Deathwatch: the Littlewoods catalogue

death grim reaper dead After more than 80 years in the game, the Littlewoods catalogue is no more.

Of course, everyone can buy things online now, but for the sentimental among us, it is a little sad to see the stalwart of retail disappear. Instead, you'll now buy things from Shop Direct, the company which owns the Littlewoods brand.

When the catalogue was in full flow, around 25 million of the things would make their way into the hands of the public. When it first launched in the '30s, it sprawled across 168-pages and alongside the descriptions of goods you could buy, where hand-drawn pictures of your potential purchases.

It was an instant hit with consumers and over the years, had some very famous faces modelling for them, such as Joan Collins, Twiggy, George Best and Jerry Hall.

However, more recently, the Littlewoods catalogue has only been reaching 300,000 in print.

Alex Baldock, chief executive, said: "This is a big step in Shop Direct’s transformation and, importantly, it’s one that’s been led by our customers. They’ve embraced online at a phenomenal pace – this is where they’re browsing and where they’re buying. We want to spend in areas that really matter to our customer. We know they want a slick, easy online experience and they want it tailored for them. We’re going to give them what they want."


  • Henry C.
    that's a shame. i used to like wanking over the underwear pages. this was before photoshop and you could see the ladies' hairy parts under the lacy pants.
  • Euan
    Wonder how many lads over the years first spanked the monkey to the lingerie pages in those catalogues... again, obsoleted by the internet!

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