Deathwatch: TJ Hughes on the brink of administration

retail deathwatch Sadly, Britain’s going Retail Deathwatch crazy this week and another one looks set to bite the dust – TJ Hughes has filed an intention to appoint an administrator, which could mean the closure of their 57 stores and job losses for as many as 4,000 staff.

The discount department store has been around since 1912 but is believed to have needed a £30 million cash injection in order to survive, something it hasn’t been able to achieve.

The Guardian are reporting that a pre-pack administration could be on the cards, where TJ Hughes’ owner acquires the most profitable stores and hangs the rest out to dry along with its debts. There’s classy, eh?

TJ Hughes follows fashion chain Jane Norman, Habitat and Homeform, all of whom have headed down the retail dumper in the past few days.


  • Alexis
    Really poor ranges at TJ Hughes. They needed to evolve into a Wilkinsons but missed the boat.
  • Idi A.
    It's no loss. It made Poundshop look classy.
  • Polly_p
    I really like it. When they had a sale on i got a nice pair of smart black trousers for £2!. Just got into going in there in the last couple of months. Its been a big store in my town for aboit the last ten years. Its always got people in it. Maybe ours will survive?.
  • Dick
    Another old store, failing to keep up with competition. So what if they disappear, other stores have already taken their place, so who gives a fuck?
  • john w.
    I see that this company has gone for pre -packed administration , which allows the owners to pick out the profitable stores, get rid of the rest and not have to pay their suppliers or creditors. why bother and waste money looking for a cash injection when you can pick up the best parts of the company on the cheap like this ? The law should be changed that people who arrange this sort of a deal should not benefit from it at the cost of their suppliers and creditors
  • Mark H.
    @ Dick 'so who gives a fuck?' I can think of 4000 people for starters you selfish bastard.
  • northerncrew
    i just called them to get refund on a bed we ordered they advised refunds are available for online purhcases and refund woudl be put back on card within 24 hours - or charge it back aslong as over 100 to your card company -
  • Justin M.
    The odd bit of decent cheap fashion turned up in TJ's, including Hamnett, Nick Coleman and CK underwear, but it was few and far between. But the last time I looked at some DKNY and CK wallets in there, they seemed to be generic, identical wallets with different logos stuck on.
  • Jo
    I feel TJ Hughes prices were not competitive at all. A lot of their cosmetic/beauty products selling for £3 and upwards were the same the pound stores were stocking at a quid. Their perfumes were expensive, even at sale price and could be found online for around half the price. Sure, they are a discount store and the products had high RRP price labels (which were crazy high) with much of that knocked off but they were never the cheapEST prices out there. People are more likely to shop around for better prices.
  • annie
    Dick - So what if they disappear, other stores have already taken their place, so who gives a fuck? - You sound like someone who hasn't got a job to loose! I agree with Mark H. I just got back from my job at tj's and there are a lot of people who care very much. There were a lot of customers who were sympathetic and some who just wanted to know when the closing down reductions were going to start.
  • linz
    it might be a shit hole 2 all u dole dosers owt there but its a job 2 us thts goin 2 lose it n it puts a roof ova mine n my kids head n put food on the table so why dont u get a job and a life instead ov puttin sad comments on here!!!
  • dvdj
    Their website has a worrying holding page up. "We're bringing you a bigger and better store" I doubt that somehow. A know the E-comm Manager at TJ Hughes and he's just leaving as they can't make online work. For a company unable to make online work it's fucking worrying in these times when online is the only major growth sector. And to add to that he's leaving to join JJB Sports! So things can't be good a TJ's.
  • TJH E.
    The website will not be coming back on-line! it will be in the bundle up for sale, as they have just registered a new domain for the 8 stores they are keeping - Liverpool benig one of them! this information has come from a top exec via the administrator who has / will be appointed but i cant name due to not being public knowladge.
  • Ted H.
    Excuse me Murdoch reading populus, but why does the closure of 4 high streets store chains in 1 WEEK go un-reported in your charming propoganda periodicals. You'ld be charmed if THEY told you, of course!!
  • Charlie
    @Dick "so who gives a fuck" well me and all the people employed there. love to be able to say that to to your two faces What's your second name, bet it's Head You fuckin Midland Banker
  • bobinio
    TJ Whos?
  • Shinkyshonky
    There were a lot of customers who were sympathetic and some who just wanted to know when the closing down reductions were going to start.......always someone who wants to reap from misery...I can see a pattern soon as a store announces closure it will be swamped with bonepickers who will flit from one to the other seriously sad to hear 4,000 jobs may go but these days you do need move with the times...or else you are f***ked
  • Rich
    To all the staff Good luck for the future. I worked for another E&Y casualty - I hope you get more info from them than we did. Yes it will be tough, customers will be abusive but stick together as a team and you will get through it. Remember any abusive ones you can boot out your store as they only have an invitation to shop. God it felt great kicking some of the nasty ones out. There are jobs out there, get onto Monster asap - E&Y generally dont give a damn or much notice at all!!!!!!!! A focus employee

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