Deathwatch: Mothercare announce huge losses but they say it'll all be okay

retail deathwatch If there’s one name that looks destined to depart from the high street sooner than any other, it’s Mothercare. That’s what we’ve just decided after hearing the company announce a new loss figure of £102.9m over the 53 weeks up to March 31st.

Or will it? The losses look horrendous but they include a one-off exceptional charge of £104.4m, which is supposedly part of the company’s restructuring plan. Underlying profit has been announced as £1.6m which came as sales fell by 5%.

Mothercare say they’re still doing great abroad - then again the Germans are really into the music of David Hasselhoff but that doesn’t make it right. We’ll be keeping a close on eye on Mothercare, or what’s left of it over the coming months. Otherwise it'd just be stories about penis leggings and no one wants that do they?


  • lumoruk
    who does my mothercare warranty rest with for my mothercare branded pushchair, when they go tits up?
  • Bijou
  • PFC H.
    @lumoruk If you bought it with a credit card it'll be covered by them. If you didn't then you're screwed
  • vibeone
    Hey lumor hows things brah?
  • vibeone
    Hey lumor hows things brah??
  • samuri
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MASTER CHIEF
  • vibeone
    ^ VB1 fan club top user
  • Mike H.
    lumoruk, I expect you use your pushchair on a daily basis to go and 'collect' children from playgroup, the park, school. The pushchair just makes you look a bit more, *official*
  • Mike H.
    "^ VB1 fan club top user" one and only user.
  • vibeone
    Actually I was HUKD most popular ever user until I was banned. In fact, I probably still am. The fanclub has over 10000 users you moron! Your mum is one of them ffs!
  • lumoruk
    good VB1, but my posts aren't going down well with the single mums. They've scared BG1 and JFK off.

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