Deathwatch - the trouble keeps on coming for DSGi

We're thinking of adding a new permanent feature to the Bitterwallet homepage, since every other post appears to be about the ailing fortunes of DSG International, home to PC World and Currys. Although upon further consideration, DSGi Deathwatch sounds like a television series set in San Diego starring cod-eyed Gary Sinise, so we've left the idea alone.

That said, we fear it won't be long until a forensic team are picking over its bones. Reuters reports that the company is expected to report a drop in like-for-like sales of between 7 and 12 per cent for the 12 weeks leading up to tomorrow.

On top of this, shares in DSGi have tumbled 73 percent over the past 12 months, and there are fears that the company may break rules covering its debt arrangements. Throw in a mountain of customer service problems, and it's clear that 2009 doesn't look too rosy for one of the biggest names on the high street.



  • Michael
    Not suprising really, shame if it does go like Woolies, but I s'pose someone will buy this, more profit in it.
  • OFI
    Personally I don't think DSGi will close, I just can't imagine them not being around! I think they will just withdraw from the high street. Dixons has already gone to online only and there's PixMania who are quite competitive online. They must be losing a huge amount having all of these huge stores open. If the reshuffle doesn't come very soon though then they could be on their way :-/
  • chrisg
    I can't see how their business model works personally. They're selling extended warranty/service contracts without the ability to fulfil them, they have vast numbers of stores, selling over priced stuff, with poor levels of customer services. The latter being the worst offence. I mean, you need at least a basic grasp of latin to work there :)
  • Ultraviolence
    servo vestri mos puteus
  • Waz
    I work at PC World and have done so for a fair few months now, in all honesty all this about the business slumping and about to go bust is extremely over-hyped. Yes it's doing worse than previous years but take boxing day for example. The store I worked at made only £10,000 less this boxing day than the last which is quite good considering there's a lot less consumer spending going on, if we hadn't been in this financial crisis we would have done smashed last years boxing day target easily. In terms of the business model yes it does need a reshuffle, the store I work in is extremely understaffed and lost about 8 members which is nearly 40% of staff in the run up to christmas so even though we were short staffed and over worked, considering we were only £10,000 on a particular day we did quite well and were not even a fancy new "WNR" store. With a good business model reshuffle I think it will last as there's always people who would prefer to 'get a feel' for a machine before purchasing it especially as laptop sales are sky-rocketing whilst desktops sales are slowly fading.
  • gravy
    Waz - PC World & Currys is where you go to get a look and feel, but not not necessarily where you actually buy from.
  • Bernard B.
    I rarely go into either of these stores. When I do it is purely to tut at the prices and inevitably to tell the vulture sales staff to pick on someone else more vulnerable.
  • sedgwick
    Curries and PC World still sell basic own brand usb cables at £14.99, that one act of short sighted meanness sums up their ethos, they deserve to die.
  • sedgwick
    Whoops, didn't mean chicken tikka massalas, I meant Currys.
  • Why B.
    PCW problems... 1) They prey on those with no knowledge. Last time I was in a queue to return an item that didn't work I overheard the "tech guys" telling the woman infront that avg was useless and norton was brilliant because avg had to be downloaded and therefore meant a virus could be downloaded too. Last time I checked, Norton downloads its updates too. Lying bastard out for a quick sale. 2) Their stock is poor. They have models on display that they have no stock of. When you finally decide you want a model they gormless idiot hovering around like a bad smell tells you (after ten minutes of looking) that they only have the display model and you can't buy that. 3) Their internet prices and in-store prices are different, but you can get internet prices by reserving them online and picking them up. WTF?!!!????! 4) The sales staff know less than my Dad. "I'd like a graphics card with two independant DVI outputs please". "Uhhhh.... graphics... cards... dunno". Fantastic customer service. Well done, you fucking neanderthal. 5) They refuse to sell to you unless you give them your postcode. NO! NO! NO! NO! If I wanted you to use my personal data then I'd tell you. Everything about this company is awful. I hope they go under... quickly.
  • Master_Chief
    Why Do I Bother: Picking up on your first point, I obviously don't know the full details of the conversation but from what you said the guy's advice holds some weight. You don't have to download Norton if you purchase the box from a shop whereas AVG is only available as a download, as far as I know. I'll start by saying I hate Norton's AV product so I instantly despise PC World for pushing it upon everyone who buys a PC from them. His point to me though seems plausible because if you have to download an AV solution, therefore making an internet connection, without already having one installed you run the risk of becoming infected, What the chances of infection are is unknown but still risky. I personally never put a new machine online without installing an AV product first.
  • j
    Master_chef-- How do you think Norton updates itself? via download... making it risky... I think that is the point trying to be made before hand. There customer service is dire, they know little to nothing on most subjects, they just constantly try and push anything for a sale... although saying that it is the same as most other shops
  • Anon
    Screw that - when will the closing down sale start?
  • Kevin
    Split PC World off and keep that running as it is apparently the part of the business making the most money (dont forget, it's not just about sales, it's about running costs, rent, % of market in certain areas (ie no good having great sales if Comet over the road is getting 60x the sales you are). Really you coudl squeeze the tv's from Currys into a PC world and just have the one store anyway, and I'd guess theres more of a profit margin in tv's than there is is fridges, freezers and cookers.
  • Ian
    Have you ever had to try and return under guarantee to Currys or PC World? It's like getting blood out of a stone. Seriously, the amount of minds they have poisoned with Norton, and the amount of problems that norton /causes/ is beyond me.
  • Master_Chief
    J: You've spectacularly missed my point!
  • Da P.
    In my vast experience of dealing with the aftermath of PCW technical sales and support, the sooner they are removed from the high street the better. They DO prey on people who are new to computing and put sales before service. Why sell the customer a PC that is right for them when you can sell them an over-priced, over-spec'd unit instead? Why sell the customer the correct networking component when you can sell them the more expensive one that will never work? I think they abuse their position in the computer market, which they have only got through paying for extensive TV advertising and not earned through genuine customer satisfation. No real loss for me.
  • Waterboy
    I'm with Master_Chief on this. Whilst I agree that at least the so called sales people in my local PC world are about as clued up as an earthworm, the point about AVG is valid. Master Chief corectly pointed out that to get AVG you initially have to download and then install this. This means that initially you are downloading from the net WITHOUT any antivirus in place. At least by buying norton or another boxed antivirus from the store, you are installing an antivirus programme BEFORE you go on the net to download update so are therefore protected. What did you not understand??????
  • Waz
    Yeah true you can have a 'feel' for a product instore and then buy online but most of the consumer base at PC World only shop their either because they aren't very clued up on a machine or don't know what they want so would like to option of consulting with someone who knows more than they do (even if their knowledge is only slightly better). The types of people who buy PC's from stores usually want a place where they can not only purchase the machine but also get support i.e. the tech guys. Sure the customer services are shoddy but when it comes to computers you should see the amount of stick the customer services get!. I saw a customer come in today after having a laptop for 16 months with no sort of extended warranty cover which was past its manufacturers 12 months and demand the tech guys replace the hard drive as she had purchased it from there regardless of whether it was her fault or not!. Another example would be a customer who purchased a laptop without even asking the advice of any of the shop floor colleagues and returned two months later wanting a full refund or an exchange even though he had opened it and abused it. I really don't blame the customer services for being so pissy all the time with the amount of carp they put up with! The sales floor isn't much different either, we don't (well I don't) just pick the most expensive product for a customer but generally tend to go lower than their allocated budget so they can purchase any additional software they may require or just make sure they're not buying a machine that's either way too powerful or underpowered for them". Sure these days most people are clued up enough on machines to shop around be it online or on the high street but theirs still lots of people who can't differentiate between windows and microsoft office so go to local places like PC World or Empire Direct for advice. I'm not even saying I would shop at PC World not even with my staff discount but that's just because I feel I can look around on the web and KNOW what I'm buying!
  • Waz
    oh and did i mention the customer wanting to exchange his used laptop kicked up such a fuss that the police had to be called! now put up with people like that every week and see how frustrated you get!
  • beavis
    Although AVG IS available to purchace as a hard copy , PCWorld don't see fit to stock it. Personaly though I think thier customer service is pretty good , the cheltenham store anyways.
  • geebee
    Norton has the most margin. TBH a lot of the staff at PCW try their hardest. Young, underpaid staff. What do you expect?
  • not_the_messiah
    Surely if you have an adequate firewall in place, then going on line and going straight to the AVG site to download and install poses no risk? If I have missed something, could someone enlighten me?
  • The D.
    Waterboy are you serious? A boxed antivirus solution is going to be months out of date, until the update is applied you are as good as unprotected. But then the whole antivirus industry prays on peoples fears, you arent going to get a virus just by plugging your pc into the internet unless you have a very old version of windows that hasnt got security updates (prior to XP SP1) and if windows isnt secure then that virus software you payed over the odds for is going to be as much use as an paper umbrella
  • DF
    Plus, the staff are required by the company to sell certain products with a PC - Norton, Office, that sort of thing. If they don't tick enough of the boxes, they get an arse kickinc.
  • Cows_Eat_Grass
    There is risk to anything, i think the point is that its more risky going online WITHOUT an AV installed than going online WITH an AV installed....
  • Sony G.
    Lets hope these bastards go under so it means my job at a Sony Centre is easier! :D lol. As for AVG we sell the OEM copy and as for any antivirus software you will have to connect to the internet in someway in order to get updates or the copy. If you are a beginner to computers I sincerely hope you would not be checking out dodgy porn sites in order to pick up a virus! :P lol
  • OFI
    Unless PC World have changed how they do things the PCs come preinstalled with a trial of Norton anyway. Pop online and download AVg and you're good to go. Then uninstall Norton.. then the other Norton it leaves behind.. then make it's not left some other Norton app there! One time I went into Comet I was quite irritated by one sales person who appeared to be the manager. A young couple obviously on a low budget enquired about a bottom of the range laptop. They asked what they would be able to do on it straight out of the box. The guy basically said "Oh you won't really be able to do anything at all.. I suppose you could get onto the internet but you wouldn't be protected bla bla bla" If he had read their situation properly he could have suggested Open Office, AVG and various other free applications they could obtain. Being too interested in pushing the couple of hundred quids worth of Office onto them he quickly lost his sale. Sure some people will be interested in buying the software but is the person buying the cheapo laptop really going to spend half again on software? Not likely.. Dixons/Curries have actually been quite good to me *touch wood* replacing my Xbox 360 on the spot 10 months after purchase and offered an exchange on a camera a month after I bought it because it was just rubbish. Good days and bad days :-)
  • Sales M.
    I think it's unfair to tar everyone in PC World - or any company - with the same brush - I work in the Preston branch and I have to say we generally give excellent service. The vast majority of staff in our store have a great knowledge of most PC related gear and we really try and make customers feel welcome and satisfied with their experience in store. But to be honest for those who say PCW staff are all morons - when was the last time you went into Argos/Tesco/Sainsburys/WH Smiths/Woolies and asked a technical question about one of their products? To say all PCW staff are idiots is a ridiculous and childish statement - its funny how people always find negatives and never praise positive behaviour!
  • Sales M.
    RE: Norton - it's not a bad product by any means, in fact the latest 2009 is very highly regarded by many online reviewers as it is much lighter on system resources and installs in less than 5 minutes. We tend to find that the people who moan about Norton are the same people who moan about Vista - usually trying to run it on a celeron processor with 512mb ram! Its low system resources and conflicts with other anti-malware products that usually cause any issues.
  • PC B.
    You guys need to remember, a lot of you will know your stuff when it comes to computing, whereas 90% of people who come through the door either haven't got a clue about PC's or know bits and pieces that they've picked up from other people (which is usually wrong). Up until around a month ago, I worked as a Sales Assistant at PC World, and the whole job revolves around hitting your 'KPI's' (key performance indicators) which are basically selling the following with every computer, - Norton 360 - £30 - (half price when bought with a PC, but only costs PC World £3 to buy in per copy, that £27 margin). - Microsoft Office - £79 - The Tech Guys Boot + Recover - £15 - (for booting the PC and making recovery disks) - The Tech Guys PC Setup - £30 - (installing aforementioned Norton and Office combo) - PC Performance (telephone support and accidental damage cover for a monthly fee) Now there are obviously things like AVG and OpenOffice around, and a lot of sales assistant know about them (PC World actually use OpenOffice on their own store computers), but because of the pressure put on them to hit these KPI's, they need to push Norton + Office to hit their targets. As long as there are people around who know 'naff all about computers, PC World will always be around to cater for them, no matter how much you guys may want them to go away.
  • Sales M.
    PC World bloke - Office and Norton prices are a little out of date! We now sell Norton AND Office for only £73 with any PC or Laptop. Or just office for £48.90, again wbw a PC/Laptop. Which, for a 3 licence version of the most used office suite around, seems like value to me. Just over £15 per computer that it's installed on.
  • Sales M.
    Not sure why people keep mentioning OpenOffice - yes we use it on our terminals in store, and to be honest its like using a version of MS Word from about 12 years ago. Clunky, out of date and not very user friendly. Its a good alternative to people who would rather not buy a superior product and make do with a freebie, but thats about it - no comparison!
  • OFI
    "- The Tech Guys Boot + Recover - £15 - (for booting the PC and making recovery disks) - The Tech Guys PC Setup - £30 - (installing aforementioned Norton and Office combo)" Wow would be nice getting that working for yourself. :-D I don't find OpenOffice clunky :-/ Slower to start up sure but feels the same as Office once you're in. Given the choice between that and Office 2007 there's no contest. Office 2007 is far from progress! Office 2003 is where it's at ;-) "when was the last time you went into Argos/Tesco/Sainsburys/WH Smiths/Woolies and asked a technical question about one of their products?" I understand where you are coming from but neither of those claim to be a tech based store :-) There's obviously always going to be a conflict of interest in any shop that provides advice though. From a consumers POV it is always annoying when it is clear a 'KPI' is being pushed on you :-P I do remember how customers would react when you had to ask each of them if they wanted a store card too, pretty naff part of retail...
  • Linus
    Downloading updates through norton is different from downloading the whole program AVG. With downloading the whole program comes the dangers of hitting a rouge website, anti-virus updates are made from within the software, eliminating such a possibility. OO > Microsoft Office. PC World and Currys etc are crap as they force you to buy a Windows OS with any computer. That is all.
  • Bob
    Currys? I think I might have bought a Fridge Freezer from Currys once before the internet existed but now I just find the product I want cheaper on line and don't have to deal with fucktards trying to sell me extended warranty. PC World? PC World, I went in and asked for an SATA cable when the drives first came out and was greeted with "what?", S-A-T-A? "erm, what's that?", Hard drive cable? "Yeah, there", not IDE SATA, "we don't have it, never heard of it", and then rolled his eyes at me and huffed off. Pixmania - Just don't get me started, failed camera after 6 months (a present for my mum), £20 to send to France and then they say it's not covered by the warranty, I want to know why and they it'll cost to get a report as to what the problem is, trading standards say as it's not a UK product it's not covered. So you know what? Fuck em, no great loss only idiots shop there.
  • Bob
    And yes, I am aware that I just called myself an idiot.
  • Marianne
    I personally can't wait to see them go down, be a shame for some of the staff that try and are probably working to strict company policy. I bought a Netbook for my son for christmas, he didn't want it so took it back to the shop the Staurday after christmasthey resfused to either refund or exchnge as the seal had been broken on the box and i had plugged it in. I explained that every parent would normally look at something and at least see it switchs on before christmas. However the manager argued that their policy is once you have broken a seal on a box thats it. I told him the interent said as long as you havent changed any settings or downloaded anything that you could have an exchange. No it didnt want to budge...very unhelpful. Where do they get these stupid rules from. Someone else i know had been mis-sold over £100 worth of cables for his HDTV he bought there and had to fight to get his money back. If this is your level of customer don't to have any.
  • Marianne
    RE my above post...thats was from Currys....maybe thats would them and PCWorld should sell as they have no product knowledge at all. I research and look for best deals when i go to buy something new. Go into a shop and speak to their staff and they know nothing, feed you with a total load of rubbish. My son bought a £400 laptop from PC world only for his hardrive to die 3months later, went back to pcworld, the so could Techy guy said you have to phone the premium rate number and get someone to pick it up and take it away for repair.....i dont expect this after only 3 months he needed that laptop for work. Sorry to some of your staff but i will sit and break a rib laughing if you go into administration.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    The PC World / Dixons / Currys rules.... 1. Only people who know nothing about the internet / technology shop there.... 2. You will only ever shop there once and be so disgusted with the service / prices / products that you will never shop there again. 3. If you have never shopped there, there is a good chance you heard bad stories about them from someone who meets points 1 and 2. 4. PC World /Dixons / Curry's are rapidly running out of people in the country that come under points 1 and 2. Good bye DSGi.... not so nice knowing you!!!
  • Jakg
    I must say that it's not fair to tarnish all employees with the same brush - I am a Geek who works in PC World because it's good pay for a 17 year old, and I already know PC's - however a lot of people are there because they want a job and learn PC's afterwards, which leads to such gems as "AMD's are better for gaming". Frankly I think PC World should drop the high-markup items (£40 for a 15m Ethernet lead?! WTF!) and focus on advice - although atm most customers who come through the door automatically write off what I say as rubbish because I work for PC World - And would instead much rather listen to their friend who told them to get an AMD Dual Core, 512MB of RAM and a 1GB Graphics Card :X
  • Disciple72
    I'm afraid it's time for the DSG group to reap what they have sown. With the customer service that this company supplies no wonder they're in the brown stuff. I bought my son an ipod from PCW. After a week one earphone stopped working. When I went back to the store with the problem the manager said that I would have to take it up with Apple. Only when I qouted some consumer rights did he then sort it out. If this is the way they treat people then the sooner they're wiped off the highstreet the better.
  • Paul N.
    shit company - poor service -staff have low IQ's will try to sell anything - Let them sink with a stink !!!!
  • Paul N.
    # Posted by Sales Man | January 10th, 2009 at 12:56 am I think it’s unfair to tar everyone in PC World - or any company - with the same brush - I work in the Preston branch and I have to say we generally give excellent service. The vast majority of staff in our store have a great knowledge of most PC related gear and we really try and make customers feel welcome and satisfied with their experience in store. But to be honest for those who say PCW staff are all morons - when was the last time you went into Argos/Tesco/Sainsburys/WH Smiths/Woolies and asked a technical question about one of their products? To say all PCW staff are idiots is a ridiculous and childish statement - its funny how people always find negatives and never praise positive behaviour! UTTER COCK
  • Mandy
    DSGI deserve to go under as they think they are above consumer law.
  • scouse
    As with most in this climate we are finding that shops that are not competitively priced and/or offer bad customer service will go under and deservedly so , PCW are no different than woolies in the respect that their prices are ridiculously high and they treat their customers like fools, i should know i worked for them for 2 years in 2 completely different areas before quitting in disgust, good riddance to bad rubbish. The norton avg argument , believe what you want you have NO repeat NO protection against any current virus until you update via the net , the virus definitions on the disk are generally massively out of date hence the need to use the web , which brings you back to the vultures called customer service and the complete lack of in that area. Add into that the 17 year dim wit who fixed a pc once and is now an expert who tries to sell you an adsl router when you want a cable one , tries to sell you a graphics card when you asked for ram or tries to sell you a new intel cpu after telling the halfwit your board runs amd and youve only come in for a soundcard , just some of the idiotic salesmen ive run into since christmas ( i kid you not less than a month and ive had 3 bloody idiots trying to con me into buying crap i dont need or want) . /my experience to qualify me to give them a mouth full ? well ive been "playing" with pc's since most of these guys were a twinkle in the milkmans eyes , my first pc was an amstrad 1512 in 1986 ( not including the home computers ) and ive been rebuilding them since then.
  • nick
    "I saw a customer come in today after having a laptop for 16 months with no sort of extended warranty cover which was past its manufacturers 12 months and demand the tech guys replace the hard drive as she had purchased it from there regardless of whether it was her fault or not!." And consumer law says that that the consumer can seek damages under certain circumstances for upto 6 year if an electrical item fails as the expected life should be around 6 years. Its a lot more complicated then how i have put it simply. But they can pursue damages in order to get it repaired exchanged or even partial refund. Again dont beat me up for this comment but those that are up together with consumer law know how to go about it.
  • Mike H.
    PCW you've sniggered at too many people who don't know enough about computers, you're time is up, switch the light off on the way out.
  • Master_Chief
    Scouse: The point is that Norton or any other AV will update once installed without the need to go surfing to get it first. You do need to be online but you don't need to open IE or Firefox etc to update. If you gave an inexperienced PC user a new machine and told them to download AVG there is a strong chance they will visit many websites before they get to AVG's site. They could incorrectly type AVG in Google and get to any number of sites infected with embedded malware. If you gave that user a boxed product and told them to install before browsing online, during that installation process before a single page has been opened in IE or Firefox et al the AV software will attempt to make a connection to a server to update. The risk of infection has been dramatically reduced. "Playing" with PCs since 1986 and still no clue, the worse sort of "expert"!
  • Paul N.
    They should have more women staff like Hooters, may be worth a visit, I like my tits to have nipples, not just tits for heads !!!!
  • Ian
    @Master_Chief What makes you think they will install off of the CD before having a peak at IE? Providing you have some firewall (physical or even Windows firewall), you are only going to get a virus by visiting an infected site. I guess they could mistype AVG, but that doesn't just instantly land you with a virus. And anyway, as it has already been pointed out, Norton 30-day trial should protect you in the mean time, providing you can get it uninstalled after. Pre-installed crapware should be banned as anti-competitive.
  • me
    What are you lot going on about, most of you are probably still living at home with your parents and don't know real life obviously. The stick people put on DSGi staff is unbelievable, if you buy something and decide to stick with the normal warranty then thats your call, and yes i know tranding standards blah blah blah ,people hide behind this all the time just because you can say trading standards doesn't mean your gonna get your way, so you've put your Wii remote through your TV that's 6 months old, sure bring it back and get a new one that seems resonable (NOT) oh my i've crashed my car i only got it three weeks ago can i have another?!?!?, unfortunately the demands customers make are way beyond what they are entitled too but most of these whiney people think the world owes them something, and these are the people that come into the stores EVERY day 2 examples .... i dropped my laptop down the stairs i want a new one or i fitted my new graphics card and buggered my pc .... you have to give me a new one, get a life. Sure there are genuine problems but when you get 10000000 shi*e one's a day the real ones get mixed up but DO get sorted as quick as possible. After sales is a product that you pay for, if you want it take it, if not grow some bol**cks and just say no, the sales people normally don't get chance to explain the benefits because they get shot down straight away with a resounding NO or I DONT BELIEVE IN WARRANTIES or I NEVER TAKE THEM etc etc so you don't understand the benefits but as soon as something goes wrong that your manufacturer won't cover it's the retail stores fault? seem fair, one example .... 32"TV with one payment of £7 for extended support, the TV was smashed on the way home in his car ...... £7 and he was given a NEW TV! for £7 you tell me where you can buy a 32" TV for £7, think your standard warranty would do that?. Yes there are certain products which are higher profit but em ........ ITS A STORE thats how they make money!, and if everyone didn't insist on getting a discount on the laptop they want which makes no money in profit anyway addons wouldn't be so important. There are targets but staff no longer earn commision so whats in it for them to pressure? another thing most people think word and excel are part of the operating system, and they want word and excel etc because there children have been told to get Office by there school, so lets use something else that's free and not as easy to use for someone who hasn't a clue (good idea). Everyone should just stop whining, let them get on with it and if you don't want to shop there or are just gonna moan when you do then do it somewhere else and give the staff a break it's easy really. I'm sorry but lots of people get lots of help from reatil stores whether you buy from them or not is your choice, the fact that on average thousands of people pass through the doors of the store i work in means that there is still a need and no matter how bitter and twisted people are there is still a demand. and as for AVG the amount of people who come in with Worms/Viri etc on their machines from using this is mad, get some real protection its not all NORTON there are others for sale, it's free for a reason. As for services like setting up Norton etc £29.99 to create recovery discs/ update vista and Norton/ Install Office etc seem fine for most people who can't be bothered to do it themselves or are not sure what to do, so if they think it's a good price then what's the problem?
  • Andrew
    Good riddance DSGi. Poor prices, poor customer services, poor choice of courier for home delivery (DHL - my PS3 "went missing" aka- stolen)
  • EH
    Ok, everyone has their own views etc. I am a manager of a PC World that is doing ok. I have been with the company now for over three years are seen some changes in the operating model etc. What I would love to point out is:- 1) Go and buy a car and your pressured into buying a paint guard / gap insurance etc. 2) Go and buy a pair of shoes and your pressured into buying some shoe polich. 3) Go into Comet to buy a PC and they push MS Office and MS One care 4) Go into a restaurant and they try and sell you a pudding / more drinks. Every business will always try and sell you more, and this is no different in PC World. Yes we do have to push Norton, Office, Warranty, Services, Broadband etc etc to hit our targets to make money (PC's have very low margin these days) - and this is what is hitting the staff at PC World - the staff are under pressure to sell the stuff to keep their jobs. If they do not hit their targets then they are performanced managed and usually quit etc. I personally do not believe in this, but there are staff out there who do not really care. The staff we recruit are underpaid, under resourced and usually just out of school. But this unfortunately is the business we are in and until we pay better, than this will be a given. Leisure is the same - Pizza Hut, Bowling, McDonalds all school leavers with no customer experience and just warm bodies. I have a mortgage, bills and a family to support and the comments what is to loose our jobs with DSGi going under. Thanks! I hope you loose your jobs aswell! This is reality, directors have got it wrong, and John Browett has a hill to climb with a company that is used to high margin products, poor customer service and do the deal to get the money in the till. Now it is low margin (£10 on a £400 laptop if we are lucky), staff that are used to giving poor customer service and no discount to close the deal (we have to come in at 1% of sales discount level). I always ask for my staff to put the customers first, but again there are managers of stores that are very black and white with what they can do!
  • Master_Chief
    Ian: It's fair to say they may just well go browsing before installing the boxed AV product but that's not really what I was getting at in the first place. We're talking about the sort of advice being given, an example was made and I picked up on it. It is perfectly good advice to tell somebody with little to no experience on a PC to purchase and install an AV solution before they go online to browse the web. If you tell that person to do install AV first they will probably listen to you as they look at you as an expert (highly debatable we know at PC World but the less knowledgeable would heed a shop assistant's advice), if you tell them to browse online to find AVG, they may go to any old site before reaching Grisoft's. What if they found a site that linked to a virus infected version, how do they know what's official. I'm not arguing which is the best solution for everybody, I'm just saying the PC world employee had a fair point and wasn't out of order to advise this to somebody. I imagine all you people saying otherwise don't actually deal with individuals with no IT experience and appreciate how difficult it is for them. I'm not a fan of Norton by any stretch, I'm a Nod32 or Avira kind of guy, but I'd rather the PCs of every average user have that installed then nothing at all. The propagation of many Malware types would be significantly reduced which can only be a good thing.
  • Time o.
    AVG is available free online to PC's with virus protection already installed on them. To then burn to a disk or transfer to a usb key and install on the new purchase is hardly bleeding edge thinking. Decrying it because it can only be downloaded is only done by people with too small a brain to figure out a way around it :)
  • Billy B.
    I use to work for PC World and you are just a body , Been with then for a couple of years - Training is shite and the general running is the same , sales guys are pressured to the max , they hire bimbos and rejects - thats what they attract with their shite pay. Any one with more than half a brain cell will shop online - The customers they want are ones with less than half a brain cell and their are millions in the UK - What does that say about the masses.
  • bidrick
    PC World are infamous on HDUK for their "limited availability in store" offers, which are so limited, no one seems to find them. Hardly the way to encourage a loyal customer base.
  • jinky
    Reap the whirlwind DSG Why should we feel pity for you? No reason at all, you have preyed on the unaware for too long. Good riddance.
  • Master_Chief
    Time to State the Obvious: Your brain appears to be too small to comprehend any of the previous posts made on the AVG subject which is why you failed so much in the point you just made.
  • me
    I can't believe anyone would wish DSGi to fold, all those employees who would lose jobs, im with you EH, i can say the same for our store too, i'm always dealing with customer problems and eventually there not problems anymore and become regular customers, i hope ... no i know that DSGi is on the right path now, it's not going to be easy especially with people taking a quick stab at the company basing past problems on current day and anyone who has the time to consistantly slag off really doesn't have much of a life in the first place, actually we see them every day moaning because their wireless connection on their new laptop isn't working ......... try the switch at the front which turns it on .....
  • wolf359
    well if EH is any indication of PCW managers then its no wonder they're in the shite. the word is LOSE not loose. i feel sorry for the PCW drones but the managers deserve to lose their jobs.
  • me
    lets not pick now but maybe start with capital W and after a full stop maybe another capital such as T and I.
  • Master_Chief
    Wolf359: Managers of retail stores like this are just a cog in the wheel of these organisations the same as the sales staff. They have to answer to those above them and have very little say in the running of the store. Aim your sights higher if you want to blame someone.
  • charlie
    Dell is also chopping alot of jobs. i don't that many people are buying pcs / upgrading their pcs at the moment, hence why sales are low and companies are chopping jobs / downsizing due to this (credit crunch).
  • DF
    Also, when people come in to buy PCs, they want a PC, not all the extras that the company wants to sell them, because that's where it makes its profit.
  • wolf359
    Me: there's a big difference between not capitalising and not being able to spell a simple word like lose. Master_Chief: I realise they're just cogs but they, in my personal experience at least, are just full of themselves. One refused to hand over something I had already bought and paid for (interstore transfer) and I had to ring consumerdirect in front of him and get them to inform him of my legal rights before he would give in
  • scouse
    Thanks for the reply master chief , if you give people so little credit that they cant type 3 letters into a keyboard thats says a lot about your opinion of others , maybe you should take a job with them you seem to have the right skills.
  • fsm65
    pcworld are chit, morons selling crap. disastercare for repairs. my firn were offering the rent a pc deal, but they offered pc world vouchers, lots refused cuz of poor rep. norton is a nuisence, caused my pc to crash even after un-installing. avg is better and contest!
  • me
    scouse think you were aiming at me ,sorry i was just being picky like the other person, seemed to be the right thing to do to fit in. I normally keep my opinions to myself and just don't feel that every DSGi person should be painted with the same brush im sorry but someone who is branded bad for mis-spelling a word really isn't a real judge of the persons character. The fact of the matter is ... if you don't like something then don't use it, i just think it's wrong to keep knocking something when it's trying to be better, the situation at the moment really doesn't need for more negativity. This conversation will just keep going round and round in circles so me for one .... im not waisting anymore time on this .... oh and for your information i already work for them and am i a dumb shite? well just one thing im older now settled with a family and don't have the luxury of travelling around the world like i did when i was younger developing HUD systems for aircraft, and programming flight systems and satellite guidance software systems, so were all stupid?, mind you i'm sure i can't compete with your amstrad 1512 knowledge. As for me thanks and bye.
  • Alex
    I love the way idiots blame the likes of currys when something breaks instead of the manufacturer!!! And currys are the cheapest around for laptops and have very good prices on tv's! yes they are over priced on accessories like cables etc but thats what they make the most margin on, they make fuck all on the big stuff, i know i work for them and have seen the figures. I dont like them either but i dont want to be stood on cue with the thousands of people already out of work.
  • John B.
    I can't believe the store staff and managers who are complaining on this website. They seem to be saying that they offer S***T service because their margins are too tight. They have to sell expensive warranties and software to make money. Stop complaining and start to smell the coffee. You have sold computers over the last 20 years which has given people the opportunity to use the internet and buy cheaper. It's called shooting yourself in the foot. You have presumed that customers are too stupid to realise that extended warranties are for making DSGi mpney and not for offering service. Your service has pissed off so many customers your now in trouble. John Lewis offers better service and their electronic sales are UP by 20% last year. People have had enough of your company and prefer to shop elsewhere. You should of worked harder at school. It’s going to be a bumpy ride this Thursday John!!! The mess is slowly being revealed - partly thanks to bitter wallet
  • Doomy
    just like to add a short comment about their ''management team'' When i tried to exchange a laptop which i thought was faulty, they said they were busy at the moment but had to test it 1st, fair enough, but they said i will have to leave it in the store, and return after a few hours, i wasnt too impressed. So i requested if i can have a identical laptop (instead of a refund) so i can get out and go home, which is quite a journey. this guy in the ''management team'' came over and had a go at me, saying i have ''registered'' the laptop, and so i cant get another one. i tried to explain how i didnt even have the internet, theres no way for me to have registered. He later on, about 15 min of crap, finally explain that when i have bought it, its is mine, so.. it is ''apparently'' registered to me? so instead of a having a team who does know something about pc, they had some idiot, time waster, who couldnt explain themselves clearly, and are in so called ''management'' team who wasted around an hour of my time, then.. i had to leave my laptop there, and had to return later. Obviously there management team, is just some random guy, who probably had problems passing his IT in high school, and probably failing in gcses english. I have to say, they shouldnt have the right to sell any complicated electronic items. The only items they should sell are accessories, like a mouse and a keyboard, or maybe even simple components. Just have to say... dont know how they didnt win worse retailers award last year.
  • Master_Chief
    Scouse: I'm curious as to what you do for a living? I work in IT and part of my job is to support users who don't have a clue about computers and believe me if I was to just tell them to download AVG off the internet they would struggle. My opinion of them as people and their ability to do their day-to-day jobs doesn't go down, I just know that some of them need a hell of helping hand when it comes to IT. The people who work for my company are fortunate that they can turn to people who they can trust to help them out, You're average Joe who goes into a place like PC World probably doesn't have somebody like that to help them out so they rely on the store assistant. Offering a boxed AV solution is the best option for somebody who obviously has no idea about PCs and is relying on a store assistant for help. Some of you are acting like it's a crime because they try and push Norton, at least it's something and not leaving them to the mercy of sorting their own anti-virus out. It's only £30 anyway, it's hardly daylight robbery. I would recommend anybody pay that sort of money anyway rather than use AVG free. If the free version was so good then they wouldn't feel the need to offer a paid version with more features. Those features are actually a must as far as I'm concerned, not a luxury. I've installed Nod32 and Avira on machines running AVG and they picked up loads of malware that AVG missed. Look at online tests and you'll see how poorly AVG performs against other solutions. JUst because it's free doesn't make it the absolute solution for everybody.
  • scouse
    Well Master_bater i would say i worked in IT but i dont ,not any more , the people i employ below me work in IT . if it helps you in some strange way knowing were i work i work for a large multi national company and there are 2800 people on this site alone. Go back to playing Halo and browseing through friends reunited for pictures of your dad.
  • Master_Chief
    Scouse: This large multi-national company you work for can't be too picky on the managers it employs, your spelling and grammar is appalling. I don't usually nitpick people for that sort of thing as we all make mistakes and oversights when posting on forums but yours takes the biscuit and shows you genuinely have no comprehension of the English language. Let's just say for a minute that you did work in IT, you must surely understand the low level of IT ability you deal with when supporting say 2800 people. I wasn't suggesting my opinion held more value than yours if you didn't work in IT, I'm just calling upon my experiences (and everybody I know who works in this business) with dealing with IT illiterates and why you can't trust some of them to wipe their own behinds, figuratively speaking, when it comes to PCs. Regarding your last comment, I could of course comment on your name and make some reference to stealing or something but that would be too easy. I'll leave the cheap shots to you!
  • PC B.
    [...] not having a great time over at DSG International, are they? The company is predicting significant losses from Christmas trading, reeling from significant redundancies and still mopping up customer service problems.  And now [...]
  • scouse
    I would to my comment was pretty correct ,it isnt me who insults people by claiming their brains are too small to understand simple things like this, and with that said my lack of grammer and correct punctuation make no difference to my secretary who types my letters and does all of my filing (but of course it should read ,your spelling and grammar are appalling rather than is appalling glass houses and stones ?? DICKtionary boy ) but thanks for that. Despite my obvious failings in the English language department i am still in the position i am mostly down to hard work rather than joining a "clan" at work , but again thanks for that
  • Master_Chief
    Hey I said we all make mistakes, you just come across as illiterate. I like how you're trying a bit harder now though, well done - D+ for that. The brains comment was in reference to somebody else who made a similar statement about others, in context it was appropriate, your comments are just insulting. Insulting comments are fine by me though, I can take it, I'm secure enough to not have to tell lies on the internet. Of course you have a secretary and of course you hold a high ranking position within an organisation. Everything about your posts clearly indicates this. Yes I got to my position by being part of a 'clan' as you're implying. That is exactly how the real world works and is entirely how I would imagine somebody in your oh-so-powerful position would think. Your efforts to make out your this high flying person are mainly undermined by the fact your arguing online with somebody who plays online games in clans (I don't by the way) and doesn't know who is father is (was that what you was implying?) . All the 'hard working' Managers/Directors I know don't spend their time arguing online. There's a simple fact in life and that is... those who spend time online proclaiming how great/successful/important they are and use that as a tool to try and undermine others in an argument to avoid the actual points being raised generally are full of BS. In fact make that - ALWAYS full of BS!!
  • scouse
    That was actually quite funny. In no way do i try to imply that i am "high flying" i simply have a good job attained through a few years of hard work is that so amazing to you ? you did ask what i did for a living i just let you know. As with many people i spend my freetime doing what i want and at the minute that is having a bit of fun on here reading your latest rant or is the internet solely for "IT" people.
  • Master_Chief
    Scouse: Yes I'm ranting. It's been a pleasure, let's move on to the next post!!
  • Alex
  • Manager W.
    Hiya all, Im an assistant manager of PCWorld in lancashire. My job is on the line now £25K pa. I have a new baby, large mortage, nagging wife, but I will be absolutely honest. When the company started it was the only one in the market and charged extortionate prices but where else could you go. After making lots of money and with freeserve making even more the company didnt know where to go. Now facing with ruin, as the new operating model of one team and no commission, no ones bothered model, is not delivering, John Browett (tesco supremo went to Harvard self financed) & Keith Jones ( i used to be a driver for dsgi, give me a break) have been advocating a selling model of fives using the derren brown mind control programming techniques(these arent the droids your looking for)..ANTHONY. But the reality is, all colleagues are pressured into selling pc performance warranty which will be given to you for free for the first month, then cancel it. Also offered norton and office as their the ones the suppliers want the company to sell, After that the staff cant be bothered as the pressure is then off. The problem is that these directors offer the market these winning programmes, so they get the funding due to so called customer retention, etc, etc . But my major gripe is that in the number of stores I've worked in, the staff, really want to help every person that walks into theire stores. YES we do, we want to help but their is so much bollocks from head office regarding fleecing customers via smartplan, pc performance warranty's, norton, selling up that now all the staff are constantly worrying about their low paid jobs which they need to pay off their livelihood. Im not slagging the company off but if we acted that we owned part of the company and wanted to secure its livelihood by looking after customers we would never be in this mess. The problem is that the chiefs are too greedy. Why on earth cant we look after customers properly is beyond me.
  • Bnice N.
    Well, what is all this talk of being pleased to see the back of DSGI, I am a colleage of said company and can not believe that this kind of stuff is being discussed. People are working here guys! what kind of people think its funny to see the back of a brand that has spanned for many years providing customers with what they want, yes that is what I said what THEY want. No business could survive this legnth of prosperity without doing just that. Yes bad service is all around the country and not confined to or accepted in DSGI! Service is a matter of perception and you can't please all people. Issue is people who have problems with their products and or services fall into 3cats 1. have a real problem that needs some assistance. 2. Can't use their product properly . 3. have accidently broken the product and want to blame others! For the first type you will find the majority of these people satisfied that they have been helped, for the people in cat 2 I WOULD ASK YOU NAY SAYERS TO REASON WITH THEM! and for cat 3 expect threats shouting and general unaceptable behaviour, in my 9 years with DSGI I come in to contact with all 3 every month, yes many people actually use their products for a long time with no problem shock horror!. If you have a problem with your product or service try treating the colleagues with a bit of respect instead of refering to them as idiots, you just might get some help :-)
  • Wise_people_avoid_DSGi
    I worked there for a while, so a few facts about sales people and selling Norton (they get Norton provided free) sales people have to sell a min 40% Norton with PCs, so that is why they are pushy! If they dont sell over 40% "premium profit" cables they are put on a MVC "manage via consequence" basically this means unless they rip enough people off they will be sacked! They are now told to use the "Fives" sales model which uses mind control tactics (planting a seed) it is aimed at selling "Whateverhappens" their insurance! If a sales person does not consistantly follow "FIVES" its MVC and he/she is soon out of the door! So rip people off or your scked is the way DSGI work, nice company I know, I have seen it first hand! Customer service is not part of what they are trained for *really*, the main training is all about is ripping people off, so dont expect customer service they are not intersted really! It's not the sales guys fault, they usually get treated like shit by the company, they dont even get comission anymore, its just about them doing what they are told to do so they dont lose their jobs! The more inteligent ones know their jobs are shit and they are working for a shit company! But a jobs a job!
  • Tango
    I think that to brush all of PCW stores with the same brush is a fuking joke I work at PCW and I always provide excellent customer service to any customer no matter who he/she is even if its something minor like finding a wireless router, usb flash drive etc now Norton nowadays is £29.99 when bought with a laptop/pc etc and ms office 2010 is £59.99 when bought with laptop/pc now your no going to tell me that them prices are rip offs where else can u get office ms or norton or any other av from for cheaper!? AVG Free is a fukin joke does not protect you what so ever and to go onto the what ever happens and no its not called insurance as this would imply it covers you from theft which what ever happens does not it does cover however any thing that ges wrong with the laptop and if it cant be fixed you get a brand new one so as long as u got that you will never need to buy another laptop again! now payng something £7.99+ a month on a NO CONTRACT but 30 day thing now how da fuk is dat a rip off you thick fuks no nothing!
  • Grafik
    hey buddy... i just wanted to say that my browser is exploding when I click on the links... are you using some javascript or something?

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