Deathwatch: JJB still nearly dead

19 July 2012

retail deathwatch The thunderously beleaguered and still not quite dead JJB Sports is sending the ashtray round to see if it can scrape some pennies together in a bid to stay in business.

JJB has started talks with "strategic partners" about the funds needed for saving and sorting out stores just three months after it got an injection from Dicks.


The retail chain bagged £20 million from American retailer Dick's Sporting Goods and another £10 million from existing shareholders, such as Bill Gates. However, thanks to lousy weather, no-one wanting to buy England kits through Euro2012 and general poor sales of replica kits, the retailer is looking pretty desperate.

Sales are down, but the company are still going ahead with store refits because that's obviously the problem here. They've also hired retail expert Bob Corliss, and he said: "There is a lot of work to do, and we have hit the ground running. We are continuing to work collaboratively with our business partners to address the challenges faced by JJB."

Can it pull through or is it going the way of the dodo?


  • Sicknote
    Fuck me, if JJB Sports fails where will the ne'er-do-well's buy their trackies and baseball caps from....?
  • Mike
    Panic not, sicknote... Sports Direct is still going strong.
  • Sicknote
    @Mike Thanks Mike, I just had one of those nervous type craps because I was so worried about this
  • Mad H.
    JJB have been getting most of their money from dicks for as long as I can remember
  • Sicknote
    Dick Clark DIck Chaney Dick Van Dyke Dick Cavett Dick Gregory ....and Dick Sargent

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