Do you want 3DTV?

3DTV is about to be rammed down our TV throats. There's no point fighting it. It's the latest thing that is driving TV manufacturers and broadcasters wild with delight.

BrandRepublic have reported that Sony are really going for it, after unveiling plans to boost its 3D product range over the next year. They'll be launching TV, Blu-ray and gaming products, with the latter being a particularly exciting prospect.

Of course, it's not just Sony who are pushing for 3D. Channel 4 recently had a little jaunt through the possibilities of three dimensional TV (and will continue to do so over the weekend with a special live performance from JLS and Miley Cyrus).

Sky are promising a new 3D service and manufacturers have unveiled 3D-ready screens. This means 3DTV that doesn't need special glasses. If that works, then it could be a similar leap as seen when the world switched from black and white to colour TV.

The silver screen is pushing the envelope too, with a load of films coming out in 3D, and the biggest yet to come. Avatar will explode directly into our retinas over Christmas, with industry insiders continually creaming themselves at the possibilities of this new and improved 3D viewing.

One question remains though - will it take off?

Just how much do you want 3DTV? Personally, I can't be arsed watching my television with a pair of glasses on. The technology needed to give us specless 3D is probably some distance away from being affordable, which means that a lot of shows probably won't bother with it for a while. The majority doesn't even have High Definition yet. How badly do we need to see Pat St. Clement in superfine detail? Imagine her pawing at you in three sickening dimensions!

Are we going to end up with TV sets that have such a rich image that we'll all go blind during dazzling nature documentaries?

Is this really a brave new televisual world or is it just the latest trick to get us forking out for more technology again?


  • Pedant
    Like most technological advances involving AV if they get the porn industry on board it will happen rapidly.
  • TheDon
    Just another fad for the geeks of the world
  • Clement P.
    I am aware of the Eastenders character Pat Evans, reliably played by actress Pam St Clement, however I have no clue who this 'Pat St. Clement' person that you refer to is. Could you please clarify?
  • lutin
    @Clement Patrick Well done, you picked up on a typo. YOOOOUUUUUUU AAAAARE AWWWWWWESOME
  • ODB
    Bitterwallet.... Last years news....TODAY!
  • donttouchthehair
    These things are rubbish if you wear glasses already as you have to either wedge the things over the top of your specs or not wear glasses and not see properly anyway. Or wear contacts, but that's a faff just to watch a film!
  • donttouchthehair
    But . . . 3D porn could be a winner! Huzzah!
  • xman
    3d porn would just be scary.
  • Mizzie m.
    That diagram at the top is wrong. Blue wavelengths of light would be blocked by the red filter and vice versa.
  • Bored
    Is having to wear glasses really that much of an issue? I've been wearing glasses to improve my viewing experience for years and it's not too much bother. Anyway it's not like they're using those stupid red and blue ones this time round.
  • A B.
    2DTV was shit. Why would putting a 3 there make it any better?
  • Clement P.
    @lutin Thank you. I am.
  • Bored
    Having to wear the 3D glasses over normal glasses is shite. Maybe they'll be an option from Specsavers to get your own free pair of prescription 3D glasses when getting your normal ones like you do at the moment with prescription shades.
  • Junkyard
    I just wanted to agree with lutin - typos can be really annoying, so thanks for picking that one up Clement.
  • McBastad
    3D Tits ftw!
  • Zebs
    Errr the current set of 3D Tvs do still need glasses. And AFAIK they reduce the number of lines by half
  • Esarty
    I like turtles. They'd be awesome in 3D.
  • Mick T.
    I saw a demo of the Panasonic 3dtv and bluray setup in the Trafford Centre last month, it was friggin awesome, like looking through a window, it's really hard to explain so you actually appreciate the depth of field improvement but it is so immersive. I'm certainly keen for 3d to be picked up more. Yeah it's a gimmick, but it's all a step forward, and forward is the right direction.
  • maxtweenie
    I'm waiting for the Iphone app.......................
  • Clement P.
    @ Junkyard You're welcome. I don't believe that you can be too diligent in such typographical matters.
  • Someone's m.
    @Mizzie the mouse FAIL With the blue lens, you would not see the blue picture. Ergo, only the red would get through it. Think before you type. Not like me. Cunnut.
  • bummble
    @Someone's mum No thats wrong, Mizzie was right: Hold a blue Quality Street sweet wrapper over you eye, only blue light will go through it, red light will be blocked, e.g. every thing looks blue, and things that are red, like a red apple will look black.
  • raptorcigs
    theres a system out that actualy projects an immage onto the retina:)
  • charitynjw
    I saw something in 3D once (I looked up from the telly!!)
  • Zeddy
    @raptorcigs: Is it the lens in your eyes?
  • films3d
    At the moment 3D on television is not at an advanced stage to show off the true capability of true3d. Although many film companies have invested large amounts of money to show films in 3d, the only way at the moment to get the full benefit is to see a film at the cinema in glorious true3d. TV and dvd's can only handle anaglyph (the red and blue glasses) or the new colorcode system as seen on CH4 recently. 2010 see's the introduction of 3dTV's hitting the retail market but realistically I think we are some way off yet when the true effects of 3d are in your living room. More information on 3d available at
  • Steve
    FAIL What's the point in 3DTV, lol modt people haven't even upgraded beyond SD TV ffs. 3DTV is only good for new material that's been filmed in 3d, 99.9% of the stuff out there is in 2D, so you'll be watching mostly SD anyway. And the fact that you have to wear those stupid glasses, this technology is for rich geeks and nerds ONLY. Yup utterly pointless, most of us have more important things to worry about like surviving this global recession.
  • Rougeau
    This is my 4th time here now. I really enjoy your site and look forward to more reading!

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