DSGI engineers to be white-van driving know-it-alls?

An interesting email from a DSGI employee arrived yesterday. Since there are plenty of PC World and Currys staff and customers reading Bitterwallet, we'd like to hear about your experience of this; are DSGI really expecting the guy who installs you cooker to repair your laptop?

"Job roles have again been changed to DSGI’s advantage as nobody will get any more money even though they are taking away the car’s because of how the job roles are structured, Engineers will now have to drive anything up to a 7.5 tonne truck and be able to lift and install cookers, fridges, washers, freezers and any other white goods sold by Currys or PCWorld. Plus they will have to repair computers, Flat screen TVs and install computers onto the internet with Wi-Fi connections or even a business network system.

"It just goes to show what they think of field engineers when they think we can teach the van drivers all we know in a few weeks, Oh yes, the van drivers will be coming to a house near you to repair a computer or a TV. That'll be interesting on high street with minimal parking and when visiting customers on deep country farms.

"At the moment all TechGuy field engineers are on a 90 day consultation period. I’m one of the so called TechGuys but I prefer to be the bloke from PCServicecall. Seems to me and a lot of others that since we have been renamed the service has gone down the pan."

What do you think? Self-indulgent grumbling or are DSGI demanding engineers be able to adequately repair any product line sold?


  • iluvpcw
    surely this is just a good way of saving money making people multi skilled. its not rocket science installing a washing machine or building a tv stand and putting a tv on it. think this person doesnt like change. besides having heard currys/pcw new extra warranty service that launches this thursday i think a lot of dsg haters will find it hard to knock it
  • Nobby
    They are taking away the car's what?
  • Greggers
    The TechGuys are the bottom of the pile when it comes to PC know-how. Why does it take a few weeks for them to show the van drivers what they know? Surely it should take at the most an hour and a colouring-in pad. DSGI = Sales, Sales and more Sales. No technical know-how at all. Let's remember, the same bloke that SELLS you your fridge also sells you your PC too.
  • anonymous c.
    how excatly is the new Warranty options any better!? It's not. The better option is just more expensive. Meaning your going to be paying out a fortune for a warranty to DSGI.
  • Darren W.
    I think its a good idea, Multi skilled etc.... but like the guy from the starbucks thread who works for Comet: >> I know a great deal about electrical goods, I read what hifi quote of the week. I cant but think this is what they are doing for there training.
  • Darren W.
    ILUVPCW - the repair time is good, but I have never had them come and actually repair on the same day, they come out and diagnose and then give you some sh*t excuse about how they don't have the parts with them due to them not knowing the initial error and so will have to order the parts and then come out again, so regards the 10 days, thats utter rubbish....
  • Paul
    Not engineers, technicians. Such an abuse of the term.
  • An T.
    I think the information BW has received may be a little old, unless lightning has struck twice in the TG Camp. 90 Consultations and redundancies started on 11th september 2008 (some dick must have slept well that night, "i know , we'll tell our 600 strong engineering force that they are subject to redundancy on 9/11") I personally took the settlement they were offering for my 12 years loyal service with DSGi and on 12 December ran into the hills jumping for joy! The engineers jobs that were available were changing from home based to Hub based, much like the Comet engineering structure at the time, and engineers would require the knowledge and skills to do PC and AV installation and repair, repair of all white goods was out sourced in early december 08. Indeed if The TG's have decided once again to announce 90 day consultations then things must be seriously rocky within DSGi and I for one feel sorry for the few of my former colleagues and friends who were loyal enough to stay with them last year
  • Alice C.
    Engineer - 3-4 years training at Degree level gaining a B.Eng(Hons) Technician - 2 day 'intensive' training course gaining company qualification on post-it
  • Annoyed C.
    Had an issue with Curry's the other day. I bought a built in washing machine from them specifically as they said they install into fitted kitchens. Ended up paying more because they are one of the few companies that offer this service. The guys came round to deliver and install it and couldn't do it. They said that since they have been offering this service for the past three weeks they have only installed two machines. Pipes are never where they are supposed to be and every kitchen is different and they even can't put the doors on as the wholes in the machines are never in the same place as the faulty one. With only an allotted time to fit it before moving to the next job they just deliver machines and ask customers to get a refund for the install every time. They feel just as frustrated as the customer. Although I was a bit miffed as I ended up having to get a plumber in to fit it I cannot help but feel sorry for the delivery guys/engineers as they try and deliver what they clearly are not able to.
  • Andrew R.
    I must say I could do PCs, Macs and a multitude of AV equipment - but fitting someone's washing machine and hob? Fuck that! Surely they can't expect techs to do that, and white goods engineers vice versa?
  • Electronic t.
    Surprise surprise eh ? Almost all of the long serving qualified and experienced "engineers" with the ability & experience to diagnose and repair televisions (CRT,Plasma, LCD, & Rear projection) Hi-Fi, DVDR, VCR, Home theatre & Microwave ovens to component level could see this coming a mile off. Thats why most of us didnt bother to reapply for our jobs during 90 notice period No.1 and gleefully left the company at the end of 2008 with the enhanced redundancy payout burning a hole in our pockets. We could have made it work as TV engineers generally do have good IT ability and can take on PC servicing and installation in their stride, PC engineers however have great difficulty in transfering their skills to the diagnosis and repair of TV,s even though with DSGI this now only involves Plasma & LCD TV,s as everything else is repaired for them by third party contractors. So there you have it, the really skilled have left due to not wanting to be treated like shit any more, what you have now is a mismatch of inexperienced youngsters who think they now it all, vandrivers, ex careworkers, chefs and a sprinkling of a very few properly skilled personel, very sad.
  • Mel
    The reason the engineer doesn't have your parts, Darren W, is because the person who has 4 minutes to diagnose the fault over the phone orders them. They're pressured into taking calls faster and faster and offering less support in favour of recoveries and repairs! So you just order whatever you think might work and get them off the phone.
  • No W.
    In their infinite wisdom, the DSGi Poliburo have once again applied the same solution that they apply to every problem; Do more, for less money. Thanks Keith Jones, you massive wang.
  • Me
    The Techguys? Techgoons more like. I run into their misinfomation and general ineptitude most days at work. They shouldn't be making them multi-skilled they should be making them specialists so they can do each job correctly. Yes, I know this is a generalisation and I'm sorry to the ones who are skilled and aren't goons, and I can only speak for the PC side of things.
  • Ian
    I too took the redundancy in December 2008. 42 years in the trade as a TV ,video, Hi Fi Engineer. trained by mastercare ,as it was, to install plasma wall mounts, home cinemas, networks streaming audio and video systems. How do they replace this level of skill and experience on a 2 day course. the reason service is rubbish is the best guys took the money and ran last december
  • Danny
    The present DSGI service provision is not to service but to replace once the "repair" becomes 14 days old. In other words if you report a problem such as no power with your under warranty or WEH covered Plasma TV for example, you will be without a useable product for 14 days, in the mean time a couple of van drivers will arrive with several versions of PSU modules ( especially if its an LG ) none of which will be the correct version for your TV and hence will not be able to repair it. You will then be told further power supply panels have been ordered, this will take your repair over the 14 day thresehold, but it is then up to you if you are aware of it to make the phone call to the dreaded call centre and explain to the uninterested airhead who eventually answers the present situation with your TV. What happens next all depands on whether your call handler has more than a couple of days experience in the roll as often they know very little indeed and will put you on hold whilst they ask a colleague who may have all of 2 weeks experience in the roll ! Your about to put the phone down in frustration when they come back to you and probably inform you they cannot handle your query as it is an aged 14 day repair, ( which you already would have told them anyway ) you therefore need to ring this number ----------- ? and speak to some other dumbhead ! You then repeat a similar process on the new number, this time if fortunate you get somewhere ! You will be told you are indeed entitled to a replacement TV, note the word "replacement" it may not be brand new ! it could be a unit previously exchanged and repaired at Newark so probably older than your original one with added scuff and scratch marks. Just to make you extra happy you may be told due to the popularity of your model they are currently out of stock ! but just to be positive you could be told they can deliver another TV out to you tomorrow. Thats still 15 days without a telly, best make sure you have another reasonabley sized TV screen in your household if buying from DSGI. Flatpanel TV's do breakdown and are not as reliable as people generally assume, "I payed over £1K for this telly, it shouldnt have broken down already, its only 3 months old" is a line i,ve heard many times over whilst called out to repair them towards the end of my career. If you've got a premium quality CRT TV hooked up to a Sky decoder or Freeview box, hang on to it for as long as it is working, this is reliable technology which has stood the test of time.
  • Glenex
    The repair trade has been in decline for the last 15 years. Having worked at Mastercare in the mid nineties briefly I could see the writing on the wall then. It was the most poorly run service company I was ever involved with. It had impossible systems in place and penny pinching upper management who hated every second and penny spent on servicing. Skilled engineers advice was consistantly ignored on " best practice" in favour of senior management fudging at every opportunity.
  • STILL G.
    Hi all I'm still a tech guy, just about I've been through the 90 day consultation TWICE now in the last 12months, the job has changed so much and going to change even more in the next few weeks coming up to Christmas (PEAK). The STORES OFFER SO MANY SERVICES but don't have the staff with the knowledge to do these services, WE were all told on our last consultation that we would get ALL the relevant training in the 90 days before our new job roles go live, to-date I've had NO TRAINING and we are now 5 or 6 weeks into the 8 week trial? We were also told that we would be out on a 7.5 ton delivery van twice a week to keep me up to-date with what happens on the vans. NEVER been out on a van yet. There is a big announcement coming in the next week or so telling us remaining computer engineers that after the 1st visit the computer will be being picked up by an outside source and taken into their workshop for repairs leaving the customer without a computer. As an engineer we are expected to call to customer’s house’s without parts or wrong parts even if the customer has phoned and told the call handler what part is needed, I understand the customer could have it wrong. I travelled 2 ½ hours to a customer to take a look at his computer as it was making a funny grating noise, the customer was told by the manufacturer to take the side off and see where the noise was coming from, the customer isolated the noise to the fan on the power supply , the customer called us, the TECHGUYS, and told the call handler what the problem was and where the noise was coming from and the call handler then arranged a visit with a vga card as there were no power supply’s in stock, you can imagine what the customer said when he saw me with the WRONG PART, but this is supposed to be a better service for the customer. Under the new job role I’m expected to work 5 days a week, 10 ½ hours daily, 40 hours a week (?) over an 8 week period, 3 days off. I have been given 14jobs in a day and expected to travel over 5hours driving and go to every job, as the contract states its job and finish, I’ve started work at 6:30am and finished at 11:00pm and then have to be in work the following day for 7am. And I am told by my supervisors/managers if I don’t like it F**K **F as that’s the NEW JOB ROLE. I love my job and my customers but the company have now turned into the worse company I have ever worked for. I welcome new change and challenges.
  • Glenex
    When I was out on the road covering large distances sorting out cock ups , on many occasions it felt like damage control as far as the customer was concerned.Things do not seem to have changed very much at DsG. They were using third party contractors to repair stock items as well in the nineties ( 6 to eight workshop visits ) screws missing wires cut incorrect parts fitted etc. An absolute nightmare on most days in the field or workshop. No wonder so many hard working staff appeared to be so depressed.
  • Glenn
    If manufacturers are advising customers to remove the covers of electrical equipment to do their own fault diagnosis this is a highly dangerous state of affairs. If someone dies from an electric shock who takes responsibility ?
  • STILL a.
    The call handlers have been having the customers taking the sides off their machines for the last 2 or 3 years and they have been sending the parts out to customer through the post and having them fit them themselves, this was called a CQF = customer quick fix. I feel there will be another 90 consultation coming in the new year for the remainder of the Tech Guys. good luck guys
  • Glenex
    Well I am speechless at this revelation. Still its about par for the course with a cowboy outfit.
  • STILL a.
  • Robert C.
    Folks its time you stopped the winging for a moment and looked around. Times have changed, the culture of business has changed and without change in the DSGI business structure (Thank god they are going back to the Dixons name soon) they would go the way of Woolworths. Where the staff failed to make allowances for pension shortage and instead lost everything. And how British Airways staff will cut off their nose to spite their faces by striking in such recessionary times. Dixons is back, John Browett looks to have done an amazing job although he is only half way through the 4 year restructuring. New chairman John ALLAN has fitted in well and with Steve Jobs now looking to do exclusive deals with DSGi/Dixons Retail you know that something remarkable is taking place. Lets just look at the newly emerging company before listening to the reviews of disgruntled old guard me thinks.
  • Old G.
    This new equipment is highly technical and complicated. As Engineers and Technicians we have been trained and have studied constantly for years to keep up to date. Leaving these service calls to inexperienced poorly trained service force is not the way forward.
  • KnowHow
    Well so you all expect someone who works in a store to have detailed knowledge of every product on sale in the store.... do you even know everything thats in your house? If you dont know what your looking for all we can do is advise you and then you come complaining about oooh they mis-advised me... well yeah if you dont know what you want how can we? Please note i'll probably never come back to this site just googleing around and found you buch of whiners... if you dont like us dont buy from us... oh yeah were the biggest electrical retailers in this country and having just got rid of the nearest competition from america the customers have spoken :D have a super day...
  • mr c.
    ALSO BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE ((((((((( DO NOT SELL MY EMAILS ADDRESS FOR MONEY ))))) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Well lets see driving 7.5 ton and did you know most of there drivers at comet or on call or master care, work even when they are not suppose to in a 45 minute tacho break, i know i did some agency work and i was amazed how many drivers work ilegally on the tachographs at know how/ comet / mastercare whay ever they are all the same company. I think the the Ministry of Transport should stop the these 7.5 ton lorrys, most are speeding everywhere, having to drive all day everyday and do installations is just plain abuse of the rules of driving and pusing the employees to hard and to fast, no wonder most people leave comet. They are arrogant of rules and regulations and break a lot of them, and cover up the truth. I never went back after a week, they are poor drivers at on call, mostly speeders and not professional at all, to much is being asked of the driver, from what i was told they are always looking for drivers, but nobody wants to work there. I have seen drivers who drive past stationary vehicles and smask off mirrors and dont stop and report it, like it was nothing at all. That was the last day for me, they bad set up for drivers, i challenge anyone to see the truth. They way they throw your goods around is totally astounding to me, i know a lot suffer from bad backs after lifting heavy fridges / washing machines / cookers you would have a bad back too i was told, dont work for these people, they dont care about you in the slightess. They did,nt return because they deserve professional drivers and work way beyond driving rules and regulations, one day the ministry is going to catch up with this company. Strict rules need to be put in place for this company, they are breaking tacho driving rules by the bucket load, driving times, start times, rest periods, when they are suppose to at rest, tacho filling in is terrible, i could,nt believe what i was seeing, not putting my liecence at risk for that, some of my mates who drive also, could,nt believe it. They are proffessionals with years experience and correct training. i think they have drivers at know how, who havent even been trained by proffessional instructors it shows on a massive scale there. very poor operations at on call. Going on what i have seen, terrible.
  • Mystery2u
    Steer clear for working with comets (oncall) delivering white goods, I worked for 1 day as a driver and was appalled at the working conditions,get up at 04.30am, start at 6am and have 28 drops to deliver,drive to location and first 5 drops are on unadopted roads where they look like they have been shelled, then on croydon for rest of drops,drops will include installing products and removing old appliances, arrive back at comets at 8.20pm, clean cab and unload lorry, hand tacho card over for data to be downloaded, given appriasal form to sign, my rating 1 poor lol,told the guy if he expected any better to find another driver who breaks the tacho rules, breaks the law speeding to every drop. Needless to say I never returned the next day at 6.00am to start again, why should I risk my licence with endorsments or being taking to court for dangerous driving and being fined by VOSA. No wonder why they have a high rate of staff turnover, VOSA would have a field day pulling over these 7.5 tonne lorrys and the police too

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