Deathwatch: loaves of bread at Greggs

bread Horrifying news everyone! Greggs - the baker - may well stop selling loaves of bread. There's going to be riots about this. We can see people chaining themselves to the front doors of Greggs up and down the country. We really can.

Greggs said on Twitter that they'd removed their loaves from one store to ‘allow for other products to be sold’ after someone complained that their local shop didn't stock them anymore. Greggs added: 'If products aren't selling well, we take them off.'

Now, you're thinking 'cuh! One store? Why should anyone care?' Well, crusty cobblers and the like, may be on the way out as Greggs said that they're focusing on things that are quick and easy lunchtime snacks, rather than mucking about making loaves.

A Greggs spokesperson said: "Many customers are now coming to us for bakery food-on-the-go products, including sandwiches, which are freshly prepared in store every day and made using our own bread."

"While loaves of bread can still be purchased in a number of our shops where we see high levels of customer demand, we also understand that customer shopping habits and needs are changing and have adapted accordingly."

This is our generation's JFK moment.

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