No, seriously. One of our moles has emailed to tell us the DSGi call centres based in Sheffield and Nottingham are being taken back into ownership after being outsourced to Capita for several years. We tried reading up about Capita's success to date, but the link for their DSGi Sheffield centre case study no longer exists.

DSGi are expected to retain all staff that work across the two sites; some 2,000 people were employed in the call centres when Capita won the original contracts. DSGi Chief Executive John Browett has stated on his internal blog that having control of the call centres will enable the company to provide a better customer experience for the likes of PC World and Currys, in-line with their "customer at the heart" strategy.

But the really interesting development is that, according to our source, DSGi has also put together a crack-commando team called "Save The Customer" who will be called in to resolve any issue that takes over one hour to be resolved by the regular call centre staff. What exactly can they do in these situations? "They have the authority to do pretty much anything to ensure that the issue is fixed for the customer," says our mole.

It'll still be a thoroughly vexing situation if if takes over an hour on the phone to resolve a problem, but at least there's a glimmer of hope that DSGi are acknowledging their flaws and attempting to fix them. How successful will they be? You'll have to let us know.


  • RobC
    I`ll let you know .................in an hour ........or so .........please hold
  • Pure-Klenz
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  • simon-g
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  • Harry G.
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  • Ian
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  • > H.
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  • nipper
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  • Bob
    That's really unfair, I have been waiting 30 days for the fuckers to resolve my complaint which lets just say wasent handled properly eithier, These assholes should be kicked out of the Uk forever.
  • Ex T.
    Horse and gate spring to mind. HMMM who is gonna do the real repairs considering they made the experienced staff redundant and the ones left are now on 90 days notice yet again. It's all very well having a team of trained peeps talk 60% of the faults away but things that are broken need fixing. Oh yeah I forgot they are farming out the work to all the tiddly independants. Good luck chaps. Won't be me doing it now I've found a life outside DSGI. Can't wait to see the LDC van drivers taking the plasma's apart.
  • Steve
    @ ex workshop techguy As far as I can tell they have been using redundancies and getting rid of the "experienced" staff as a means of weeding out people that are consistently under achieving or poor performers. I can seriously say that I haven't seen one good member of staff go recently. Yes there is still more work to do and slowly they are getting rid of the wastes of space. Sorry if you feel this may be aimed at you, but surely if you were that good, you would still be with DSGi? It is certainly good that you have found a life outside of DSGi though.
  • Straightforward
    @ Steve I agree, the only people I have seen go have been underperforming/incompetent members of staff. @ ex workshop techguy I'm assuming that you a member of the aforementioned 'experienced staff'. If that is the case then I am also assuming you could enlighten us into just how they made the 'experienced staff' redundant? @ everybody else reading this Don't believe the hype, try it before you knock it.
  • the f.
    To Steve @ ex workshop techguy The redundancy program has hundreds of examples of decent staff and high quality managers being made redundant. It's all about targets, goals and money. Mastercare Commercial (for example) was closed because the engineers were high quality staff on a wage deemed too high for head office. It's NOTHING about poor performers .. just figures on a spreadsheet. Trust me DSGi are buying time and will never ever return to profit without further cuts. Currys.digital willl close. Currys / PC World will merge or partially close. DSGi Business will be sold off. When things get this bad they will be bought out. End of story.
  • HeyDoYouHaveACanoeICanBorrowPlease?
    I hate to say it, but I'm siding with the ex-techguy. I'm hitting my margin target by far (which my bonus is now based on), and yet I currently have two written warnings for only achieving 6 out of 10 KPIs, and the Shop Floor Manager also has one for not correcting my under achievement. Yet I'm bringing in more money per hour than any other staff member. I know of several people in a similar predicament currently :( . Sense this does not make! On a more relevant note: IF this "save the customer" idea works... It'll be nice to think that DSGi have stopped worrying about figures on their spreadsheets and actually realized they need to look after the customers a hell of a lot more. What I worry about now is the storm of customers who will realize this, and just shout louder until they get their own way because we're too afraid to lose a grouchy customer. /end wall of text
  • Sven
    Also, little out of the subject, but DSGi Nordic (Elkjop/Elgiganten/Gigantti) is also for sale. This is not publicly admitted by DSGi, but everyone on the insight knows it.
  • DocDock
    So in a very backhanded way, Bitter Wallet are actually complimenting Currys and DSGi. Wow.
  • Ex T.
    @Steve - It shows how little you know about DSGI and the Techguys. All the workshop staff (engineers and supporting staff) from around the country were made redundant in December (not the PC World Techguys you may be thinking of). The strategy being everything can be fixed on the road, cutting transportation down and huge overheads of multiple workshops. They now have the worst home service ever in it's long and winding history due to accountants thinking cheap is good. Good service generates happy returning customers so it pays for itself. Personaly I had won company awards for various achievements over my 25 years as an engineer there. I have been engineer of the year and consistantly one of the top performers. I consider your remark as 'wastes of space' very insulting consoidering you really do not know the full ins and outs of DSGI. Perhaps before you judge people you should get some facts first.
  • Myworldispcworld
    @ HeyDoYouHaveACanoeICanBorrowPlease? Its a paddle you need mate not a canoe But I know how you feel, they changed it so it was all about the money margin, but then increased the KPIs from the core 3 (Strike, Norton and Office) to 10. Ive been with PC World for over 4 years and sold about 5 tvs in that time and now I am expected to sell 1 per week in order to meet my KPIs!!!! I feel for anyone being made redundant, It is all about money and cost cutting, I dont think its the incompetent ones being shoved out, that only happened when they dumped some of the Assistant Managers, god lets face it they really should have got rid of all the SFMs who's sole role seems to involve holding a clipboard and ridiculing you because your customer wouldn't take often not needed attachments. Our esteemed leader says we must deliver 100% service to our customers but with increasing our KPIs it again becomes about what the company wants/needs and not about what the customer wants/needs. LOSE THE KPIs and then it becomes about the customer not the company
  • JohnBrowett
    But remember what the John Browett blog says people: "If a customer wants a stand alone laptop, then thats just fine!". I made sure to print that out should I be whinged at by any management.
  • fuckface
    the KPIs are pathetic, especially Norton 360-consistantly voted by PC mags and websites as a terrible product, but we're supposed to sell it even if the customer says they use something superior already, like Eset products. it should be the choice of the customer to buy one and whichever they choose should count towards the attachment rate. its all about getting those numbers, but the large stores will often just discount the add-ons down to zilch to cheat the numbers. No profit made but the customer went out with a handful of free or severely discounted shit they probably didnt want or need and the sales person gets to keep their job for another week, not realising that they wont make margin target due to the discounting, so wont get any bonus!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Most people I know at PCworld and currys and Curry-dig, mostly managers, SFM are that unhappy now they are mostly on the look out for new jobs as they hate the new Anti-Customer and Anti-staff direction of the company! But with the job situation as it is its hard to make the jump, when things pickup there will be many managerless shops around the country!
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    I was asked to reapply for my job ealy this year, so I found a new job which pays more and is better, it could not be worse than they made it anyway.... I was lucky. I was not what the new DSGi group wanted, I asked too many questions, dont accept BS and had spent years in management so I knew if you treat good people bad you just end up with bad people!
  • Jim
    I have printed that comment which John wrote and thrown it back at management when told to sell PCP. When I said I was using fives and the customer did not need the service and that John wants us to keep the customer happy and mention the KPIs I was told the real world is different and that we cant use 5ives as an excuse. Someone needs to get rid of these kpi's and all customers will get approached, much better service, and non pushy happy advisors. I have given free Norton and free bags on many occasions to keep my KPIs up due to threats from my managers. Its not their fault they got the pressure from the regional team. Where is the profit in that?
  • Current A.
    To reward the staff, all coffee and water machines are being removed. There is water in the taps, what more do you need. Sell the customers what they want as long as you hit all your KPIs and we don't care how. Keith Jones thinks staff wages will be great for some with the new bonus scam, sorry scheme, but then your manager will be forced to performance manage you on any KPIs you fail to hit. If your manager fails to do this, he/she will be performance managed out the business by their RGM. We're not reducing the number of staff you can employ, but we can only spend 90% of the wage budget with no overtime and a recruitment ban. The only people happy in their roles at DSGi are John Browett and Keith Jones. I mean, have you seen KJs smile on the intranet. Entire teams at store level are threatened on a daily basis with performance management out of the business. Morale is lower than the sewerage system and yet the top knobs don't see it. I've been with DSGi for only a few years and the way the staff are treated is shameful. To the top knobs - we're in a recession. Customers can't always afford to buy everything you demand we sell them. Sell the lease on the "death store" in Thurrock. 3rd time lucky is not s good business plan to spend millions on. However staff are a great investment to spend millions on, because they serve and sell to customers. Rant over
  • DSG m.
    DSG has become a joke over the years, they cant support their own colleagues let alone the customers. We do our best instore by giving the customer a great customer service only to have the delivery team upsetting them by not doing the job properly or taking responsibility for any unknown cancellations. I have been contacting the delivery team for numerous issues that they never seem to be on the answering end for us to gain information in order to get it resolved. They really need to stop using these delivery agencies as these agents look for any reason not to do the job right or many occasions are very rude to our customers. I have tried the new store medics but still have not received proper help or a resolution. DSG really need to cut the nonsense and focus on customer service from start to finish, when customers come to store and make a purchase for delivery they expect it to arrive on that booked date or at least contact the customer if any changes have happend as they are often left in the dark without any knowledge of the cancellations from customer services or the delivery team. We try to build trust and loyalty with customers but its hard when the job isnt done properly by other departments of dsg.
  • Ex E.
    DGSi is one of the biggest wastes of time i have ever been employed by, and i have been employed by many companies over the years. I started working for DSGi in the contact centre at the beggining of July, and after only a few short months was fired for no hitting the call targers which are supposedly ''not there to be adherred to but only to provide a guideline.'' This company is an utter Joke! I have worked in Supermarkets, Pubs, Resturants and Hotels that manage cmr services better than these guys! Inside the contact centre there is absolute confusion 9/10 as no body knows what they are meant to do as the top nobs have either sacked everyone who knew anything about the job or have ''transferred'' them to the new workshop in Newark. It's an absolute joke when the focus is meant to be on helping the customer and delivering the ''best customer service in call centres within the uk'' when like usual half of the staff can barely speak or understand basic english never mind the technical side, the systems that are in use fall over constantly as they are under maintained and shoddy quality. My 2 year old son could deliver better customer service that the majoirty of non-educated 18 year olds that are employed there. My problem with this company is that, fair enough they are a very very large company, that deal with millions of customers, but the fact that everything is just figures and numbers to the brass. They dont care about how the colleagues feel, constantly being harranged to meet targets I.E KPI's & FCR's etc.. The focus should be on the customer, as well as the training being delivered to the colleague that is on the front line either selling or helping the cmr, not just on how much money the can generate by selling so and so product with the brand new television and how much they can make by having a customer book a second installation team to come out to properly install the product like the 1st team was meant to!! I am very glad that i no longer work for this company as they are nothing but a joke, the 5ives training is a waste of time as colleagues are very rarely allowed to implement it as all of the brass are stuck in the older ways. If they really want to kill the company, and its slightly tarred but still reputable name then they should just go back to the old capita ways. I am seriously dissapointed with the treatment you get not just as a customer but as a colleague aswell, i know many people who work inside the stores as i have worked in many of them myself, and they are already looking for new jobs in places that have a better understanding of customer service and what it means. Sorry about the big rant, but this company have done many wrongs over the last year or so, and more so in the last 4/5 months. End of rant lol

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