Deathwatch: Whittard on the Brink of Administration high-street chain is on the brink of administration today.  Whittard of Chelsea, the high street tea and coffee chain, is said to be lining up the Ernst & Young accountants to find a new buyer.  According to a source at the company:

“Whittard is still trading and it has not filed for administration yet. It’s still talking to potential buyers. Ernst & Young have been appointed as administrators though should it go into administration.”

With 2 days left before Christmas, it's been said that up to 15 major retailers could be at risk of going under unless sales stay up, with Boxing Day sales moved 48 hours early.  Even John Lewis will start its clearance sale online at 6pm on Christmas Eve, which is the earliest it has ever held the sale.  Superdrug will also be having an online sale just shortly past midnight on December 24, with discounts of up to 90%.

But a company in bad shape surely isn't going to make it through? I suppose 2009 will tell.

[Yahoo News]


  • Ows
    But what the bollocks is Whittard all about? High-class teas and coffees?! It's a bit of a luxury nonsense, isn't it? Is it any wonder that people will completely avoid such shops in these spendthrift times? I do feel terribly sorry for the staff though - it really isn't their fault (nor, in reality, is it the fault of the company directors... after all, they spot a gap in the market, and it's successful for quite some time... but these sorts of companies will struggle enormously in a recession). Thorntons will be next...
  • chrisg
    Whittards is useful only for getting free drinks on a hot summer day..
  • highguyuk
    You make me laugh. Thorntons next? They have the whole luxury choccies market cornered. Now selling via ASDA and Tescos etc. The predictions that WH Smith will go under seem a bit "out there" too. My predictions for companies to struggle in 2009 include Clintons Cards, Hallmark, DSG Group, Ethel Austin (I know it's recently had troubles, perhaps not going to make it out of the other side), Brantano, Clarks ... I think you can see my thought processes. Highly likely there will be a cut down in the market of Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero etc too.
  • highguyuk
    And then into administration. And then out of it:
  • Terry
    Good, because Whittard's make the most horrid chocolate ever and I'm sick of them bigging themselves up as some amazing company.
  • Tim
    Would be a shame to see Whittards go we buy coffee and tea from them every so often, trouble is I suppose it lasts us a while so you don't need to go back.. I wouldn't call it high class luxury nonsense.. everyone and their dog has some sort of coffee maker these days.
  • stu
    Zavvi's gone now

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