Discount supermarkets - they're the nation's favourites!

aldi_logo We all know by now that Aldi, Lidl et al, are all completely viable places to shop and the stigma they may have once had, has long gone.

So it is of little surprise that three of the budget shops have beaten the biggest supermarkets when it comes to customer satisfaction, with Aldi, coming out on top, out of the discounters.

Concerning value for money, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland unsurprisingly beat Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, according to a survey by Which!!! The key factor was that shoppers felt they were paying less without having to worry about a drop in quality.

When it comes to own label products, again, Aldi and Lidl matched the big guns while Iceland was deemed to be the shop that had the best customer service.

The overall winner wasn't a discount supermarket though, with Waitrose getting the best overall score. However, Waitrose only beat Aldi by a single point when it came down to it. The trouble for the big supermarkets here is that they have no idea whether to try and go upmarket or take on the discounters.

The table looks like this:

1. Waitrose 73
2. Aldi 72
3. Lidl 69
4. Iceland 69
5. M&S 69
6. Morrisons 63

Terrible news for Tesco, Sainsbury's and Asda, but marginally good news for Morrisons. The retailer who will be most unhappy at the results of the survey will be The Co-op, who was named the worst supermarket in Britain for being overpriced and having lousy customer services. They scored a paltry 49 out of 100.

Which!!! said: "The Co-op is once again the worst major supermarket and the gap between it and its rivals is even wider than in 2014. On value for money it’s shockingly behind everyone else. It has the worst rating for own-label products." Asda, meanwhile, were voted the worst when it comes to online groceries, with Ocado topping that poll.


  • BOB404
    Can someone please explain what is meant by the term "discount supermarket". What is discounted in Lidl? The prices are broadly the same one week to the next - so not discounted. There are 30% off stickers on the nearly out of date stuff but that is true of all shops.
  • matthew
    The term is due to the cost they sell their products. They are cheaper than Tesco, Sainsburys etc. They don't have BOGOF or clubcard points but the good are cheaper. capisce?
  • Shonk
    @bob it means they buy something in for say £1 an item and charge say £1.25 for said item Istead of trying to charge £3.50 for it then offering it bogoff once a month at £3.50 (1.75) so even when its on offer you are still being overcharged f you tesco we are onto your game

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