Dixons or Currys, Coverplan or 'Whateverhappens': a few things to consider before investing

We apologise for any outdated information in this article regarding Dixon's previously branded 'Coverplan'. This was due to a tip linking to a Ciao review article dated 29/12/2008 (and obviously being a muppet on my part). Some edits have been made below in [] to reflect the rebranding to 'Whateverhappens'. We also discuss further policy changes and on service plan policies in our updated article here.

There have been complaints about extended warranties on electronics, such as those purchased from the DSGi group under the name "Coverplan" [now rebranded as 'Whateverhappens']. While you may conclude that extended warranty coverage is necessary, in most cases it does not represent a good investment.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Legwork: If you buy a cover plan, you still must do all the legwork for getting your device repaired. In other words, if your widget breaks and you call them up, you still have to go through the adminstration hassle of scheduling in an appointment, potentially provide necessary evidence. [the old 'coverplan' policy required taking this to a service centre for repair also, but the new 'Whateverhappens' policy has repair personnel who can attend to this at your home]. The service centre has a contract for reimbursement. [Coverplan previously only got involved directly in two cases: (1) the repair takes longer than six weeks or (2) the item will have to be replaced. Currently the new policy has 21 days.]

In the event of replacement, you will be provided with a "comparable" item, which may be a refurbished model and not what you would buy if you were to replace the item yourself.

2. 'Loopholes': There are enough holes in the coverage (but no more than any normal policy) that you could use it to strain tonight's spaghetti bolognese. For example, the terms under which the service plan will replace your stolen mobile phone are narrow enough, and the exceptions brad enough, partly to protect these companies that provide such policies with eventuality, particularly when it comes to mobile phone theft.

For example, theft coverage is suspended if:

-You have not done all you reasonably can to prevent your product from being stolen;

-You have given your product to someone else to look after;

-Your product is stolen while it is out of your view or control unless:

  • it is stolen from a motor vehicle where you or someone with your authority was with the vehicle; or
  • you had hidden it from view in your vehicle (for example, in a locked glove compartment or boot), locked your vehicle, with all windows, sunroofs or roofs closed and used all available security systems; or
  • you had locked your product in your home, office or room with all windows closed and used all available security systems

The coverplan does not cover the following with regards to mobile phone extended warranties:

- Batteries, bulbs, cables and other consumable items (items which are regularly replaced).

- SIM/MMS cards.

- Damage or breakdown that is due to wind or other severe weather conditions.

- The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product.

(There are many more, but these are most broad exceptions to general policies.)

More importantly, the parts in bold are designed to be interpreted broadly legally. Imagine if your 2-year-old niece grabs your phone and proceeds to drool all over it to the point where it stops working. Is that neglect, abuse, or misuse? There's a good chance that the sales representative at the POS (point-of-sale) will say "No, they'll cover it," while the additional coverage representative will say "Yes, it's misuse."

3. Profit Margins:
The profit margin on extended warranties for consumer electronics is in the neighbourhood of 40 to 80%. That's why they try to upsell it so hard to you in stores. This is also why people are likely to pay much more for these, than they are likely to recover.

4. Warranty overlaps:
The term of coverage may overlap with the manufacturer's warranty. If you buy a two-year extended warranty and the first year runs concurrently with the manufacturer's warranty, you're essentially throwing away half the cost of the extended warranty, because in that first year you'll use the manufacturer's warranty for repair or replacement.

5. Service plan vs warranty:
Extended warranties are not insurance, and are not really even warranties. Extended warranties are "service plans". A service plan is a promise to perform or pay for certain repairs or services. Besides, if you bought it with your credit card, the card may tack on an extra year to the manufacturer's warranty. Check with your card issuer. The card's protection may have holes, too, but at least they don't cost you anything extra.

Have you got any personal experience with coverplan[or whateverhappens], accidental insurance, and repair coverage - good or bad? Please share them in the comments below!


  • Mike H.
    "I love it when a plan doesn't come together..." As Hanibal off th'A-Team once said
  • Michael
    I have excellent experience with coverplan (well in my opinion). When I got my first ever laptop in about 2002 I was convinced to take the coverplan. After a year or so (out of original warranty anyway) It broke and as they weren't able to fix it in 6 weeks it was written off and I was sent vouchers to purchase a new laptop. As costs had reduced in that time I was able to get a stereo and a laptop, just having to top the coverplan up a bit. Now this new laptop was well used and abused and due to my accidental nature required a new screen due to mayonnaise ingress (don't ask), a new motherboard and DVD due to Coke spill and another screen due to a fall. This was done very quickly each time and my warranty eventually ended last May. I am not sure I would want cover on a desktop PC, but would definitely recommend it for a laptop, especially if you are using it a lot around and about.
  • Honky S.
    When I worked at Dixons and PCWorld (10 years apart), I was told sell this shit or lose your job.
  • Steve
    I suffered a house fire last year and my laptop melted, I had bought a clearance Asus G1S gaming laptop at 439 and it was worth over 1k, they didnt even argue and just issued me vouchers. Reading your "story" seems so far from the truth, and I should know as I work for DSGi. The customer doesn't have to bring it in to store on every occasion, half the time it is because they don't want to do the diags over the phone. We always offer them the opprtunity to arrange collection from home at their convenience and even have an engineer visit them at home and carry out the repair. There are some items where it is not possible for customers to arrange the repair themselves, such as some printers, TV's and such like, thats isn't our fault. There are some people that will never be happy with our service, such as "accidents" which are clearly people trying to get new laptops/computers, one that springs to mind was a gent who dropped his laptop in the bath......I'm sorry but thats just negligence....... I know I'll get stick for saying I work for DSGi, but we're not as bad as people try to make out......
  • Bob
    Well my experience of coverplan has been good so far... we purchased a sony camcorder from currys about a year ago, and for the life of me I do not know how but i managed to drop it down the stairs and pretty much completely decimate the casing and viewfinder (couldn't get a picture after that)...phoned them up, got sent a box...put it in the box, called the courier, courier picked it up...a few days later got the camcorder back with a print out detailing what had been replaced/repaired and it was working fine again.... they didn't even try once to wriggle their way out of repair/paying.
  • Ben
    Yet another person with a gd currys extended warranty story here. Bought my tv a year ago (40" samsung) for £630. 14 months later a white line appears at the bottom left of the screen only when on hdmi. Engineer comes in 2 days. Takes 10 mins looking at it. Writes it off picks it up 2 days later and then vouchers arrive the following day. equivalent tv cost was £850 at the time and they happily gave me vouchers for this amount. (an extra £220) bought a different tv though and now have a fantastic 46" Panasonic plasma with all the trimmings. And all sorted in 8 days. faultless service if u ask me. Bitterwallet really needs to sort itself out and stop rubbishing companies with no evidence to stand on. It is clearly a slow news day. Journalism on par with the news of the world.
  • Jill
    I can't see anything in their theft policy that differs significantly from other insurers?
  • Brad
    This story isn't doing too well is it after reading all the comments.
  • jez
    yet again bitterwallets childish crusade against the dixons group fails http://callmelocalhost.com/blog/images/looser.jpg
  • pete
    once again bitter wallet rails against DSGi in their crusade to bring us down but FAILS to report when the beloved John Lewis takings are down a whopping 12.1% on electricals.
  • pete
    john lewis free 500 years one covers acts of God(s) and alien invasion. an its made of cast iron
  • Liverpool96
    Also i hate to pick but coverplan is a thing of the past, the extended warenty now goes under the name of; 'Whatever happens' and iv took it out on several things and never once had a problem, just repairs and vouchers! Nice one 'Whatever happens' .. I have it on my 40" LG Plasma .. My Ipod touch .. and my Lap top, my oriongal laptop was repaired 3 times for seperate faults, user faults may i add, and the last fault was a can of coke all over the keyboard, for which i got vouchers for a 3 year old laptop! The one they recomended wasnt in store so the managet called the voucher line and got me extra vouchers for a better laptop!
  • Coverplan B.
    [...] our post yesterday on problems consumers have faced with Dixons ‘Mastercare Coverplan’, now renamed as [...]
  • Adam
    I had a sont vaio tx1 laptop with whatever happens which i paid £1250 for. when it went wrong it couldnt be fixed within 21 days so i got vouchers for a new one. The t1 wasnt available so i got vouchers for the t5 at £1450 :) I bought an apple macbook for £700, a panasonic plasma for £700 and a digital camera for £50. I'll never forget that shopping trip, thanks whatever happens! :)
  • RC30
    I'm pleased to hear such great stories about WEH. It shows that what we're selling really is a premium service and that Bitterwallet really needs to get a grip and stop its vendetta against all things DSGi.
  • John M.
    I am so pleased that someone out there has a good experience of the 'whateverhappens' cover plan. I purchased a DELL inspiron on May 27th this year, (please dont laugh) it has worked for just 5 weeks, many calls to numbers has resulted in someone at DSGi admitting that they cannot actually repair Dell machines, so why sell the warranty in the first place? I now have to provide proof of purchase to someone in Delhi before they can proceed. In fairness to PC World they did not press a sale of a cover plan for another laptop purchased two weeks ago.
  • Michael
    Interesting that the good stories out there seem so at odds with my own experiences on two separate occasions (one way back in the early 2000's under a PCWorld coverplan, and the second very recently when attempting to have a problem sorted out under a Currys whateverhappens plan). Under coverplan, PCWorld insisted on conducting repair after repair to a PC, finally getting round to replacing the system after 11 months of constant problems (and only then begrudgingly after the same problem was not solved within 28 days). When the unit was finally replaced, there were very few parts in it that were original (replaced parts included 2 motherboards, RAM sticks, CPU and fan unit, PSU, HDD, CD Rom drive and most of the internal cabling.) Recently I have been in contact with Whateverhappens about a Samsung DVD recorder/Freeview system, and over a series of calls I was given the same diagnosis every time, along with excuses over why they wouldn't consider coming out to take a look at it ... despite being given reasons as to why their view on the matter was wrong. After spending quite a few hours researching the problem, and various calls to Samsung tech support I finally got the problem sorted out (and it was about as far from their diagnosis as it could possibly be), again despite the unhelpful and ignorant attitudes from the Whateverhappens alleged 'tech support' team. In my opinion both of these experiences seemed designed to draw the process out in the hope that the plan would run out before a replacement was needed, therefore putting the onus on the buyer of having the repairs done themselves. Also if, as in these cases, a support agreement that has been paid for in good faith does not provide support when needed, then surely it is akin to a breach of contract. As I say, these are my personal experiences with the Dixons Group and DSGi products, and obviously do not reflect the experiences of most posters, but they have certainly made me wary of extended cover plans in general, and have most certainly put me against the coverplan/whateverhappens product.
  • Seriouslypizzadoff
    Hiya Looking for some advice on the 'whateverhappens' plan. 6 months ago we bought a ex display telly (42"lcd toshiba) Anyhoo 3 days ago it started going a bit wonky, Power button wont go on. I called the cover phone line to be told that the tv would be collected by a driver on monday coming. I asked as when we bought the cover we were told by the sales man that an engineer would come out with the nessessary part within 2 days if not it would then go and get fixed. Well last night on the phone i was abruptly told they they have changed it and they now dont have engineers they have delivery drivers. It states it on my brochure that " an engineer will call with the part" Thats one of the main reasons i took out the policy what i thought would be a fast repair turnaround. We have a disabled child who loves watching tv, and on the phone last night we were told our tv would be away for 14/21 days for repair. We were also told other b*llsh8t that we would recieve a replacement loan tv if ours needed to go by the guy who sold us the policy and last night the manager of our local store pretty much denied the guy would ever have said that and that 6 months ago they didnt have a policy that could do that. As i said it states on the brochure that they will come out with the part to repair it but i feel really cheated as they obviously completely missold us the policy.It doesnt say anywhere on the agreement subject to change or anything so i feel we should get what we orriginally bought on the brochure, Chances being its only a new power button its needing and if an engineer brought it out as promised on the plan it could be fixed in 5 mins let alone taking it away for 3 weeks!!!! To make matters worse theres supposed to be a new policy that would give us a loan tv if ours needed to go get repaired but now we cant even upgrade to that (Even once ours is fixed?) as it would be classed as an 'exsisting fault' on our tv and wouldnt be covered. We also wouldnt be covered as our tv was ex display and not classed as 'perfect' The managers couldnt say anything other than 'take it up with head office' Weve called Consumer direct folk who are very interested in the brochure and were going to take the matter further, As i said i bought the policy due to the sales persons promises about how good it was and it covered what was really really important to us, Ill never understand him lying tho as from what i can gather he wasnt on commission or anything?!?! I just dont want to have to spend 3 weeks with 2 kids moaning watching a 19" tv especially after only owning the thing for 6 months!!! It looks like a good policy covering all sorts of crap you would never likely need but i feel so let down on something so simple. Ill be VERY wary of these types of policies in future and am seriously considering if we should cancel the direct debit for the policy and take our chances as after 6 months the fault would have been fixed on the standard manufacturers warranty anyhow?!!/.
  • currysworker
    As a worker for DSGI we have no choice to sell it on a 40% target In my store for the WEH 35% on cables and 30% on tv stands or brackets or we will be sacked for gross misconduct for poor work performance and thats working In TVs Its even worse In the Pc department and thats why you get the odd lie. Now as a customer when it comes down to the WEH I do take it out I've had 3 tvs In the last two years a ps3 and each time I have come away with something better.
  • Michael
    I've got nothing but praise for WEH. I always take a camera on nights out to bars and clubs and they easily get knocked out of your hand and/or trampled underfoot. I've had store credit every time and thanks to the crazy pace at which cameras develop, each one has been better than the last. I will always get WEH on products like this.
  • stephw
    i've just dropped my 8g ipod touch in the bath after comin home early from my night shift it fell out of my uniform pocket as i lent over. im totally gutted. does anyone know if im gunna be covered? the small print says neglect doesnt cover u is this classed as neglect? im so gutted sorry i mean Gutted with a capital G. im gunna ring in the morning when they open finger crossed an will keep u updated.........watch this space lol
  • Jeremy
    I've just finished dealing with Dixons for an LG TV that was within its first year warranty and developed an intermittent fault. I originally tried LG directly, but the service they offered was awful - the helpline was open fairly limited hours, they could only collect the TV on a weekday at an unspecified time (so I would have to take a day off work). Dixons, on the other hand, have a helpline open 8am-8pm 7 days a week, will collect from you any day of the week and have always been able to visit within two or three days of me calling, even though I can only do weekends. OK, they can't specify what time of day, but they do text and call you the day before to give you a 4 hour window, so you don't have to be in the house all of the time (plus they normally come between 8am and 10am, so you don't lose the whole day waiting). The people on the phone have always been really helpful and pleasant to speak to, as well. In terms of resolving the fault, because it was intermittent, they weren't even able to replicate the fault in their workshop (though I was able to show it to one engineer that visited) and hence couldn't fix it, which did involve quite a bit of time without my TV, but when one of the people on the phone realised that it had been over 28 days since I reported the fault, he told me that I was entitled to a replacement and that they would call back in 48 hours (from a different department) to arrange it. I actually received the call the very next morning and received the replacement TV on the Sunday, three days later. I'm so happy with their service that I've just called up to enquire about purchasing an extended warranty - it's potentially pretty expensive (£189 for 3 years or £269 for 5 years), but given that if my £700 TV has a fault in that time I may well get a new one, it's reasonable value for money.
  • Karl
    Hi in actual fact you're giving out wrong information in section 4. and possibly 5. I work for DSGi... for one fact. Manufacturers warranties will NOT cover accidental damage, and you cannot get a manufacturer will not touch your product with a barge pole if you have done the damage to a product yourself which the coverplan does cover whichever one you take out there is PC Performance, Ultima and What Ever Happens. The second item you got forgot to mention is that manufacturers warranties on items such as PC's, Laptops, iPads, iMacs and iPods do NOT cover software that is made by a third party and is an addition that the manufacturer hasn't got any control over. I.E. operating systems, like Microsoft Windows, the manufacturer of the harware with pre-loaded will not accept any liability for infections and or any bugs in the software that happen to occur. This do include viruses adware and so on and so forth. If you were to take out a coverplan for someone who is not technically minded it is saving them a lot of money because you get unlimited services with whatever happens.
  • Janis
    Hi, i went out to library with my lap top but met some friends, get some drinks and i ... well hell, yeah i lost my laptop in taxi on way home. When i called taxi company up they said no one turned in laptop (no surprises there). I have WEH cover. Does it covers lost/stolen laptops?
  • falconswrath
    janis no it wont be coverd they cover everything but lost or stolen
  • Steve C.
    We reported our 40" Samsung as faulty in the first week of December, despite the suggestion of a 2 day visit, WEH team said that the snow was too bad and they could only collect a week later, then it could take 21 days so not to expect it back for Christmas. Since then they have lost the TV no one knows where it is, but the worst part is the attitude if the staff, I get a different story each time I call, it's always call back in a few days, but I can't speak to a manager. Yesterday I was told it would be sorted by Monday and to call then, but just for the hell of it I called again today to see what story I'd get and was advised it is in hand and to call Tuesday when it would be sorted. I said the advice yesterday was to call Monday and got the response "well do that then". Even the best processes break down, but the customer experience I am still receiving is so poor that I will never take out another extended warranty/service plan again.
  • Treeatkinson
    Pioneer 42" Plasma purchased Jan 07. The timer light is on all the time so we reported it to WEH, they came and collected it and gave us a date of 8 days later for it to be brought back to us. Last Wednesday we got a call to say they had wrote the tv off and would send us vouchers by the end of the week, enquired to what value and was told the purchase price. Monday still no vouchers so called and told nothing on system yet, ring back Wednesday. Have spoke to them today and they have given us a reference number to take into store to spend on a new tv. When asked what the value was we where told £449. Not impressed we paid £1799.99 for the tv and £10.99 per month insurance over 4 yrs. We can't even get another pioneer as they don't do them for £449 we can get a LG or Samsung seems to be like going from a bmw to a kia. Won't ever touch this insurance again.
  • Sarah
    Hi I bught a laptop 2 years ago on finance from PC World, I also pay £7.99 a month for insurance. My laptop has always been slow since first buying it, but i just ignored it. Also my charger started breaking and would charge on and off each second. Then sometimes would just charge fine whilst the laptop was turned off. It now doesnt turn on at all, not sure if the battery has run out or not. What am I covered for on my insurance? If I send it in will they just send me back the same slow laptop, or should I just pull a dodgy and poor a glass of coke over it so im gauranteed a new laptop? I have been paying my £7.99 a month so I guess I should really be getting a new one? Thanks
  • Louise
    Hi, I broke my old 1st gen 8GB iPod Touch several months ago which I brought several years ago and I brought a new 4th gen 32GB model in replacement, and put the old one in a drawer. Today I recieved a notification in the post that the 3 year warranty on the 1st gen one will expire at the end of the month (which I did't remember buying, I thought I only had a 1 year warranty on it). Do you guys know if I could take the old one back and still get a replacement so close to the expiry date, or will they not believing that I damaged it on purpose to get a new one?
  • kelly
    i am having nothing but problems with these guys, my issues started back in september 2010, user fault the charging point in the side of my laptop broke... they duly picked it up for repair and sent it back, it arrived with parts missing the screen faulty the casing cracked and it wasnt working right, i thought it was me being stupid and got a friend to get it into a useable state, then at the end of march i spilt some fluid on the keyboard, laptop collected again no problem, they also repaired the faults it came back with last time but still came back with missing parts, they had also not put my microsoft id sticker back on the casing which should have been done, this time the computer came back totally wiped with new hard drive and keyboard, this is where we have our issues when the computer came back the first time i am now told the dsg/mother board was not flashed which it should have been and windows was a 'ghosted' version, they sent me a recovery disk telling me that would fix the issue. it has not. they have cocked the machine up but are doing nothing for me in any way what so ever, all they say they will do is collect the laptop in a week for investigation, this has caused me to miss out on work i needed to do and a computer i have not been able to use since that day well done coverplan! real customer service!
  • yvb674
    I bought an Ipod in November 2009 at Currys in Crayford and was sold a 3 year instant replacement extended warranty. The Ipod stopped working in July 2010 so I took it to the store and it was instantly exchanged. In March 2011 the Ipod stopped working again and when I took it back to the store I was told that they had changed the company policy and any item over £120 had to be repaired rather than replaced. I explained to them that by law they cannot amend my policy without my consent and as I purchased the policy on the basis of an instant replacement that is how the policy will remain. The sales assistant called the manager who said he will agree to change the Ipod on the condition that I cancel my existing policy and they issue me with a new policy for the remainder of term on the new repair rather than replace basis. Has anyone been given the same speech by Currys?
  • steviec
    bought a laptop in august 2005,took out WEH,just noticed the last payment was taken in may 2011,do these policies only run for a certain length of time as i can't find anything on the paperwork that states this.
  • bl0ke
    My first TV developed a faulty panel. WEH collected it and sent vouchers for a new TV. The vouchers didn't cover the cost of a comparable set so the assistant in the store spoke to them and they increased the limit. The replacement TV has developed a different fault (I dunno, I seem unlucky with these things) and WEH have collected it and taken it in for repair - on fact it's due back in about 30 minutes. In all interactions I've been dealt with pleasantly and professionally. It's well known that extended warranties and so on are usually a rip off, but in my case I'm glad I chose it. @steviec, Apparently the policy runs for as long as you pay the direct debit - that's what I was told.
  • steviec
    thanks for reply,will look into this.
  • jib h.
    I used to work for pcworld and i hate to say it, but the scum far outweigh the decent. WhateverHappens is overpriced, you are better off putting whatever you buy under your household insurance (ignore the bullsh** premium argument they will try to give you). Then there is how they are told to sell it. e.g. 1. Using their 'FIVES" training, employees are TOLD to ask questions that make you THINK they want to help, for example the BIGGEST one in laptops is 'what you used your old laptop for'. This is so they can sell software that even if you dont want or need, you will still be offered it, sometimes given it because it has been a bad day for sales. 2. Free months that are not free, just deducted from the price of the purchase. It still comes out of your bank account and you must then cancel within the week or two or it will carry over for another month. I could go on forever........ And even write an essay on why DSGi are an untrustworthy company that disregard the true interest of the customer. There is too much dishonesty to even consider trusting a company that instills such idiotic principles in its colleagues in order to sell and make money, whilst completely disregarding the interests of the customer. One final thing, If you are a pushover, and still want to buy from DSGi (currys, pcworld, dixons) please please please don't go in on your own. You will be milked for all you are worth. This i know from experience.
  • Sharon C.
    I am currently having a dispute with Currys regarding a Hotpoint washing machine. I have a "Whatever Happens" plan and under those terms, I am entitled to a replacement machine if it cannot be repaired within 21 days of the engineer being called out. I have been fobbed off, transferrred to other departments and when given a particular Ext. number, I was told it did not exist and the person I wanted to speak to couldn't be contacted. How come I managed to speak to this person just 5 minutes earlier, and I pointed this out. I probably didn't do myself any favours, but I refuse to be intimidated by these people and if necessary, I will go through Trading Standards.
  • mrs w.
    I sympathise with you completely Sharon, i have a Coverplan warranty(the same as whatever happens, they just use different names ) with Currys for my Indesit washing machine. My machine has broken down 8 times since February, 6 times in the last 12 wks. Each time they repair it, only for it to break again a few weeks later. Each time i spend about an hour on the phone trying to arrange an engineer to repair it, i am on put on hold, put through to the wrong departments, they dont recognise my insurance no etc,etc. I have complained many times over the past couple of years, but none of my calls have ever been logged, i ask to speak to head of departments, supervisors etc who on most occasions are "busy", "at meetings" etc even though the telephone advisor has supposedly spoken to them a few second earlier. I have been given about 6 different phone numbers and lots of different extension numbers, i think they just do it so there is no chance of speaking to the same person twice. I am going to get an independant engineer to check my machine tomorrow, because they have repaired it yet again. I think it is definately a "dud" machine and I have told mastercare that if the independant engineer reports that the problem with the machine is what i suspect i am going to sue them.
  • courier s.
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  • 123-tay
    I had a really good experience with whatever happen cover plan. I boutht 42inch 3D smart TV three month ago and bought a cover plan as well. In december my daughter acciently smash TV while she was playing Wii game, the Wii remote was slipped out from her hand and smash TV screen and it stopped working. So I called whatever happen team and explain what happen, they come and pick up my TV on next two day time. A week later they give me my lone TV while they are fixing my TV. They replace new TV screen for my TV and send it back to me in January, it took about a month but its really smooth and good experience. I was worry at first but it was truely reliable cover plan and I am really please with it.
  • Save b.
    Magnificent points altogether, you just won a emblem new reader. What might you suggest in regards to your publish that you just made some days in the past? Any certain?
  • H
    Hi, I work for Currys and all that has been hammered into us, for the entire two years I've been there is "the right solution for the customer". We do not sell you into products you do not need. We do not work on commission as it was agreed years ago, indeed this incentive created dishonest sales people. Our 'bonus' is entirely customer based and is assessed by exit questionnaires completed by YOU the customer and mystery shops. Having as a store scored above 90%, I am convinced the vast majority of customers are satisfied with the service received. Hardly the root of all evil, a few disgruntled individuals seem to paint Currys as. Oh, and as for our extended product support. I have purchased a WhateverHappens monthly plan on my Laptop and Television and an Instant Replacement on my Camera. I have found the customers who understand the service, and the full benefits of it buy it as I did, because it is a service that for the clumsy and unfortunate with technology, is extremely helpful. Seeing as I know the service inside out and can make an informed decision and choose to purchase it still, surely validates it as more than an over-priced con. Currys is not my full-time job, I'm a Law student and as one understand fully the contract of manufacturer warranty and the "Sales of Goods Act 1979" every customer who didn't purchase WhateverHappens, seems to come into the store and howl. If you are going to pull the "Trading Standards" card, at least understand the legislation the retailer and the customer are bound by in a contract of sale. You are NOT after a 28 day period entitled to a no questions asked replacement. I never walk into a store and demand one because I am well aware the staff in there have no authority to issue one. After that period, you are entitled to a manufacturer repair as standard within your 12 month warranty. The manufacturer will assess the fault and carry out any necessary repairs (excluding of course any accidental damage). However, Currys stores, as an act of courtesy and as I know to be the practice in my store, honour the customer relationship enough to either contact the manufacturer on your behalf or arrange a one time exchange. But there is no Law which ENTITLES you to this. As is the problem with this country and its benefit culture, everyone seems to think they're entitled to whatever suits them. If you do take the advice to come in, kicking and screaming for an exchange, your demands will not be met as you "entitlement" folk seem to forget the robot in the Currys uniform is actually a human, dealing with your issues for minimum wage. If you're not happy with this, the embodiment of why we offer you WhateverHappens, because then we have the tools and resources to resolve your issue and offer you the level of service you desire. I've worked for a few shabby, dishonest companies and Currys is not one of them. Your satisfaction is my payslip.
  • SIgnum
    Hey all, My son also hit the screen on out LCD when the Wii controller slipped out his hand! Whatever Happens are refusing to repair as it's classed as miss-use! 123-tay - would it be OK for us to get in contact??
  • andrew
    i also am an ex DSG employee, andi would not trust the company one bit. i was not mistreated as such so have no reason to be bitter, but resigned of my own accord after the PC world-Currys merger. before this happend, we wer expected to achieve 30% on extras sold with, so norton, laptop bag, internet security, and we were told we would be let go if we did not meet these figures. after the merger, these targets were raised to 50%, so every one in two customers HAVE to buy the insurance, or each month in your progress review you are told they will fire you. i hear from the other DSGi emplyees that it is about 'finding solutions', but according to any currys manager, every customer needs every product, its just a case of convincing. As an ex employee, i have now regularly been lied to by members of staff over cover plans, as i took out many while working with the company. they worked fine and good for me whilst i was in the company and new the staff who would deal with my issues, but now i am just a customer, i am regularly lied to about policy on performance products of which i sold for over two years, so i know the policy inside out, and legally, they cannot have changed the policy without informing me. its that or i was being trained to lie about policy back then without even knowing. (i quit my position after being told to give misleading information by a manager a few times to get the sale). pressure on the staff is far too high for them to be considering the customers needs. i currently hold whatever happens policies, but wish i had not spent the money, as now i am just a customer, currys has no intrest in helping me, just like the rest of their customer.
  • Mike
    Well done to H for being a law student, I on the other hand am a Solicitor. Currys is not a terrible store, however it does have its problems, especially when staff who work there misspelt my name on my whatever happens policy then suggested I lie to customer services and tell them that it was the correct spelling of my name. Lets look at the facts, 75 Currys stores have been shut down in the last two years. H just like the other Currys staff are not experts in technology equipment or Currys specific terms and conditions or the law for that matter. They encourage you to take out the whatever happens policy not because it primarly helps you to get a instant replacment, but because it makes them money. The majority of people who take them out never up using them. H if you dont like dealing with people issues for a minimum wage I suggest you get another job. Dont come on here complaining that people keep coming to Currys with complaints when its your job to resolve those problems. Last time I checked that was your job role in customer service. Don't come on her talking as if Currys is the perfect store, they do make mistakes, they do have people working for them like any over store, who think they are experts on the law when they are not like yourself.
  • james
    Currys Pc world, has become worse over the last year or so, I will tell you for a fact staff have been told by managers (who themselves are constantly pressure), NOT to sell things unless it has all the solutions (ie basic overpriced add ons), staff and constantly under pressure to sell these solutions far more than the right product for the customer. It is a complete farce off a system. Oh for the people who think it is all about commision there is none, your having your job constantly put under threat in your so called one to ones and reminded about the lack off jobs out there. It is not even the store managers, it is the guys sitting around in head office and around the boardroom this all comes from. Were supposed to tell people about how good our "services" are after being rebranded KNOWHOW from TECH GUYS it has slowly got worse from what I can seem, there is no real backup and the guys carrying out these roles really are not qualified or given the correct pay. it is easy to blame the staff for all this poor service, but please take a moment to think what really causes this UPSTAIRS...
  • Brian
    It is good to see so many happy people, but I feel it depends very much on who you see in the shop. I bought a handheld PC from Dixons before it all merged, and took out cover plan. 18 months later it failed, and when I took it in for repair, I was told they did not rpair HP equipment, but he would send it back. 6 weeks later it was returned unrepaired, and I was offered what was basically a suped up calculator as a replacement. I refused, and after a long discussion left never to return. I rang HP and told them what had happened, and they replaced it completely free, even having the old one collected and a new one delivered, (I still have it). I think if I had dealt with a more reasonable person at Dixons, I possibly would have been offered a better replacement. The morale of the story, never take no for an answer, and let the store know how you feel as a ripped off customer!
  • khurana c.
    Please call me on my mob. i trying 08706001550 but this number is not avelable i have direct fabit with you and i want to speak about this so please call me on 07958439165 thanks
  • khurana c.
    Please call me on my mob. i trying 08706001550 but this number is not avelable i have direct fabit with you and i want to speak about this so please call me on 07958439165 thanks from charanjit s khurana 51 brigstock house lilford road london se5 9qg
  • georgewilson
    my late wife janet took out a policy for a hotpoint wash/machine mod.wf860 on 20/12/10 paying instalments by direct/debit to coverplan 5001158238 unfortunately janet died on 05/03/11.A new policy was issued on 21/12/11 and £20-00 was deducted from my bank A/C i phoned and canceled policy on 28/12/11 and was told the said amount would be sent to me by cheque. i have called three times scince i made my first and told each time a cheque would be sent but nothing has arrived.thelast person i called was named ElBA.
  • pamela
    i bought a sony vaio laptop 2011,,,,, i took out whatever happens, paid it every month for nearly 2 yrs, 2 wks ago i tripped over the dog as i was going upstairs and he was in a hurry to get down, and my laptop fell downstairs, bumping of the wall and several stairs to slam in to the hoover at the bottom of the stairs, i called knowhow and they arranged to get it picked up the following day which i thought was fantastic, speedy pickup,, i called them 5/6 days later to c if there was any progress on it and she told me that it was in for repair, i thought that is brilliant, wont be long until i get it back, but to get a call the following day to say that they r not repairing it, they dont believe me when i told them what happened, so they delivered my laptop back,, well to say i was angry was an understatement, they had dissassembled it, and but god, u would think that they just threw it on the floor, the monitor wasnt attatched to the keyboard fully, it was holding together by 2 wires, both hinges are broken, they have totally broke the facia on my screen, but wont accept liability, wait a minute when it left here it was all intact, the keyboard wasnt working and neither was the mousepad, but it was still switched on, i had to remove the battery so it would switch off.. i dont know the damages in the inside but they r saying i sent it off to get repaired in that state, i am sorry to say but i bloody well didnt, i am still calling them everyday to get this sorted out, any advice from any1 would be grateful...
  • cheryl j.
    i purchased a fridge back in 2005 and i have been paying this cover for all these years , the way it was sold to me made it sound too good not to have , instant replacement if it cannot be repaied etc . This is not the case my fridge cannot be repaired and iam sat here after throwing away everything that was perishable still without a fridge , this is the least of my problems as iam diabetic and some of my medication has to be kept in the fridge this is as we speak in a jug of ice . my appliance has not been replaced instantly therefore this product was mis-sold to me and i will be requesting a full refund of all payments made.As consumers we should take the risk of no extra warranty cover or any other kind of insurance because like me i could have purchased two fridges for the price of my cover so far and a new fridge would be delivered and installed so much quicker than this ..I didnt expect this much hassle to get this sorted ...ya know like the sales lady said it will be repaired just like that , it will be replaced just like that i know this sounds like a paul daniels magic show well i guess it will be magic if i see a replacement fridge any time soon .
  • pamela
    well after 3 wks of calls.... 3 letters... some pic's of the state of my laptop and a pic of the sticker the curier puts on the back of the laptop, they have decided to pick it up for repair, which is getting picked up tmw, and i can honestly say that there is no way this can be repaired, they would need a miracle.. :/
  • pamela
    2 wks after picking up my laptop it still hasnt been repaired or replaced, they cancelled my agreement 2 days after taking the payment out, re-instated it without telling me and took another payment out of my bank account, so that means i am still in "whatever happens " warrenty, which they r in breech of contract, as it says no repair with in 10 days they will replace it, well i am still waiting, i have been to trading standards and they have advices me to take them the full road, so i am intending to do so....,
  • Emily F.
    Hi, I recently bought a camera and was sold the whateverhappens insurance. I was assured by the sales person that as the name suggests, whatever happens I would be covered and get an instant replacement. My camera was stolen while travelling and when going into a store I was told that the insurance would only replace something under 150 and my camera was just over 300 pounds. I have been completely missold and extremely unhappy! I will be taking this further.
  • jon
    same thing happened to me,i purchased a w.e.h. agreement on my 2 laptops,when I rang them a couple of days ago,they said that they think my laptops have both got viruses,and they are not covered ,under the w.e.h..............so why do they call it whatever happens ?? someone care to explain,maybe we could get sebastion james to explain this to us,the managing director of dixons/currys,
  • Phil
    In march 2009 we purchased an LG washing machine from Currys. We were offered the whatever happens cover for 2.99 a month so we took it. Present day the washer was very noisy so called them. After half an hour I got through they then sent an engineer out who said the drum bearing had gone and needed replacing. I was informed via email that the machine was a write off and I would be getting a voucher letter to take to currys and get a new machine. A week later nothing so I contacted them again and was issued with a code which I took to the store for redemption. In 2009 I paid 310 pounds for the LG washer I was offered a machine which they said was the same spec as the LG but only cost 270 pounds. An LG washer similar to ours was 330 pounds but I could put the extra 60 pounds to it and have that. I went away looked up the reviews on the machine they had offered us and it was nowhere near as good. I went back two days later the LG washer had gone up to 400 pounds and although someone there did his best to get it overturned the decision stood. So I was stuck with a voucher for 270 pounds leaving us to find another 130 pounds to get the machine we wanted. You are stuck with currys you can't shop around, having worked out the cost of the insurance from the time I took it out and the money we put to the new machine comes to 300 pounds. We would have been better putting 3 pounds a month away then when the washer goes I could have shopped around gone anywhere and got what we wanted. I'm finished with currys I'm never setting foot through their door again.
  • Richard
    In Mid December I renewed my cover plan on a tumple dryer, In early January I received a 2nd renewal request, on phoning their premium T/N I was informed that I had in fact renewed my cover plan in December and to ignore this renewal request. On January 31st I received further correspondance sugesting I had only a few days left to renew. Again I phoned thier premium line to ask WHAT'S GOING ON; the reply OH WE HAVE A BACKLOG OF CORRESPONDANCE and to ignore &that I was definatly covered. SORRY we do not pay compensation for UNNECSSARILY USING OUR PREMIUM TELEPHONE SERVICE. To K Mansell I report that although your Telephone charge costs are 'PREMIUM' your Customer Service Deptartment is rubbish, as I am paying through the nose correcting your ERRORS, whereas you should be paying no wonder insurance with Mastercare is so expensive if I have to receive 2 lots of unnessary correspondance relating to the identical problem. TO CLOSE IN CASE YOU GET TO READ THIS I HAVE PAID THE RENEWAL
  • Jean D.
    Please tell me how to cancel my cover plan for my Samsung T V I am unable to find a telephone number (in this country) Thankyou
  • John
    The worst customer experience in a while. I was convinced when I purchased my Curry's essentials washing machine that purchasing the additional 3 year Coverplan insurance would be piece of mind. Some piece of mind ! Washing machine broke down after 18 months contact them who diverted me to another company who look after Irish market. They booked an service engineer and gave me a reference. Heard nothing for over a week and followed up. Told the engineer was cancelled as my coverplan policy was cancelled after purchase. I informed then I did not cancel and I have the receipt to prove it. They then informed me that the could see a new policy was created and gave me a new coverplan ref number. I then needed to contact the 3rd party company looking after Ireland to arrange a new service appointment. Got a new Service Ref number. Received a call with 48 hours - Brilliant you might think. Engineer arrived 3 days later. Looked at the machine and told us he would ring us back in a few days with an update. Heard nothing for over 10 days followed up with a call directly. No answer. Rang Coverplan and then when through the whole process again. Told me the engineer would be in touch within 48 hours. Heard nothing for another 7 days. Followed up again. Asked what local company were actually looking after the fix. Informed it was Countrywide Domestics in D11. Contacted them directly. No reply as of yet. Now 6 weeks without a washing machine. SOME PIECE OF MIND THIS COVERPLAN INSURANCE ! Nowhere to leave a direct complaint email or letter. I actually contacted them a they said they didn't know. Seriously frustrating.

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