Deathwatch - UK car industry stalls in March

This would be good news if consumers were shunning four-wheeled transport in favour of jet packs and teleportation. But they're not. So it isn't. Car sales in the UK fell by over 30 per cent in March compared with twelve months ago, which is what the business might at best refer to as "a stinker". What's worse is that March is usually a buoyant month for car sales because of new registrations.

Sales of new cars fell across the board, with the exception of the small kiddie-car sizes of vehicle, which actually saw an increase in sales of over 80 percent. The Fiesta was the best-selling car for the fifth month in a row, proving that cost and economy counts for more than having enough room for even amateur cat-swinging.

The slump wasn't seen elsewhere, however. According to the BBC, new car registrations in Germany rose 40 percent in March and in France increased by almost 10 per cent. Both countries have recently adopted scrappage schemes, which sees motorists paid for their old car when buying another.

It doesn't matter because nobody wants a car anymore, and hasn't since the 1960s as this video proves - fuck the Fiesta, we want jet packs and we want them now:


  • Robin
    Why is it worse because it's March? Surely it's all relative when comparing March '09 to March '08 as presumably March '08 was also a buoyant month for car registrations. It's no different than saying Feb '09 was 30% down on Feb '08. If it was March '09 is 30% down on February '08, or Feb '09, then that would be worse, certainly. Silly statistical nonsense! P.S. I'm not blaming you, Paul, I know this is what has been reported on all the news websites.
  • The B.
    You touch your mum.
  • new c.
    March is used as a reference because that is when new car registrations are available (along with november), which usually results in an increase in new car sales.
  • Robin
    Yes I understand that there are increased car sales in March and November, but comparing one March to another March is just the same as comparing one February to another February - it's relative...
  • new c.
    I don't really understand what the problem is? March is the month most sales are seen in the car industry. Comparing March 09 to 08 (aand 07, 06 etc) allows you to view any trends. Comparing March 09 to December 06 would be pretty pointless wouldn't you say?
  • Robin
    Exactly right! So the article says that sales are down 30% from Mar '08, and that this is made even worse because March is a month where they expect increased sales. It is not worse because March '08 would have been a month of increased sales also.
  • Me
    I agree exactly with Robin here, its the fact its March makes it... infact whats the point in explaining it again, its EXACTLY as Robin says.
  • plumbo
    30% is 30%, 30% is not worse in March because of car sales, chicken pox or moons around spiders! Nuff said
  • me
    surely its worse because a higher amount of sales occur in that month eg whilst feb may account for say %5 of year end sales, march maybe accounts for %20 of year end sales so a %30 drop in march damages year end figures more,,in theory
  • Mike H.
    Surely the slack sales are due to the government raping us for having large engines? I really don't get it, increase road tax on large engine cars, no one buys large engine cars, Land Rover? car manufacturers almost go into administration, government bails out car manufacturer, is it just me or is the government thick as fuck? nmmnmnmnmnmnmnmnmnm (to recreate sound, push tongue into bottom lip, cross eyes, slap wrist and make mnmnmnmnmnmnnm sound, continue until point is made)
  • Bennett
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