lidllogo1 The rise of the budget supermarkets continues –with Lidl planning to double the amount of UK stores to 1500. Everywhere you go there’ll be a Lidl. The UK will be littered with off brand German biscuits and tubs of coleslaw the size of your head, and there will NEVER be any time to pack your bag at the till.

Unlike Tesco, who are struggling like a kitten down a well, Lidl sales are growing by 18% a year. Owner Ronny Gottschlisch (try saying THAT when you’ve had a few) said they were trying to put their cheap and cheerful budget image behind them and grow into a force to be reckoned with.

‘We really see ourselves these days more of a supermarket than the hard discounter of the past.’ He said. ‘Those times are over.’

What they want now is to appeal to their target demographic, a person called a ‘Maidstone Mum.’

‘Those Maidstone Mums are no longer afraid of being seen in a Lidl store,’ Mr Gottschlich said. ‘I actually do think we are entering a new era. I think that people's perception in the past was that there must be something wrong with the quality of what those people at Lidl offer because they have such reasonable pricing in their stores.’

I can’t speak for those ladies in Maidstone, but I’ve only seen Glasgow Mums in my local store with a Berkeley Superking hanging out of their mouths, threatening children called Lacie-Ann near the JFC frozen nuggets. Still, it's good to have ambition...


  • Tits M.
    Nothing says "I've failed at life" more than carrying a lidl bag containing 'Ankor butter', 'Duckseye Chicken Nuggets' and 'Puspi Max Coke'. I draw the line at Aldi, at least their rip off of Southern Comfort is nice.
  • klingelton
    lidl quality czech lager is good. £1 a bottle (and it's a big bottle)
  • Jerry
    You Brits are so obsessed by brands & trained to chuck any 2for1 offer in your trolly you pass by without thinking. I am not blaming anyone, I am just the same, these 2for1 pringles are just iressisteble! But you should give Aldi/Lidl a go, the prices are generally all low and the quality is always really good (sure, there are exceptions, but they are mainly due to personal taste)
  • Jerry
    And, they have good and cheap booze!
  • j.
    Aldi and Lidl are great for certain things and rubbish for others. Some of their booze is fantastic, the rest of it is horrible. Fruit and veg is usually good. Their power tools are of course indispensable. Of course being good for somethings and rubbish for others is true of all other supermarkets, but they are also much more as expensive.
  • Raffles t.
    @ j.: Some of your post is mediocre, the rest is crap. Now to find their fantastic booze...
  • Cheesey
    Err, there's already 2 Lidls in Maidstone, so plenty of Maidstone Mums already use them.
  • Jack
    I feel sorry for the mugs who get ripped off week in, week out, by the big stores. Aldi has some fantastic products. So far I've not found anything I wasn't happy to eat. The only thing I've found cheaper at Tesco are chocolate chip cake bars. I'm a happy f*cker.
  • Joe
    Some of the stuff Lidl sell is better than Waitrose. They actually won more Grocer awards last year than Waitrose too. In fact, Waitrose won none at all. And it's absolutely piss cheap.
  • noshit
    I get my butler to suck me off whilst I weigh my lemons.
  • Gran
    Ooh, Maidstone sounds lovely! Lots of bargains! I'm off there this weekend, so I am.
  • Nathan
    @Tits McGee - wow, you really are a total fucking snob. Please, continue to shop at Harvey Nichols and Waitrose. You aren't welcome here.
  • Milky P.
    I wouldn't go to Lidl until about 3 months ago even though people said it was cheap. Now we go as part of our weekly shop, Lidl before Asda/Morrisons and then Tesco. We fill up a trolley and its normally only around £25 and the quality is generally good. The only thing I've bought and questioned the quality was some mince we got last week - 26% fat content, seems higher than usual? Its great for biscuits, snacks and booze though.
  • DP
    @MilkyPete The 26% fatty mince is great for biscuits, snacks and booze?
  • Milky P.
    @DP Yeah, I strain off the fat to make a biscuit dip and drink mixer.
  • Jerry
    fatty mince biscuits - that sounds so tastey!!! Micky&DP, isn't it fantastic how such an delight gets invented just by chance??
  • zeddy
    More like Bulky Pete
  • Dosser
    Dammit, I NEED fatty mince biscuits in my life!
  • Cozy F.
    @Dosser: That's why mums go to Lidl.
  • Pete M.
    Wow what a snob. Since you like stereotyping about class and names Lucy, how did you get this little number, Mummy and Daddy arrange a bit of an internship? no hards for you, with your trust fund though, Lucy strolling round with your Harrods and Harvey Nics bags....what ho.
  • Spencer
    Generally I find Lidl stuff to be pretty close to name brand quality, at significantly less cost. For that reason alone, I do sometimes pick stuff up in there. Yes Pepsi max is better than 'Cola Zero' but pepsi max costs 4 times as much and it ain't 4 times better. And that's pretty true of most things in store.

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