Dixons Retail isn't feeling the love for Bitterwallet

It's always nice to have a fan, don't you think?

On Monday, Bitterwallet posted a story about possible changes occurring at Dixons Retail, the new name for DSGi and parent company of PC World and Currys. We'd heard from independent sources that the group was axing in-store repairs, rebranding Tech Guys as Know How and other points besides. We didn't speculate beyond what we'd been told, and other readers claiming to be members of staff have since told us of a trial beginning next month.

It seems some of our more avid readers, those who are active on Twitter, sent our article to Sebastian James, the Group Operations Director of Dixons Retail. He's also on Twitter, and it's fair to say he isn't the biggest fan of this esteemed organ:

Bitterwallet - Sebastian James on Twitter 1

At least we have a style of some sort, so that's good to know. To be fair, we really didn't corrupt anything, as we simply passed on what we'd been told by individual sources. But there's no need to worry, according to Sebastian:

Bitterwallet - Sebastian James on Twitter 2

You heard it here first. All the upcoming changes are not only going to vastly improve customer service, but there'll be no staff cuts. Good news! We offered Sebastian James the right-to-reply since we'd clearly got the facts wrong, but so far he hasn't been in touch.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep up-to-date with the inner workings of Dixons Retail, it seems staff are using Twitter for publicly discussing operational matters; here's a store in Leicester having issues with staffing, another on the South coast losing customer receipts, as well as Sebastian worrying about low sales and admiring Best Buy. If any of you can help Sebastian out with his problems, you can follow him on Twitter today.


  • Andy D.
    I for one am fucking delighted to be getting under the skin of Sebastian 'Bullingdon Club' James. I was sacked from one of his doomed Silverscreen DVD stores in 2005 for 'gross misconduct' - the offence in question being selling a DVD to my girlfriend. It slashed our income in half at a stroke at the time when we had a one-year-old daughter to raise. I suspected at the time that the real reason behind it was the fact that staff cuts needed to be made and that Silverscreen had been a white elephant from the start, something that was confirmed when it went spectacularly tits up a few months later. Let's see if Seb can bring the Midas touch to Dixons as well eh readers? What's the odds that he'll last a year or so before being given a comfortable job by Cameron or one of his other Bullingdon chums? I hope the fucker gets struck down with gout.
  • Gunn
    So is bitterwallet style now in the urban dictionary
  • kfcws
    Leocester short staffed...... no surprise there. DSGI cut a third of their managers at the first sign of the banking problem. I've never seen them replace staff in ANY of the stores, it's the same faces. Maybe if they stopped dicking about with their store layout/design and invested in staff and decent stock they wouldn't be in this problem.
  • The B.
    Andy, you're doing yourself no favours ranting like that, it kinda makes you like an embittered ex-employee and gives them ammo should they need it to make you look biased, I appreciate it's Pauls article but you might want to bite your tongue and tone it down a bit.
  • Andy D.
    Oh hang on, he's already been given the cosy job. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1292383/Top-Whitehall-job-Prime-Ministers-Bullingdon-chum.html Bob, we've been highlighting DSGi's 'flaws' for almost two years now, long before Seb got involved with them. The above article has got nothing to do with me. If I was a DSGi shareholder, I'd be wondering why shit is being run by a bloke who's got a catastrophic retail failure like Silverscreen on his CV.
  • mark M.
    Sorry, but that first tweet looks like one of those random email jobbies that have a link to god knows what after them. It took me several readings before I made sense of it! Andy, why not send him a message and ask him for a fight? That would be awwwwwesoooome ;)
  • dogpile
    Dixons = overpriced ...the end
  • Stu
    I'm glad I don't work for DSGi. I'd be embarrassed by a director of my company "tweeting" that rather than face the challenge, they'll shrug it off. Many companies in the past have shrugged off criticismrather than facing it. If he was honest and said "We need to make operational efficiencies" or such like, I'm sure people would have said "OK, times are tough, we accept this". Ignorance should be a crime. Shrug off criticism at your peril.
  • Codify
    DSGi stores are always hideously overstaffed - you can't move without some spotty teen coming up to you and trying to flog you a Monster Cable for £60. Cut the staff by half and it would a much more enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Big A.
    Surprised there is anyone at DSG bright enough to understand twitter never mind type messages by themselves. Oh how I love to go in and take the piss out of their knowledgable staff. They really haven't got a clue. Imagine how embarrassing it would be for them to be beaten to the UK's favourite Electrical retailer by a company that only sell online. Oh wait - http://blog.ebuyer.com/2010/09/ebuyer-voted-britains-no-1-electricals-retailer/ I feel cheated by their bloody stores. Going into an electrical store used to be such a blokey thing to do now I'd rather go into Tesco.
  • Feeny
    In response to Codify: Are you Retarded, on crack or just going to DSGi stores on another planet coz on this planet you can hardly get served due to lack of staffing in these stores. How you work out (less staff = better service) is completely absurd. TOTAL IGNORANCE
  • ninjaa b.
    I have been telling everyone in our store the Techguys will be going for ages. I have read loads of stuff and it seems genuine. It is a crap place to work for and I cant wait to get out. I have spoken to a few managers and they all seem to see it the same way. Theres a couple of techguys that work really hard I bet they get the chop.
  • CD.bitch
    Just read a great job on the DSG website. It seems they want a Tech Guy to join them to fix their faulty stuff. What I can't understand is why they need to be able to drive a 7.5 ton truck to fix electronic equipment when a soldering iron and a screwdriver used to be enough.
  • Anon
    In response to "Big_Al" - although very late - you should be ashamed. I work at a DSGI store whilst finalising my degree in IT - I also run my own business outside of DSGI. I'm on track for a 1st in my IT degree - so my technical knowledge is pretty top notch. Don't tar everyone with the same brush...
  • wow
    good news for comet and best buy... currys and pc world websites not working for the 3rd consecutive day. Trying to buy something results in a hung screen. Must be costing the company thousands.
  • Cream c.
    Why hello there guys I work for Dixons in a currys/pcworld 2 in 1 store I find my fellow PC World staff helpful and polite to customers but my esteemed currys staff ,while some are great at their job, are rude, in response to CD.Bitch the reason they need to know how to drive a 7.5 ton truck is because they also go out and fit people's washing machines, cookers and alike so that would be a valid reason in my book. However I totaly agree with most of you the COMPANY is rubbish but the majority of the staff working for the company are just trying to make the best of a bad situation and as you should all know in the current climate it would be folly to quit a paying job....... Oh and in referance to my name it's my stores pet name for our esteemed manager!
  • john b.
    i am a shareholder in dsgi what is happening shares down to 18'50 i feel sorry for thne people who bought rights issue @ 36p we get good news from the company then why dont the market like us is it time anew company tries how low will it get iknow ksa ias bad every survey i see dsgi does badly we need a new electric product invented bigger than the e/book as the foot ball dint help will the the london thing help i hope so

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