Debenhams planning drastic measures to avoid being eaten by debt mountain?

Time for some proper retail news eh? Debenhams have only gone and gotten themselves in a fiscal abyss and could be trying to clamber out by issuing a wad of extra shares in the business as they attempt to write off a debt of almost £1 billlion (you’ll notice the extra ‘l’ in ‘billion’ – THAT’S just how serious it all could be.)

The Financial Times claim that plans are being hatched to ease the burden by flogging off some more shares in the business and hopefully eat away at as much as two of the legs on the current debt donkey.

The FT suggests that one course of action for Debenhams would to follow in the footsteps of the company we’re almost terrified to mention these days – drum roll…………… yes, everyone, it’s DSGi! Last week they announced plans to raise £311m through a rights issue and also renegotiated their banking facilities. Currys have continued to roll out their new logo too! It’s pissing awful.

On the whole, we don’t know how we’d cope if Debenhams went down the plughole. Where else would we go for our… erm, overpriced golf slacks and shitty executive toys? Eh? EH???


  • Mike H.
    About time too Andy, I was getting really bored with all the interesting, funny articles BW were extruding, keep 'em comin' (not)
  • cockends
    currys new signage/livery looks like a copy of HMV, great time to be wasting cash on shit like that how about reducing the prices on everything instead of putting them up to pay for this wank?!?! as for debenhams, theyve been lost for years , they will be gone soon enough the high street will soon be no more but £1 shops and carpet retailers
  • MinstrelMan
    have to agree with cockends (lol never thought i'd type that) Savvy or what? lets reduce our debt by getting some little spotty twat straight out of uni to design a brand new logo! armed with 2 felt tip pens and an invoce for £100k, comes up with that monstrosity, still he did manage to stay in the lines. they deserve to go under, tits!
  • Joff
    The new curry's logo looks like it's been created with those magic colour changing pens you used to get in a tombola at the school summer fete. Colour the page with the "purple" pen, write "currys" over it with the magic pen and hey-bingo-bango you've got pink!
  • smudger
    What age are you lot, grow and get a girl you twats, You must be the saddess bastards ever.
  • Chairman
  • John
    The re-designed currys logo is worth every one of the two pence spent on it.
  • Gareth
    As an ex-employee of DSGi, I can confirm that it is indeed run by a bunch of complete tits. They are completely blinkered in their views of DSGi, responding to customer complaints with arrogance and disdain - "we're DSGi" I was told when I tried to get something done that would help a customer (although required at least 10 mintes work from the back-office) "We don't need to do things like that". They will continue to fail unless they sack most of the back-office brown-nosers that decide their ludicrous business policies.
  • MS O.
    That logo is whack. Can we find out how much they "invested" in that? BTW, changing logos ain't going to change the rot.
  • John
    I think the "sun setting" on PC Worlds new logo is rather apt.
  • John
    That Currys logo, a piece of art. Hmm
  • Specialist
    “Debenhams planning drastic measures to avoid being eaten by debt mountain?” Ha I know lets forget the subject in hand and just slag DSGI off again, Have you lot got nothing better to do with your sad lonely lives?
  • Andy D.
    @Specialist - I only slagged off the new Currys logo. Justifiably - it's a horror show. If you can see any other criticisms of DSGi in the piece, could you point them out to me please? There are far harsher words aimed at Debenhams as far as I can see. Thanks for your comment.

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