Deathwatch: Santa Claus

We like to keep an eye on the health of the businesses around the world here at Bitterwallet, which is why we have a 'deathwatch' section. At the close of 2015, we have some rather distressing news - Father Christmas is at the risk of going bankrupt.

An audit shows that Santa’s finances are all over the place and that his business model is absolutely unsustainable.

xmas deathwatch

Accountants at Expert Market have made up an infographic, so we can see just how much trouble Santa is in.

For starters, he needs to sort out the estimated £65million on elf wages. By their reckoning, Father Christmas' business model has a shortfall of around £8 billion.

He could make some money by utilising the very valuable image of himself (he needs to get his image rights sorted, and quickly) and it is suggested that he could make some money by selling his stockpile of milk and biscuits.

Anyway, here's the full thing for you to look at (click to enlarge). We're sure Santa will be fine, because one thing we can't account for is that he's made out of magic. And he probably doesn't pay any tax, like most giant delivery firms.



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