Deathwatch: Republic to enter administration

We saw this one coming a week or so ago, but news is emerging that fashion chain Republic will go into administration tomorrow, with the jobs of 1,000 workers at risk.

The company's CEO, Andy Bond, recently left and the Twitter accounts of individual stores were also closed down, possibly as bosses realised that a rash of HMV-style Twitter takeovers could occur once the shit hit the fan.

If you've got gift cards/vouchers for Republic, we'd advise you spend them TODAY.

More on this as we get it... unless we go down the pub.



  • Her L.
    "If you've got gift cards/vouchers for Republic..." ...unlucky. Someone clearly hates you enough to want you to wear miserable clothing.
  • ian s.
    Soon there will only be Charity and pound shops on most high streets
  • samm
    What about if you've ordered an item to store?
  • Bob
    You're fucked.
  • Dr Z.
    I can't wait for the Charity pound shops!
  • bouch
    Go down the Pub? What pubs?
  • ksomeone
    Its sad for the staff employed who will be seeking work. But im not surprised as the clothes is primark quality with fancy labels, just ask the staff who are loosing there jobs. maybe if republic had treated staff correctly and followed the basic employment rights instead of paying out thousands they wouldnt be in this posistion. I wonder if they will treat the loyal staff in ther final days and pay wages or will they shy at the first oppotunity.
  • Miso
    All the comments and stories I am reading about this seem very ill-informed. On several occasions I have seen articles giving examples of brands such as firetrap and diesel which the stores no longer stock! Most sites are jumping to conclusions and panicking the staff making them think they haven't got a job to go to tomorrow! And some of the comments I have seen on twitter are clearly written by some very naive and nasty people. What difference does it make if your opinion is that the store sells "miserable clothes", Her name was Lola, is it not the fact that potentially 2000 could be losing their jobs that we should be focussing on? Those who are making negative comments, saying they deserved it, will one day find it happening to them. Because the less stores that are on the high street, mean less wages for people to spend in other sectors. And of course you aren't fucked if you've ordered an item to store, 'bob', use your brain.
  • Darren
    @ksomeone lol @ primark quality, actually I have purchased quite a bit from republic and like their S&C range, and they quality is really good. will be sad to see them go, but not surprised as when they did the "sales" in jan, nothing on the rails were actual stock they used to sell, that stuff really was primarni stock!
  • Her L.
    @Miso Horny, no I made a conscious decision not to concern myself with the closure of the Republic chain and instead focus my attention on one of the other areas mentioned in the article. I am happy for others such as yourself to worry about the loss of jobs - feel free to shed a tear for me. What difference does my opinion make? None, but it is my opinion nonetheless and my observation that the clothes are miserable would appear to be upheld by poor trading figures last Autumn. Cheers love.
  • Dick
    Ha. Monarchy 1 Republic 0.
  • Sicknote
    It's OK - just means a lot more gay men will shop in GAP and A&F. The world will still continue to rotate so calm the fuck down....
  • Miso
    @Lola - aren't you vile!
  • Her L.
    @Miso Horny, quite possibly.
  • Whisky
    I guess Miso (Horny) works/worked at Republic, I also wonder if they have been on this site before. Your asking for trouble in the comments section unless you know anything about foxes. I was one of the 150 laid of by Republic yesterday. Turns out the reports in the press were a hell of a lot more informed then we were. All that is left at head office is enough people for liquidation.

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