Debenhams introduce curvaceous lady mannequins

From today, Debenhams are launching size 16 mannequins in their flagship London store on Oxford Street, in a bid to better represent larger ladies.

Debenhams mannequins

Well, actually Debenhams’ line is that the mannequins ‘better represent real women’s shapes’. Ed Watson of Debenhams said: 'We’ve developed our own range of size 16 mannequins to sit alongside our usual size 10 dummies. We felt it was important to better represent what real women actually look like when advertising our clothes.’

While this is all GREAT, and reflects the average size of British women, what’s all this nonsense about ‘real' women? Even size 10 women are real, aren't they? Or are they simply ephemeral willo' the wisps who exist only in fashion? Last time I looked, any woman who isn’t made of moulded plastic qualifies as a ‘real' woman.

So tell you what Debenhams – you're leading the way in the body image stakes, but here's a challenge - mix it up even more. Add a size 14. Hell, why not whack in a size 8! And for your flagship shop window piece de resistance... a size 22 lady eating a packet of biscuits in a Slanket. Then, and only then, will we all truly feel represented.


  • Finbarr
    Do they still have working holes? Those special after hours gentleman's invitationals need to continue please.
  • Dogturd A.
    My chunkster-loving mate can't wait until Ann Summers start putting these mannequins in their shop windows.
  • Harsh r.
    So Debenhams reinforce the idea that it's ok to be a fat mess and out of shape? Great! If the average size of British women is indeed a size 16, this just makes it seem ok to be that size. Is it fuck. "Better represent real women's shapes" - what a load of bollocks! I'll tell you what, all we need is a robotic Gok Wan in each store grabbing the flabby boobs of customers telling them they're looking fabulous while stuffing body support stockings and wraps into their basket.

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