Dixons Carphone to close 134 stores

dixons carphone Dixons Carphone (terrible business name that) may have had a decent Black Friday and Christmas, but that's not stopping them from closing a load of their shops.

Now, one good thing about this, is that the company say that this isn't going to end up in a load of people losing their jobs. In fact, they claim that if anything, they think that they'll be taking more people on as they are looking to add to their workforce.

The company are going to combine its remaining PC World and Currys stores, and while they're at it, install a Carphone Warehouse outlet in each of them too.

"We are very confident that the impact on sales and colleague numbers will be neutral or better", said group chief executive, Seb James. "When we build one beautiful, refitted new 3-in-1 superstore and we have one great Carphone Warehouse in town... sales go up and also we end up usually needing more colleagues to work on the shop floor."

There's going to be around £50m invested in store refits, as well as a £70m provision to cover shop closures. Dixons Carphone are confident though, saying that they think all this is going to see them getting an extra £20m a year profit, as of 2017.

So, start sending your CVs to this lot, if that sounds like your thing.


  • Bonobo
    Dixons? Carphone Warehouse? What a combination for great service.
  • Mike
    Car phones? Phones for cars?!
  • Father J.
    What? Are these twats even still in business?? Who knew. Worst retailer ever.

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