DSGi is dead - long live Dixons! But will there be more job cuts?

20090827121616!DSGi Yes, it’s true. The company that includes Dixons, PC World and Currys has announced that it’s dropping its DSGi moniker and becoming Dixons Retail, a name that they say will ‘resonate’ more strongly with everyone. As in “You got that from Dixons? Wow, I didn’t realise they were still going – haven’t seen them on the high street for years.”

Perhaps we’re being churlish – Dixons Retail (as we now need to get used to calling them) just announced a increase in pre-tax profits – up 61 per cent at £90.5 million in the year ending May 1st.

Impressive stuff, even if total sales in the UK & Ireland actually dropped by five per cent (£4,013.5 million down from the 2008/09 figure of £4,228.6 million), and like for like sales were down three per cent across the year.

So how are they continuing to please the shareholders? Cutting more jobs and making things tougher on their already-beleaguered staff? Maybe – we’ve heard a whisper that there’s another round of redundancies in the offing, with assistant managers and deputy managers in the firing line and a 30-day consultation period on its way.

We can’t confirm or deny the rumour as our man at DSGi hasn’t responded to our inquiry yet – perhaps he’s busy putting on his new Dixons Retail name badge. However, the group head honcho John Browett fanfared the financial results with the phrase: “Focus on our customers drives everything we do…”

Focus on the customers and leave the staff to cope with their hugely increased workload then…


  • THE D.
    AS doctor i nearly coughed up my spleen then i read the article and cried
  • A C.
    I'm a PC.
  • Observer
    This is true. Cutbacks in staff and managers now being implemented in most PC World and Currys stores. Freeze on all employment and wages. Which means more work for the same money for those left over.
  • Matt
    I swear last time I was in PC world the sales guy would have shoved a copy of Norton up my bum in order to force me to take it. They know nothing in there about what they sell, all they know is the commission structure and sell to that, not what people need / want
  • stella
    Dixons? More like Dickheads.
  • Jack T.
    If there are fewer staff, maybe, just maybe, I could go in to PC World and not have one of the gimps trying to sell me a gold plated scart cable coverplan policy to make the freesat reception on my microwave so much better.
  • Sam
    I can confirm that a number of assistant managers are already on 30 day consultation.
  • jed
    Matt, i have worked at pc world for just under 4 yours and can tell you that for that whole period there has only been 1 trial of 2 months on comission based sales (didn't work out well so they dropped it). so atleast 3 of the last 4 years there has been no commission. 2ndly if u actually try norton 2010 or 360 you'll find its actually one of the best securitys about. You may be in right in suggesting that some people don't know what they say, however half the colleages in my store have built their own desktops and have extensive hardware/component knowledge. in fact very few colleages have no little or no knowledge
  • Tango
    DSGI Staff do not recive any commission for any products sold !!! They do however get a bonus if the store does well in sales , ! just like clothes shops and supermarket ! ill informed idiots !
  • Delenn
    @jed Anyone suggesting Norton is in any way a decent product knows nothing about IT security.
  • bestbuyarepants
    @ Delenn i bet you're the kind of cunt that goes round recommending AVG free to friends and family, before going missing when their computer becomes infected or some greedy twat steals their bank details? its people like you that make the job of knowledgable sales staff hell, only trying to make a living doing something they enjoy They don't deserve the shit they get on this site by pricks like you.
  • Steve
    @ Delenn Clearly you are stuck on your laurels and don't have a clue what you are talking about. Firstly, let me begin by letting you know that I am a VERY experienced IT technician. Secondly, I would be the first to agree that previous versions of Norton were generally one of the main problems of my daily working routine, perhaps 7/10 of connectivity issues were resolved by simply running the norton removal tool, and that it was so system resource hungry you needed to upgrade the machine simply to run it. However I will be the first to say that the new Norton 360 is actually OK, I wouldn't say that it is great, but for people that insist on putting their dicks in their machine and catching viruses through the likes of Limewire etc, it does HELP, but it doesn't make anyone bulletproof. I personally use manual methods or alternatives, which I generally do not give to my customers as they are both very powerful and not for the inexperienced, and also I would be out of work if nobody's computers got sick!
  • spunki
    if you work in a store like Dixons or PC world, or even one of their rivals, this is the sort of shit you will hear every single day from ignorant customers: how much discount if I pay cash? may mate is a computer whiz and he reckons norton slows down your computer and AVG free is better and its free. i don't want a plasma tv cos my mate says they need regassing and its expensive/they burn out/catch fire/are too heavy/leak gas/you can't play games on them/LCDs are better cos they have a glass screen/I just don't like them (with no explanation of why but get very aggressive if you ask) if you dont want to buy the add-ons, say no. they'll try to overcome your objection. if your objection is simply "I'm not interested", they'll move on.
  • Shopdis F.
    HAHA Norton is pissing awful end of.
  • -]
    Norton DOES slow down your computer and IS shit. Mind you, so is avast. But at least avast is free. Who wants to pay for shit s/w? Most retail shops offer discount for cash, is it any wonder that people ask for a discount when paying that way?
  • Steve
    Most dodgy shops offer discount for cash because then they can go spend it in the pub etc. Large companies or even proper traders who work above board and through the books can often find cash a burden. You can't buy a new car with cash, you can't pay your council tax with cash, and more often than not it can in-fact cost more to take a cash transaction than by card, after having to pay securicor or alike to come collect all your norton proceeds and bank it, or get robbed on the way to bank.
  • spunki
    most retail shops do not offer discount for one payment form over another. when you go into asda or wherever you buy your groceries, do you haggle? do you ask for discount cos you're paying by cash? no. then why do it when you want a TV or PC? just go shop where its cheapest. or is it cos wankers like Dodgy Dom the ex-jailbird second hand car salesman says you should? fuck right off
  • Terry
    This started on Wednesday, was suprised bitterwallet has not posted about this as last time you had the inside information before it hit stores. Same thing as before, been told it's only Pc world stores and it's only the stores with a smaller turnover, the super large stores are fine. These will be moving to a system with only two managers, 1 General manager and one assistant. For our store this means we are losing two managers. Hours have also been cut for some store employees as a overtime ban has come into place.
  • Tech 2.
    Hmmm 1. If your MAT is below 8M at a PC World you have 1GM and 1AM. At the moment we have1GM and 2 AMs (OPs and Sales(SFM)) Some stores had an inkling about this and reduced their Management Team! 2. Norton is crap however it is getting better V4 Gold has a fast install & low on resources,(http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/software/355663/norton-360-v4) that is why we also offer Kaspersky, Mcafee, AVG and Webroot software. 3. Reccruitment and overtime ban in force effective NOW. 4. Pay Freeze for the past few years, no matter how well you do in your 121 and PDR. 5. If you work in OPs then be careful, OOH etc may be cut as Currys do not have One!! 6. As Dixons Retail (Official name not DSGi) is cutting stores we will all be Currys Megastores or 2:1 stores. 7. At the time of writing Dixons Retail was valued at £980.10 million, we are fighting fit!!! Thanks for reading! Adios
  • Tech 2.
    Excuse the spelling mistakes in my previous post, BTW We are not on Commission!!
  • Tom J.
    I work at Currys and know that many deputy managers are now in a 30 day consultation period, these are real people with real lives/ families/ mortgages to pay and all I can say is I hope they all do well but inevitably some will loose their jobs. Deputy managers at other stores may be doing a poor job but they are not at risk if their store is over £7M mat.... so small store, 2 great DMs, one will suffer ....smaller store with 1 DM (who may not be as good) ...no worries!! Does not seem right ......DSG (or Dixons again!) cutbacks don't solve all problems!!!
  • Lump
    Have some thought for these people who are at risk, They have done nothing wrong!!!!!!!
  • mark
    Not true lump - they are shit at serving customers and full of bullshit
  • ME
    @ mark I have come to the conclusion from reading your comment that you are either 1. a disgruntled customer 2. a disgruntled ex deputy manager or 3. an idiot! All in favour say AYE!!!!!!!!!
  • Techy
    What job do you do then Mark that makes YOU such a bastion of soceity? Currys/PCworld is no different to any other business, yeah i'm sure you get some sales people that take things too far, but bad or good they are only doing a job for pretty poor pay and little or no benefits, is the fact that its such and inconvinience to you to be offered Norton really fair to rejoice in a lot of hard working people losing their jobs?
  • Jezza
    PC World do take the hard sell on add-ons such as insurance a bit far. This is probably why people think they must be on commission. I bought a PC and they wanted to sell me insurance. I said I didn't want it and they kept saying I really should take insurance and how good it was. Despite advising them that I used to work for the insurer behind their policy(which I did) they still wouldn't take no for an answer. They were unable to answer questions about some of the cover. Then I was told just to take it nad cancel it withion 30 days if I really didn't want it. When I said I would rather not have the PC and got up to walk away they changed their minds. I have mixed feeling about stores selling insurance as ofetn the policies are overpriced and the staff do not have enought knowledge about the product. Insurance brokers are regulated and we have to prove that we treat customers fairly and that the policies being sold meet their demands and needs. This is not restricted to PC World but most retail operations that sell insurance (travel agents are amongst the worst offenders in my opinion at selling a product but not understanding it). As I say I do have mixed feeling because insurance policies do serve a purpose but the staff need to be trained and understand the policy and have a copy of the policy wording available shoukd I want to see what I am buying.
  • PCW e.
    Yup, cutbacks and manager cull happening again, overtime ban, and all assistant and deputy managers are for the chop again. Being re-interviewed next week and they'll find out around the 20th. Senior employees have been told they'll be expected to step up to the plate and become keyholders, watch the shop floor and do other manager duties, with no increase in pay!
  • joe m.
    managers are only the begining- its staff including technicians, bsa, and sales which will be hit next
  • pcw
    this very true...techies are next, then security (they will out source this) and then sales staff
  • Ex-AM
    I got made redundant last year in the March 18th Cull. BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED Dixons is a car crash in Slow-Mo. It kicked off some time ago and you can't see it getting better. Couple of reasons why 1 Insurance - Because of the low margins on products, it became king and the emphasise on great customer service went out the window. I'm so glad i don't have to keep badgering SAs "Did you get PCP on that". It allienates customers and induces a hard sell. 2. Mismanagement. There are some great GMs out there but gosh there are some terrible ones. Really awful. My first GMs daily achievements were drinking tea and converting O2 into CO2. 3. Reall lack of strategy - Cutback cutbacks cutbacks. I managed the salesfloor which was a good 10mill mat with me and one sales staff at times. The strategy is cut costs/sell loads. The detail isn't there. You end up managing in a hand to mouth way and not enabling or upskilling your people. 4. Staff morale - managers struggle with their RMs. AMs struggle with their GMs. Staff feal harrassed. It all rubs off in their sales pitch. It is a vicous circle. 5. Pricing. I have never seen so much being charged for so little. cables, office, nis360, PCP. Overpriced junk. TO ALL THE GUYS OUT THERE WHO ARE FACING DOWN THE BARREL, IF YOU GET BOOTED OUT, THERE ARE SOME REALLY GOOD NEW RETAILERS OUT THERE WHO WILL TREAT YOU BETTER. WISH YOU THE BEST. Oh yes, before I forget. Norton sucks - end of.
  • DSG
    I have been working for DSGI (Dixons Stores) for 22 years. They used to be a fantastic company to work for, they used to care about there staff and they used to invest in there staff but the point has been so cleary made that they really dont care about there staff longer. ALL the company care about it money. They claim they are here for the customer but to tell you the truth they dont. Its just all money. The company bullies staff with the threat that id they do not do the services then they are out. AS A CUSTOMER you have a choice, if you know your coming in to one of our many stores then you know that you are going to be approched and asked question, you know you are going to be offered servies. If you dont like it then dont come into our stores. Do you kknow what it is like to spend an hour or two trying to give the best service you can, just to be told that the customer is going to buy it form the web anyway because its cheaper? the worst is then that customer comes back becasue they dont know how to work something on it and expect you to spend time showing them? As I stated there are many things worng with the company but unless I move there are no other jobs, there is about 150 applicants to 1 job where I live, But at least I can say is that I have a job and I am not one of the scum happy to be sitting at home earning more than me for doing nothing! The major problem with this Dixons Stores is the back burner, not the people at the front end. The Sales teams and managers work very hard, and get very little money for what they do, most are only on min wage and alot of presure is put on them. The back burner (head office, tech guys, medics) are the people that let us down. They are just a person at the end of a phone, they dont care what you say or what the problem is, all they want you to do is fob you with a story that means nothing to you or the customer. They do this becasue there is nothing you or nayone can do about it as they are on the end of a phone, if you try and complain they put the phone down on you, you will never get to speak to the person you spoke to before so really........WHY WOULD THEY CARE? This is the problem, the staff on the front of house get all the abuse from customers and mangers. The services people on the telephone gets nothing but a nice easy day. If you invest, you have to invest in the whole thing. all the directors care about is the money, they get paid VAST amounts of it for doing very little. making a few wrong choices ect, but we are the ones that suffer, its us that looses our jobs. And if it does not work out for them they just get a HUGE payout and told to go elsewere. They dont have to go home and tell there wife and 2 children that they cant afford to live in there home anymore. we have to move and take out children out of there schools and away from there firends. We wont be able to give them nice things, and even more to the point we are going to struggle to buy food. I understtand that Dixons Stores are in Business to make money. Thats the same with all companies. However to get and be the best you have to invest. and this is something they are not doing. Because coverplan got such a bad reputation they changed the name to what ever happens, becasue that got such a bad reputation again, they are going to be chaning it again, and that just follows on for the rest of the company. Instead of working on the real issues which is making promises that it cant keep it should be kaing promises that it can. It should be training and getting the staff behind the seens to work together. ONE BRAND ONE ENGINE! These are the REAL Facts. so I emplore you to think about what you say about sales staff, they are under presure to do a job, if they dont they are out. I am sure YOU do a job, and you like to do your job well. Thats all these guys want to do. SO if you have any problems with anybody it should be the company directors; the ones that go home to there lovely homes and families. The ones that make all the choices with out even asking the staff. AND IF YOU THINK ASKING YOUR STAFF IS ASKING A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS ON THERE INTRANET SITE WHICH ARE MADE TO MAKE THE COMPANY LOOK GOOD THEN THEY ARE MISTAKEN!
  • pcw
    To DSG: So do you think our business has gone down hill since commision stopped and they started to hire just part timers? I belive this is the case as little Johnny who works only 4 hour shifts does not really put his heart and soul into the business, as he is going home in a couple of hours. At my store there is no full timers on the shop floor-only managers. Head office should employ only people that want to be here and who intend to make a career out of their job. What are your thoughts people???? Or is too little to LATE!
  • Andy
    Well not sure only assistant managers in individual stores being made redundant is legal , as being a national company then all should be at risk in the pool and then a system of devising who should stay and in which store - mind you the notice should be 90 days then as more than 100 are affected
  • joe m.
    The problem with dsgi is the fact that they don't want to pay out redundancies is they can get away from it. they try to force you out on excuses - like examples performance, cannot follow a an instsructions, or some bull!!!
  • C.d B.
    Great Comment from Andy and Joe, and highly relevant at present. Why hasn't an ex-empoyee with an axe to grind not started a group to share experiences, customers need to know the type of employer DSGI is today. The two questions I would like answered from any legal types out there is: How can a nationwide company with a central head office treat every store as a separate unit for redundancies and in pension changes why doesn't a large company HAVE to have individual AND group consultation.
  • joe m.
    Again dsgi are making staff cuts for their 2 in 1 stores !
  • DSGiSucks
    God almighty. I'm beginning to regret taking a 25 hour a week job with DSGi (or should that be Dixons Retail now!) by the looks of it. Let me start by saying, I can see where a lot of the ill-feeling towards the company comes from. I'm only 2 days into training and already it is a farce. Total and utter bullshit, watching clips from the Karate Kid, and then being asked to do karate chops through the air (no joke, that is what I just spent this afternoon doing). Having got a business degree, I can tell DSGi that it's not clever nor motivating to do that, simply humiliating and if this is the face of things to come, I'm outta there within a month. I don't hold out much hope of sticking at it with this terrible employer.

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