<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Deathwatch</span> Lifewatch - Woolies stores resurrected by Iceland

Talk about leaving it late in the day. Actually, Iceland left it a whole three days later; Kerry Katona's favourite company has announced it's bought 51 of the old Woolworths stores.

The purveyor of the five quid prawn ring has said it will create 2,500 new jobs, which is a thin silver lining after Woolies laid off 30,000 staff. In a statement, Iceland said: "We are confident we can help to support the local community in these towns who have lost a major High Street retailer in Woolworths."

According to the BBC, Iceland first made an offer to buy all of Woolworths' stores in August, but the bid was declared unacceptable. Around three quarters of the stores bought are in the south of England, including ten in London.

There's no word on what format the new stores will take, but sleep safe tonight knowing you won't be going short of southern-fried chicken portions anytime soon.



  • Michael
    I thought it meant someone bought Woolies. Title is misleadin.
  • OFI
    Oh yay Iceland.. Handy if you're having a party or fancy a microwaveable meal otherwise.. ?
  • unimpressed
    Woo Hoo... Big Deal. Great so now when my daughter needs school uniform I can get micro pizza for her. When I find that I need an extension lead, I can plug it into a Micro-meal. We have a Tesco in our town. What we need is another retailer that will carry the sort of things woolies did, not just another wannabe supermarket selling micro [email protected]
  • Mark
    Iceland's strategy has long been to sell low and increase market share. Like it or now, it's just what consumers and Iceland managers alike are looking for.
  • Bob
    Have you ever noticed that no one in Iceland adverts actually eats the food? Occasionally someone will put something near their mouth but a quick edit resolves the issue. Can't say I blame them, bar Youngs prawns I wouldn't eat any of the stuff that comes from there.
  • James R.
    You are what you put in your gut - so remember that next time your lovely wife serves you up the latest £1 pizza from iceland for your sunday lunch....
  • ryouga
    OFI its also useful if you live in a small town or somewhere which hasnt got many supermarkets around, my parents live in a town that has 1 small frozen food place and the supermarkets are out of town its VERY useful. Not everyone lives in a big town or city with supermarkets or cheap food shops easily available. And Bob hmmm what do you mean? There used to be a Young's factory near where I grew up that was very good but a few years back they stopped UK production and the quality dropped greatly.
  • Anon.
    The thing about bitterwallet is that the "editors" don't really get what is going on half the time, hence missleading articles like this one. If you want the facts, without the crap, just read the bbc, that is where bitterwallet copy half their articles from anyways.
  • gav
    considering you lot are all saying how crap iceland is, its one of the few companys that is doing extremely well during the credit crunch, and also, i do work in iceland stores and its always heaving so not everybody shares yor views here. plus, its not alll ready meals, theres 6 out of 50ish freezers that sell ready meals so get the facts correct
  • Pokey
    In defence of Iceland it is great place to stock up on frozen veg. Their fresh (not frozen) meat is as good as any of the large supermarkets and is loads cheaper, even if there is much less choice. It's just a shame that it carries so much convenience and processed crap as well.
  • Bob
    I don't doubt Iceland are doing well at the moment, cheap, low quality food for the masses, it just goes to show how the food education standards in this country are appallingly low and have been since H&S and litigation culture stopped home economics being taught in schools.
  • Nikki
    Well i stay in a small City (Only because it has a cathedral!) and our Woolies never stocked much clothes. we do have a Somerfield and a Farmfoods and a Lidls but i would welcome an Icelands as I prefer the frozen food from it rather than Farmfoods. We do have a Tesco garage but usually have to go 15-30 miles away to get clothes or diy etc but doubt ours will be bought over by Iceland cos we are Scotland.
  • callum
    We do our main shopping in Iceland, as its within walking distance and it isn't all "micro-meals" etc. It's a pretty good supermarket which also conveniently delivers for free. I also disagree their food is "low quality", but then again, I don't live off ready meals so I wouldn't know how unhealthy they are - unlikely to be anymore than tesco etc.
  • charlie
    Didn't Iceland used to sell Freezers back in the days? or was the former shop call Beejams?. It seems the norm now is to only buy when the shop/bank/etc has gone into administration/closed down, and I don#t blame them. Technically aren't they just buying the remaning lease and convert the purchased stores in Icelands? therefore they are not really saving Woolworths are they?
  • Anon.
    Yeah exactly, they aren't saving woolworths, hence my previous comment saying that the editors on this site don't really know what they are talking about, it was just a cut and paste from from the BBC, changing a few words here and there. See the BBC article for the real info.
  • Kevin
    If you look at the list of the places the stores Iceland have bought they are in small places. Which of course makes sense as these are places they can fit their little shops into and where there is more likely to be a market for their products. No 'decent' sized ex-Woolworths store will be bought up by anyone these days. They are far too big and cannot be split up. When even smaller stores are laying empty what will the other stores end up as? Maybe Jamie Oliver can use them to start kitchens across the country? :P
  • scouse
    Iceland sell fresh vegetables and fresh meat in 2 of our local shops so they dont just sell processed food. Woolworths was overpriced which was the main reason they went out of business , good riddance to rip off merchants.
  • Paul S.
    @Anon Do you ever see yourself, one day in the future, actually having a girlfriend? Or even speaking to one? You know, one that isn't shipped to your front door in a crate from Japan? Just curious. Cheer up, sailor!
  • Mike H.
    Tut tut Pual Trolling in your own blogs
  • Jon G.
    Quoting anon - thats the whole point of this site tho. Unimaginative writing - just copying from other sites. Am surprised that HotUKDeals.com support this shit!
  • Will
    Why the fuck come on here and read it if its so 'shit' you boring tosspot? I'm sure in your opinion no one writes better stuff than you, so why not write something slightly interesting rather than the usual shite. The amount of trolls on this site are incredible. Why visit a website if it doesn't interest you and the content is crap? If you don't like it, fuck off elsewhere. The internet is a big enough place!
  • Mark
    Haha Paul.... Oh dear, I know it must be hard to take critisism from anon posters, but lowering yourself to using "the girlfriend line" is absolutely beyond pathetic. Oh dear Oh dear. (and I'm not the anon poster btw)
  • Adolf
    Fucking stuck up bastards
  • Jon G.
    Will - there are millions of people who can write better than me, as I am not a writer! Mainly the writers on all the sites which bitterwallet rips their text from! And I visited this site as it was highlighted on hotukdeals. Obviously a mistake when it is full of immature cunts like yourself and the writers of this page!
  • Black g.
    bwaahahahaahah ANON GOT PWNDDD
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Mark and Jon Greenall.... Bye then, don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out.... FFS
  • Pizza_D_Action
    How eloquent.....
  • Mark
    Welcome to Bitterwallet.
  • Jon G.
    Pizza_D_Action - isn't it time you went and did some pizza deliveries? Or go back to sucking Paul Smiths tiny cock?
  • Sergeant R.
    Guys, guys, guys......... We all know the editorial content on BW is piss poor, but we all come here for the comedy value in the comments! At least we get a bit of free speech here compared to the Nazi-esque HUKD forums where the mods take away your voting power if you DARE vote one of their "deals" cold. Pathetic cunts.
  • Anon
    @Anon Do you ever see yourself, one day in the future, actually having a girlfriend? Or even speaking to one? You know, one that isn’t shipped to your front door in a crate from Japan? Just curious. Cheer up, sailor! --------------- Lol, sorry I didn't realise I annoyed you that much! As an editor of a "professional" site like this, you really shouldn't be making such comments towards your punters. You should expect to get comments like mine, and if you get lots of similar comments, then improve your service, or become the next "death watch" article lol. Since you a strangly interested in my private life, I've been happily married for 2 and a half years, and I'm only 24.

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