Deathwatch - Olan Mills over-exposed and out of business

And another one bites, and another one bites, another bites the dust. Farewell photography studio Olan Mills - we may never again know of your overpriced chidren's portraits. The company has announced on its website that trading ceased at all stores (including those within branches of Mothercare) on Boxing Day, and that an administrator will be appointed shortly.

What happens if you're still waiting for gifts from your local Olan Mills, or have gift vouchers to spend? Well, not to put too finer point on it:

Question: I have paid a deposit/paid in full and I have not received my photographs.

Answer: Regrettably, Olan Mills has ceased trading and will shortly be placed in administration. However the company is endeavouring to fulfil all outstanding orders, which will be posted direct to customers’ home addresses during January.

Question: I have purchased a Gift Box from Olan Mills, can I get a refund?

Answer: Olan Mills has ceased trading and will be in administration. Your claim will be classed as an unsecured creditor claim and you will need to register your claim. Register your claim by writing to the administrators with your Voucher Number at the address above giving details of the amount you have paid.

Question. I have a Olan Mills Gift Voucher, can I use it?

Answer. The company has ceased trading and vouchers are therefore no longer valid and cannot be redeemed (Customers may write to the address above and register themselves as unsecured creditor).

In layman's terms - you're knackered. No doubt the rise of the digital camera and home processing put an end to Olan Mills' reign. Who's next?


  • Dank
    Er, who?
  • Darren
    Exactly, as a photographer myself i cant believe the costs they charged... I once was offered a place at VENTURE and it was like a dream come true, I so longed to work for them as a photographer when they told me the maximum you could ever earn was £18K and 25K MAX in the creative department I just laughed and explained I wouldn't fart in bed for those types of salaries, especially when you can see how much they are charging customers for a single canvass.... Another Photography studio just opened in Manchester charges an extra 5-7% on the pictures if you decide not to buy there and then..... They need to grow up and get realistic about the digital Era...
  • Chilliman
    They deserved to go down, ridiculous prices = die.

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