Dizzying new targets for DSGi sales staff

Next time you’re in a branch of PC World or Currys and you look into the sunken eyes of the sales assistant who sidles up to you and launches into the Fives script, spare a thought for the pressure they’re under to deliver a result for their scheming paymasters.

Because, if information leaked to us by a PC World employee is to be believed, all sales staff now have to try and secure add-on sales of as many as TEN different products with every major item they manage to flog to you or I.

Buy a TV and immediately your friendly assistant will panic and switch into sales mode, striving to persuade you to also take Sky HD, a bracket or desk, the PC Performance package (essential when you’ve just bought a, erm, telly) or a premium lead. Premium mind you, one of them nice gold ones we imagine, not one of the cheap, shitty ones (that are overpriced at DSGi stores to start with.)

Buy a PC or laptop and the hard sell will begin for the aforementioned PC Performance, the dreaded Norton Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office, a laptop bag, mobile broadband and tech attachments (it says here.)

For the poor sod who’s trying to flog you all this tat that you probably don’t want, there’s some pretty stringent percentage targets to be met, across all ten of the add-ons. Meet their target on an item and you’ve got themselves a ‘strike.’

As our mole explains: “8/10 strikes is considered good, 5-8 is amber whereas 4 and below is red and means the employee can face a performance review. That’s a six-week process, with reviews three times every two weeks in which, if strikes don't improve, you will be dismissed.”

Hurrah! Way to engender a comfortable and positive thinking workforce DSGi! Shoppers, try not to be put off by the climate of fear next time you walk through the doors of your local branch of PC World or Currys. And if you’re feeling charitable towards your sales assistant, buy as many items from them as you can afford – if not, they’ll end up getting the boot and will probably be replaced by a robot that will physically squeeze you in the unmentionables unless you buy from their list of shame.

As ever, DSGi footsoldiers and customers, leave your thoughts in the box below…


  • Joff
    Why not make sure all your purchases are with the store manager, then watch them cringe when you refuse all their bolt ons?
  • Joff
    Actually, I'm not sure my sentence above was a question, please ignore the question mark at the end. #
  • Ian P.
    This seems to follow the coffe shop business model - Please can I have a cappuccino ? Do you want a cake with that or a sandwich... and takes it to the extreme. I can't see the similarities between the businesses other than both need to make a profit.... maybe I am missing something .. should coffee outlets start selling PCs ? and would you like a Mac to go with your frappaccino ??
  • Anon
    I left DSGi a month ago and this is exactly how it happens. The managers will not accept the fact that some customers want the TV or laptop by itself with none of the extras, especially norton and office. This has had a negative effect on the company as sales staff will tell the customer the product is not in stock if it is a "dry sale" even if the product is in stock. My new job involves me occasionally going back into DSGi stores representing a manufacturer and the pressure on the sales staff is so unbearable the customers know what is going on. My advice for the company would be to use the unemployment in the recession to find some brilliant sales staff who have been made redundant elsewhere instead of hammering "fives" into their heads and turning them into robots. I would be interested to hear what other DSGi staff think of this.
  • Robert
    This is taken from my Curry's receipt: Impartial advice We want to help you as much as possible in finding the right product for you. That's why we don't pay our colleagues any commission on the products we sell so you'll get impartial advice every time So basically, that's all a lie
  • elsie
    What a suprise, more news of this dreadful company once again forcing its staff to try and achieve the impossible. I truely hope when the job market evens out, they all find new jobs and leave. I wish all the sales staff the very best and hope if they serve me they don't get a disciplinary cos I never buy add ons. It's not that I don't ned them I'm just not prepared to be ripped of on price.
  • ssme
    glencurrys glen ross...
  • fuzzchopz
    Basically they don't get paid a commision anymore & haven't for a few years now but they get a bonus pay if targets are met for the whole store. The targets include a mystery shopper visit so if the result from that is bad it will cost the whole stores staff their bonus as well. I used to work for Currys they have had this type of target system in one form or another since I started with them over 10 years ago. They always bully their staff to sell all the add ons & to Pressurize customers into taking out service agreements (Which is illegal) & credit as well.
  • :D
    Used to work in The Tech Guys call centre (PCSC) ... a good handling time for a technical support call was 300 seconds, that's what your PC performance pays for. And cheap repairs.
  • Jase
    PC world is terrible for pushing add-ons. When I bought my PC in 2006, I upgraded my screen to a Sony Sdme-E96D 19" LCD monitor. That was a no-brainer as I saw both monitors and for an extra £50 it was worth the bigger, sharper screen (remember, 2006). Then they attempted to sell me PC Performance at £6.99 a month. I declined because I can fix my own PC better / quicker / cheaper than their 'Tech Guys' (btw, opening up your PC will void the warranty with PC World). Then they attempted to sell me Norton Anti-virus for £30. Count it, 3 attempted sales on 1 product. My world is a warehouse with employees desperately trying to keep their jobs, my world is PC world.
  • Ben
    What planet do all you lot live on. PC World is a 'Sales' company. Every retailer on a global level have targets - do you think Mr Smith the market stall holder doesnt set his staff targets so he can pay the bills. To slate PCW and DSGI for trying to make money is stupid. If you dont like it shop on the Internet were you'll get things cheaper and wont get the hard sell. Otherwise leave for the Communist state of China were capatalism isnt quite as highly thought of!!
  • Pressured
    the level of pressure dsgi are putting on their staff to perform is not worth the minimum wage they pay for it. I agree margins are being squeezed tighter and tighter by competition, but this is something that should be resolved by the stock planners securing better deals. DSGI's answer to why a customer will not take an attachment is that the sales adviser has not applied "fives" correctly. And if you cant use "fives" you are not fit to work there and are on the fast track 6 weeks out the door. The issue here is not the want to sell products or attach items which some customers do require, its way staff are pressurised into a minimum of 55% uptake of all the "key kpi's." If you hit all your targets you are doing a satisfactory job. There is no standard higher than that. Fives was brought in as a tool to help salesmen and customers get the best of their products, but the way its being applied has turned into a witch hunt. With morale through the floor in nearly every store wont be long before they sell up to best buy.
  • shaky
    Has any of the staff thought of taking this company to court? Surely this has to be against the law, hope someone on here can advise them? I also think people should stop shopping in PC World and Currys if this is happening.
  • Unabletopublish
    "Every retailer on a global level have targets" No, not in this way. I work for John Lewis, and I can assure you we are under no such add-on pressure. We are to try and make 1 add-on sale with each customer where appropriate, but we don't have to push any particular product. Mystery shop and internal monitoring checks customer service, and being pushy would count against us. Basically, we are to try and help and consider their needs, suggesting appropriate products with no limits on what we have to suggest (as long as we sell it).
  • Unabletopublish
    The end should read "(as long as we stock it)".
  • anonymous
    take the company to court? for what? for wanting to earn a profit? for wanting to avoid going bust and HAVING TO PUT EVERYONE OUT OF A JOB? the company is very clear and transparent with its colleagues... they train, they coach, they review and yes - eventually if someone isn't good enough - they sack... oh my god - they are as bad as EVERY OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE!!!!!!! can any of you tell me that any company at the moment can afford to employ a liability? what is it with the DSGI bashing? for crying out loud - get a life...! stating "i wouldn't shop there and you shouldn't either" is utterly pointless...PCW and CURRYS bring technology to the masses...where else will you all go? Comet? John Lewis? Good!!! fuck off and give them some grief for a change... PCW and CURRYS have loads of satisfied customers who wouldn't shop anywhere else - YES they pay a little bit more i am sure but people accept sometimes you need to pay a premium for service, a premium for choice, a premium for availability...NOT EVERYONE KNOWS what they need...NOT EVERYONE CAN buy off the net... honestly...i read these columns and can't help but shake my head...the blokes on here really need to go out and meet some women...and probably not the women that post on here because clearly they are a bunch of inbred pigs, clearly the last fat girl standing at a party guaranteed to be found crying in the corner... anyway...rant over...you lot have a nice day <- see - end on a positive note :-) 'hi ben :-)'
  • cuntscreams
    Unabletopublish:-this is what DSG should aspire to be. sadly they dont. they dont want to have a good customer service record, they just want to rape the public for money. they dont even know what demographic they are targetting and give with one hand (staff bonus) but then take away with the other (free online delivery/no free option in stores) what sort of idiotic company offers free delivery online but not in their stores? the targets set are referred to as 'Non Negotiables'. either get selling these things to this level or get out the door. surely if a customer has a say in buying something, then it IS negotiable?
  • dora
    What a sham of a company....... cant wait till they go bust, so i can see the smug ginger turds face in the bedford store, who claimed that Comet were makin a bigger loss than them, what a lie!
  • HeyDoYouHaveACaneoICanBorrowPlease
    Just to add fuel to the fire (as a member of the pcworld group) . All the sales guys now make a small percentage of the margin of goods they sell. Please note this... Our wages are now influenced ONLY by the high margin goods we can sell you. BUT - and it's a big but - Even if I sell a HUGE amount of peripherals and cables and accessories, but dont hit my 10 KPIs (thats attachments to you lot) ... I get fired. Yup, you read that right! I can make the company a shit ton of cash (and get a bonus!) , actually try to help customers and listen too them when they say they don't need Office or Norton, and the end result will be 6 weeks later I'm signing on at the local Job Center. OR, I can hate every customer who says no to anything I offer, and pressure people into having to have attachments they don't need, turn customers away who only want a "flat" laptop (there have now been two memos trying to stop this practice!) , and lose any chance I ever had of getting a bonus... But least I'll be able to carry on paying my rent just... Sorry guys, DSGi has forced me to turn into the sales guys you all hate and loath :(
  • HeyDoYouHaveACaneoICanBorrowPlease
    Addendum: It's nice to see the lovely lads and lasses at BitterWallet having a dig at DSGi without blaming the sales people too much for once (*gasp* was there almost a hint of pity for us?) . Who ever it was that leaked out the sales targets, kudos to you!
  • CompactDistance
    Got a laptop from Comet recently, reserved it online and picked it up from Crown Point after a Leeds match. "Do you need anything else with that?" "No, thank you." "OK that's £***.**" So maybe they're a bit better than DSG :)
  • TV's B.
    Having done my research, and found I was only being raped for about £10 by buying from the high street rather than online - I decided to take a trip to currys. Just imagine the look of complete and utter horror as I walked into Currys and demanded to buy a TV. Strangely enough after the initial shock, the only 'hard sell' I got was "do you want the extended warranty" "no thanks". Fair play.
  • go_rators
    "This is taken from my Curry’s receipt: Impartial advice We want to help you as much as possible in finding the right product for you. That’s why we don’t pay our colleagues any commission on the products we sell so you’ll get impartial advice every time So basically, that’s all a lie." Absolutely it's a lie, our current bonus system works across three dimensions of 10%, 30%, and 60% contributed to by several different areas of the store, with an entirely different system for pure sales staff - but mostly these work on margin target. An individual must make £50 pure margin PER HOUR to achieve 1% of the store margin on top of their pay packet, on the condition the store reach margin target. If the store doesn't meet margin target an individual must make £80 margin, again PER HOUR. To put that in some frame of reference a laptop or PC tower will typically have less than £50 margin, and usually closer to £20. The other elements depend on the 10 targets and mystery shoppers who read a Fives script before walking through the door because that's all that really matters anymore. Unachievable in any climate, particularly not a recession it must be said. The old bonus system was actually quite simple in comparison: Customer:"Do you take commission?" DSG grunt: "No absolutely not." Customer: "I'll take Norton, Office, and some Techguys service because you say I should then." DSG grunt: "That's £5 for every Norton, £5 for every Office and some other indiscriminate amount for Tech services, ab fab." Far more profitable for an good sales employee/soulless grunt, unfortunately this is where the company pissed away most of their profits last year. I also agree with Anon that customers know the difference in the pressure put on employees, Currys are in fact preferred by most people because you just don't get the hastle there.
  • Mike S.
    My mum bought a big tele from currys and when I found out she'd been flogged two scart leads for £50 I couldn't believe my ears. Firstly, she only needed one lead, and secondly £50!!! Needless to say I took them straight back and got a refund on them. To give them their credit they didn't complain about giving a refund. I then walked across the road to wilko and got a gold lead for £5.
  • carl n.
    Only 10 targets / KPIS that they need to hit 50% of, i am sales manager for a large suoermarket and our KPIS are near 20 and must be over 80%, as well as supermarkets i have worked for Comet and they have around 15 Kpis similar to that of Currys and PC World. Think the lot of you need to wake up to the real world! anybody bought somthing from Dell have you paid the price it states, have you had the sales phone call pushing sales much harder than any sales people! Also surly as there bonus is based on mystery shop this proves they want to get a balance between customer service and Profit! take it much of you have not worked in retail!!!
  • Currys B.
    [...] might be in the financial gloop and they might be guilty of hammering their staff into selling needless add-ons to customers, but Currys love a challenge and you’ve got to admire them for [...]
  • Unknown
    This article is 'as it is'. I used to work for PCW and they expect unrealistic sales targets. They used to expect the sales staff (people who are expected to perform like true sales people who are in fact just part time people who just want a bit of cash) to sell the Tech Guy services with about 30% 'strike rate'. So out of 10 sales 3 would need to have a Tech Guy service. Which some are a PC setup which costs £30 and are rushed by the tech guys (every tech guy can vouch this)(i used to be a tech guy) and the more pricey ones are £90 for a TV setup. What makes the whole system worse is they advertise 'deals' on the tele saying this laptop for £399 and then when a customer enters, they are expected to leave with spending about £600! Laptop - £399 Office and Norton - £99 Tech Guy service - £30+ Case £20 + USB Key? Discs? Printer? The list continues! I also now hear they want the store to sell 3% of tech guy services! So if they sell £20k of stock they want £600 of tech services! Poor tech guy who iss meant to action those sales plus serve the people on the desk, as they do not employ enough staff. Please spare a though for the poor tech guy whos on the service desk when you go in, when he likely has been on the service desk all day (often without a lunch) and has a list of jobs longer than his arm! End of rant. :)
  • Dave S.
    Just another good reason not to shop at PCWorld, even if it's the last place on earth.
  • Bob
    DSGi stores have over 300 KPI's - only 10 are pushed at the front line, the rest are left to the managers to deal with.
  • Shooter M.
    @ Joff: Yes, it was a question. In fact, it was a compound of two questions, and you were quite right to have a question mark.
  • apiratecalledstand
    Worst job I ever had. Worked there part time as a salesman 10 years ago, whilst a student. Was in almost in a fist fight with the store manager because I refused to sell £179 of cover, on a £399 eMachine to an ageing gent, who happened to be my old primary school teacher. "It's not your decision", he told me. "He was an easy target, you should have ensured you got a finance agreement, PPI, printer paper, cable, and look at him doddering - we could have done a PC set up" he continued I told him I had made my customer aware of cover [and the bleak benefits] - but we both agreed it was not worth it for his circumstances. I explained that my teacher was capable of plugging a machine in. I told him that my customer wasn't prepared to pay 29.9% APR, so he could 'afford' the premium 5 year service agreement for just around £16[ can't remember the specifics ] a month. I kept my moral high ground, whilst my manager went purple. My manager used an age old tactic of using a second sales guy to scare my customer into buying cover; with tales of how his PC might implode; but PC would replace it instantly, no questions [ha ha] The guy walked - we lost the sale, but my manager was happier with that - as the targets weren't affected. I was in a fortunate position whilst I worked there in that I didn't care less about keeping my job for such a company. I know others aren't so lucky My manager was a bully who physically pushed sales guys around, but without the fear of termination he had little power; which made him all the more beetroot. Dreadful company, mostly ok sales guys doing an impossible de-moralisng and unethical job. Yes - some people on here say = "It's a retail company = it's only doing what a retail company should do. " Of course it should try upselling and "adding value", but there's a line - and DSG left that behind 3 or 4 lightyears ago. I thought things might have changed since I left - but obviously not. If you ever get into the upselling/cover loop - please get the manager to do the upselling. And tell him where to stick his scart cable. But do insist on buying the product you came in for. [of course if it's a competative price in the first place] Despite several reviews - I wasn't ever actually fired.
  • Unknown
    "The guy walked - we lost the sale, but my manager was happier with that - as the targets weren’t affected" This is exactly the way 'they' work. I have known of CSAs to approach a customer and if they are not able to get the PC Performance they will tell the customer the item is out of stock. As if they have sold 2 items and are on 100% strike rate and then someone buys a item with no PCP, then this will effect their 'strike rate'. So they would rather loose the sale then make the small profit they make on the item. But this is not the CSAs fault...
  • Charlie
    The only thing PC World are good for is their practice of price matching with certain retailers. Reserve your item to collect in store (so you definitely know they have stock) then as you go to collect it, point out the cheaper price and say you want them to honour their Price Match Promise. "If you find a lower price for the same product and offer, we'll reduce our price by 110% of the difference – even up to 7 days after purchase! " Watch them squirm. They'll call managers. Argue with the managers. You'll win. It's fun. Especially when you've found a misprice and they have to honour it.
  • Monkey
    If the staff can't sell after all the training and support then they clearly are not sales people and need to leave, if a bricklayer can't build a wall after 2 years then he ain't a builder. Simple.
  • Rubisco
    ^^^ Of course it's the CSAs fault, nobody forced them to take a job at PCWorld The 'I was only following orders' argument didn't stick for war criminals, and it doesn't work for you, sorry.
  • Rubisco
    took too long typing that, by ^^^ I meant @unknown 1:01pm
  • smudger
    bitter bitter wallet Get a life As already stated, If your a sales person, then do your job, If not then fuck off to McDonalds. Easy as, no need for them to be managed out of the business.
  • Ian P.
    CSAs will take advantage of a system if it is not well thought out....losing sales to ensure targets are met is an example... of a company who plainly has not got their business model anywhere near right........
  • anonymous
    here's an idea... would all of you miserable twats on here that feel the need to bash pc world at every opportunity do us all a favour? either stop shopping at pc world (which clearly you do by the annecdotal bollocks you come up with) or if you insist on shopping there, keep your traps shut... if i didn't like a store that much, i would choose not to shop there...i wouldn't feel the need to tell the world WHY i didn't shop there...i'm not the 'free choice' police...! in addition, your opinion is exactly that - your opinion...YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY BE WRONG!!! Get a fucking life
  • Ian P.
    re "here’s an idea" …if you don't want to comment on this article then you don't have to.. . free speech n'all
  • Unknown
    anonymous - thats your opinion. "your opinion is exactly that - your opinion…" seems you contradicted yourself...
  • Unknown
    "after all the training and support" What training? What support?
  • PCW e.
    Its all true! Save us! Please. 6.10 per hour to meet 10 KPIs. No other jobs avaliable. They've done it at the right time, when PCW employees cannot find another job.
  • cuntscreams
    6.10 an hour? where? try 5.77 at currys and digital stores
  • Anonymous
    I'm currently working out on the 'front line' at a PC World store in the North of England, and having worked there for some time I can vouch that nearly everything in this thread is true. Managers' jobs are clear. Deliver KPIs, or lose your job. Other managers out there are ruthless and these are the people your performance is compared against. If you're not up to it, then you're going to get sacked (or go through the demoralising 'review' system...) This in turn directly affects the pressure on sales colleagues. Now 10 KPIs for every sale with 6 based on laptops and 4 on televisions. If you aren't hitting 8/10 you're classed as 'amber', or 'not performing well enough'. This means that you have to attempt to sell (and try to keep track); PCP, Office, Norton, TechGuys services, laptop bags and mobile broadband to every customer, and if you aren't selling the products to 'enough', you're failing at your job. I know managers and sales colleagues that would happily let customers walk than sell something 'flat'. 'Fives' contradicts this entirely, being quite a customer-friendly approach, but in PC World stores it simply doesn't work. One minute you're hearing: "You MUST sell a minimum number of product X to X number of customers" and the next you're hearing "Provide the best solution for the customer". Sadly, you can't have both. And all of this is without even getting on to the pushing of the 'Smartplan' business proposition onto each and every customer that walks through the door. "Why buy the products you'd like today when you can temporarily have them for three/four years, pay double for them than you would buying them outright, and then we can take them off you at the end of the contract?" Again, another example of PC World pushing money-making products onto innocent customers that want only to buy a kid's netbook as a Xmas present. The pressure sales colleagues get put under isn't bad if you were paid £10 per hour basic aside from bonus. That way, you're being rewarded for it. But most sales staff at my PC World are being paid £5.73 per hour, and that's no way enough to endure the relentless target-setting and monitoring that goes on each and every day you work there.
  • unknown
    ^^^^ I'm glad you have clarified every thing I have said and I feel for you. I have been there and done it!
  • anonymous
    to all pc world employees on here critical of the company... all we're getting is "moan moan moan moan" if you don't like working there, fuck off and get another job don't whinge about the job market...there are plenty of other things you can be doing go work for mcdonalds i am sure their targets of 'going large' against each meal purchase would be easier to hit? why on earth would you stay working for a company 'that treats you sooooo badly'...you're only under pressure if you're shit...do us a favour and leave
  • Dave S.
    To all PCW employees, if you don't want us to moan about your crappy little store and how you earn £5/hr to meet 10 KPI's, don't go running to BW for sympathy, you'll just get shit off the likes off us. That is the whole point of being able to comment, TO VOICE YOUR OPINION you don't like peoples opinions? TOUGH SHIT! But that's just my opinion...
  • JJ
    ^^^^^^^^ What a twat And judging by your post you work for dsgi, are you one these arsehole managers 40k+ a year enjoying your new found powers of dismissal, finally able to get one over the sales guys that have hated you for years, or are you one of the Hemel twats on 60K and get the weekends off. I just left the company, through my own choice not dismissal, i just couldn't bear it there any more, it was bad enough before with the kind of arsehole customer that most probably posts on here, thinking they know it all and i'm there to steal there life savings, but add all this fives crap and pressure selling to hit kpi's shit, i'm just glad i was in the position to be able to leave, not everyone is. Oh by the way Keith Jones, your a twat. FIVES is a fucking stupid idea to be forced on good sales guys, use it to train new guys but don't enforce it on everyone, you dick.
  • Anon W.
    That is the thing. I understand we need to meet targets to make money for the company and that it what were employed to do, however theres a line, an ethical line which shouldn't be crossed. First of all so that the customer doesn't feel pressured, and secondly so that the staff aren't bursting into tears due to the amount of pressure they're under. PCW want to be seen as a 'John Lewis' type shop, but instead of spending loads of money refurbishing the shops, they should take a leaf out of successful shops like John Lewis's book and look at what kind of customer service they offer. Too often customer service is compromised for sales.
  • Anonymous C.
    I think they have to enforce it on everyone, as then it leads to at least two different ways of selling, adding more confusion. FAO those who work in DSGi stores, how many of you outside mystery shops actually use Fives on a day to day basis? Just curious to know.
  • Anonymous
    Not many did when I was there... Its not practical and due to the volume of customers and lack of staff - you are worn out after the first few customers and going through he whole spewl again is tiring. Especially after going through it all, you have to go to the SFM like a naught boy and say "sorry I never got it on this" then usually you are told to go back and offer them first month free on PCP, the customer says no, you report to SFM and they say "say we will give them 2 months free". The customer clearly doesn't want it and by this stage they are on the verge of walking out. The managers don't care that the customer thinks that, as long as they can ticket the PCP field on there sales sheet they dont care.
  • Anonymous C.
    And that's the problem. Fudging the PCP/WEH strike rates is what keeps a lot of people in a job. I should know, i went from one week to being on the chopping block to the next week being top of the CPR! It's a definite flaw in the way the new CPR is measured that it doesn't reward people with volume of sales, only those who are the most profitable. Anyway, bitter wallet are a bunch of wind up merchants when it comes to DSGi and we're playing into their hands if we keep pointing out the failings of the company.
  • go_rators
    "If the staff can’t sell after all the training and support then they clearly are not sales people and need to leave, if a bricklayer can’t build a wall after 2 years then he ain’t a builder. Simple." If you think for a second that 90% of DSG staff get any kind of training or support you are sorely mistaken, did you really think this company takes the time, money and effort to actually TRAIN people?? We are not a computer specialist company, we are a group of staff in scattered stores who sometimes have a personal interest in computing etc - and that's if you're lucky. And @ Cowherd, I have never used Fives, cumbersome and NOT fit for every customer, I'm just waiting for my mystery shop.
  • Anonymous
    "who sometimes have a personal interest in computing etc - and that’s if you’re lucky" Spot one. I would say around 40% of the people in the store have a interest in computing and technology. The rest apply just as a part time job for cash - which there is nothing wrong in doing that! But the level of training reaches to as far as a workbook which needs to be completed in the first week or so of joining the company. The work book mostly covers health and safety, not any knowledge. i joined as was knowledgeable on computing etc and the first time on the shop floor I was told to assist a customer, which was with a laptop sale. I said to the sales manager at the time that I didn't know the products we sell (yes I know about ram,cache, displays etc but I didn't know which models we provided etc) and I was told to read off the ticket!
  • Anonymous C.
    @ go_rators There is training there if you need/want it. The PLC, whilst not being the that extensive provides info on quite a bit of products you might not have known much about. I don't know what it's like for PCW staff, but from a Currys standpoint it's not bad. Only this week i've been on Microsoft training, in the past i've been to training with other companies such as Samsung. The training is there if you want it, you've just got to ask for it.
  • cuntscreams
    “If the staff can’t sell after all the training and support then they clearly are not sales people and need to leave, if a bricklayer can’t build a wall after 2 years then he ain’t a builder. Simple.” wrong, so very wrong. does the bricklayer give the bricks a choice in where they want to go? does it ask the bricks any questions? no! he or she puts the supplied bricks down and forms a wall. comparing this to being a sales person in an electrical retailer is showing naivety and simplistic stupidity. You ask a customer if they want Norton 360, they say no you ask why? is it cos they already have an internet security solution? they say no but they wouldnt use Norton if it was free cos their friend has told them its shit and slows your computer down. You ask if they've tried it to see for themselves, they say no and repeat they don't want it. Under the FIVES we should as then if they'd prefer to purchase Kaspersky, or Mcaffee instead. but we don't, as they're not part of the CPR number and won't count as an attachment. You ask if they use/need/want Microsoft Office. they assume its already on the computer as it was on their last one. its been around 3-5 years since they bought one though. you go through explaining how its now only a 60 day trial but they can pay £69-79 (depending on the deal at the time) for it instead of £99. they'll generally look horrified at the price, say it should be free, ask why we cant reduce it any more, say they'll get a copy from their friend who told them about Norton, a torrent site or use open office. you ask if they want a bag, our tech friend service, a printer, fuck knows what else, each time the customer wanting to know if its gonna be free or severely discounted. fucking idiots dont advertise anything else bar the sale product. they advertise the 300 quid laptop reduced by £50 or whatever, but they dont advertise the add ons. so the customer turns up with £300, maybe £320 if they think they might need to buy a bag but will always ask you for one free. customers are a lot more savvy with sales people these days too. they want shit for free from massive companies, or they want it so friggin cheap its obscene. they dont wanna pay the ticket price, they wanna make you an offer. if you wanna fuck up the sales people at DSGi, if they tell you something is out of stock cos you don't want to buy anything else with it, ask them to show you the screen proving it. if you feel sorry for them, offer to tell their SFM or branch manager that they offerred you all the services but you are perfectly happy with just the laptop, PC, TV whatever.
  • Anonymous
    hahah the above is great! This sums it up in one.
  • Anonymous C.
    @ cuntscreams - you don't happen to be one of the members of the dsgi groups on facebook, do you?
  • PcWorld S.
    The Targets / KPI’s are thus If you’re buying a Laptop expect the follow 30% attachment with a Bag 10% or 15% attachment with Mobile Broadband If you’re buying a Desktop or a Laptop expect the following 55% PC Performance 20% TheTechGuys Attachment 50% Norton 360 Attachment 30% Microsoft Office 2007 Attachment For TV’s its the following 55% attachment TV Performance 50% Furniture Attachment 40-50% Premium leads And One/Two Sky HD a Week Some of the Attach rates will be slightly off I don’t quite remember them as I don’t work Sales. Also the Scottish stores are under pressure for Mobile broadband as DSGi are pushing alot of adverts in the TV’s and papers to regain stand alone broadband form Carphone Warehouse Yes they push these figure, Some are unresonable and degrade the customer experiance. But only one Sky HD a week is resonable, and the N360 and MSO are within hitting target and we usually do them. But Premium leads and furniture are such a rip off we end up discounting off the price of the TV in order to hit these KPI's, so there goes our margin. The easiest ones to hit are the Bags and TV PCP. The bags used to be 25% now its gone up to 30%, our store didn't have any problems with bags as most customers buy a new bag with a newlaptop. Especially Uni students as its almost a fashion thing. And PCP TV's is a sinch to sell, its £3/£4 a month, peace of mind against any accidents. I'm just glad i don't have to do sales, I think if they took me out of clinic I would quit straight away.
  • go_rators
    @ Cowherd Four years I've been here, and I've not been directed to anything other than Product Learning Centre which quite frankly is absolutle rubbish. The knowledge is basic at best, and more often than not the same information has been copied and pasted between windows, the title has been changed from "ISO" to "Flash" and the body doesn't change! They don't even bother to check they've completed it correctly - how can someone have any faith in that system? I agree that some people are here to make weekend cash and that's okay, but even these people need to know anything about something. Technically DSG is a service industry, people don't always come in to buy a PC or a TV sometimes they want advice, or something random or a hard-to-get item. Admitedly they probably shouldn't come to us but that's not the point is it?
  • Monkey
    Ref training: we can only give you the tools to do the job what you do with them is up to you
  • the t.
    Well despite how much i think DSGi sucks, i wouldnt want them to go bust because i have friends there who have jobs and need them to survive. I feel for them though, its tough times and it seems unlawful ones too. Long term or high paid staff are being 'muscled' out of their jobs. 1 member or staff was suspended for doing what they call a 'buy back resell', for those who dont know what this is, it is a companys way of defrauding the manufacturers. A customers buys a pc or whatever, 3 months later its broke and they have nothing but trouble with it. the item is refunded back from the customer and returned to stock as a pre owned item ready for sale again. this item is then 'sold' buy a member of staff for cash then refunded as 'faulty' so they can now send the goods back to the manufacturer for their 28 day faulty policy. This happens many times on a daily basis. Now he was suspended for it and kicked out the business center because it was a higher rate of pay. Another staff member broke open a cd box worth £5 that was in pc clinic filled with recovery system discs ( yes copied recovery discs ) for a customer because someone had taken the keys with them. he was suspended even after offering to pay for a replacement (even though the cd box had now been fixed). then theres me, i saved the best til last, i was dismissed for having a thought ! with the current climate i thought about maybe owning my own computer training business. even though this was merely a thought and nothing was acted upon, i was dismissed for gross misconduct ( another long term high paid staff member ). but it turns out i am bankrupt and cant own my own business or be affiliated with another business which would have been the one i was going to ' own '? methinks a court case may be coming your way dsgi ;) oh and this all happened within 2 weeks. so guys, the sales ppl are under tremendous pressure and would love to spend lots of time and sell you want you need, but they cant even though Fives is for exploring the customers needs( and has overcoming objections if they dont want a particular item) ,it simply is a tool, a tool for levering out staff for when it sinks, no need to worry so much about all that redundancy pay out then eh ?
  • Specialist
    It's consistent pressure, 7 years & when it comes to MY department I know my stuff.. still threatened by the regional manager with the sack because I am not a 5ives robot.. KPI KPI KPI KPI.. It's getting on my tits. Where does the customer come in this KPI driven world?????????????????????????????????? I will sell what is right for the right person in the way I have always done and that is why I have so many repeat customers... Because THEY come first!!
  • cuntscreams
    @ cuntscreams - you don’t happen to be one of the members of the dsgi groups on facebook, do you? nope didnt know there was one, am gonna go look for it now.
  • Car S.
    I decided to leave and become a real salesman when I watched my manager smashing a (boxed) laptop off the walls down the stairs because the customer wasn't buying norton, office or pcp. £700 pounds worth treated like a piece of trash just because they didn't NEED the extra services. I left and life is better, I work for a proper company now.
  • Ten B.
    [...] full list of unnecessary shit that DSGi staff are obliged to try and flog to you. If they don’t fancy the sack that [...]
  • cheapskate
    The thing that pisses me off most about PCW is that they won't/don't/can't discount ex-display or returned items. The goods are soiled/used but they expect you to pay full retail for them. Chancers!
  • TJ
    I do feel sorry for the staff there as its pretty darn hard to get a job out there at the moment. Last week I was i PCW looking for a cheap MP3 player to use when walking the dog. Think I went there following a Hotukdeals Sony post. Anyway could not find it and was just going when this v nice CSA, an older lady started talking to me and pointed me to a 2GB Sansa Clip in a display that was reduced to about £10. I said yes please and she went away to get stock only to come back and say that the display one was the last which I accepted and which PCW charged me £4.9X for. Nice staff, good service and great price.
  • HeyDoYouHaveACaneoICanBorrowPlease
    @cheapskate. thats dsgi policy for you. I had a written letter of concert (read: slapped wrist) for doing 10% off a monitor that had been on display for months and have no box. the official line is: head office discount down stuff to clear, knowing most of it will come off display so the discount will already have been applyed. My advice is, ask the advisor to order one in from another store thats pristine. Sometimes it can happen!
  • Kevin
    What I find funny is that in most cases how many people would actually need all these additional things anyway? Not like they're required. So they must assume a % of people would never buy them anyway.
  • cuntscreams
    of course they assume a certain percentage do and don't need these things, thats why the attachment rate is not 100% on everything! however, we ARE supposed to use our hypnotic 5's skills to overcome why someone might not like paying for a Premium AV scart or HDMI.
  • Anon
    Went back into my old store today to find out that the water machines and drinks vending machines are being pulled out of the stores to cut costs! Not only do they want sales staff to hit outrageous sales targets but they must do so without access to fresh water or tea or coffee!!!
  • customer s.
    love the service and help brilliant pcw always been great to me and my family and the tech guys are brilliant ! great customer service well done
  • smicker
    Posted by Anon | August 2nd, 2009 at 6:23 pm "Went back into my old store today to find out that the water machines and drinks vending machines are being pulled out of the stores to cut costs! Not only do they want sales staff to hit outrageous sales targets but they must do so without access to fresh water or tea or coffee!!!" Your a muppet. So if they take away these machines the staff cant drink anything. These machines charged the colleagues, it wasnt free. The canteen is still in every store. Not a wonder you dont work there anymore, you most likely wanted people to sell for you as well. Have you moved on to McDonalds, Custard
  • anon
    "Have you moved on to McDonalds, Custard" Is that a question? Because it certainly needs a question mark. Perhaps it is you who belongs in McDonalds.
  • Anonymous
    "love the service and help brilliant pcw always been great to me and my family and the tech guys are brilliant ! great customer service well done" A happy customer?? I assume you haven't had to take the items you bought back yet? If you do, take a chair. Your likely be waiting for a while at the service desk while the poor tech guy is rushed off his/her feet. I'm assume the "sale guy" didn't follow company process then and push the extended service and unwanted products. If thats the case - lucky escape!
  • Donald M.
    Strangely enough, the pro dsgi people on here keep using McDonalds in a derogatory way yet I believe that Macdonalds actually pay higher wages and have a better career developement proposal then currys. And you get free lunch every day. Just thought i'd mention it.
  • dadsa
    At the end of the day a job is a job, and if you need money you work where you can, and if you don't like the service you don't shop there, yes the add ons are pushed and yeah the insurance is push but if you don't want it don't have it and if you don't want it take it i mean when i go there i always just come out with what i know i wanted to buy and if i want a hdmi for 50 and i am happy with that price i will buy one i would rather the sales person offers me all the addons and stuff than not give a shit and me go home with something i could have brought
  • dadsa
    Brought and needed*
  • dadsa
    that should have been needed not brought
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    Most of my friends have left DSGI now, and I am happy for them, it is now a dreadfull company that should be closed by the government for the shamefull way it treats Customers and staff ! I feel ashamed I ever worked there, all I can say is I left before it got too bad and was not one of the "new" managers that bully staff and treat Customers like shit unless they agree to be ripped off by the shitbag company they love and worship! I feel sorry for all the "good" DSGI staff who have to sell their souls to pay their rent!
  • Another E.
    Here are our targets (KPIs) PC Performance:: 55% Services: 2.5% of total saves, and 20-30% attachment rates (just changed, can't remember exactly) Mobile Broadband: 15% attachment Norton 3shitty (360): 53% Microsoft Office: 35% Laptop bags: 30% PC Perm with TV: 50% Stand/Bracket: 50% Premium Cable: 50% Sky: 15% Sales about £300-400 an hour you work. Smartplan: 1 a week (Business renting plan) As you can see the targets are high, and keep getting higher and higher. They pressurise us to hit our targets - in the morning briefing its like, "Hello, Our targets are this. we are on this. we are doing shit. Perform or be sacked". It's not right. People who are not getting at least 6 strikes are being put onto performance managagement as previously mentioned - I know a couple of people it. I only JUST missed out on it. The managers don't care if the customer already has the product, or don't want it as they are also under pressure I think from higher management. Also, the little green round stickers you see on the tickets are "high margin" goods, and earn a good bob for the company. @Donald MacIpod, McDonalds pay a lower wage as I have a friend who works in one, yes they get a free lunch however. My wage is £6.10 an hour, this went up after I completed FIVES training. There are FIVE rooms to Fives (ironically!): Room 1: GREET - Match + 1 --- Greet the customer, giving a more friendly approach back to how they currently are. Room 2: Engage - What brings you into the store today? - Are you just browsing/having a look? - Shall I come back in a few minutes to check you are still okay? Room 3: - Are you buying for business? - Are you currently a pc performance customer? - How are you paying, cash, card or monthly payments? - S-Box: --- Why buying? (why they want a new one) --- What did you love? (about the old computer) --- What would you change? (about the old computer) --- What if? (i could show you a good one Room 4: Tailor - Have you considered A or B? - What is more important to you? - How close? (meaning how close is the sale to the budget compared to the needs) Room 5: Happy - Ask the customer if they are happy - FIVE MAGIC WORDS: happy, you, new, yet, still (use these to stimulate the customer) Forgotten bits of it, they say you don't have to go through rooms 1 - 5 chronologically, as long as you mention everything. The other thing is they tell you to mention PC Performance early, and ask if they have it before, they look confused or whatever and say I'll come back to that later. And keep saying if they remind you until nearer the end but not too far from the end. This keeps them guessing and "plants" the name into their head and they think it makes them want it more, As you can see its a load of bollocks, luckily I'm in the process of getting a new job, and might hear back in a couple of weeks.
  • Donald M.
    Another PC World Employee said:- "My wage is £6.10 an hour, this went up after I completed FIVES training." & "McDonalds pay a lower wage as I have a friend who works in one, yes they get a free lunch however." So minimum wage is £5.73. You get 33 pence more than this. A big mac meal costs £3.30. £3.30 divided by 8 hours = 41.25 pence. Minimum wage plus meal allowance on an 8 hour day at macdonalds = £6.14 per hour. Your wage = £6.10 per hour. I'm not trying to stress you out but I have to ask are you really better off? And do YOU get a free McFlurry?
  • Apple M.
    Just think, If you saved up all of those 4 pence profits you make each hour, It would only take you 2500 hours to get a FREE* Norton and office bundle. *when purchased with a laptop or pc.
  • Karm A.
    Well i must say i have beng blasted with the following also they have a new pacage £188.00 TECH FREND OFFICE 2007 NORTONS 360 ONLINE DATA BACK UP OR TECH GAY OFFICE NORTONS £158.99 OR OFFCE NORTONS £86.99 or all of the above plus WEH and a blow job..
  • :/
    Wish employees would stop posting details about fives. Get over yourselves, it's a "toolbox", not a script. Every sales job requires a pitch, this is just a guide. Yes targets are high, but these are tough times. It would be nice if fellow employees would stop undermining the company. I don't expect any sympathy from the public, but what I would like is maybe a little respect. No discount on non-pristine items, who's forcing you to buy them? Some add-ons are useful for people. If you don't care about getting the best possible picture from your new £1000 TV, then by all means, go across the road to Tesco and buy a £5 HDMI lead. Why pay a little extra to shop at a DSGi store? Because we know the difference between HDMI and component, Windows and Apple, Condenser and Vented tumble dryers etc. Can't comment on other stores but I see the same customers come back again and again. Don't let fives get you down if you work with the company, Learn how to use fives in your day to day and it becomes a lot easier for everyone. And finally, as far as commission goes. As far as i'm concerned we get none. People seem to think we make hundreds of pounds a week in commission. The best i've ever seen is £100 in a month, and trust me, it wasn't worth the effort. The modern day commission is, put bluntly. being able to keep our jobs.
  • Choc
    To Another PC World Employee Can't wait for you to get a new job, hope it's soon. You sound like a waste of space.
  • anon
    There are two types of sales people within DSGI. There's the friendly passionate and motivated type. These people will see customers as a potential sale and make the effort to build rapport. If they know the customer isnt buying today they will make the effort so the customer has reason to come back and see them and them alone. They will spend time building rapport and trust. They will ask probing questions, that give them hooks so that when the offering addional products and services, they can be confident the customer wants or needs. Then there is the second type. These will "hang around" the laptop section waiting for a sale. They are knowledgable, and polite, but if they sniff a "time waster" they will get rid of them as quickly as possible. They will not build rapport. Both types may or may not acheive a similar amount of sales, but the second type will struggle with the KPIs. Their sales will be made up of the customers that march in with £350 and buy the one they have seen advertised and nothing else, and then leave. The problem is that DSGi doesnt pay enough to keep people with the serious people and selling skills. If they do find themselves in a Currys store its not long till their lured away to a car dealership, or selling sofas. If your a sales person and your struggling with your KPIS ask yourself - are you a laptop hanger or a relatiolnship builder. My guess is your #2.
  • out h.
    Keith Jones says, and its now in print (so all you dsgi people print it off and keep it for your capability meeting)its not about the KPIs but about getting the best solution for the customer. Unfortunately he seems to lay the blame for non KPIs at the sfms door , so any sales managers out there start getting your CV ready because its your fault that this is the customers second machine and they have already bought anti virus with multiple licence and have also already purchased office. If i was a sales manager i would list every and i mean every customers objection to each KPI if my store then did not acheive its KPIs i would take this into my capability meeting as proof and they are big on the proof thing are DSGi, with Keiths message and show them why i had not hit targets. If i was the sacked in 6 weeks as its the same for managers then maybe i would have some clout in a law court who knows but it would be worth the effort i think.
  • Undecided b.
    I,m in the market for a 50" Plasma TV. I,ve seen a nice Panasonic but am undecided whether to purchase it from the DSGI group or fork out that little extra to get it from John Lewis with a 5 Year guarantee thrown in. After sales service is of great importance to me should such an expensive piece of kit break down. Currys are more local to me than John Lewis but there are bad stories and rumours circulating of the diabolical bad repair service currently being offered by The Techguys ? seems they made a lot of engineers redundant last winter ? Does anyone on here know the real situation as things now are with Techguys repairs ? What about John Lewis,s after sales service, are they good, bad or indifferent ?
  • Barbie
    Buy it from currys and take whateverhappens, sky hd, a wall bracket and a gold plated hdmi lead...
  • SteveNorth
    I purchased a laptop from them, got the add on, squeezed a free laptop case out of them, would not have made the purchase without the free inducement. My friend also got the a free case with her laptop pushing them on my advise. buy audio, free headphones, buy a TV, free stand or wall bracket,VCR, free pack of tapes, likewise with DVDs. this is the way it should work. On the Darwinian survival of the fittest principal, these companies will be left with hard nosed bullies on their sales floor, which in the end will cost them sales as the public will vote with their feet. Whist at college in the 70s I worked at a filling station, they wanted oil sales, so every customer had to be badgered to check their oil and I can remember having polish shoved at me in the shoe shop, it always upset them if I assumed they were offering it as a gift!! So really there is nothing new in it, only the poor sod being sacked. I am thinking of a fives version for the customer, why should he/she be unprepaired!
  • mr D.
    you know I hate DSGI (even though I work at currys). My main problem is the lies in all the training DVDs we get in. They always use the term "FIND THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR YOUR CUSTOMER" But if a customer has a TV stand house insurance and no blue ray player then they don't need any fucking add ons, but yet for some crazy reason I'm still targeted on this shit. Oh and 5's is the biggest load of bull shit ever I got taken off the shop floor for not using it and after the test shops was over whey Im back out there selling.
  • Mary L.
    I did once offer a customer a blow job! He did take all the attachments and pcp, I got disiplined!!!!
  • KPIs F.
    I've seen one sales guy make 4 times as much margin as another guy on the same hours, but he can lose his job because he has under 5 KPIs (strikes). So the guy making the company 75% LESS money gets to keep his job just because he has the 5+ KPIs! Make sense? This is where the problem lies: They think the stores getting 7+ strikes must be using FIVES to give customers what they need. However, using FIVES will result in less strikes because the targets are NOT based on what customers have said they need (e.g. 55% of people do not need or want Norton. Most have free Internet Security software from their IP, or have another license on their recently purchased Norton, or are very happy using AVG/ Kasperski/ McAfee). Instead, the targets are based on these top performing stores that are either full of hard sellers, play the figures with discounts, or are located where people know little about technology and so will buy everything. It's more likely that the stores with few KPIs are using FIVES to give customers what they really need. Sacking all the staff with low strikes will leave the stores full of pushy sales people, and no one will want to shop there anymore. Sadly, I think this will only be realised when it is too late.
  • no g.
    I work for DSGi (Currys) and what is said above about meeting the targets and if you don't your on a disciplinary is 100% CORRECT. I actually have nightmares about not meeting my targets, to the point that I am on prescribed medication.
  • no g.
    Posted by Ben | July 28th, 2009 at 5:53 pm What planet do all you lot live on. PC World is a ‘Sales’ company. Every retailer on a global level have targets - do you think Mr Smith the market stall holder doesnt set his staff targets so he can pay the bills. To slate PCW and DSGI for trying to make money is stupid. If you dont like it shop on the Internet were you’ll get things cheaper and wont get the hard sell. Otherwise leave for the Communist state of China were capatalism isnt quite as highly thought of!! I agree sales is target driven job in any retailer, BUT to be threatened with words like "If you don't use fives then find another job." or asked "Why didn't that customer want to protect there new lap top against virus's? I'm going to get my rear kicked if we don't hit the targets, and you know it falls down over!"
  • Steve
    Incredible: OK I´ve worked retail for 30 + years (All my life 15 years at the high end!!). Yes sales targets are necessary and important. But you DSGi guys take the buscuit. Or maybe I´m mistaken and it´s the Managers, and by Managers , I mean the Area Managers or Directors. This is a recession! Yes the bolt ons are important, this is the cream that pays bonuses and makes acompany grow / expand. But you need to survive the recession! ALL of you! Most of you are missing the point. It is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.Provide what the customer wants, make sure you advise them on thier needs and possible pitfalls if they ignor your advice, BUT get a sale, with the customer leaving with WHAT THEY NEED, NOT what you want at all costs. This provides CUSTOMER LOYALTY. This provides CASH FLOW, this pays YOUR salary, it means THERE IS STOCK TURNOVER. It means the company can then buy UP TO DATE stock. You get REPEAT business because of good service, sound advice! You all seem to be at war with each other! Why! Whats more important? The Bolt ons or the Sale? Think I´m talking out my A**E? I setup my own Computer Company in Spain, on the above principles! AND we are surviving in a Spanish Market where prices are higher, and with a low pound!
  • no g.
    Well said Steve. I also think the amount of pressure that is put on us guys on the shop floor at DSGi's stores is counter productive, 4 out of 14 of my collegues are on disciplinarys. Even I have been threatend with a disciplinary and I am the top performing full time sales assistant and that was all because I didn't use the script called FIVES. If I wanted to learn a script I would have become an actor.
  • argh!
    The most irritating thing about working for dsg is as support staff (who have to sort out all the fuck ups sales staff have made due to whatever crap they have told the customer to get add ons) is that we don't even get any bonus unless sales staff get the store through margin and sales target!
  • Ryan
    Businesses exist to make money. Targets and KPI's are found in almost all major businesses and have been for decades. Sales people who perform well and consistantly will almost certainly progress either through more responsibilities or an increase in pay. Those who don't perform are costing the company money and will be closely monitored and perhaps eventually dismissed. This is true in almost every single business on the planet. DSGi are a large and respected company who are trying to survive through a challenging trading environment. Many companies have fallen already. A Currys employee (or PC World) is trained to speak with customers and solutionise for them. They will establish what the Customer will need in order to be completely happy with their product. For example; Norton 360 is an attachment and has an attachment target on it for a reason. A, it will protect the customer whilst online against a multitude of potential threats to privacy and security (Happy Customer). B, it will drastically reduce the number of Computing products being returned (Happy Customer and Company). C, it is rich in profit but is still an affordable price WBW a PC or laptop (Happy Customer and Company). If you were unaware of the threats that the internet holds and purchased a PC from Currys, and the Sales assistant did not mention this so called 'add on' and you had viruses and spyware on your PC, i'm sure you would all be on here slating them for that no doubt? If people do not want the help of a store colleague then they merely need to refuse it or purchase online. Simple. Some people who have posted on here have no idea. How many people have wrote, "i didn't want the product support package, I can fix it myself"? So suddenly you are an expert in Business operations AND micro-electronics? Televisions are not made of lego blocks unlike your heads!
  • reply R.
    Ryan your post was well intentioned but filled with statements that are at best misleading, if not simply inaccurate. You state that DSGI is a large and well respected company. This is a half truth as it is large, but I would disagree with well respected. This is evidenced by the vast majority of opinions here on this site, along with an overwhelming consensus on the street when one mentions the company. You state that if someone does not want a given KPI all that is needed is for them to make this fact known to the associate helping them. This is a completely untrue as the associates are forced to interrogate each customer to find objections, to attempt to overcome them. I personally know exactly what I want when I go into a store and what each piece of kit does that is on offer, and I find it offensive to be forced to justify my decisions. A simply not interested in that bit should suffice, however it never does! DSGI blatantly misleads guests by attempting to state that colleague's are not on commission, to convey a message that they have no incentive to mislead or steer a guest in any particular direction except one that meets his or her need the best. DSGI does do commissions though, they may call them other names but the end result is still additional pay for selling very specific products. It does not matter if you call it a commission or a CAB or any other euphemism, it is still a commission with regard to the company saying it does not do commissions.
  • no n.
    "DSGI blatantly misleads guests by attempting to state that colleague’s are not on commission, to convey a message that they have no incentive to mislead or steer a guest in any particular direction except one that meets his or her need the best. DSGI does do commissions though, they may call them other names but the end result is still additional pay for selling very specific products. It does not matter if you call it a commission or a CAB or any other euphemism, it is still a commission with regard to the company saying it does not do commissions". Excuse me but I work for DSGi unfortunatly, and WE DO NOT GET ANY INCENTIVES. The only thing the company do as a pay related bonus is expect us to sell at £70 PROFFIT an hour. I got £25 bonus this month WOW! by the time Mr Brown took his bit, I got enough bonus to pay for the petrol to get me to work and back for three days! CALL THAT A BLOODY INCENTIVE! OH and I am top full time sales in our store.
  • no n.
    By Ryan "Sales people who perform well and consistantly will almost certainly progress either through more responsibilities or an increase in pay" Hmmm, thats why my manager said t me I would not be allowed to progress to Sales Team Leader because I was too good at sales and he didn't want to loose me as a sales person!
  • the n.
    "Excuse me but I work for DSGi unfortunatly, and WE DO NOT GET ANY INCENTIVES. The only thing the company do as a pay related bonus is expect us to sell at £70 PROFFIT an hour. I got £25 bonus this month WOW! by the time Mr Brown took his bit, I got enough bonus to pay for the petrol to get me to work and back for three days! CALL THAT A BLOODY INCENTIVE! OH and I am top full time sales in our store" You say you got 25 but you call this no incentive? I would say that it is a poor incentive but it is still an incentive and dsgi are continuing to be untruthful when they say there are no commissions.
  • Andrew
    I currently work for currys and in essence agree with the statements of this pages publisher. . the whole fives selling system cost DSGi somewhere around 5 million to formulate. The fives system as far as I can tell uses the most current psycological techniques that enable this corporate giant to swindle as much money as painlessly as possible from each and every customer. It is compulsory to use it with each and every customer. if a manager overhears you not using it they will certainly kick up a fuss. I cringe everytime i ask a customer 'are you thinking cash or monthy' at the very start of the sale. then i ask 'are you one of our whatever happens customers?' (product insurance) straight after. i feel like an idiot, im embaresed for me and the customer. as a consumer, if someone asked me those questions i would tell them rudely to go away. Also the part of the sale where we explore the customers needs reeks of manipulation. 'What did you LOVE about your last one? ' (apparently love is a nice fluffy word that subdues customers ansd puts them in the right frame of mind to buy add ons.) As far as i am concerned the word LOVE should never be used in conjunction with a TV or Laptop. (unless you live in the US. And i suspect this is where this shamefull system was developed.) When I was interviewedi was told i would be on £6 something an hour but shockingly i was put straight onto minimum wage and there i have stayed. im even EXPECTED to stay on for up to an hour after my shift free of charge. it makes my blood boil! And they will find any excuse in my review not to increase my wage. Binmen and shelf stackers and others earn much more for doing much less. Targets are extreamly strict. my manager once trold me that we are here as a company to make proffit as well as deliver exceptional customer service (how can that be so when we are selling customers things they dont need) This i guess is the crux of it, but it insults my inteligence when im told repeatidly exceptional customer service is what we are about. If that were the case there would be no need for targets. The insurance in my oppinion is a rip off (Its not insurance, the disembodied voice of my manager whispers in my mind. well a rose by any other name my dear!) most peopel will be covered for tvs on thier home insurance laptops it may be slightly more usefull for if home insurance wont cover it outside. it is a pretty good product but far too expensive for most people. the only people who seem to take it are the uninteligent and people in general who buy washers and dryers. the best of the lot is the instant repolacement policies on cameras and ipods. However, i feel allot of people dont need this product, but it is a massive cash cow for the company and makes marvelious proffit, hence 55% of people buying laptops must take it (or you get sacked!) Anyway rant overwith, suffice it to say i feel used by DSGi and am very unhappy with this company. I feel i may ask for a payrise or walk out, and as its just comming into peak trading im pretty sure they wont want to be a full time sales collegue down.
  • Andrew
    And anotherthing! I was told by a manager (not my own) that the company nearly went bust about six months ago. I guess that explains allot of the cut backs. But Shhhhhh dont tell the shareholders!
  • yeah
    DSGi was 48hrs from closure earlier this year when they had to go cap in hand to the shareholders. the entire company had no cash at all, no credit or insurance to buy stock.
  • Rep
    It's true. In fact it's worse than that. It they don't offer you the add-ons they can get disciplinary, if they don't try hard enough to finish explaining each add-on they get disciplinary, and if you get annoyed at the sales approach and complain about the member of staff, they get disciplinary.
  • ARLA
    Whats up! Great idea, but might this actually function?
  • Renzokuken
    I currently work for currys as a customer service rep, and I can vouch for all this. We're currently targeted on as of 27/03/10: With computing: Norton, Office, Bags, Whateverhappens, Techguys services, Mobile Broadband. With TV's: Sky, Premium Leads, Stands/Brackets, Whatevehappens, Techguys Services Basicly, the best advice I can give any customer, is that as soon as the sales member starts questioning you using fives, ask to speak to their manager and inform them that you just want the item alone. And tell him to overcome that objection!
  • Will A.
    Kaspersky Internet Security is fast and all in one protection internet user should have. It's good but expensive. However,Get your KIS 2010 1 year 1 pc for cheap here http://tinyurl.com/himyfamily
  • Anon-e-mouse
    After being recently sacked JUST for not selling enough 'Cover' I hope Best Buy takes over and kills off the greedy sh!t hole of a company known as DSGi. We were once given little books with a 5ives script and told do or die basically. 90% of average customers who want a lappy can get the MS free antivirus or the free Internet security that comes with almost all banks, a cheap tenner bag from tesco etc and a home broadband deal from there own phone or mobile phone provider so lying to customers (or guests lol) MUST be illegal. From what a MS rep was telling me, DSGI make a much bigger margin on things like Office and Norton than they tell there own employees. Such a terrible dishonest company.
  • smiffy
    Jesus. You lot are the biggest bunch on wimpy sales people I've ever heard. "Ohhh we have 10 KPI's to hit or we'll be sacked" Get a grip. It's sales. Sales ain't easy and if you want moolah and you want to get to the top you gotta be strong and determined and not crumble like a wimpy school kid because your manager gives you grief or because your being threatened with IPA or you don't think somethings fair. Lifes not fair but if you want something bad enough and you have a passion you WILL be on top of your game. Know your products too, the more you know your products the better you are able to sell them and deal with and overcome objections. Not every customer will say no and if they are your not asking the right questions. FIVES is based on proven sales techniques, it's based on NLP and any decent sales person will use some NLP even if they aren't aware of it. I suggest that if you can't hack it at PC World or Curry's then go work in a pet shop with fluffy bunnies because these stores are a piece of cake compared to some sales jobs. I'm on 30hrs p/w and hit 50K a period and my attachments are rocking. I don't sell Norton to someone that doesn't want it and I won't up sell because it's more money I sell what the customer needs and I do it with FIVES & NLP. I get good customer feedback and 9 outta 10 times my customer will come back and ask for me so don't give me that crap about FIVES is bull or the systems not fair, it is fair, it's just that your to weak to hack it.
  • bean
    employee wise; The kind of people that shop for Hardware in PC world are typically the people who need the sales advice. the KPI targets are set on fair figures. you dont have to sell 100% Whatever Happens, you don't have to sell 100% Norton (or any antivirus), office / bags / mobile broadband, tech guy services etc. Fives exists purely because its a technique that actually makes you listen to the customer properly and offer solutions that suit their needs. That's what DSG is about right now. customer wise; Of course they have other things to think about to stay afloat. If they gave the attatchments away for free they'd be bankrupt. shop around and you'll see that PC World and Curry's prices beat or match any other retailer. Just because the sales staff do have certain targets doesn't mean that you wont benefit from what they're offering you. The sales team I work with are all about customer satisfaction, and as long as we actually care about our customers they will see the benefit of what we're trying to do for them. Norton is one of the top rated anti-viruses, there are other reasons we promote it, yes - but just because the company is behind it doesnt mean its not going to do you any good. If we sold you junk it would ruin the company. Microsoft Word is THE mainstream word processing program - Sure, there's OpenOffice (which, by the way, we DO offer to install if you opt not to have office and do choose to have your PC set up by our tech guys) but it really isn't an ideal program for professional or even intermediate use. And just to touch on Whatever Happens (or as customers tend to see it - Insurance) the average £7.99 a month doesn't just get you accidental damage cover. You get a courier service (as soon as next day!) you get a maximum repair time, you get an annual health check, you get data recovery and these are just the highlights. It seriously is an amazing service that no competitors come near matching. There are times where I hate my job.. where the pressure is high for performance.. but that never forces me to come down hard on a customer. If everything is explained to you properly you will understand why we recommend what we do, Even then it is entirely your decision whether you opt to buy or not. We're not paid to rip you off, we're paid to make sure you leave with a smile on your face.
  • cinci e.
    [...] tu ce ai face pentru cinci euro? [...]
  • saleswillruinyou
    johnlewis is now pressuring its staff to make attachments. there is simply not enough profit in electronics. you are underpaying for your big ticket items and if you buy extras without shopping around you are overpaying for them. In response to smiffy, if you aren't exaggerating then you are the lowest con- artist, "I use NLP to get people to empty their wallets." True filth. In response to bean: A very obvious company shill. My suggestion to any customer - start the interaction with the sales staff at *any retailer* with - "I am not interested in any extras at all. Do not offer me any"
  • joe c.
    Hiya, I want to thank you for an interesting site about a topic I have had an interest in for years now.I have been lurking and studying the posts avidly so decided to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more active part in the discussions here, whilst learning too!!

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