Don't want to pay 5p for a plastic bag? Steal a basket!

There have been some angry and confused responses to the plastic bag tax, and of course, some people have been stealing trolleys rather than pay 5p for something they used to get for free.

Well, people are at it again, this time, making off with baskets. This has seen a supermarket in Oldham having to put security tags on them, in a bid to thwart thieves.

Just have a look.


Tesco said: "The store had a problem with people taking baskets since the introduction of the carrier bag charge. It is not a blanket policy, but we have introduced security tags as a result."

This is actually more ridiculous than the folk who have been stealing bags-for-life, which ended up being tagged so people wouldn't steal them.


Of course, you're allowed to be annoyed that there's a 5p charge on bags now, but this has been coming for yonks now and you should've known about it. And if you STILL refuse to pay, then there's always a rucksack you could take, or raid the drawer full of placcy bags you have in the kitchen.

Or, y'know, it's only 5p for that one time you forget.


  • Andrew
    I don't really follow.. I used to store them for bin liners after taking the shopping home.. I still use bin liners So how is that saving the planet? You just can't get annoyed about 5p , surely! Anyway, the Sainsbury ones were as flakey as their mobile service...Time to get a good over the shoulder bag that will last years and stop worrying about pointless things like bags and trolleys but there is still that "unexpected item in bagging area .." to worry about if you try to bag up now....
  • Spencer
    Simple method of getting round this Buy a bag for life Once you've got your shopping home, snap the handle and rip the side of the bag Next time you go shopping, take your 'damaged' bag back and have it replaced for free Repeat Voila - new carrier bag every time you shop

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