Deathwatch: JJB footwear spin off in administration

The JJB Sports chain has been teetering on the edge of the precipice in recent months and it’s now looking as though the endgame has begun. The group’s lifestyle division, which is made up of The Original Shoe Company and Qube (no, we had no idea either) is to go into administration with immediate effect.

JJB’s shares have plummeted by 90% since September 2008 and things could get much worse sooner rather than later. They have until Saturday to refinance their outstanding debts – if that doesn’t happen, the whole group could wind up in administration by next week.

Following the recent collapse of fellow shoe peddlers Priceless, Barratts, Stead & Simpson and Dolcis, it seems that during a recession, it’s better to be a shoe-mender than a shoe salesman. As Confucius almost certainly said.


  • Simon
    It must be horrible for these type of companies. You would think that they would be majorly profitable in the late nineties, only to see their stuff undercut by online stores like M&M and also the supermarkets.
  • Ducky
    In Blackpool they closed the Qube store near the end of last year and were in the process of closing the Original Shoe Co... they've been dying for a while.
  • Martin
    Stock up on shoes before there is a shoe shortage.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    JJB, the sports shop that sells chav gear, not sports gear.
  • Dave P.
    Wow... Pizza you are so funny....
  • matthew
    Thats why they have been touting their players at Wigan. Shame for the staff.
  • Amanda H.
    If JJB goes, there is going to be panic buying for baseball caps. This country seems to have a huge baseball cult. I'm not sure where all the baseball grounds are?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Dave Benson Philips "Wow… Pizza you are so funny…." Wasn't meant to be funny, just pointing out a fact..... Glad you enjoyed it though :)
  • Matha G.
    I know your secret too! I look at commenting in this way - since I’m relatively new to blogging, I always thought from the beginning that it was a two-way medium, where someone is starting a conversation that invites interaction, so I picked up the habit right away. In contrast, I’d think if some folks never commented when they first ventured into the blogosphere, it would be more difficult to jump in down the road (i.e. not a habit). Nevertheless, I agree with you on your last statement

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