Deathwatch: Peacocks and Past Times call in the administrators

retail deathwatch Some sad but expected news has broken in the past hour, with both Peacocks and Past Times announcing that they’re entering administration.

It had been speculated over the last few days that both chains would be making the dreaded move, and Peacocks (the larger of the pair) called in the administrators having failed to restructure £240m worth of debt. They have said that talks with potential investors are ongoing and that a potential buyer for their Bon Marche chain is in place.

As for Past Times, the purveyors of olde worlde goods, they have already closed 46 stores and made over 500 workers redundant, but it wasn’t enough to save them. Those stores that are still open will enter a ‘closing-down mode’ with ‘significantly discounted stock’. It seems as though they are still trying to sell the business as a going concern, but to be honest it looks as though the company will disappear for good sooner rather than later.


  • Jase
    A shame to hear about Peacocks. Their shirts were of pretty much identical quality to Topman, but without the £30 associated price tag. Same for the coats too.
  • Rob
    ^ by same quality, presumably you mean awful quality. Peacocks is like an indoor market store. Good riddance to bad rubbish. As for past times I don't think anyone will miss them. This recession has been good for getting rid of shops that are a waste of space. Hopefully holland and barret will be next.
  • Sarah
    Such a shame about Peacocks, some lovely stuff there!
  • Alan E.
    Yeah but: River Island- fit staff Peacocks- fat staff Hence RI not going bust.
  • tom
    ffs guys.. peacocks might not be the best quality clothes but its better than primark... past times will be missed too, i know alot of people that shop there frequently. please dont insult the staff that work at peacocks, most of the staff there at fit! apart from the lads(dont look at them thanks) tbh rob and alan entry you two are just mad mmk??!?!!? shh please!
  • Sicknote
    Went into Peacocks once to use the loo and it smelt like piss & biscuits; I just assumed that was all the old ladies tottering about. Went into Past Times in Southampton once and it looked like someone had shipped a container load of shit from China and wanted to charge a fortune for it. Told my missus that we had enough "Keep calm and carry on" tat lying about the house
  • Mike H.
  • Dick
    How are we expected to keep calm and carry on when past times has closed?
  • sarah
    Feel for you guys at peacocks and past times i lost my job with d2 jeans in n ireland ,3 weeks ago ignore the comments as to many people are big in the mouth .Try and stay positive know its hard good luck to you all,and to those of you who can do nothing but slate the companies who are in trouble get off your backsides and do something constructive instead of attacking the staff with your sick minds,
  • grace
    ^theres always blue inc??

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