DSGi losing less money, predicts the unpredictable in 2010

26 November 2009

As if their recent marketing campaigns didn't give you enough reason to hate Microsoft, here's another - the launch of Windows 7 is been credited with helping to reverse the fortunes of DSGi. When we say "reverse", we mean that the owner of Currys and and PC World lost less money than they expected to - they still aren't making any.

The retailer had predicted to lose between £23 million and £35 million in the six months to mid-October, which in itself is the sort of catastrophically inaccurate prediction that is easily capable of sinking companies without trace - only a £12 million margin of error, you say? Anyway, DSGi made pre-tax loss of £17.6 million, which is good news if you squint and forget the meaning of the word million.

The group is putting the success down to new megastores in the likes of Norway and Sweden, and tinkering with the formats of its UK stores, such as the new combined two-in-one PC World and Currys galactostores. No mention of the money saved by hacking the guts of technical support for customers, strangely - they must have forgotten to put that bit in. There was also a lift in sales in the last eight weeks of the period, which the company believes was due to sales of Windows 7.

Don't break out the caramel bites from Sainsbury's just yet, though - the outlook for 2010 “remains uncertain”. Now there's one prediction we can all agree on, since Best Buy are about to launch and try sticking a pitchfork through DSGi's face.


  • bob m.
    Bitterwallet sponsored by DSGi :)
  • Decron
    Hmmm. Ripping the guts out of support functions and technical is all that CPW/Bestbuy have been doing (450 mostly key support staff just shafted and it's continuing) and will continue to do although it would seem that they have been moresucessful at it. It's still bad news for the consumer allround. Retail is a pretty shitty place to work ATM
  • The B.
    I'm bored with DSGi now, no one with half a brain shops there, can we find someone else to pick on?
  • Quietus
    I always laughed at Dixons / Currys. I specifically remember when they had the advert on TV raving about some PC having a Pentium Whatever processor, with HT technology. Right, but do they realise that anybody who actually knew what HT technology was wouldn't shop at Dixons? =)
  • Paul N.
    @bob marley - As any casual reader of bitterwallet knows, we are supported by Apple and the mobile of Christ.
  • Brian
    Hello my name is Brian and I LOL'd hard that the admin of this site can't be bothere to log in.
  • Kevin
    You have to admit that the done-up shops look a HELL of a lot better than they used to be.
  • Bob
    They do look better, It still amuses me bitterwallets favorite flogging pony DSGi is doing well and they spin it into a horrible story. I believe labor needs a new spin doctor. and Best Buy? You're trading one evil for another. *Shrugs* maby in 2010 you'll find more fun flogging Best Buy for their service and price.
  • shocking
    @Bob A fail is a fail is a fail..... if a company is failing only slightly less than it was before, guess what, it is still a failure.
  • Wheresmycoffee
    It wasnt windows 7 that saved the cash, it was removing the store bought coffee/sugar/milk for the staff! :( Now i have to hide my Nescafe as my dirty 'colleagues' drink it all. Yeah, Windows 7 might have helped..
  • a s.
    funny you should mention coffee, i've heard a little rumour that the Demo Zones may be going as they just are not working.... I believe they are trialing a Costa Coffee shop in a PCW somewhere...
  • shocking
    If that is true it only goes to show that they cannot even do a demo zone correctly! A proper demo zone should allow you to actually play with the items and see how they actually work while surfing the internet, and using the item how it should be used. Props go to Apple for their demo zone in this area.

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