Deathwatch - Jane Norman in administration

Bitterwallet - Jane Norman administration1,600 jobs are at risk after fashion retailer Jane Norman announced it has gone into administration. The company has 90 stores across the country, as well as 100 concessions in department stores including Debenhams.

It's not a name known to most gents, but mums and daughters will be well aware of the brand, selling to teens and twenty-somethings for nearly 60 years, after the company was founded in London in 1952.

Administrators are now expected to sell the company on; Edinburgh Woollen Mill and Debenhams are thought to be among the potential buyers.

[Express & Star]


  • Jo
    This does not surprise me. Even chavs don't want to spent their precious dole money on that tacky market-stall polyester crap. They are still stocking the exact same styles as they were in the 90s. If they'd followed in the steps of retailers like Peacocks and New Look and attempted to update and inject some quality fabrics into their stock they may have stood a chance.
  • sarah
    you're right jo, the fabric is terrible, same paterns and colours all the time and the sizing was terrible. hopefully all employees find new work soon. i've recently been made redundant and it's no fun :(
  • Miss O.
    When did this blog start giving a fig about womens things? Us ladies should be getting on with the washing up, making sure the house is tidy and cooking dinner and not worrying about advanced things like technology, blogs or finance.
  • Ant
    As opposed to sexist women-hating slobs posing as women over the internet, with nothing better to do than spend their days writing nonsense comments on consumer blogs?
  • Marky M.
    @ Ant Calm down dear, it's a joke.
  • Ant
    Oh yes Mark, sexist remarks are funny just like racism. And the holocaust- that was hilarious too.
  • D L.
    That's how it starts out you know, someone makes a joke about women washing up and the next thing you know, genocide, I have it on good authority that Hitler hated the pinny his mum made him wear, Ant loved his though.
  • Dick
    They were too old, they didn't keep up with the markets, they die. Someone else will sell other crap just like it, so what does it matter.
  • pam
    dick ... how apt... it matters that 1600 people may lose their jobs...thats why it DOES matter.
  • Gordon B.
    Och aye Dick, if you'd voted me back in I'd have used the enormous amounts of disposable income we in the government have to bail all of these failing smaller companies out despite the fact that no one wants their product and they're financially unviable, just to save jobs. What about Greece you say? Well it's a lovely place and gorgeous at this time of year. What's that? No nurse, I don't want to lie down, yes, I have taken my pills! Put the syringe away, there's no need for that, I'm just giving my sound financial advice By the way, would you like to sell me some gold? I'll get you a good price for it, I just need to sit on it for a few years until the global price comes down a bit.

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