Deathwatch - problems at Greenwoods?

Word has reached us on the grapevine of another long-standing company with mounting financial problems - and it could be bad news for soon-to-be-grooms as well as sensibly-dressed men over the age of 60.

A well-sourced reader has emailed us with a tip-off that the Greenwoods menswear chain is experiencing trouble in paying suppliers. According to the source, one supplier was told the company may be facing administration.

We spoke to a member of the finance team at Greenwoods this afternoon, who asked us to speak to Richard Davies, Group Finance Director of the chain's holding company Hanson Partners Ltd. Despite numerous calls, we were unable to speak to Davies to confirm the story. Bitterwallet did speak to managing director Laura Crawford who stated that Greenwoods was not currently in administration.

The company was founded by Willie Greenwood way back in 1860 and is the boutique of choice for gentlemen of a certain age, as well as being a leading hire supplier of wedding suits (through their 1860 offshoot brand).

In September, Hanson Partners had agreed to sell 50 per cent of Greenwoods to Chinese retail company Bosideng International. The company planned to spend over £25 million refurbishing 100 Greenwoods stores and rebranding them as Bosideng outlets. The deal was due to be completed on or before April 6th 2009.

According to Companies House, Hanson Partners is late filing company accounts due on 28th of last month.


  • British R.
    they've been struggling for time
  • Mac P.
    I thought greenwoods had gone bust years ago! I've never met anyone who's been into one of their stores. It will be a shame if people face losing their jobs but I can't see this one lasting too long.
  • Lumoruk
  • andy y.
    shit,where will I get my flat caps and whippet harnesses from now?
  • David L.
    I'm not surprised - who goes in there anyway?
  • scriven
    I'm using them to supply my wedding gear in four weeks! Not good...
  • Mike H.
    I am also wondering where I am going to get my Tuxedo for that ball where everyone will think I look like Bond, James Bond, but I won't but I think I will, I'll just look a twat, and i'll go round going, Hock, Mike Hock and ordering Vodka Martinis... Shaken not stirred, I might just go practice saying, ahhh, Mish Money Penny...

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