Deathwatch: Knickers! La Senza is the boob on the high street

la_senzaLingerie pedlars La Senza are all set to become the latest casualty on the High Street.

It has been reported that more than 2,600 jobs and 158 stores are at risk after... well... they didn't make enough money basically. It seems, when Britain is in recession, it reverts to its big, comfortable granny pants.

Things are so bad that the company could go into administration.

Accountant KPMG has been drafted in to sort this mess out. That said, if administration is avoided, a number of stores are likely to be closed all the same.

Make your own 'going undies' jokes.

La Senza are the latest to fall foul of the economic gloom, following on from the collapse of Barratts, Peacocks closing hundreds of stores, Blacks desperate to sell themselves to anyone who'll have them and Carpetright having a sorry time of it with a loss of £800,000 in the half of the year.

Things have definitely gone very thong at La Senza and if they don't sort this out, it could be nightie-night and *kills self before any more puns can be made*


  • Boris
    Tits up! I am the first with the funny. All of yor base belong to me you loosers!
  • Domestic s.
    Titty fucked
  • Boris
    The bottom has fallen out of the knicker market. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I think I pissed myself a little bit.
  • Marky M.
    Looks like Theo off Dragons' Den isn't such a business genius after all, eh peeps?
  • Boris
    Their undies are on the skids.
  • I R.
    "Theo Paphitis sold La Senza for £100million in 2006" Sounds like pretty good business to me.
  • Marky M.
    @ I Can Read My bad. :(
  • Richard M.
    The trouble with any news about companies possibly going into administration is that it becomes a self fulfilling prohecy. For example, no matter how much money Thomas Cook borrow to get them out of the shit, the negative publicity surrounding such goings on is enough to drive away any future business, witnessed by the announcement this week of major shop closures and job losses. The same with La Senza, though it shouldn't put people off buying their products as it might if they sold holidays or electrical goods where you need to know the company will be there to fulfill its obligations in the long term. It is very sad to witness this seemingly terminal decline in our retail brands.
  • Mary P.
    See I told you, I'm fucking well clever.
  • Theo P.
  • Cantonbean
    I'm not actually surprised at this as every time we went into this place both of us came to the conclusion that a lot of the goods were overpriced and poorly could get better at M and S etc! FYI I'm 31 she is 26 so I would image about their target market!
  • Raggedy
    I went straight into La Senza hoping to to get some good deals and splashed out on several tasteful underwear sets. Unfortunately they asked me to leave.
  • Cash A.
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