DEATHWATCH: Mothercare look doomed

It has been well publicised, but the high street is looking pretty doomed at the minute, with HMV all but dead, Jessops, Blockbuster and Comet gone. Mothercare, it seems, could well be next.

The pram-vendor was hoping Christmas would revive their flagging sales, but the opposite happened, with the company posting a 7.4% fall in sales for the end of 2012 from a year ago. They still hold out for things improving though (while everyone else looks on with pity in their eyes).

"We have made solid progress during Q3, despite a challenging consumer backdrop for the UK and Eurozone," Chief Executive Simon Calver said in a statement. "Our three-year transformation and growth plan remains on track."

It seems any comeback is based almost entirely on slashing prices, which is never a good sign.

Elsewhere, the owner of PC World and Currys is laughing like a drain at all this high street bother, saying that they're having a lovely time since Comet went under, and reported bigger-than-expected surge in Christmas sales. Dixons Retail have also been cheerfully reminding everyone that their like-for-like sales in the UK and Ireland were up.

Argos have also benefited from the Comet closure, showing better sales figures over Christmas, thanks to a spike in sales of tablets. Meanwhile, Comet is hauling itself around smoking roll-ups and dragging its face like Yosser Hughes.


  • Kevin
    Yet another company that hasn't changed, still has big shops (also having moved lots to out of town stores) and wonders why they are in trouble.
  • samuri
    overpriced shayt eg. travel cot £139 @lidl £39
  • Believe they will adapt and survive - most if not all smaller stores will go...
  • Gerry M.
    And I bet like Jessops & HMV they didn't spin their online business off under it's own company to protect it from the offline business going pop. No sympathy from me; adapt & evolve your business or die...!!!
  • Marly m.
    You know what, this may not be the worst thing ever. Mothercare stores are lovely, but a complete outfit for a toddler including shoes from the clarks concession comes close to £80 or £100 with a coat. I'm probably their ideal customer: 39, married, three kids, mid level income (teacher) and our household income is approx £50k. But i've rarely visited Mothercare in the last two years, and when I have, i've spent little. They got rid of my local small store in which I had bought two prams, three car seats, loads of clothes, toys etc. i've looked at their website but the prices are always cheaper on amazon etc so they get my money instead. For special events, there's a Next in my town so the kids clothes come from there, not the 35 miles away out of town Mothercare that is my nearest branch. Dunno about you, but since there are naff all games shops, record shops, kids shops and the rest near me I now spend my time doing things with the kids instead of shopping and it's great. The Mrs goes to Chester shopping with mates now and again and I don't have to waste a Saturday sat outside changing rooms. I'm liking this recession. May all the unemployed shoppos get a new job soon.
  • Spencer
    I can honestly say... I've never set foot in a mothercare.... then again ... I don't have kids, and I'm not a child-catcher/lover so it's no wonder really... just wasting time by posting this really...

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