Dodge the 5p plastic bag charge by cutting off the handles

tesco bag Unbelievably, there's some people who are still going on about the plastic bag charge. Seriously. Just buy a rucksack and take it down the shops with you, or whatever.

Anyway, seems there's a way around this charge. The Card Factory has been dodging the 5p charge by getting rid of the handles on their carrier bags. Now, if you have to carry a lot of stuff, that might be a bit of a pain, but if you're determined to give away plastic bags in your shop, this could be just the thing.

The law says that, if your company has 250 or more full-time members of staff, you'll have to charge five pence for an unused plastic bag with a handle, and it needs to be 70 microns thick or less.

Now, as you can see, there's a loophole there that says 'handles'. Something of an oversight from those who brought in the new regulations back in October, but there you go.

So, The Card Factory isn't breaking the law, and of course, they're also doling out normal carrier bags, complete with their handles, for 5p if that's what you're wanting. If you're a shop owner, and want to sidestep the law, you now know how to do it. Go you!

In the meantime, we're going to have a look at some of the angriest responses to the carrier bag tax, again.


  • Shopper
    Does anyone know of any shops that have changed to PAPER bags (with handles) since the 5p charge?
  • Father J.
    It's not much of a loophole - think back to the last time one snapped on you and ask yourself how useful is a carrier bar with no handles?
  • Alex
    If you are a shop owner you likely employ less than 250 ft staff so the rules don't apply to you anyway!

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