Deathwatch: More doom and gloom at HMV

retail deathwatch Things aren’t getting much better over at beleaguered retailer music-and-stuff HMV and they’ve just announced another drop in sales – a 15.1% decline in like-for-like takings in the 18 weeks up to September 3rd.

But there’s better news as their six ‘Fast Forward’ stores (where a quarter of floorspace is devoted to gizmos and gadgets) have notched a doubling in like-for-like sales in the same period. Appropriately, and in no way desperately, the company will be rolling out the same floorspace changes in the majority of their 150 stores as soon as possible.

But is it going to be enough to save the company? Major electronics retailers like Comet and Dixons Retail have struggled recently and Argos this week announced a fairly significant drop in sales of gizmos and gadgets. Also, HMV have closed 29 stores in the quoted 18-week period, with a total of 60 store closures planned long term.

You lot reckon you’re ‘consumers’ – so do you think that HMV will be able to revive itself by flogging more iPods?


  • Cheesey
    No way will a savvy consumer buy from a retail store that is bubbling under. Shopping at HMV is a hateful experience. They need to reduce stock and not cram every inch of aisle space with piles of crap. People with buggies or wheelchair users simply can't get around. Even for the able bodies the aisles are so narrow and filled with shite that you can't move around. That's why I'll never shop at HMV.
  • Steve
    Hmmm, how avbout selling music, like selling a wider selection than the local supermarket does. With more floorspace taken up with DVDs and Computer Games than actual CDs and, if you're lucky, a handfull of records wheres the unique selling point of HMV?
  • jbody
    Or how about selling some music other than all the mainstream stuff? Sell some of the hard to get stuff that people who actually like music want to buy.
  • Derooftrouser
    C'mon guys, just hang on until November so I can spend my gift voucher on Zelda. You can do it!
  • Zleet
    One of the major issues I have with HMV is the fact the online site is in no way related to the bricks and mortar shops when it comes to price. They should introduce a click and collect service that integrates the two. That way I can reserve a game or box set and go to get my copy straight away, they may lose a little profit on the main item but i'm far more likely to then pick up some cheap DVD's in the sales that I otherwise wouldn't see.
  • Alexis
    They do have some decent deals on Blu-Ray players to be fair.
  • SeedyTed
    They could also stop fannying about with sale items. I saw in the window a box set priced at a reasonable £20 in the "SALE". Went in, found said box set, but it was priced at £40. I assumed this was the before sale price and it just hadnt got a sticker on it, took it to the counter and was told it was £40. I showed the guy the poster that said it was £20.00 and enquired whether that would be considered bait and switch. Apparently not as it was a different coloured case (the content was identical). Turns out they get stock (of the same item) from different suppliers, so only some sale stuff is actually "SALE" stuff, depends who they bought it from. Im not some prick who kicks off at store staff, not their fault, but their "SALES" dont really have much impact anymore.
  • For c.
    What I look for in a store is somewhere to buy an overpriced cup of crap coffee so I can sit down and read the products without having to actually buy them - oh, HMV, my mistake - was thinking of a book shop. Sorry HMV, no, why would I go there?
    Anything in HMV is always grossly over-priced. Also, I agree with one of the previous posters, no-one will buy anything from a failing store, how do I know my warranty will still be honored when they go under?
  • Corrosive S.
    I went to HMV a few weeks back to buy a DJ Fresh album. I'll admit it's not the most commercially available CD (you wouldn't find it at any supermarket). But I thought, you know being silly, that a "Record Shop" would sell it... Nope! If I can't buy my music there, and all the crap headphones & speakers they sell are available online at half the price. Why would I have a need to shop there?
  • Ramsey
    We all remember record shops being "Record Shops". A place where you would go to buy what you couldn't elswhere. But the emergence of other competiton (especially online) has forced high-street retailers to diversify. X number of years ago the music-fan would've scoffed at the thought of racks upon racks of Video/Dvds. The truth is that buying habits have changed! Although HMV DOES still remain a specialist music store, you cant stock everything. There would be no point stocking 10 copies of a CD outside of the mainstream if you only sell 3. It is a business afterall. Regarding the "DJ fresh" incident, it was a bad experience for you. But on the other hand someone else my have got the obscure album they wanted and walked away happy. The "Browser" is a dying breed. Musical tastes have changed. People would much rather listen to and buy the "Flavour of the month" than educate themselves with past classics. Unfortunatley these are more expensive than "Chart" titles which is understandably off putting. The majority are beginning to prefer digital media. When you spend £5.99 on your download just take a second and ask yourself "What have I actually got for my money?" Thin air is what. No production costs in thin air. Unfortunately it is a sign of the times that the people who are negatively focused are more likely to post on a forum, and other just get swept along. I could try and encourage you to support not just HMV, but your local high-streets/markets but at the end of the day "Cost is King"
  • Da m.
    You're all being petty. Hmv is trying as a business to keep itself afloat and your all just complaining. The dj fresh album is stocked in Hmv stores! For coffee you are clearly an idiot. The person on about sale stuff is a douche, that sales assistant was in the right because you wanted to buy the box in the window which would of had a different serial and barcode which as you said was not the one you took to the till. If Hmv just sold specialist hard to get hold of music they would of gone under years ago, barely anyone really uses a cd player anymore and more to the point you can still order CDs at the till. The person on about the Internet prices is a moron because you pay no VAT on items bought from jersey Which is why they are different prices. I assume that none of you are employed so you don't know what it means to have a job so you wouldn't understand how a company is run. So before you all piss and moan have a think about WHY things are done the way they are and sort your lives out before just blaming the company. Peace out.
  • Catweazle
    Stopped using HMV years ago, their online ordering system would let you order stuff they didn't have and then your order would just quietly vanish from your account weeks later. Tossers.

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