Deathwatch - Zut Alors! French clothiers Morgan go bust

It's not quite high street genocide on the scale of Woolworths or Zavvi, but it is another small-scale chain going to the wall. French clothing store Morgans has gone into administration and unless sold, will see 33 stores close across the UK and Ireland. Small potatoes in this country, but the 40 year-old firm has nearly 600 stores across 57 countries. Merde.

Try and find a website for more details and you'll come up empty handed; according to online reviews, Morgan seemingly never sold their clothing online. While that's unlikely to be the ultimate reason for their failure, it's an interesting footnote as retail chains goes bust; an unwillingness to look beyond traditional consumer spending in the digital age has certainly attributed to many of the high street's recent woes.


  • Darren
    Another one bites the dust... the Biggest CHAV label in britain to go under...
  • Mark
    Not if the typical clientele in my old Woolworths is anything to go by :p Though to be fair, they probably aren't technically clientele if they're just there for shoplifting.
  • Anon
    Lol, 'just there for shoplifitig'
  • Deathwatch B.
    [...] stores seem to be in vogue for winding up at the moment, with the collapse of Adams and Morgan in the past 10 days. Further clothing outlets are likely to fall; plenty rely on products [...]
  • Chilliman
    Never heard of them, that's probably part of the reason they went bust, I'm sure I'm not the only one that hadn't heard of them. Bon Voyage.

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