Deathwatch: Thorntons still melting away from the high street

A-box-of-Thorntons-Contin-002 Chocolate vendor, Thorntons, have appeared in our Deathwatch a number of times and things still seem pretty grim at the company.

Seems people really don't want to buy boxes of chocolate and great slabs of fudge from them. Especially when you can get a load of chocolate boxes from the supermarkets and the like?

Besides, kids probably don't want chocolates any more - they're all too healthy and would rather you buy them a blender to make kale drinks and a Nike+ band so they can dribble on about their running habits online.

Anyway, Thorntons sales are down by nearly 12% in the first quarter of trading, and their shares are dropping too, as popular as Those Turkish Delight Ones You Get In Assortment Boxes.

However, the company is still confident as they continue to remodel the way they do things, as they look to become a wholesaler, rather than a high street retailer. Thorntons will still be in business, but it looks like they won't be doing much business through their own shops.

Where will nana buy her peanut brittle from now?


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