Deathwatch: Stead & Simpson stores closing 'by stealth'

retail deathwatch Rumours are abounds that bargain footwear chain Shoe Zone is on the brink of closing up to 100 of its Stead & Simpson stores, with the company accused of shutting stores ‘by stealth’.

Stores in Tewkesbury, Romsey, Dereham, Bath, King’s Lynn, North Walsham and Burgess Hill have all been shut in the last month and an employee has told The Sun that management are keeping staff members in the dark about what is going on.

Since then, another staff member has revealed that 10-20 branches will be closing on 8th December and that some staff members will be switched to 30-day contracts at the end of each month.

We all love cheap shoes and we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one over the next few days/weeks/whatever…


  • Halloway
    The Beverley branch of S&S is closing down and has been for several months now.
  • Sukmabobaby
    We going to have a HUKD deathwatch soon? Just sayin.
  • Seymour
    good. Shoe's are shit, cheap should not mean uncomfortable.
  • Dick
    They are always having a "closing down sale" near us too. Maybe they have cried wolf too often.
  • Sicknote
    Cheap shitty shoes made in Philippine sweatshops - who would have thunk that business model would fail....
  • Gabriella
    Yes this is true as I have noticed many S and S branches close down recently.
  • Sarah
    I am an employee at stead and simpsons, the shoes are leather and we get most returns from shoe zone, the company taking stead and simpsons over and ruining the quality of the shoes... whatever the case, me, and many other everyday people are being made redundent and its very sad.
  • Peter S.
    The one in Broadmarsh Nottingham has had about 10 "Closing Down" Sales in the last 12 year's since I've been living near it. They obviously must sell more shoes if they are having a "Closing Down" sale. I don't know why all shops don't have a constant closing down sales if it means they sell more stuff. Anyone know why other retailers don't use this "closing down sale" technique to boost their sales?

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