Domino's launch new logo, which is the news we've all been waiting for

18 March 2013

Purveyors of molten junk, Domino's Pizza, have decided that they needed a new logo and promptly went about redesigning that famous logo so there was less of it.

Apparently, this new image is supposed to tie-in with the revamping of Domino's stores. Of course, like every stupid brand out there (the most amusing being the proud Ruski that was Revolution, with its Stalin-esque promotions, now looking like a McCarthyite diner), they're going all '50s. Hopefully we can see a true reflection of the decade that gave us rock 'n' roll with racist lynchings and getting polio from drinking water.

It'll be great, just like the 1950s.

Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino's UK, says the logo "proclaims that Domino’s is comfortable in its own skin and doesn't need to tell anyone that it sells pizza", adding: "The brand is now one of the most easily recognisable symbols in the country. The name Domino’s is synonymous when referring to pizza delivery and this is a reflection of how far the Domino’s brand has come."

They might think 'less is more', but as long as they remember that, when it comes to pizza, more is still more.


  • Justin A.
    The Revolution bar chain has always wanted to be corporate and have branches in cities across the UK. The owners wanted to build an empire from their first bar, so it was never an 'alternative' business that somehow provided a cool option compared to the usual chains like themed chains Frankie & Benny's or Yates's. As for the Domino's logo, if it's such a risible non-story, why does this blog article exist?
  • Milky
    are they absolutely sure they aren't simply 2 die close together... Ah right die pizza ..i get it! unhealthy fast food shit that differs in quality from branch to branch. clever.
  • Inspector G.
    I one saw a branch of Dominos that was a restaurant in and was deeply shocked.
  • Yurak u.
    I've never seen a decent review of Domino's yet, they're always deeply panned for being frankenpizza.
  • Cheesey
    This is what happens when you pay marketing people with crack cocaine. They spout shit about brands and branding. When in reality no-one really cares apart from the signmaker who will be creaming it in and laughing at the fucktard Dominos Marketing department as they book their Caribbean cruise.
  • KTF
    The main reason behind this is that by dropping the 'pizza' part, it means that they can expand the Dominos brand to sell more than just pizza in the future.
  • Yurak u.
    Bearing in mind they are a globally owned brand (pepsi innit)?? ..i'd say that makes no odds, what are they going to branch out in as experts in breadsticks? initation ivory fronted pub games such as dominoes? PS never play dominoes with an accountant ..they have a distinct advantage (dot counting bastards).

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