Pizza Hut draw unicorn at customer's behest - start doing your worst

Domino's Pizza Hut usually save their sense of humour when deciding new recipes for their barely edible pizzas. However, they've shown another side to their fun when a customer asked them to draw a unicorn on the box.

And that's exactly what they did.

Domino doodle

This gave us an idea. We're asking you to ask Pizza Hut (or Domino's) to draw things on your orders and send your pictures in to us. Anyone who manages to get them to draw a bit spunking phallus gets our ever lasting respect.

[via avid Bitterwallet reader Jeff Blankenburg]


  • phased
    Pizza Hut not Domino’s
  • Youngy
    Yup is definitely Pizza Hut:
  • Will
    Barely edible? Dominos pizzas are fucking beautiful.
  • PokeHerPete
    1. Its so old its not funny anymore. 2. Dominos > Pizza Hut kthxbai ^_^
  • The B.
    Urgh, how people eat at Pizza Hut is beyond me, I appreciate that kids like it but oooh no matron. Domino's isn't that far behind btw, neither is too far behind licking fecal matter from a dirty toilet.
  • Dick
    Please draw some fanny (British, not American) on mine, it will make the box taste nicer.
  • Martin S.
    Reminds me of this drawing...
  • windows a.
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