Domino's sales rocket thanks to hungover people

15 October 2015

dominos logo Domino's have seen their sales go up by 21% to £200 million. That's staggering. Of course, most people will tell you that this is because Britain is filled with time-conscious people, and Domino's have been savvy enough to move quickly as the folks of the UK order things online more readily.

While that might be true in some cases, it is obvious why Domino's are doing so well - hangovers.

If you go on JustEat or HungryHouse when you've got a crushing hangover, and you want to horse some food into yourself as quickly and violently as possible, often, you have to wait for a takeaway to actually open, before they'll deliver it to you. You're too hungover/still drunk to actually leave the house or get dressed properly.

So, with a lot of takeaways opening later in the afternoon, Domino's are there, waiting to take your order, even if you think their food is lousy. With some open 24 hours, it isn't surprising that students are all over this lot.

More than 75% of Domino's pizzas have been ordered online, with more than half of those placed through their smartphone app.

Of course, Britain is a place that is particularly good at idling, and Just Eat have also seen a 52% rise in orders in the first half of 2015. The supermarkets might want to start looking at delivering meals to sort their sorry arses out, if they want to get in with a growth industry, eh?

Foodies, feel free to vomit up your chateaubriand in disgust, at all this news.

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  • Ben A.
    Great article and it makes you wonder why other takeaways haven't tapped in to this clearly very lucrative target market. I've seen some of the numbers these Domino's take on a Saturday morning and the business they are generating from hangovers is staggering. It would make sense for other takeaways to open earlier at the weekend, get an App made and take advantage of some alcohol induced cravings!

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