Deathwatch: RIP Jessops

Word is reaching us that the entire 187-strong chain of Jessops stores will close at the end of today, which should mean the loss of around 2,000 jobs across the country.

The company went into administration earlier in the week and was believed to owe HSBC £30 million. More news as we get it...

UPDATE: The 187 stores will begin closing FROM today. The administrator PwC has said that the retailer can no longer trade without supplier support.


  • terry
    I went in today and they had a "sale" on but they were still expensive.
  • Mike M.
    badgers are brilliant
  • Her L.
    Do you remember that giant badger, where someone had fashioned a saddle out of an old watermelon husk? The theme tune was hilarious! "Oh here comes the badger, the silly old badger, he's as tall as a house".
  • screddajames
    According to the site all stores are now closed
  • Sicknote
    Fuck all the staff, if they'd studied harder at school they'd be working in the city like me and wearing a Rolex and driving a Mercedes.
  • bob
    @Sicknote You're really cool.
  • Mr M.
    @ Sicknote I thought you ran your own company...
  • Gabriella
    Well it's now so bad they don't even have closing down sales. I am sorry for all of the staff. @Sicknote: You are a disgusting human being. Your behaviour is appalling. I hope it comes back on you. I am really sorry for all the staff there and for the High Street. At the end of the day, shop on the internet and give to Amazon who don't pay taxes but then don't moan when you have to pay more in taxes for shittier services and higher welfare. I think advice in electrical and specialist shops should not be free. You should be made to pay for advice so if you then order online you lose that 50 for advice. It would stop the leaches that went in to Comet and Jessops from buying online. Regardless, online isn't cheaper not in all cases
  • Mary H.
    @ Mike Hocks Mum beavers are my favourite
  • Lewis H.
    @Sicknote I didn't study particularly hard at school and Ill be driving a Mercedes next year so fuck you!
  • john
    Yep - Mercedes Sprinter LWB. Tesco home delivery driver.
  • Wongaporkpies
    So what happens to staff that are owed wages. This administration process took days unlike Comet which took over a month. There are going to be a lot of stressed people left wondering what to do on Monday.
  • Paul R.
    Why did the banks let this debt grow so large, before doing some thing ??.
  • Sicknote
    The comments on here are indicative of what's wrong with this country; everyone thinks they're owed something by someone else and ooh the poor staff..blah..blah..blah.. About 15 years ago I was made redundant and shortly after that I started my own business. Today I am still successfully running that business from the tax haven of Malta, I am personally wealthy, my wife has a choice of which Rolex to wear and which expensive car drive, my 3 boys are in private schools and anyone outside my front door can go fuck themselves. I have not one cent of sympathy for the staff and the best & brightest of them will go on to start their own businesses or get snapped up by other employers. The wasters will grizzle about what their owed and by whom they're owed. As for this specific business; they should have cut their losses months if not years earlier instead of shovelling the firm into more debt and further risk. Shame on them and shame on their lenders for letting this happen.
  • Employee m.
    Sicknote is a troll - pay no attention to him lol A genuine success wouldn't be lurking around a blog site aimed at people who don't want to spend a lot of money for nice things. Oh and by the way, I too have a rolex. See how easy that was to type?
  • Avon B.
    ^ What he said ^
  • bob
    I own a Rolex...worst watch I've ever's never kept good're an idiot if you bought more than one...
  • Gabriella
    Sicknote you are a wanker and your wife is a transvestite.
  • shiftynifty
    Well it`s all a big negative...but a snapshot of the high street in black and white ...see what I did there haters...?
  • Sicknote
    @Gabriella Yes, every morning in the shower and yes my wife does wear the occasional trouser suit and tie; but you madam are an uneducated overweight shit-flinging shaved orangutan with your knuckles scraping the ground as you stride along the high-street of your local town.
  • Gerry M.
    Sicknote, that is one of the funniest put-down bitch slaps I've read in a long time.
  • Dick
    @Gabriella - concerning paying for advice. I might pay for advice if it was given by an expert. But many of the people that work in Jessops, HMV, Comet, etc are not experts. They are regular people that sell things, often with little knowledge of what they are selling. I remember being told by a Comet salesman that LED TVs are better than LCD ones as the liquid crystal part breaks down over time. He wouldn't have it that the LED refers only to the backlight and that LED TVs also contain the same LCD TFT elements as a regular LCD TV. Jessops staff are normally no different. One I spoke to once didn't understand how the f-stop numbers and aperture size where related. He thought bigger f numbers meant a bigger aperture. I used to use Jessops to try out a lens or two before buying elsewhere. If their prices were better then I would have bought from them, but when they could be £40-50 more expensive on a £200 lens, I would go elsewhere after trying it out. £40 is too much to charge to try out a lens for five minutes and for advice from someone that knows less than me. I even once asked if they would price match and got told no, so they knew they could either make a little profit from me by making a sale or nothing, and they still chose nothing.
  • Piers M.
    Sorry guys but anyone who pays for a Rolex and actually wears the thing (it tells the time, that's it) has no right to suggest to others what to do. Unless they are also fellow wankers.
  • u0421793
    I find it quite an emotionally tangible shame that Jessops have gone. HMV today have gone, too, but I can’t honestly remember buying anything in HMV in the past 20 years (tending to prefer the Virgin megastore just a few shops down on Oxford Street (which is now a Primark anyway) and more often Towel Records, before that). However, I was walking around Maplin this lunchtime thinking to myself that if they ever went the same way, I doubt I’d feel the same sort of sense of unfair loss.
  • Episode G.
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