Do you want Snappy Snaps to have your private personal info?

If you’re thinking about getting into the data theft business, you might want to start making long-term plans for your fiendish deeds and get a job in Boots or Snappy Snaps.

That’s because they’re among the companies that the government are aiming to charge with the task of collecting data when voluntary ID cards are introduced later in the year. The scheme (and it is a scheme) will be piloted in Manchester with the city’s residents applying online before attending the Passport Office in order to have their photo taken for their ID card.

But once the ID cards are rolled out across the country, post offices, pharmacies and photographic shops will be doing the work instead, which has led to fears that, as more personal information is collected, there will be a greater chance that it will fall into the wrong hands.

The government are determined to press ahead with the introduction of ID cards, claiming it will help in the fight against criminals, illegal immigrants, terrorists, rabid ghosts and out-of-control robot prostitutes.

Helpfully, to reiterate just how real the terrorist threat is, some new stop and search figures have just been released. Stop and searches under section 44 of the counter-terror legislation rose from 37,197 in 2006-07 to 117,278 in 2007-08.  The number of black people stopped under these powers rose by 322%, compared with an increase of 277% for Asian and 185% for white people. In the London area policed by the Met, eight out of the 8,222 people searched were arrested for terrorist-related activities.

Don’t have nightmares Britain. Seriously, don’t – there’s really no need to at all. Unless you belong to an ethnic minority of course.

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  • Mike H.
    So, while we're in the thick of a recesion, they want us all to fork out £60 and take half a day off work to travel to the nearest passport office, which will probably expire in 5 years causing us to do it all again just so they can keep tabs on us? Wankers.
  • Justin M.
    For us Mancunians that are part of the trial it means a 30 mile trip to the Liverpool passport office. They really aren't using joined-up thinking on this one. Paying for this would be about as enjoyable, useful and necessary as forking out for a parking ticket. I look forward to seeing a line of paranoid Daily Mail readers going to get theirs.
  • dvdj
    I've love to see the percentage figures for us Mancunians who actually go and get one of these id cards. Can't see anyone actually doing it unless forced to.
  • Justin M.
    I've no doubt a few local MPs, regional senior civil servants and their underlings will have their arms twisted into buying them in order to provide a 'good example' for the rest of us to follow. If New Labour were to watch an episode of Shameless and then realise how much of the city is made up of similar people to the characters in it, they'll soon realise that we've got the simple pleaseures and problems of life to be getting on with, without really caring about their bigger picture.
  • paul
    dont you just love the powers that be. whats going to happen when thousands if not millions of people refuse to get one. they better start building those titan prisons now to fit us all in
  • Nobby
    Don't all (after security) workers at Manchester Airport have to apply for them? That will help boost the take-up rate.
  • Joff
    I've been thinking about growing a beard for a few months but it hardly seems worth it now.
  • Schexy S.
    The percentage take up will be high. This scheme has been developed for several years, and they're going to make sure that it looks successful. Plus, people will buy anything they see on TV, even if it's just to see what it's like.
  • Justin M.
    Only if the majority of us are weak-willed saps who just do what they're told all the time. Oh, wait. I see your point.
  • stefor
    This trial starts up in the autumn, but next year if labour are kicked out, the conservatives have already said that they don't agree with the scheme and wouldn't run with it. So all us Mancs that go out and pay good money for one will have waisted are time and money getting one. I suppose it'll give some coke head an extra credit card for their wallet to cut a line or two with!! Also, what price is it? One minutes the news was saying the trial was going to be £30, then it went to £60!!
  • john a.
    Does anyone seriously believe the tories won't run with it? It's perfect for them, they get to keep the scheme and blame labour for it. Although I can't see the tories even getting in - I mean labour are bad (worse than bad even), but the tories are about the only party that are worse. Kick all the politicians out, and lets have some Direct Democracy (if not full on concensus decision making).
  • Ivan
    The reasons that Asians are searched more is because the terrorist threat in this country comes mainly from Islamic terrorists and the vast majority are indeed Arabic/Asian. Common sense really. I'd rather we are politically incorrect and safe, than tip toe around and I and my loved ones be blown to pieces.
  • Justin M.
    Ivan, Big Brother invading your life even more and charging you for it won't make you safer or more politically correct and ID cards won't halt terrorism because the deadliest terrorism comes from an enemy that avoids being hi-tech. They find ways around modern advances in tech and security because nothing made by man can't be forged, cracked, fooled or just plain avoided. The stop and search policy has seen a bigger increase in black people being searched ahead of Asian/Arabic. Having said that. your post isn't entirely relevant to what the rest of us are saying, but it's thinking like yours that leads to Nazi regimes gaining power. I'm not a leftie, I just see common sense and weigh up the evidence before reaching a conclusion.
  • Ron
    This is the first stage of "One World Order". Don't need to believe me, search Google for "Endgame" video. Watch it.
  • Justin M.
    Here's what I worry could happen: As the security-conscious govt edges towards tighter controls, we slip into a fascist police state. Then the govt that protects us becomes the govt that oppresses us. Then the terrorist villains actually become the liberating resistance fighters, and support for them grows even though their motives are selfish. Extremists get to say "we told you so" once all our freedoms are eroded and their actions look justifiable. Think about police brutality at a demonstation where an innocent bystander gets beaten and dies and this is the kind of thing we could expect on a regular basis. Just watch/read V for Vendetta for a nice bit of fictional media that explains the dreaded possibilities to you in in understandable and entertaining form.
  • James R.
    You just know with is doomed for the fuckup pile - it has that hell bent liar Jacqui Smith at the helm
  • Zleet
    I will refuse any attempt at a mandatory I.D card. Why the hell would we need an internal passport just so someone can demand to see your papers like some WWII movie. The last couple of terrorist actions (london bombing and Glasgow airport) were done by people who would have had no problem getting an I.D card as they had no previous affiliations or sent up red flags. Also many security experts say that putting peoples personal data on this thing will be an I.D theft nightmare as it will mean they only need the one thing to screw you over. 100% voluntary I would get behind but mandatory I.D just stinks of control.

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